Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DECEMBER 1936: 70 Years Ago Adolf Hitler Made The Hitler Youth Mandatory

This Month in 1936 Adolf Hitler made the Hitler Youth Mandatory and new laws meant the Death Penalty for overseas wealth hoarders like the Jews and Muslims in America and the Middle East. 




...not like the TRAITORS IN NOVA SCOTIA.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Collapse Song

Here is the .wav file of my new song. Collapse - Don't Care What You Say

My other album links were taken down, I'll repost them on my new regular page later at my band site.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Age of Aqarius & The True Origin of Christmas

Is Christmas 2016 the start of the Age of Aquarius and the official explanation of Christmas?

2016 could be the biggest Christmas to ever exist. Is this Christmas holiday leading us to the Age of Aquarius of January 1st, 2017? The answer...probably yes.

Also explained are the mythological Christmas Carols and their true origins including the "Twelve Days of Christmas" and their Pagan Christian explanation.

Santa Claus pictured left or Saint Nick as he is known is the official predictor of the birth of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. With their Christmas Pagan ritual adopted by Christianity the Norse pagans used astrology to predict the changing of the Ages, which in turn has also predicted the birth of Jesus which issued in the Age of Pisces 2000 years ago.

2000 years later today in 2016 the same phenomena the Pagans used to predict Jesus could be happening right now issuing in the Age of Aquarius. 

This is the true origin of Christmas. The actual pagan ritual of Christmas was a celebration to mark the Changing of the Ages. 2000 years ago the Christmas pagan ritual issuing in the Dawn of the Age of Pisces was  also THE BIRTH OF JESUS.

In short, the Age of Pisces began 2000 years ago with the Celebration of Christmas signifying the Birth of Jesus and the start of the Astrological Age of Pisces.

Today, 2000 years later the Astrological signs have lined up to prove that the Birth of Jesus was at the start of the age of Pisces and was issued in by the Pagan Christmas ritual, the astrological alignments today are in line with Christmas traditions and this Christmas could be the EXACT ASTROLOGICAL ALIGNMENT that took place at the birth of Jesus and is the same one in sung about in Christmas Carols making them Pagan and Norse or Viking in origin. Santa Claus himself looks very Norse and has been compared to the God Odin.

The Arch Rival of Santa Claus: The Real Grinch who stole Christmas.

In true Grinch fashion I will now attempt to explain the real meaning of Christmas thus ruining the traditional myth of Christmas for children everywhere and take my place with the Grinch who stole Christmas by stealing the origin story of Christmas and replacing it with a true meaningful scientific explanation.

In summary before I state the real facts of Christmas.

  1. This Christmas is the exact Christmas of the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago which issued in the Age of Pisces.
  2. This is now the Age of Aquarius and the current Christmas holiday is the Astrological alignment the will prove the origins of Jesus and Christmas.
  3. Traditional Christmas carols like the Tweleve Days of Christmas will reveal the true Pagan meaning of Christmas.

Just look at the Moon phases:

Today is Sunday December 11, The Twelve Days of Christmas begin on Wednesday, December 14, and is a Full Moon.

According to Pagan myth this is the Alignment when Jesus was born and will issue in the Age if Aquarius on January 1st, 2017.

In Pagan Christmas you need to have your Christmas Tree up today and begin decorating it at the start of the 12 Days of Christmas on Wednesday with Specific items on the list from the song.

An exact week after Wednesday at the start of the 12 Days of Christmas is the shortest day of the year December 21st and is the 8th day of Christmas or Eight Maids Milking, perhaps in the manger of Jesus.

Then it looks like a full moon the next week.

Plus Today is the start of the week of the full moon and in two weeks Christmas is on Sunday on the 12th day of Christmas. The possible actual birth day of Jesus signifying the new astrological age.

So you put your tree up today and decorate it and then add 1 decoration per day from the list of the song the twelve days of Christmas starting Wednesday.

Then the full moon is like Wednesday and then 1 week after is the shortest day of the year and then the last day of the year is Saturday and also happens to be my birthday.

The Christmas Tree Explained.

This is the proof that Christmas is to issue in the new age. This year appears to be issuing in the Age of Aquarius according to calendar and moon cycles.

The Christmas Tree is the Universe.

The Lights are the Stars.

The Bulbs are the Planets.

The Star on the top of the Tree is the Sun, or it can be an Angel to Represent Jesus from Heaven.

The Rope is for Santa Clauses Sleigh.

Decorate your tree in the following fashion:

  • A partridge in a Pear Tree is the Moon.
  • Two Turtle Doves are two people in love.
  • Three French hens are from Jesus Manger.
  • The Gold Rings are from Saturn.
The other days I am unsure put up your tree today and add the lights for stars, rope for Santa and bulbs for Planets, icicles and snow for Winter and then starting Wednesday for the full moon begin adding decorations from the list from the song the Twelve days of Christmas. A moon, Doves, Hens, Gold Rings etc. then Christmas is on Sunday in Two Weeks leading up to New Years eve on Saturday.

Then watch as the Astrological Alignments also line up with the Twelve Days of Christmas starting Wednesday.

It should be something like: Moon, Sun , Stars, Tides for the first four days of you light your tree to represent the stars before the Alignment then you add the decorations as the days progress listed from the song the twelve days of Christmas.

Then next week there should be 7 Astrological Alignments according to the Twelve Days of Christmas, one per day until the new alignment is to take place on Sunday December 25th when the stars align for the birth of Jesus.

Then Christmas week should be the full Astrological Alignment leading us to the Age of Aquarius on January 1st...Midnight on New Years Eve, this is the official Birth of Jesus and the real origin of Christmas and then we will be in the Age of Aquarius officially at Midnight on New Years Eve.

So decorate your tree according to the Pagan ritual and the Song the Twelve Days  of Christmas and then watch the sky as we issue in the Age of Aquarius and celebrate the Same Christmas Astrological Alignment the took place 2000 years ago when Jesus was born at the start of the Age of Pisces.

Happy Holidays!