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BURNING WITCHES - Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne cover) (Official Video...


Judas Priest - The Serpent and the King (Official Video)

ACCEPT - Humanoid (Official Video) | Napalm Records



BARON (Finland) - Hands of Sin... (Death/Doom Metal) Transcending Obscur...

Job for a Cowboy - Into the Crystalline Crypts (Official)

RE: EQ Graphic On Video "Visualizer" Not Actually On Player, Player No EQ Settings

Why make a video drawing of an EQ Visualizer when the actual video player doesn't have one.
In a world where video players have no EQ button, videos will only have FAKE DRAWINGS to make up the difference for fans.

Get a CD Player people.

Don't let crappy video plugin companies win by not drawing eq's on your own videos for their pages with no eq button on their graphic players.


Darkest Hour - New Utopian Dream | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Darkest Hour - Love is Fear | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Darkest Hour - Amor Fati | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Darkest Hour - One With the Void | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Darkest Hour - The Nihilist Undone | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Darkest Hour - A Prayer to the Holy Death | Perpetual | Terminal | Offic...

Darkest Hour - Societal Bile | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Darkest Hour - Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio


Job for a Cowboy - Moon Healer (FULL ALBUM) - MY LINK:

BEHEMOTH - Live at Resurrection Fest EG 2023 (Full Show)

Judas Priest - The Serpent and the King (Official Lyric Video)


HIDEOUS DIVINITY – Against the Sovereignty of Mankind (VISUALIZER VIDEO)

Ace Frehley – Cherry Medicine - (Official Music Video)

ATROPHY - Seeds Of Sorrow (Lyric Video)


Slayer - Bloodline : MY LINK:

Slayer - Disciple - MY LINK:

Slayer - Cult - MY LINK:

It gets you when you least expect it. - MY LINK:

VOIVOD - “Rebel Robot (Live At Wacken Open Air 2023)”

Cannibal Corpse - Addicted to Vaginal Skin (Live) - February 24, 2015 @ ...




HALIFAX: Atlantic Splash Adventure "Action Park" Open In Halifax $99 Season Pass

Like it's not Action Park:

$99 for a season pass...looks like most or many of the Action Park Rides and NEW water slides etc., with regular water park stuff mixed in.



Now when you come to Halifax SPLASH PLACE is on the WINDSOR / TRURO Route to Halifax from Windsor Junction in the new expanded HRM with new Highway Interchanges open, now Main Street Dartmouth is now Windsor / Truro Route at Nova Scotia Community College Main Street.

Look for new expanded bus services in those area as new neighborhoods and roads have opened around Splash Place and Main Street Dartmouth.


Do the Mets have the Best Stadium Food in the US? | Home Plate: London S...

Monday, February 26, 2024

Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch set for WrestleMania - Becky Lynch & Dominik Mysterio?!

FULL MATCH — Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley: WWE NXT, November 20, 2019

RE: Some Kind Of Riot In Halifax, Avoid Downtown Recommended go out on Monday morning and now there's a riot outside.

Black Lives Matter...

I already said I won my case.

I told you your an ACT, in the Court and you lost by default.

Trying to come up tp people in Halifax starting a riot saying Black Lives Matter means beating people up on the sidewalk and bus first thing on Monday morning.

Looks like you're just some act.

The courts don't agree with your movement in Halifax...looks like your default court settlement for using you group for assault.


Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Donnas - I Don't Want To Know (If You Don't Want Me) [Official Video]

Dominik Mysterio takes on 9-year-old in WWE 2K24 | WWE Path to Perth

Rhea Ripley celebrates her emotional homecoming: WWE Elimination Chamber...

Aussie Rhea Ripley tests Dominik Mysterio on his Aussie slang knowledge ...

Rhea Ripley gets emotional before Aussie homecoming: Elimination Chamber...

ABC World News Tonight Full Broadcast - Feb. 24, 2024

Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 24th)


Johnny Cash - 25 Minutes to Go (Official Audio)

HLIFAX ARCHIVE: Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in gay rights activist's death

Industry vs. environment: a mill in Boat Harbour, Nova Scotia is to shut...

RE: Andre Denny Protentional Movie, Updated

Right, I promote the story...


Yeah, I'd definitely promote that movie and share on my blogosphere pages.

Like this on my pages...

Under the Rail Road Museum in Canada from Nova Scotia my Great Grand Father drove the first train in Canada the Sampson.

That's my Old West Story, now Andre Denny from the Indian Reservation in Nova Scotia he was there with his story with me with mine about the Train for the Old West Museum and Library.

Now all the Native Reservations in Atlantic Canada are going in the Old West Book about the Sampson Train with Andre Denny and their story at the Library and Old West Museum.

Now their will a ton of new Native American Content made and added to the Old West Museum from Nova Scotia. 



Where I live the Indian Reservation is in Pictou Landing...home of Canada's Mayflower....the Ship Hector.

That is the Pictou Landing Native Reservation and for them and the Atlantic Canada tribes together this will be the SECOND VICTORY against Canada's Government the first being BOAT HARBOUR REPERATIONS.

That had been paid, recently Boat Harbor was removed and all land returned to the Native Americans in Pictou Landing.

Now they will have more money coming from the Movie coming out that they are in in Pictou Landing where I promote from (New Glasgow).


The Donnas - Do You Wanna Hit It

CANADA: Court Update - Today After Sixteen Years I Can Successful Say I Won My Civil Court Case Against Canadas Court System

This is how I successfully won my Civil Cout Case in Canada Sixteen years in the making for a default settlement - out of court, no money awarded.
This is what I can say:

Issues like the Andre Denny Murder Trial where he was found NOT GUILTY is the same Courts I reference.

In that case "risk of re-offending" was "branded" , not official or court statements that are only from the public said that they only held him on risk for ANY charge of re-offending not just murder - admitting in court that when held on "risk" they didn't differentiate between charges in the Canada Criminal Code for "fair risk assessment" on one charge only. 

Just rumor.

In my case - Unlawful Arrest ....

I beat the first case and found NOT GUILTY of criminal charges, then on my second case the same panel delayed my court date.

Later I waited for a NEW trial on the different charges of the second case and the courts ATTEMPTED to reference the FIRST CASE which was GONE and I won.

The second time the courts couldn't find me guilty.

Then I waited the charges were THROWN OUT, THEN I went to Hospital Rehab with no record and won my case.

Now Sixteen Years later my medical program has come way along form the hospital rehab I mentioned and the medical review today shows that the second time I was in court I was held on medical and then waited from court and then went to Voulantry Admission.

The first part was thrown out, the court from the first case that I won and was NOT GUILTY,  the second was NO CRIMINAL RECORD and VOULANTRY HOSPITAL ADMSSION.

That is how I won in Civil Court Case by Default / No Court Filings.

Now, I will have a new Lawyer Team thing going on to determine my settlement amount.

Elimination Chamber: Perth Kickoff: February 24, 2024

Juan Soto hits his first homer as a Yankee! (Crushed off the scoreboard!)

FULL MATCH — Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso — Undisputed WWE Universal Champio...

Server Update, Feb 25, 2024

Some of my pages on my links list pages, heavy metal pages etc., may be down for a few days.

This has been a  regular occurrence on the internet in the last few years.

Price adjustments and odd calendar dates, leap years etc., exchange rates, pay dates all that.

Why pay to follow all these changes?

Updating servers during this "outage period" Canada low supplies while they restock from CANADA / UK War Support in Europe / Russia, News says England has depleted for "King Charles Roadblock" for the UK Commonwealth Nations to maintain "regular scenarios from England",...see you in 2087 they mean....

Now the news says Canada is now SLOWLY RETOCKING from the CANADA / UK War Effort.

Now all these calendar dates, are all outta sequence so for my server maintenance I am just still using my same scenario and NOT upgrading so some of my pages may be down during these odd calendar dates because of leap years etc., and Credit Card Payment processing delays with Bank Record Reconciliations may take FIVE DAYS OR MORE to clear bank accounts on international business.  

Then when the regular billing dates come up, my pages will be back say mid-next week....

After all the accounts clear for business transactions, so I can STILL do my server maintained on MY REGULAR SCHEDULE.

That means some of my pages may be down during these outages and back up within a week or so after the weekly days and my billing dates line up for server maintenance.

Why spend tons of money to jam a fix in last minute? 

Next week my page will be back up normal with no extra expenses for myself, but in the meantime some of my pages may be down until later this week or next week.


Cody Rhodes Calls Out The Rock For WrestleMania! WWE Elimination Chamber...

Elimination Chamber: Perth Rundown: WWE's The Bump, Feb. 25, 2024

HALIFAX: All Local Man Knew To County (HRM Today) Court Judge Was "Biting Like Rat", Makes Rat Face At Judge

A local man said his case defense for the crime was "all he knew was biting like a rat" and making biting rat faces to the judge at trial.

The lawyer referenced like "bats living in a cave" all the man knew on interview was flying around biting people like a baby rat with no other information.


Friday, February 23, 2024

Diary Update, Feb 2024, Record Store Update

I think there was a fight at the Food Court at the Mic Mac Mall...

Like over the record store in the Food Court 1990's posters retro section they have up.

Anyway, my record store is digital...

Like Digital Downloads, Streams, Web Traffic, next pressing of public domain records I can print in my own store like A & A Records and sell in the bins as official albums.

My point....

I run the web server with the traffic and web links and BAND SELECTION.

The record stores at the Mall they DON'T DO THAT, they sit there with a til and a computer and only process store sales all day.

When I go to the Food Court it's from outside for lunch like an A &W Papa Burger and Onion Rings or something and listen to Napster on my Smart Phone or on my free digital links page.

My point is now I have to make all the web pages and pick the bands and stuff and have ALL THAT at home now etc. in my home office.

The record store doesn't do any of that,  so that's what I mean I use public domain music and buy web site names for ads of the old cd's they used to be on, like from the Mall Record Store at the Food Court in Halifax at the Mic Mac Mall or gag even Downtown Halifax.

At home or my home office PLUS can print T-shirts on the new T-Shirt line printed for Metal Shirts etc. that are continuous run one at a time as ordered for $20,000.

That and a Sony Red Book lp and cd pressing machine then I can make my own cd's to sell online and then I do all the band pages and pick the bands for the ads.

Not only that I also bought the name of DEATH ROW RECORDS closed second office in Halifax and switched ot digital pages and now promote NWA - Straight Outta Compton on public domain from the new one here in Halifax and switched to Digital while others are still not on digital and operate at the Mall Food Court or gag Downtown Halifax. 


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Aaron Judge's first press conference of 2024

WWE: CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso all LOSE Matches before Wrestlemania

CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso and Dominick Mysterio all lose on the way to the Elimination Chamber before Wrestlemania.

McIntyre to challenge Roman Reins for return title shot?

Younger Jey Uso DEFEATED by Gunther "The Ring General" , older twin brother Jummy Uso humiliates younger brother Jey Uso for not winning the Intercontential Championship beating him senseless. 



Monday, February 19, 2024

RE: Death Row Records Public Domain

Look at what happened on Barrington Street in Halifax...

I used to work for CD PLUS / URBAN SOUND EXCHANGE.

Later, they bought NWA and DEATH ROW RECORDS.

They closed or whatever...

I bought:

Thus, getting all their old news print.

Now NWA is back up on Barrington Street Halifax because I bought the name of the second owner of Death Row Records old head office, at their expansion that later closed.

So now I'm putting NWA - STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON on public domain under my CD Collapse for my url .

Like that.

So now Barrington Street in the bs music scene is like the old office the second owner of NWA - Straight Outta Compton on the public domain version back on Urban Sound Exchange on Digital on my page




FULL MATCH — Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns – Champion vs. Champion Matc...

Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax – Road to WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: WWE Play...

Jey Uso wants to take Gunther’s Intercontinental Title: WWE Now, Feb. 19...

RE: Jaun Soto New York Free Agent Signing During One Year Deal Press Conference

Here's where all you MLB Baseball 3000 customer card shops can cash in on Juan Soto playing in New York this season.

Off  this guy's booth you could probably run 500 card stores of 3000 customers where I work (server blog etc.).

Juan Soto seems to not know all his English yet...

He said YES he'd be interested in finishing his career with the Yankees if this year goes well for his free agent signing.


Anyway, New York Yankees already have Juan Soto in a verbal agreement to sign as a free agent this year for next year and beyond.

However many it is.

He said he just played for three teams and has family in New York and he's looking for a place to just him everyone lives in New York anyway and they have large local Dominican population in the Bronx and South Bronx at the Yankees Stadium so just tell him to move there and play for the Yankees.


He's travelling around, no where to go, looking for a city to live in, New York has a large local Dominican population for him to relocate where he has family living anyway.

Now that the Yankees have him in a verbal contract for Free Agent signing expect him to be getting top money and he said this year was to see if he knew what the Yankees was.

Once he figures out what New York is all about hopefully he's be the permeant full time left field player with Aaron Judge in right field.

So hopefully they'll be big deal for him in New York this year and just a formality for a press conference for his free agent signing later in the year.


New York Yankees introduce Juan Soto to the media

All-Rise: Juan Soto Press Conference, Full Squad Checks in!

RE: New York Yankees 2024 Starting Lineup

I keep confusing Juan Soto with Ron Acuna Jr.

Juan Soto played in San Deigo with Manny Machado....who I wanted traded to New York and not San Deigo.

Now New York get Juan Soto for ONE SEASON, he said he would re-sign if it goes well so hopefully everyone in New York (except the Mets) will make him stay and live there and play for the Yankees.

If this goes well and he resigns for like Seven Years then I'm sure the New York Yankees will pay him the top contract rate to hit behind Aaron Judge.

My point...

New York FINALLY has a big player like Ken Griffy Jr., Barry Bonds, Bo Jackson and them.

It's Aaron Judge AL Home Run Record Champion

Like this...





Hopefully that in the new line up will attract new players like Acuna Jr. and Machado.

2025 and beyond...



Acuns Jr.



My point is for New York to compete in the AL East they need some big star players and the number team they need to sign from from 2023 is the Atlanta Braves ALTERNATE not really Babe Ruth Yankees team.

Now they need stars like Acuna Jr. and Machado to help win the AL East.


Juan Soto RAKED in 2023! | Full Regular Season Highlights

Cannibal Corpse - Hatchet to the Head

Juan Soto's Yankees spring training press conference

RE: Internet Heavy Metal Chat Rooms On Every Page On File Sharing

Now that most old music is public domain you can chat on file sharing programs with any user on any pages plus web pages and IRC.

You can follow the Chat Groups on releases by following their album links on file sharing, that's where the chat rooms are, and many releases now direct you to and to the new metal albums underground releases from the chat rooms and file sharing links.

So you can find NEW metal albums by following chat sharing links on file sharing which give you links for new metal albums and public domain chat groups on

I mean you can chat with the band music groups for file sharing from to underground releases on file sharing by following the archive,org links on chat rooms on file sharing programs.


Saturday, February 17, 2024

Public Domain Mickey

2024 Caribbean Series: Full Recap & Game Highlights! (Venezuela takes ho...

RE: WWE Waste Of Tape

What I like about wrestling is the one down at most any local arena is still the same events as the big events, like people all know each other everywhere etc.

Now you watch this for like two years and then....waste of tape.

Now it's Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns....

This is it....

What if Cody doesn't beat Roman Reigns and he lost last year at the same event.

So he'll be two losses if he loses.

So what, later Roman Reigns might make a second run at the belt after he loses.

Maybe Cody will break his arm like he did CM Punk before the match to seal up the win, and then rip the belt from Roman Reigns crying under the ring.

The Rock is in the tribe, duh.

Why they had to tell you that man, waste of tape.

Now you get the big rip off again, The Rock will quit and go back to movies and then you only get one Uso brother.

My advice to Roman Reigns tribal leader....

The Bloodline continues with or without the belt, why tie up everything on one match...

Cody winning the belt doesn't mean Roman Reigns.

If Cody loses again someone else will have to beat him, so don't lay the entire future of Roman Reigns on one match....

Maybe the next guy will be a bigger competitor.


FULL SEGMENT — Rock and Reigns lay the SmackDown on the WWE Universe: Sm...

RE: Whatever Happened To The Donnas Video, Updated

Obviously, the singers alcohol addiction and home life led to them not being able to continue to perform as the vocalist in the band and also the drummer was suffering from a shoulder injury and and had to stop.

Playing in a "metal" band most musicians aren't able to continue full time anyway while some do.

My point is this band "The Donnas" is only really Alison Robertson anyway who performs right on the tape at concerts in the same singing voice as the lead singer and many times Alison Robertson has to take over live vocals regularly anyway.

Then full time musicians can't find long term touring members.

Plus Alison Robertson performs all the guitar and they mean on their tape that the band owns a huge album NOT RELEASED by a large label that is the same meaning they get a larger cut of the smaller selling large record they made.

This band was obviously going to be an Alison Robertson solo band and that is like the records "Gold Medal" and "Bitchin".

Now in the future ten years, most songs are so over played they have become public domain like "The Donnas" so they could just keep going as Alison Robertson and call it whatever they want now.

Plus and I keep saying this on this blog is bands like this are also dance routines, so it's guitar / vocals / dancing like Fame...the show, so they don't play a long time.

Update, myself being a University Graduate...relating to my interests on the internet stars like WWE Chase University and graduates from The Donnas band.

I'm just watching these tapes and you can by the leather jacket look that it was being set up as Alison Robertson solo band...

My marketing class research tells me today that look of Alison Robertson, which I don't always get this stuff, actually means she works full time in the music business and also has a leather jacket like some kind of fashion look or something for a full time job and owns some big Song Record on public domain.


The Donnas-Revolver

The Donnas The Rise & Fall Of The Band Behind "Take It Off"

Gerrit Cole's Season-Opening Press Conference

Aaron Boone's Opening Spring Training Press Conference

HALIFAX: "Pet Dander" Run Rampant In Poverty Areas...Gross Story!

The Mic Mac Mall was packed this weekend with low donuts etc. from shoppers!

Now their is an "unofficial dander outbreak"....gross.

ALERT: Halifax residents "rumor" is that USED CARS in the Metro Area have taken a nose dive on the sales market.

My point, my neighbors recommend not buying a used car in Halifax.

They said the poor people were so poor and dirty they had no wash basins in their homes or apartments for car washes or items like mop handles and beach equipment.

So many cars were sold from people who had no wash basins at home, for example no place to hose of used summer beach equipment stored in cars etc. and then later sold used and unwashed causing a dander outbreak.

Imagine for all you boot camp kids two years in an Army Boot Camp with no wash basin.


People are saying that's happening in Halifax in the used car market, that many car were sold unwashed full of "dander" pet hair, pet dandruff, people dandruff, sand etc,....

Now those cars have been ruined because they are PACKED WITH DANDER and now the City stinks from the cyclone, hurricanes and bad winter storms.

Pretty gross, now there is this stink outbreak in Halifax of dander in used cars where the owner used the car and sold them with no wash basins (car wash space for example) at their homes.

Now at the Mic Mac Mall on the Cruise Ship bus route from Halifax Harbour to the shopping areas everyone outside says their is dander all over the place.

Just make a note that the used cars sold where the owner had no wash basins are contaminated with dander and unwashed interior UNDER the  surface molding and inside the car parts like alternators, engine wires, gas tank etc.

The warning is no one is gonna buy these used cars because they got ruined by dander from owners living with no wash basins, now people are saying that no one in Halifax I talked to about this wants to buy a used car anymore and now theirs gonna be a job crash.

Then at the mall at the Food Court stinks like dander and all the staff are complaining. 


Friday, February 16, 2024

FULL SEGMENT — Rock and Reigns lay the SmackDown on the WWE Universe: Sm...

Police pursue hijacked roadside assistance truck | NBC4 Washington

2 teens charged in shooting at Chiefs’ Super Bowl rally

THE DONNAS LIVE 2003 Las Vegas Full Set VHS rip: MY LINK:

The Donnas - Rock am Ring festival 2003: MY LINK:











ABORTED - Dreadbringer (ft. Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent) (OFFICIAL VIS...

RE: Kansas City Shooting At Superbowl Party / "Army Cadets" Blamed Unofficially

Now people are saying outside that unofficially the shooting in Kansas City was from Army Cadets.

These AWOL Cadets apparently tried to take jobs in public and then caused a data breach giving all their job information outside in the actual breach, then tried to use their network to steal job and block CCTV Government Security Cameras like the ones smashed this week on Main Street Dartmouth.

Apparently the group in Halifax tried to block foot traffic on side walks and foot bridges by blocking CCTV Camera's in the HRM by smashing them like on Main Street and then using the spots to commit crimes with their friends using stolen data from their jobs shared at home.

All just rumors, then apparently like here in Halifax one of them got in a fight or something over the radio and shot the woman from the radio station at the Superbowl party in Kansas City.

Then the crowd beat the man, and the rumor from the Superbowl Game here in Halifax is that is was older people from Cadets who were AWOL and working with younger Cadets at job sites in scams  with stolen data.

The video of the capture is pretty graphic because you can see right on the ground in public the suspect "Humping and Heaving" and throwing up with diarrhea looking symptoms as he realized he was going to solitary probably in Supermax Prison and then probably facing the death penalty if they have it in Kansas.

All unofficial.


150 days, 263 mass shootings reported in U.S. so far for 2023

At least 18 people killed in deadliest mass shooting this year | WNT

Why are there so many mass shootings this year?

Eyewitnesses recount Kansas City parade shooting chaos: "It was traumati...

NEWS: Radio Host Killed At Superbowl Party, Halifax Radio Local Affiliate

Kansas City Radio host Lisa Lopes-Glaven was killed and I think 11 or 22 people shot at the Kansas City Superbowl Party.

All the rest of the shooting victims were children and shot 7 to 11 times (?).

Here in Halifax a CBS Sports Radio Affiliate is the same broadcast network, New York and Kansas City for here in Halifax a local sports affiliate.

I've been blogging about this anyway, you got two crowds people who play without scores and people who play by rules.

Now they got into this heated debate on CBS Sports Radio New York on the 1-866- telephone number and calling the games wrong and now a radio host got murdered in public at the Kansas City Superbowl Party.


Kansas City Radio DJ Killed in Chiefs Parade Shooting

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Rhea Ripley’s DOMinant 2023: WWE Playlist

FULL MATCH — Belair vs. Ripley vs. Morgan vs. Doudrop vs. Nikki A.S.H. —...

Fans Revolt As Cody Rhodes Steps Aside for The Rock & Wrestlemania | Not...

The Rock Bullied Cody Rhodes out of WrestleMania | Busted Open

RE: Triple H, Bad Booking On WWE, Solutions Offered Here

Wrestling alert, tickets sold out and here comes new wrestling blogs on the blogosphere...this used to be big at "house events" back in ECW / WCW days...just watch for a billion clone wrestling blogs coming.

Obviously...according to "Dave Metzer" they missed the event again...BUT it's still a lame solution.


What's it gonna be?

The Rock or Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns.

Other internet blogs than this offer only The Rock vs. Rhodes Night one then the winner takes Roman Reign on night two.


More like...

Romans Reigns defends his belt TWICE this year...once against The Rock and once against Cody Rhodes.

The main draw is WHO will face Roman Reigns to beat him.

The Rock wants that one, so it will probably be The Rock vs. Roman Reigns One Night Only at Wrestlemania on Night Two for the belt.

Then Cody will have to wait ONLY IF The Rock accepts because he has bigger tv star power.

In the meantime like Cody was saying he has a real job now and a new suit wardrobe like some kind of graduate he meant.

Now he has business running the Rhodes Wrestling school where CM Punk and them are his employees for Vince McMahon and them.

Anyway, Cody has a bunch of Bull Fight matches or whatever and Karate matches coming up.


He may fight for the other title at Wrestlemania , the current champ who hates money, well he'll love fighting Cody then because he loves blowing money...Seth Rollins, I forgot his name for a minute, IF he isn't injured.

I mean....

You get IF the Rock comes in he'll get the title shot THEN later Cody will have to fight Roman Reigns later AND The Rock no mater who is champ.

Then Cody will fight for the Universal Championship (The Hulk "Thunder Lips" Hogan / Ultimate Warrior Title")   after that's all decided.

My Executive advice to Cody from working on the 99th on any office to him where he is in a "board of directors "type role for Rhodes Wrestling School" at WWE, Vince Mcmahon Company.

Here is my advice as an outside Executive type role person.

Ditch these two guys and let them fight it out.

Hurt this guy Seth Rollins and then make him fight at Wrestlemania anyway and win that belt on Night One.

Then ditch these other guys for night two.

Later win the "Money In The Bank" match and then knock our the winner of The Rock and Reigns and take the belt and leave, and put up BOTH in the office if he's still us allowed having both by then.


WWE News! WWE Manipulated Cody Rhodes & Fans! Cody Rhodes REACTS! Intere...

Cannibal Corpse - Vengeful Invasion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

ENTERTAINMENT: RE: Wayne Gretzky LA Kings Unused "Championship Microphone" Audio Settings

Brief commentary...

I'm sorry if I travel and end up in the bath spas in Egypt on vacation years ago....

THEY ask me to go there.

Sometimes you see people like Wayne Gretzky...

Here is my unofficial story....Gretzky quit on the LA Kings DURING the Mid 1990's player lock out and sold his champion microphone settings for cash that day, maybe is the rumor, now today it mat appear on other sport events that the settings were sold to.

Two events here....#99 Gretzky played '79 - '99 and is Number 1 at 19 and 1/3 seasons.

THEN quit and needed party money or something, just a rumor...go ask him, now today other people may own the Gretzky settings that people recognize at other sports that Gretzky himself MAY have sold during the lost Kings Stanley Cup run in the 1990's and I think it is true that his mic sounds now appear on OTHER stars events that used to be in fact a Wayne Gretzky promoted microphone sound effect.

Just a rumor, but I think there is some truth to it.


RE: Hobos In Halifax

You gotta be joking me....

Halifax Radio said that during the last two weeks we got hit with "The Blizzard Of  '71" again, I mean not a big storm like White Juan the storm after Hurricane Juan BUT still in the Top 10 storms maybe.

This after "Cyclone whatever name..." a few years ago.

Now we'll all boxed in up on Main Street with huge still unplowed side walks in many areas.

The radio said that the Halifax Winter Parking Ban IS in Effect the zone clearing area 1 and 2 which are parking lots, then the homeless camps had been plowed in with snow removal in those areas because of the winter parking ban.

The Halifax Forum is open now in some kind of 'Silver Dome" relief scenario,

The good news is Halifax Radio said there are only 1000 homeless people left in the area.

Now you go down to the Shopping Plaza during the storm and the bums ASKED YOU FOR A Piece OF EVERYTHING in your pockets watching you shop at the store.

New phone...they wanna look at the screen, see what time it is ...try and use it on you.

Asking you lighters and cigarettes watching you shop...I can just imagine you go out in a storm to buy a lighter and they got a line on men in the plaza on Main Street wanting to use it before you even get it out of your pocket. 

Fuck you.

This is why I never help them once.


Saturday, February 3, 2024

Rhea Ripley on Dirty Dom, R Truth, Judgement Day's Success, & HER Story ...

Bayley’s journey from Hugger to Royal Rumble winner: WWE Playlist

Carlee Bright vs. Blair Davenport: NXT Level Up highlights, Feb. 2, 2024

PUERTO RICO VS MEXICO l Serie Del Caribe l Resumen Del Juego

MLB: 2024 Caribbean Series Preview

DOMINICANA VS NICARAGUA l Con Triple De Bonifacio Dominicana Gana Epico ...

Tiburones de La Guaira vs Tigres del Licey | Serie del Caribe | 01 de fe...

Top 20 Projected Players of 2024! (Ronald Acuña Jr., Mookie Betts, and m...