Sunday, December 31, 2023

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Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Giants | 2023 Week 17 Game Highlights

RE: NFL New Years Eve Weekend

It's my birthday today....just an fyi.

On football I tell girls the easy way to play then all these people get mad at them, so what...I mean I know the rules but it's easier to talk football with them when they can follow along.

So I just tell them in an easy way what all the hard plays are, plus I'm single so that's what goes on at my football party.

For New York Jets fans this game Bills / Patriots is a big game because they are in the same division, so if you like the Jets, girls I mean, then don't like the Bills or Patriot's.

Plus, the Bills beat the Jets this it's important to the local division for the Jets with this game in it...people tell me other people don't play that way and then girls piss them off talking about the score without the playbook.


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Friday, December 29, 2023

Diary Update, New Years '23, My Birthday Weekend, Updated

Regarding the previous post just make a "mental observation" of the topic, I noticed on pages on the internet on non news sites similar themes.

I mean, nothing has happened to me...or anything I heard about but I mostly read and brainstorm for story ideas and writing examples when I'm making this web server.

My point, if you have a regular degree and stay home like me you don't have time for cable so you just see what's on the internet, I mean you have to always be online and blog etc., to maintain a current store on the internet or hold live web traffic etc., for ad servers.

Like on adult pages, etc., ...I'm going to cut right to this fantasy I was reading about on there....

No bizarre news stories about it.

Here is the fantasy I got from some adult content pages, I mean I'm reading what I'm living through or something.

So a few years ago I headed back to where I used to be dancing years ago and changed my workout and all that and bang...all new medical and dental happened.

I mean one change on your workout, plus I'm alone now after being the youngest in an Old West family for years coming into a bunch of stuff on my own.

Now my dental is all different, my routine is all it's like I'm back years ago and they picked up on my old dental work after I changed my routine.....that was unexpected.

Now my mouth is all sore from retainers and mouth guards I had years ago for dancing and ballet, now they're digging into them with needles and stuff at the dentist office, hopefully they'll be careful I think my great grandparents paid for most of that at Disney World so local you get all them nurses digging in my gum line now from my old expensive dental work.

I'm telling you thou, it's worth it to get all that done for when you are older.

Listen to what happened on the internet when I was doing all that...

Imagine you're in love with some girl and she don't like you now or something, then in the fantasy when she was alone people used to come and beat her up in secret in her back yard because she was alone now, and she was paying them.

I mean, the girl she has this secret back yard and when no was at home in her family she used pay people to beat her up naked in the back yard.


Updated, yes my birthday is December 31 and I'll be super hot 48 only for one year this time.

I forgot to mention, the main part of my story is careful on old rides at abandoned water and theme parks.

Like from my great grandparents when I was out in the wilderness (from the railroad family) like from the land they had,,,they have all these old abandoned rides out there I mean.

In some wilderness areas in places, some are promoted on the internet on youtube.

I'm saying the attraction is not the specific ride sometimes, it's the ground.

I mean, I go out into the wilderness and they have this stuff out there and I got stuck on some abandoned Colorado River Ride Attraction out in the forest from some test park business and then you get sick anyway.

That's because the ride was the actual landscaped river and mountains so when you walk down the dried channel of the old ride from just rain fall was the same as riding it and falling off at a theme park.

So that happened again,

This time no great grand uncle to tell me to get off the ride, anyway according to him those types of rides can be rebuilt at anytime.

When I went out way in the forest this winter, that happened again to me...exploring my families old wilderness properties.

So I got stuck on it and had to walk down the channel and got sick on it with no water in it, plus there was hot springs in the I started sweating and stuff.

Remember, the ground is part of the ride at abandoned theme parks.

This other stories is about what I heard out there, because people go hiking way out in the wilderness and my family had tons of land out there, it's pretty safe out there in the Wilderness in Nova Scotia so I never got beat up by these women I heard about.


Sunday, December 24, 2023

RE: NFL Jets 2023 Season / Christmas Eve Game

Just listening to CBS Sports Radio here on Main Street Dartmouth / Mic Mac Mall / Dartmouth Crossing...

Here in Halifax...

Detroit Lions win Division first time in thirty years.

New York Jets win today are 6 - 9, then they lost two games to Miami and Buffalo...

Buffalo Bills in same Division as Jets both beat New England, Bills beat Jets.

Jets lose 4 games at the last play of the game.


New York Jets...

Win 6 , lose 4 at last play....that would be 10...

Then lose to Miami who are in first maybe an then one to the Bills in the same division.

That is potentially another 6 wins that the Jets could have won this year for a 12 win season IF those small events didn't happen in the un-even sided losses.


Washington Commanders vs. New York Jets | 2023 Week 16 Game Highlights

Who Will Be First?.... Water World - Spain, Lloret De Mar Racing Slides 🥰 🔥

Washington Commanders vs. New York Jets Highlights 4th-Qtr HD | Week 16 ...

Lightning @ Capitals 12/23 | NHL Highlights 2023

RE: Big NFL Christmas Weekend / Blog Update

Blog update...

Many albums and movies now listed as public domain...stores are updating all their catalogs etc. now on the internet so expect changes there.

I am busy doing a lot of that stuff on the internet....I'm eating Christmas dinner starting now and then through NFL Sunday here on Main Street Dartmouth / Mic Mac Mall.

This place was so crazy yesterday just wide open autobhan traffic here.

My point is tons of online media is now available and I using that for the store stuff I am working on for web traffic on the internet and see all the new products listed and events going on etc.

That's what I mean.

I'm sorting out all that media for my record store blog pages, for future retail etc. stuff.

This is a huge NFL Christmas Weekend, bloggers are now streaming games by the Quarter on the internet and even CBS Radio New York doesn't get Peacock in the studio to watch the game.

Then they just talk about what's going on and waiting for youtube clips and stuff while they take live caller questions all day.

So the big big NFL Day is today, then tons of new free public domain Christmas movies out I mean I am saying....of all categories.

Then more NFL games on Christmas day tomorrow.

On this page I'd say follow NFL to Christmas to see the winners...10 wins is first place, then playoffs are after today so who cares....some teams may still have a chance if they pick up some wins then Jan / Feb is Playoffs / Superbowl.


Kraken @ Ducks 12/23 | NHL Highlights 2023


Friday, December 22, 2023

It's A Wonderful Life (1944) Bridge Scene (Colorized)

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

HALIFAX: CBS Sports Radio New York Incites Incident In Halifax At Christmas 2023?

In Halifax on Sports Radio they have a super popular sports radio program that airs nights here from CBS New York.

Now, earlier this month or so they had this "Tom Brady" incident here in Halifax about the "Monday Night Quarter Back" type guy like (sarcasm) compared to top athletes based on stats not celeberty look.


No one knew how to score in the NFL properly except fans and women, who didn't know all the rules.

Then they got in this huge fight because the dork husband humiliated himself by fighting about the NFL rules in public and all these men got dumped at Christmas.

They said they "humuliated their wives and girlfriends in public and tried to FORCE them to say they did know how to play in front of the public."

The wives / girlfriends weren't playing that way and were just doing the score for fun, then the husband didn't know how to score the points on the play the wife knew for fun, then they got dumped in public.

The point is the wife / girlfriend knew how to score  but didn't memorize the playbook...the husband knew neither and tried to force them to say they did to people in the community and these men got thrown out of their wives / girlfriends houses over it.

After that people said they created an incident at the malls, the dork ex- husband, and tried to start a fight with the football players in Halifax and real football male fans who knew the rules and no one looked at the dork prick.

Then they had all these traffic incidents and assaults on sports players at the mall by all these bums or something over it is the rumor I heard.

Not actual facts, but a crazy story.


NHL Highlights | Oilers vs. Devils - December 21, 2023

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

NHL Highlights | Oilers vs. Islanders - December 19, 2023

Slayer "World Painted Blood" Live On Jimmy Kimmel

Best Of Jeff Hanneman Solo Compilation

Slayer - Cult

RE: More Incidents Drunk Driving In Halifax / Dartmouth At Mt. Hope Ave. (Dartmouth General Hospital) & Baker Drive

Last time in the news it was at the Nova Scotia Community College crosswalk near the Dartmouth General Hospital now they are having more incidents on Baker Drive itself.

I mean...

The guy almost got pulled of out of the car in the cross walk drunk in the crosswalk where he was stopped by people walking, I'm pretty sure they were going to beat him fifteen on one, with everyone watching in the apartments.

Then he stopped and took off twice, once when confronted about drunk diving trying to blame the people walking for the incident, when he saw they were almost hit and not joking he took off and fled the scene.

Like ten thousand people witnessed this in their apartments.

I mean he could have been a fugitive as well....anyway, some guy is on the loose after that so what...

Fleeing getting caught drunk driving twice in a cross walk.

What' that twenty years?

I'm glad to see in the same area the new construction in the wider city area means that Baker Drive is going to be opening their new highway interchange, then the one at the Portland Street McDonalds in Cole Harbour will be changed to residential traffic soon.

So in the future they won't be able to drive 120 km a hour and cut up Baker Drive and then making blind left turns behind people walking in the crosswalks at 90 degrees in their SUV like this fucking prick on the loose in Halifax tonight.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

RE: Internet Outage, Closure?

Looks like this may be an outage on the internet and people think closed with fake charges on credit cards.

Now, it's like two weeks to fix my balance because of the issues it caused.


The Donnas - Rock am Ring festival 2003

Power Concept - Anthropocentricity (2021) : MY LINK:

RE: My Devourment Playlist

Like that on the new pages...

The Devourment Complete Discography page, is now updated to the url.

I use my page .. .

Now in the Wayback Machine Archive I own that url archive with the Devourment playlist.

That's what happening on the new pages.

So from Yesterday forward I own that name on wayback machine on most of the top pages for the public domain releases.


Devourment - Babykiller : MY LINK: + Wayback Machine Link Page Archive Save

RE: Updates, Someone Stole My Credit Card and

So now public domain is out and Youtube promotors got sunk because of new services, my credit card was hacked and I got a charge and the web host company wouldn't take the call about the fraudlent charges.

Then I had to complain to the bank, where the same issue happened in my regular bank account debit card at the same company a few years ago.

They were causing wrong balances and delayed payments which happened to me also this year at Christmas.

Now I have to all week getting that fixed with my card balances and all that.

I think some company went out of business or something and then I got a fake charge on my account and now they are closed and won't take the call or something and it's blocking my Smart Phone auto renew so my phone payment is late because they wouldn't give me a refund.

Now I can't get all that fixed until Christmas / New Years.

Anyway, music promotions switched to I got this fake charge on my credit card account until New Years, lame.


Sunday, December 10, 2023

W.W.E__R.A.W__11 December 2023__Full Show_Highlights HD

Mysterio vs. Lee - NXT North American Championship Match: NXT Deadline 2...

WWE: What's It Gonna Be?

I mean obviously Dominik Mysterio is gonna beat all them guys over me the WCW wrestling patch champion belt title holder.

Now any time a WCW looking character or "invite" just keep beating them up until your the WCW Ultimate Closed Champ.


FULL MATCH - Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio – Title vs. Mask Match: WCW...

Wrestling Update

 "The Bloodline" break up and blow all their money while Roman Reins pretends he's not in charge, meanwhile the new leader has the "money in the bank" title...

I mean, why would he pick Roman Reins belt to have by default when he can jusy say he is the NEW unified champion and then make his own belt , the Money In The Bank Ultimate Title for all belts...

For maybe a temporary "unified belt" with him as the leader until pro wrestling  can figure out what to give him.

I mean, just slap together with whatever they got down their and make your own belt, then say it's a new Ultimate Champion belt, they defend that with the money in the bank briefcase contract....

Then later after the New Temporary Money In The Bank Unified Title the FIRST contender he will have to face is Roman Reins - Leader Of The Bloodline.


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RE: NFL Coverge & Blackout November - December (January 14)

See, you could share and watch during the games by quarter while you work on your sports table.

This is what I tell people like girls who don't understand the rules of football etc. but still want to watch the big game and have an interest in sports.

With no written rules you get this...

Then the OTHER plays are decided by the ref....he or she will say what the play actually was that I say I mean.

You get touch down with 6 points, 2 points for 2nd attempt touchdown, 1 for kick after the touch down, 2 for forcing the ball out of the defense after dropped fair catch in their end zone, 2 points for sacking the quarter back in their end zone, 3 points for field goal.

That's how I play...

Then the ref tells me I'm always offside , but now I'm getting better at writing plays for learing the rules scoring variations.

I say Christmas coverage is big in the NFL right now from November through new Black Friday NFL Game, then this coverage ends about January 14...

Late November to End of December, really tough pre-playoff round...those teams decided early January (?).

Something like that, didn't check Playoff or Superbowl dates. 


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New York Jets vs. Houston Texans Highlights HD 3rd-QTR | Week 14 - Decem...

RE: Sunday NFL Coverage...Updated

Where's the rest of the 5 minute Quarter Highlights during the game?

See, as soon as they start something on there it dies in ten minutes.

I mean, if NFL don't allow shares off Youtube, then other people can't keep up in Quarter Highlights...if youtube leaves that there you can share until they take it down.

Now they didn't even make it to the 3rd Quarter in sharing Sunday NFL Highlights during the game.


It's still in the 3rd Quarter!

I mean, you go by the clock and come back once an hour for highlights and there was nothing there...see more problems for the NFL.

You can follow the rest on the box scores and schedule on webpages for the rest with the live score and time posted.

So you have to patch that together with two pages to watch the schedule ans score and 5 minute quarter highlights.


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Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints Highlights HD 2ND-QTR | Week 14...

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Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints Highlights HD 1ST-QTR | Week 14...

New York Jets vs. Houston Texans Highlights HD 1st-QTR | Week 14 - Decem...

Stars @ Capitals 12/7 | NHL Highlights 2023

NHL Highlights | Lightning vs. Kraken - December 9, 2023



RE: Adult Share Pages

I dunno...

Here is a recommendation, create a file sharing system for "Adult Content Blogs"  that you can post on like Blogger that has "Television Adult" like TV Guide pages with an easy create and share system.

When you go on to the current one, they are connected to a large global adult network, which is great ...if you can get a video on it.

Like a public domain tape or purchased adult content "license" which allows you to "own" adult content under the public distribution agreement.

Then you can use it on any adult page.

Then when the source goes down you can keep the adult content you bought, the "license rule" is you can't defame the models etc., or you can void the "purchased license" so you can "own" the material with the original creators.

Just or your pages. 

Then you need to be able to make mid and small level blogs with that content THEN you can share your new videos like "Penthouse: Pets Behind The Scenes" from pages etc., to your small blogs because when you upload a large FREE usable video on the large adult networks it is so common there that they already ran it to many times.

So that's hard to get on to.

Then you can't make "blogosphere blogs"  because the current pages don't take the format. can check tapes like Public Domain "Debbie Does Dallas" status to see if you can upload on a free adult blog page to the large adult networks, always gets rejected so you know it's a busy tape.


Then the "chad tapes" like the run off,  videos you could fill with redistributed content as well as your own paid license to "own the content" with the creator not to defame him or her for example to make your cheap web page to go with the blog.

On the adult page this is what I need to operate:

1. More blog pages to only share any cheap and TV Guide Adult Material like "Penthouse Home Video" on TV Guide Archive Format.

2. Free blog pages like Blogger to post "TV Guide" list with "acceptable adult content shares" from an external page like Youtube etc. for an easy format.

3. Ability to freely post on blogs open source material REJECTED from large adult networks to small "chad pages" of material dropped by the bigger company for open distribution at a low level.

After that the more "hardcore adult material" would be linked from the "TV Guide type blogs" by using the allowable mainstream adult content at the bottom of the chad pages.

Then you can pick mainstream or "hardcore" categories, then self regulate by viewing the mainstream adult material at the front first THEN by pushing all the "extreme content"  to the back on smaller pages all the content can be available for open source advertising content.


Tuesday, December 5, 2023









G.I Joe The Movie (1987) Full Movie 4K!

The Transformers 1986 Full Movie.

Double Dragon 1994 full movie HD- BluRay-EN SUB

The Dirt Bike Kid HD 1985

BMX Bandits (1983) | Nicole Kidman - David Argue - John Ley | Full Movie

365 of Randy Orton’s greatest RKOs

Bengals vs Jaguars Highlights | NFL Week 13 | 2023 NFL Highlights Today

Monday, December 4, 2023

RE: NFL Jets Update

Just looking at the tape, I'll just put another win in the Jets column since they had another blocked pass for the win.

That's an unofficial 9 wins under future game rule challenges, Jets still offside.

Jets can still pick up +5 games if undefeated for the rest of season.


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American Athletic Championship: SMU Mustangs vs. Tulane Green Wave | Ful...

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Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets [FULL GAME] WEEK 13 | NFL Highlights 2023

RE: NFL Rules Expansion / Team Expansion


In a previous post the $700 card was a lot of money....

I mean the girls at the Adult Set, some are still alive that are on the page.

My point is they know I have access to NFL merchandise tables etc. with my $700 Gretzky Card.

It don't matter who the first girl was using my apartment as some kind of merch booth on some web page, the line behind her had the hotter girls in it, sometimes they wanna stay somewhere with no questions asked.

Here in my job is where I make money...

When I'm super rich and own the NFL right now I'll take these Brady "Monday Night Quarter Back" teams like the Eagles, Sea Hawks and Titans and sell them off with all the players for like 15 small new NFL local franchises after that game.

That's what a three times NFL Expansion for new teams for video game and merchandie printing.

Maybe even a longer seasons schedule.

Just like Domingo Herman selling his perfect game for New York Yankees in the Carrabean baseball leagues it's time to sell these closed teams off for new ones in a bigger market after the huge losses to the larger more expensive teams like the Packers, Cowboys and '49ers.


Any concern for Eagles Week 13 loss to 49ers?

NFL: '49ers Beat Eagles , Season Looks Over

This weekend you get these "Monday Night Quarterback" guys coming out running the plays or what.

The result The Jets lose, they have 4 wins....not in last place, then lose four at the buzzer then keep the falcons to like a one touchdown win with no touchdowns for the Jets.

Where's the pass?

The Jet's are still keeping them scores down and making big plays for magazines and football cards etc., again...

New York team merchandise is always #1 in Sports Merchandise.

Now the Eagles come in 10 -1 and that's it....

They lost to the '49ers ...

Green Bay also beat Tennessee.

So there you go, basic plays from Classic Teams like the '49ers ( 9 - 2) come in and crush the Eagles and they lose all their season momentum and it looks like that's it for them this year.

Jets barely lose again...

Sea Hawks, Eagles and Titans all lose to teams like the '49ers.

So long Monday Night Quarterback, looks like San Francisco wins.


Sorry NFL Blogosphere Fans, No Official Plays Off Youtube

You know how many times I get sick of CBS Sports New York Radio....W "The Fan" whatever down in Brooklyn.


Now I go on youtube and my team sucks.

Where's the pass?

NFL with no pass, not only that you can't share the game links off  "youtube", So no you can't see Official Mahomes On Blogger.

This is why when I'm rich some day off staying home from my railroad family...that's regular money.

None of this Monday Night Quarter Back clips.

You know what, they have Un-Official NFL Live Clips on Youtube  you can share during the game.

You all ruined Christmas on Sports.

Hopefully you all get a new shot clock for business, look man....

The Washington Capitals....the night you suck you always suck.

That's when it happens.

The fans paying like me, paying more money to watch when I don't have to be there...have regular money from my degrees back home here.

My long point is I keep my MLB, NHL, and NFL Cards down at the Card Shop...then when I want my Gretzky rookie card I'll just go buy it.

When I'm done I'll sell it back to them for some spending money.

Like all them $700 ones, all of them...what a joke.

That's the kind if money I got if I wanna show off with my card collection, that I keep at their store I mean until I want it.

Not this NFL money stuff.

I'd recommend boycotting betting and games like "Pro Line" Sports Betting until they learn to pass in the NHL and NFL.

Anyway, WWE Wrestling beat them all again this Christmas, I mean come on...the WWE's joke 17,000 fan sell out for Black Friday.

What was that Romain Reins blowing all his money?

Now the team got new big stars and guaranteed belts they bought with the money in the bank, play Crime Syndicate Leader Dominik Mysterio takes over as the dad in the family and takes all the guys into camp so he can win at WCW like his father never did for him, now he has to beat all the old WCW stars to hold the belt "Rey Mysterio" never gave him back at Starcade '98.

What kind of a dad is that?


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers | 2023 Week 13 Game Highlights

Sunday, December 3, 2023

RE: NFL Lame Season 2023

I mean now they can't throw touchdowns, a 17 game season...come on.

Now the Jets are 4 - 8 and lost 4 at the touch down line, so where's the pass?

Obviously all those people got fired.

Sucks or what, they can't even play now.

Then the Falcons only had 5 wins, pathetic.

What's the point of having players on the teams like the Falcons and the Jets who can't throw, garbage.


Dominik Mysterio's year in Judgment Day: WWE Playlist