Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas: Huge Night In The NHL Today

NHL All Day Today.
This year Christmas starts last night and goes until Wednesday, what is happening for this weekend do you ask? 

NHL Hockey.

I didn't look all this up but it looks like most teams are playing tonight in the NHL, here is my brief NHL Sports Update. 


Top Stories: 

Alexander Ovechkin is now #10 on the All Time Player list and is ranking around Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, something like that they said on the commentary on the game.

Top Game Tonight For Christmas Long Weekend:


That's right Ottawa vs. Washington D.C.  

If you don't know what that is that's Canada's Capital versus the United States Capital.

The Ottawa Senators versus the Washington Capitals is the Top #1 Game in the NHL for Christmas, make sure not to miss any of this as Alexander Ovechkin is piling on the stats, there's NHL History in the works here, this is the stuff you miss every time...make sure to follow that and not miss watching Ovechkin climb the all time player list. 

Here is a tip for all you kids in the NHL, (I'm 43 next week, you're all kids to me now in the NHL). 

Make sure to always touch the puck on an icing call because stopping your stride while skating and not following through on your motions may strain your body and you may tear your ligaments.

Stopping your motion may also cause you to trip on the back of the net. 

When you are skating in a practiced motion and coming around the back of the net not following through and touching the puck on an icing call may tear your ligaments etc. if you stop in mid stride, always be sure to follow through and touch the puck on an icing call and then continue your stride. 

Tip for goalies:

Stay out of that corner, it is a penalty for a goalie to go into the corner now...this is because of collisions.

If you are a goalie and in the corner forwards coming down the ice at you are moving too fast and can't stop when they come around the corner.

This causes major accidents in Hockey, the goalie can't get out of the way because of all that gear, then the forward has too much momentum coming around the corner and can't stop.

That is why this is a banned spot on the ice for the goalie, too many accidents in the corner. Plus, the NHL is super fast now and the player can't stop quickly in those areas. 

TOP NHL TEAMS FOR 2018-2019:

Here is the roundup, and make sure to catch the NHL outdoor winter classic on New Years Days.

In the West the Top Teams are the Winnipeg Jets and the Calgary Flames.

In the East the Top Teams are the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Those are the Teams to beat this year, here are there overall rankings:

1. Tampa Bay Lightning - 56 Points
2. Winnipeg Jets - 48 Points
3. Calgary Flames - 47 Points
4. Washington Capitals - 45 Points

Those are the top teams and the number one picks heading into 2019. 

Remember when you are on the ice to stay smart and stay safe. 

*if any of that is not correct, it's because I didn't read it all and just did a quick summary. Just check for yourself. 

Merry Christmas 2018!


Friday, December 21, 2018

Nutrition: Are You Still Hungry After You Eat

Save money, don't eat food that makes you hungry right away.
I read the MSN news page which is usually just tabloid garbage and this one article stood out.

Are you still hungry after you eat?

From my experience with dieting and exercise from just trying to stay in shape I have some tips to help you not be hungry when you are dieting. For me, dieting just means meal planning and trying not to eat too much fat, junk food or fast food. 

I don't really eat candy that often and maybe only eat fast food like once a month and usually go to McDonalds for their all day breakfast or a seriously chicken.

The number one problem I get for being hungry after meals is from eating too much meat. 

If you're like me you may get hungry after eating from having too much meat. The reason is because of the fat content in meat, fat has nothing in it to fill your stomach.

Fat, unlike regular food, does not fill you up when you eat it. If you're eating a lot of meat then there may be nothing in your food too make you full.

Eating fat is like having nothing in your body, you need calories to stay full. 

After you eat a lot of meat you start to notice that you are hungry all the time, that is from the fat in the meat over time, even top quality meat contains fat. Eating meat over time gradually makes you more hungry from eating fat with nothing in it. 

To stay full you need to eat stuff like eggs and bread. 

Eat a lot of eggs and bread and then that will fill you up because there is no fat in it. Then, when you eat you're regular meals you won't be hungry right away because you're full from eggs and bread.

Try this simple dieting trick, just eat tons of boiled eggs and bread like toast for a week, then you will start to notice you are not hungry after you eat.

Then have a regular meal with meat in it and you will notice that you get hungry faster after eating meat. Cutting back on meat and eating more stuff like eggs and bread will also save you money.

Why waste all that money on meat when you get hungry right away. Use the money to buy cheaper food like eggs and eat more of that, you will save money and stay full. Plus you will feel way healthier after you get on that diet for a while, just eat what works best for you to stay full after eating.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Plight Of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
I recently came across this while doing historical research for this page and writing in general etc. and here is another huge topic hidden in the history books, meaning it's advanced research and not a topic that is covered in the regular school curriculum. 

To understand what I mean you have to do a lot of research into the background of Germany to understand Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime. This information I got from watching Adolf Hitler's speeches translated into English, and then researching topics referenced by Adolf Hitler in his speeches to understand the conditions and mindset of Germans under the Nazi Regime and Adolf Hitler.

This is a longer topic, but I thought I would post my short notes on the internet and this maybe be longer material later.

Adolf Hitler was a brave man, probably one of the bravest soldiers on the battlefield in Germany in World War One. 

Adolf Hitler's job as a soldier in World War One was as a "runner" between the trenches and delivered hand written orders between commanders to relay information and battlefield commands across the German front line in the trenches.

What that means is  he worked for battlefield commanders and it was Adolf Hitler's job to hand deliver battlefield instructions, information and orders that the different commanders in the trenches would have to share with each other on the battlefield and these messages had to be hand delivered between the trenches.

Hitler would be the person who had to go "over the top" of the trench by himself and run though the barb wire and avoid gas attacks and machine gun fire to help keep Germany's command lines open.

Essentially, Adolf Hitler knew all the front line commanders in the German Army and they most likely trained him in battlefield command and relaying orders, and he would have also known all the regular soldiers in the trenches in the regular German Army.

Everyone says Adolf Hitler was a great orator and personable man in person. His job would have given him access to know all the soldiers in the trenches on the front lines of World War One as well as knowing all the Battlefield Commanders and he would have learned battlefield command from his position.

Watching and reading Adolf Hitler speeches I began to research what he is talking about in the videos from inside the Nazi Regime and to put it in a context that we can understand today, to know in our terms what they were talking about inside Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. 

I will show you the examples in the speeches to what I am referring to but first I will tell you the story. 

The most important thing you need to take from Adolf Hitler's speeches is that the Nazi Regime was formed by soldiers from the trenches of World War One, where Hitler was a runner for his commanding officers.

What that means is that the Nazi Regime was a Military Dictatorship assembled by the soldiers from the trenches of World War One. 

The soldiers from the German trenches of World War One faced years of oppression and limited rights in Germany after their defeat and complained along with everyone of the deplorable conditions in Germany after they lost World War One.

What Adolf Hitler is referring to in his speeches in Nazi Germany is that the German soldiers from the trenches of the first world war banded together and chose him to represent them because they all knew him as a runner from the German trenches in Wold War One and put him in power.

That is because all the commanders knew him from hand delivering their orders in their trenches and he also knew all the regular soldiers who were fighting in them. Everyone knew of Adolf Hitler's bravery in World War One and of his leadership skills and examples he set as a runner for delivering orders. 

This is probably why he was known to be very personable and a great speaker, because of his comradery with the soldiers and acts of bravery for his commanders.  

It was those soldiers who chose him to led them and form the Nazi Regime and speak for them all, and to led them to rectify Germany after the terrible conditions placed on them after World War One. 

In Adolf Hitler's speeches some of the things he is referring to is he is thanking his fellow soldiers for putting him in power and he is promising them that he will not fail them and to lead Germany into World War 2 for them, which is why they put him in. 

Two large topics stand out in Adolf Hitler's speeches. 

First, he is saying that the German people were being horribly and unfairly oppressed after World War One and he says that "When all the white people unite, no one can stop them." meaning they are too smart and an undefeatable force.

Then he says that in Nazi Germany all the white people joined together and united on the ground in Germany and made one political party of white people only. 

So in Nazi Germany all the white people being oppressed grouped together and made one political party.

The party, the Nazi's, was lead by the soldiers from the trenches in World War one and they put him in charge to lead them to free them from oppression. 

The large point to that is that all white people united to make one political party, led by German soldiers from World War One where Adolf Hitler was a runner.

Then the soldiers from the trenches of World War one got Adolf Hitler to go around and round up the public for them to make one political party and then they "abolished" all other political parties and killed them all to free Germany.

Essentially like an old fashion "stoning" where they would throw stones at a woman accused of being a witch or something.

So Adolf Hitler, was the person the soldiers chose from the trenches of World War One to go around and round up all the white people to form one party so they could have a "stoning" of them for leading their oppression against white people like the Jewish people in Germany who they sent to death camps.

That is the first major thing to take from Adolf Hitler's speeches, it is that they unified all white people into one political party to free Germany, then they killed all opposing political parties for oppressing them after World War One. 

The second major thing in his speeches is the purpose of "The Blitzkrieg", or the Nazi attack against Europe. 

What he is referring to in his speeches about the Blitzkrieg is that it was a retaliation attack against England, France and their allies for oppressing them after their defeat in World War One. 

What that means is that Germany's invasion of Europe was a "target list" of countries like England that they stormed into for retaliation after World War One for oppressing them.

Like World War Two was a "flare up" attack from the front line soldiers of World War One and they made a target list and invaded Europe in a "Blitzkrieg" after they seized power in Germany.

When you look at the map of the Nazi invasion of Europe the places they attacked were chosen for "revenge" or "retaliation" for them being oppressed from places outside like Poland, England and France. 

Those were the Counties and Cities on Adolf Hitler's attack list. 

There were two steps. 

First they got all white people together in Germany and made one political party, then they freed Germany from oppression by killing all opposing political parties (like an old fashion stoning).  

Then they made a target list of Countries oppressing them from outside which became their invasion attack list for the Blitzkrieg or "lightning war" where they tried to kill them all in retaliation for being oppressed and led  by the soldiers on the battlefield from the German trenches of World War One, kind of like World War One and World War Two were actually one fight, but between the two fights Germany was oppressed in the almost twenty year period from outside by places like England, France and Poland.    

That is the true story of the Nazi Regime and Adolf Hitler. 

Adolf Hitler's Speeches:

Explanation of Speeches in the video:

In this video Adolf Hitler says that their time has begun and that Germany has awoken meaning they have banded together as one political party to free Germany.

Then he says that they have won power, but now have to win the people over...he means by carrying out the task they have been given by killing all opposing political parties etc.

He says that it has been difficult at times being oppressed in Germany when they wanted changes that never happened and that they had to appeal to the German people to keep wanting them to try and make the changes to get their freedom.

Then he says that you must not listen to yourself during that difficult time that the German people have to give in and obey....meaning to follow the orders of the Nazi Regime only, if they want to win their freedom in Europe. 

He says that what they had dreamed of for years has become a reality and they have won power in Germany.

He says that their has been a unification of all classes of the German people, and this has become symbolic of the new Reich.

Meaning that the Third Reich is symbolized by the unification of all classes of the German people, and that is what it represents when you say "The Third Reich".

Meaning when you say The Third Reich is means the unification of all social classes in Germany. 

He says they will struggle and fight and never tire or lose courage and never lose faith.

He talks of people in the Reich helping the poor through charity to restore Germany.

He says their belief in Germany is so strong that not even Heaven will be able to deny it.

He says they are united against Marxists.

Then the says he is an unknown man who for the first time has to start a war to remove a plague from the Germany way of life...referring to Marxists who are oppressing them in Germany.

He says that Germany doesn't have international connections like other countries and that Germany is over crowded and has few necessities for everyday life.

He says it has to be carefully cultivated and managed, meaning from within inside Germany only.

He says he is proud to have led an attack and the time will come when they will be able to say that they are proud to be German for taking their Country back.

He says that when the German people look back in history they will be ashamed of themselves for being oppressed after world war one and living under those conditions.

He says millions of Germans were robbed of everything they has ever achieved in their lives.

Then he blames the Countries who signed the Treaty Of Versailles in 1918...those are the enemies of the Nazi's and the Countries they plan to attack in revenge for being oppressed.

He says he was not put into power by intellectuals but by German Farmers and Workers.

He says that some people may not be able to forgive him for "eradicating" the Marxist Party in Germany, meaning they killed them all. 

Then he jokes with a straight face and says....but he also killed the rest of the political parties along with them.

He says that a new Germany must grow from within the people and that he needs loyalty, belief, confidence, fanaticism and commitment and he has to turn to the masses of the German people to find these supporters for their political party to back the Third Reich. 

He tells the German Youth that in the past in Germany people only thought of themselves but they have unified all Germans to help and care about each other.

He tells the youth that they must safeguard the feeling in themselves of being a part of the group, meaning the unified Nazi people in one political party.

He says if you hold on to that no force in the world can take it from you, meaning they are bound together and have freed Germany as a group of people.

He says he has refused to step in front of the German people with empty promises, and that Germany will rise is a few days and says Germany was not a gift and that they had created it themselves.

He says they had restored Germany in six years and now everyone has gone back to work.



Thursday, December 13, 2018

They Are Making Instructional Videos Now On How To Plagiarize Music

Get Lost Nerds,You're Not Metal
Here it is fellow cool people and hot popular girls....they are teaching how to plagiarize now and it's coming from a bunch of fucking nerds. 

Why nerds have taken up Death Metal and Heavy Metal guitar is beyond my comprehension, Heavy Metal is not for nerds. 

Now what? All the nerds think they cracked Heavy Metal and they even made their own plagiarizing system that heavy metal bands even used on records labels, then they got bought out by Sony and BMG Rights Management after they released the albums. 

I'm talking Metal Blade Records, Season Of Mist Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Earache Records etc. Heavy Metal labels.

Now I just looked and Metal Blade Records got split up among Sony, BMG Rights Management and Warner and they are all sharing the Metal Blade catalog, I'm assuming this is part of the settlement from the plagiarism albums. 

Now they are saying they made a system to write metal riffs that is plagiarism and people put out a bunch of albums, then the labels are now owned by people like Sony.

Here's my a link ot my related article in LA Weekly:

First, I am not unknown you are plus I am more well off than all those bands they reference. Whatever.

Anyway you take this music system, I will post the video, and then listen to the plagiarized album in question and run the system backwards and it shows you all the parts of your album that were plagiarized. 

Right so, if I do that with my stuff I can see all the parts that people plagiarized. If you get plagiarized just show the court this video of how they made their songs off your music which is super easy to follow since they made a guide and then the judge can easily rule in your favor since a bunch of dorks made a guide to teach plagiarism.

Then when you run their system backwards it shows the parts that were copied from your music, then you can list every section of your songs in their music.

So the point to this is it's a system to write metal songs, by copying artists....aka plagiarism. 

This system is called "The Metallica Scale" riff writing system. 

Basically what they are doing is they are dropping all music theory when they write their riffs, then they are replacing that with new scales based on Metallica songs.

Then when you write your songs you can only use made up scales that appear in Metallica songs. 

The whole point to this....

They are taking Metallica songs and then "making scales"  out of their songs to write other songs.

No, that's plagiarism.

I'm convinced a bunch of nerds made this.

So in their system all your songs have to be made up scales that they get from Metallica songs, then all your songs sound like Metallica. That's plagiarism. 

What I mean is they don't use theory....they only use parts that appear in Metallica to write their music. 

So their songs only have patterns from Metallica songs not real theory, then all your songs sound like ripped off that's just plagiarism.

What they are teaching in the video is how to plagiarize Metallica. 

They only use parts and patterns that appears in Metallica's music, that's plagiarism. Then when you hear it it all sounds like Metallica.

Duh, because it's plagiarized.

Anyway, this has happened to me I mean they are making scales out of my songs and then making albums out of them...and to other bands now the labels are closing. Plus, a bunch of small bands also did that to me using the Metallica Scale method but are too small to mention aside from the LA Weekly article. 

I'm sure that Earache Records won't last much longer because of the records they made and will be on BMG Rights Management soon or Sony because of bands on their labels using the Metallica Scale system....which applies to any artist in music not just Metallica. 

This is the number one way to spot plagiarized music!

It's the sound of the music on the dropping the real music scales and only using patterns based on bands like Metallica what happens is no music theory gets on their albums because it's all in the key of a made up scale from a Metallica song.

On their records this creates a "droning sound" on their albums because they are only using notes and patterns in other songs....

Meaning they have abandoned basic theory to write music and only use "fake scales and patterns" based on other people songs.

Leaving the basic theory off it creates a loud "droning noise" on the records, that's from only playing patterns that appear in other people's music and not including actual music theory, that's why it sounds so bad. 

Like, they only play played patterns that Metallica played....rewritten and don't go back to basic music theory....that's plagiarism and you can tell from the droning noise. 

You can hear this on bands like Slayer, Municipal Waste and Cattle Decapitation which suck but it's just an example of something that was on Metal Blade Records which just got split up by three major record labels after their albums came out.

I'm assuming for copying larger artists. 

Here is their instructional Video....first though the guy is a nerd and he says there is no theory in Heavy he is a liar or just making it up....or he means bands that suck like Cattle Decapitation and just don't use it.

In actual metal it is all real theory, then he shows you how to plagiarize Metallica to write your own riffs and then the song he makes sounds like a plagiarized version of Metallica-Master Of Puppets.

Also, by judging what he says in the video he is only getting about 1% of the content that is in Heavy Metal music, and is teaching a system to plagiarize it and doesn't know what he's listening to. 

Do you see what happens when a bunch of nerds start thinking they can play Heavy Metal guitar. 

Here is another video of another nerd thinking he's writing a Death Metal song, in the end it just sounds like plagiarized Cannibal Corpse using the Metallica Scale system. 

Again this dork's only getting about 1% of the music. 

Then he thinks it's right easy to write Death Metal songs and starts jumping round the room making all these stupid faces and hitting stuff while he's making the music like in Revenge of the Nerds or something. 

This is why Heavy Metal is not for nerds, they're only get about 1% of the music and then invented a guide to write their own riffs, which is just a formula to plagiarize music.

Then listen to the riffs....all the songs have a huge droning noise on them. It's because they have no root notes based in actual music theory and are just using patterns from other people songs. 

Leaving out the original theory makes a droning noise on their riffs.

God buddy, that video makes me nauseous. The guys making all these gross faces and stuff at the camera and it just sickening to watch then it looks like he's making fun of Death Metal bands and has a stuffed piece of shit on the desk in the background.

You're not cool buddy and you suck. No one does that in music and you're not Metal.

Then he's acting like he's better than everyone because he's a nerd and starts saying he's writing Death, go down to a real Death Metal concert and do that to the band playing and you'll probably get beat up at the concert.

This guys thinks he's better than Death Metal and he's only getting about 1% of the content and thinks he's an the way they get a million hits on their page so fuck them. 

I'm so sick of those nerds thinking they are in Death Metal but don't know what it is, that's why everyone hates nerds. These people are NOT COOL and are all dorks making fun of Death Metal people thinking their experts and only know about 1% of the material.

Right, whatever. That's why I don't let these people talk to me because there are no bigger pricks on the internet than the ones thinking they can play Death Metal but they can't and don't know what it is. 

If you want to see real Heavy Metal videos follow me on Twitter at and you can watch real Heavy Metal videos with me and I don't plat that poser crap on my Video/Audio Playlist.

Here are the examples...first listen to Metallica - One, which is a nice clean song to hear for anyone at the intro anyway, and then you can clearly hear no droning noise.

Clearly no droning noise.

Now listen to this, first from the LA Weekly Article.

Clearly it has the droning noise and this music is based on "The Collapse Scale" based on my records just like the Metallica scale, I'm assuming their record label Season of Mist will be on BMG Rights Management soon like Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast and Century Media because a bunch of their artists use The Metallica Scale plagiarism system. 

Cattle Decapitation on Metal Blade Records:

That is a great example to hear the droning noise and it sounds like they use the Metallica Scale system, plus the label is now owed and shared by three different major labels since this album was released. 

Slayer - Relentless is probably the Top Number One album to hear the droning noise from the Metallica Scale System.

Although I am still a Slayer fan that is fucking stupid. 

On Earache Records the band Municipal Waste is the worst example of this next to's all droning noise.

Their album "The Art Of Partying" was ok but their last few albums all suck and are all droning noises like the Metallica scale system and worse than that.

What a total piece of crap. 

That sucks so bad I can't even take it...not only you remember the aerobics work out video series  "The Firm"? 

Anyway, the vocal patterns on the last few Municipal Waste albums all sound like their synced to the work out aerobics video series "The Firm".

It's on all their last few albums. 

Like it sound's like the singer is walking you through the workout video like in "The Firm" for an aerobics workout. 

Now I'm not sure if Municipal Waste is a transgender band or not but that what it looks like to me. 

Just watch The Firm and listen to Municipal Waste and you can hear that on their records plus it drones the whole time like on the Metallica scale system.

That's just an example but you can clearly hear the vocal patterns of Municipal Waste in The Firm Cardio Workout Series aerobics videos, just listen to the other sounds like it's perfectly synced to Municipal Waste and it's on like almost every The Firm Cardio video, plus the music drones.

Anyway, I'm sure their label Earache Records will be on Sony or BMG Rights Management soon according to all that. Maybe "The Firm" workout series is looking for royalties.  


Out of my face nerds, there's no room for you in Heavy Metal.

…..almost's "The Led Zeppelin Scale":

You all suck.


Local Newspaper Hates Marijauna

Halifax Is The New Weed Capital
If you've even seen Halifax or as a regular here when you go outside you see those news paper boxes all over the place anyway they have a free paper called "The Coast". That's a pretty common mainstay around Halifax is to see "The Coast" everywhere, I was surprised to see that The Coast news paper is anti marijuana. 

I thought that "The Coast" was some kind of alternative news paper or some music magazine or something, apparently not. 

The short of this is that I hate "The Coast" newspaper and "Exclaim" magazine now anyway, I'm just sick of them. Plus, they only cover stupid articles and not real ones. 

Those papers aren't cool they are stupid and I hate them. 

I've never seen an article like this before and it's all written in code or something and you have to figure it out.

They're going on about The Prime Minster Justin Trudeau being a drug dealer and flying around on jets and stuff with bodyguards because they hate marijuana. 

Then they're on that article today going on about the smoking ban in Halifax, blaming Justin Trudeau because they can't smoke outside and saying that the Halifax City Council got burned by marijuana legalization.

I don't even know what they're talking about in that hissy fit on , pathetic. I'm only assuming that's it's because they can't smoke outside. 

I was assuming before that The Coast and Exclaim were indie / alternative but they are not and are just pricks. I won't take The Coast even if it is a free newspaper. 

On there complaining about the smoking ban and saying that it's Justin Trudeau's fault because they hate marijuana and are calling him a drug dealer. I thought all you people in Halifax were Liberal Party? I guess not, plus that's not even Conservative.

All in all a  terrible article, I don't even know if what I'm getting from that article is what is even in the content. 

Right, The Coast free newspaper hates Justin Trudeau and marijuana legalization, and are saying they hate the smoking ban and blaming marijuana users because they can't smoke cigarettes outside at The Coast newspaper. 

Fuck off. 

Then they go and say there have only been eleven complaints about people smoking outside of the smoking areas and the Halifax Police have not fined anyone for smoking during the smoking ban.

Well, I think that's great that the Police aren't enforcing the smoking ban by fining people, plus only eleven complaints. That's great people, I don't think anyone cares about the smoking ban anyway.

This has also been in other newspapers and I'm sure this unlawful practice will not last forever, they are testing the sewage treatment plants for THC in the urine to see how much marijuana Canadian Cities are smoking, gross. 

I mean if you wanna dig through the publics piss and shit to test it for marijuana that's your business, but I doubt that's legal. 

I don't give a fuck if they're all testing everyone's piss and shit at the sewage treatment plant, they sound like a bunch of perverts though. 

Here's the statistic they pulled out of the sewage treatment plant....

Halifax is the number one City in Canada for using marijuana. 

That's right we are #1 in Halifax for smoking the most weed in Canada! 

Really though, Halifax should be given an award for that. Of course that's "per capata" meaning that more people per group sample like 8/10 or something smoke marijuana, I didn't bother to look up the real number. 

Fuck you Vancouver. 

That's right...again, Vancouver and the big "BC Weed" thing meaning British Columbia was supposed to be the big spot for weed in the world but it was fake. 

That's right everyone it's actually Halifax, Nova Scotia that is the top place for weed in Canada where I live at. That's according to statistic's Canada.

Now I get the reference point on this, Vancouver was the fake spot for marijuana and it's really Halifax, I'm not surprised that's like that from living here. 

Now The Coast, Exclaim and Vancouver are all the same kind of scene they run a fake campaign in their magazines that looks like it's from Vancouver and now they're complaining about the smoking ban and their marijuana hype was fake. 

I hate that fake indie crap and marijuana crap from Vancouver so much, they are so fake out there. 

Apparently it was all just some "fake scene" in magazines and newspapers or something and it was all just crap, like The Coast and Exclaim Magazine. 

I hate that so much, that fake scene from Vancouver around music and marijuana. All fake right from Statistics Canada. 

On there crying about the smoking ban and pretending Vancouver is right big and it sucks. 

I'm not talking about the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL and regular people that's great but it's them indie marijuana pricks with their fake music scene like in The Coast and Exclaim Magazine. 

I'm so sick of those people, as it turns out Halifax is the number one City in Canada for marijuana and all High Times magazine talks about is Vancouver or something when it's really Halifax that is number one. 

That's right Halifax out does High Times Magazine and all they talk about is Vancouver and the fake scene they have in The Coast and Exclaim. 

I know what is going to happen next, we'll all find out that this was all hype and The Coast and Exclaim has no readers at all and there was no actual marijuana scene in Vancouver and it was just fake stuff they printed for their magazines. 

You watch, that was all fake in High Times about Vancouver and so was The Coast and Exclaim and they had no fans and they were fake music scenes.

Here's what I got from that article....there's no indie music scene in Vancouver or Marijuana and it was all fake for High Times Magazine. 

Halifax is Number One for Marijuana not Vancouver, now we own the weed folklore in Halifax for real and fuck the Vancouver fake indie alt weed scene, it's not even real.

Fuck The Coast Newspaper and Exclaim Magazine. 


Monday, December 10, 2018

Muisc Industry Collectables

Classic Banzai Records Advertisement
I've been doing a lot of work recently on music stuff for my band, I realize that most people are not Heavy Metal Fans but that's not really important because you don't have to like Heavy Metal to appreciate stories of Heavy Metal and stuff about the music industry so I write this so people who are not fans of Heavy Metal can still get the story.

Music is something that's I'm doing as well as books, so I have the first half of the draft for the book series "Space Command" I'm working on at , that is about the first half of the "guide" to the understanding the books, then you can read that for a while and I'm doing some music stuff and there will be more book stuff later.

This is what's going on with my music stuff, I'm writing my pages so you can follow Heavy Metal while I'm blogging and stuff, then I'll show you things I'm talking about like rare albums and stuff or you can just read about it if you don't like Heavy Metal.

The collectable stuff I'm referring to right now is my website pages for Banzai Records and Great White North Records.

PRC Music today in Quebec is the third successor to the first label I was on Great White North Records, anyway I had a bad experience there and now I own my first record from Great White North Records as well as web pages that I use as tribute pages.

PRC Music was just featured on Banger TV from Toronto that's the movie "Metal, A Head Bangers Journey" and are also now in internet magazines like Metal Injection and No Clean Singing, but they are a small label.

Great White North Records before they closed was on The End Records which is on BMG Rights Management today, meaning Great White North Records would have potentially been distributed by BMG Rights Management, that's the name I own and my record form the label.

Both labels Banzai Records and Great White North Records were both run from Montreal so that it like the main scene of Heavy Metal. Today, I own those names in Halifax.

My internet magazine on and my Great White North Tribute Pages are from Halifax. Right, like they relocated from Montreal to Halifax except I just bought the names.

Just to say this the right way, my label to sell my band Collapse is Forward Regression Records.

Then I use and as magazine and promo pages as well for my band Collapse's promotion.

The point here is in Halifax I could call my business name Banzai Records and then merge that name with Great White North Records, as if Banzai and Great White North merged.

That would look like Banzai Records was the name of the Label and Great White North Records is now on Banzai Records and I could call it all that but I'm not.

That's because even though I owned the names and named the business Banzai Records / Great White North Records there would be no original releases on the label, only my reissue and new albums.

That's why I call it Forward Regression, and just use Banzai Records for the magazine and Great White North Records for the tribute pages to my first album.

Anyway Banzai Records was on Polygram and Great White North Records was almost distributed by BMG Rights Management. That's pretty big.

Let's say Banzai Records and Great White North Records merged making them the same Record Label Release list.

That means that today when I own the names I merged Banzai Records name with Great White North Records name, putting the Great White North Records list on the Banzai Records release list name.

Important...this only applies to the promotion list and not the actual release list.

Like say is a music magazine or blog , then I just say I make a Banzai Records release list tribute page on the blog and then merge it with the Great White North Records tribute page to add Great White North Record's release list as well as Prodisk and merge all the lists on the magazine.

So the magazine Banzai Records Heavy Metal news would have an original Banzai Records Tribute page on it, then attached are the lists and pages for Great White North Records and Prodisk Music.

All on one business except there are no old album releases, then it's just tribute pages for magazines with their actual .com pages.

Then the actual business is just for my band Collapse and then I have the blog and Great White North Records Tribute Pages attached  just for the names and lists.

Then I began looking and the album in question is "Aggression-The Full Treatment" which was released on the original Banzai Records, however I though that may have been a bootleg but I had it in an older list from a few years ago in my archives.

Just the album is the last catalog number in a series and then doesn't have the same sound as other Banzai Releases.

So I say "Aggression-The Full Treatment" was on Banzai Records that's Polygram.

Then it was reissued on Great White North Records, which would today be distributed by BMG Rights Management maybe.

Then my album was released on Great White North Records right after the reissue of Aggression-The Full Treatment from the original Banzai Records.

Then Prodisk Music released Profusion Volume 1 with my song on it on that label connecting all the labels and business names on the internet.

This is just in name for promotional stuff, and I only own my record. The rest is a blog and tribute pages.

Banzai Records:

Aggression-The Full Treatment

Great White North Records:

Aggression-The Full Treatment (Reissue)
Collapse-Destroying By Design

Prodisk Music:

Profusion Volume 1 - with Collapse on it.

That merges all three names, since I own all those pages .com's it looks like Banzai Records owns Great White North Records and Prodisk Music.

However, I could call my business that but there would be no old albums on it except Collapse-Destroying by Design, but there could be new albums released on it.

Anyway that would look like Banzai Records bought Great White North Records and Prodisk Music making them all Banzai Records now, but it's only on promotional stuff like tribute pages and blogs.

For example, it's like Great White North Records is on Banzai Records now, but only in name and not album releases.

Then I'm just using that for a music blog and tribute pages.

Aggression-The Full Treatment puts Great White North Records on Banzai Records in name only, the same as Profusion Volume 1 puts Prodisk Music on Banzai Records through Collapse-Destroying By Design and Aggression-The Full Treatment.

The only albums on Forward Regression Records right now are Collapse, Banzai Records with Great White North attached is in name only for blogs and tribute pages just for band promotion.

I don't have to call the business name Banzai Records or Great White North Records because they are just included under the name Forward Regression Records.

Then where I own the names on the internet for Banzai Records and Great White North Records those are just for promotional materials like blogs and tribute pages for the original labels release lists and there's no albums released on that name, it's just promotional stuff only.

Pretty neat though and all from Montreal and now based in Halifax now that I own the names.

When you merge the lists this is what it looks like:

Banzai Records:

BRC 1900 Venom - At War with Satan
BRC 1901 Metallica - Kill 'em All
BRC 1902 Anthrax - Fistful of Metal
BRC 1903 Exciter - Violence & Force
BRC 1904 Raven - All for One
BRC 1905 Trouble - s/t (Psalm 9)
BRC 1906 Slayer - Show no Mercy
BRC 1907 Venom - Welcome to Hell
BRC 1908 Venom - Black Metal
BRC 1909 Metallica - Ride the Lightning
BRC 1910 Overdrive - Swords and Axes
BRC 1911 Tokyo Blade - Midnight Rendez-Vous
BRC 1912 MainEEaxe - Shout it Out
BRC 1913 Eric Steel - s/t
BRC 1914 Sortilege - Metamorphose
BRC 1915 Sortilege - Metamorphosis
BRC 1916 Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown
BRC 1917 Avenger - Blood Sports
BRC 1918 Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade
BRC 1919 Omen - Battle Cry
BRC 1920 Jaguar - Power Games
BRC 1921 Tysondog - Beware of the Dog
BRC 1922 Axewitch - Visions of the Past
BBRC 1923 Warfare - Pure Filth
BRC 1924 Warlord - And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun
BRC 1925 Voivod - War and Pain
BRC 1926 Thrust - Fist Held High
BRC 1927 Savage Grace - Master of Disguise
BRC 1928 Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction
BRC 1929 Venom - Possessed
BRC 1930 Slayer - Hell Awaits
BRC 1931 Trouble - The Skull
BRC 1932 Fates Warning - Night on Bröcken
BRC 1933 Metal Church - s/t
BRC 1934 Bathory - s/t
BRC 1935 Grave Digger - Witch Hunter
BRC 1936 Exciter - Long Live the Loud
BRC 1937 MainEEaxe - Going for Gold
BRC 1938 Torch - s/t
BRC 1939 Exodus - Bonded By Blood
BRC 1940 Megadeth - Killing is my Business...and Business is Good
BRC 1941 Oz - III Warning
BRC 1942 Destruction - Infernal Overkill
BRC 1943 Torch - Electrikiss
BRC 1944 Abattoir - Vicious Attack
BRC 1945 TKO - In Your Face
BRC 1946 Laaz Rockit - City's Gonna Burn
BRC 1947 Lizzy Borden - Love You to Pieces
BRC 1948 Hallow's Eve - Tales of Terror
BRC 1949 Oz - Fire in the Brain
BRC 1950 Nasty Savage - s/t
BRC 1951 Kreator - Endless Pain
BRC 1952 Warrant - The Enforcer
BRC 1953 Tyrant - Legions of the Dead
BRC 1954 Thrasher - Burning at the Speed of Light
BRC 1955 Bathory - The Return...
BRC 1956 Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse
BRC 1957 Gravestone - Back to Attack
BRC 1958 Running Wild - Branded & Exiled
BRC 1959 Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire
BRC 1960 Liege Lord - Freedom's Rise
BRC 1961 Restless - We Rock the Nation
BRC 1962 Tyrant - Mean Machine
BRC 1963 Fates Warning - The Spectre Within
BRC 1964 Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion
BRC 1965 Possessed - Seven Churches
BRC 1966 Helloween - Walls of Jericho
BRC 1967 Stormwitch - Tales of Terror
BRC 1968 Savatage - Sirens
BRC 1969 Tokyo Blade - Blackhearts and Jaded Spades
BRC 1970 Living Death - Metal Revolution
BRC 1971 Omen - Warning of Danger
BRC 1972 Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
BRC 1973 Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr
BRC 1974 Iron Angel - Winds of War
BRC 1975 Tyran Pace - Long Live Metal
BRC 1976 Sound Barrier - Speed of Light
BRC 1977 Destruction - Eternal Devastation
BRC 1978 Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty
BRC 1979 Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone - Fighting Back
BRC 1980 Jag Wire - Made in Heaven
BRC 1981 Tony MacAlpine - Edge of Insanity
BRC 1982 Lizzy Borden - The Murderess Metal Road Show
BRC 1983 Détente - Recognize No Authority
BRC 1984 Fifth Angel - s/t
BRC 1985 Flotsam & Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deciever
BRC 1986 Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted
BRC 1987 MacAlpine, Aldridge, Rock, Sarzo - Project: Driver
BRC 1988 Chastain - Ruler of the Wasteland
BRC 1989 Racer X - Street Lethal
BRC 1990 Vinnie Moore - Mind's Eye
BRC 2001 Mercyful Fate - The Beginning
BRC 2002 Infernäl Mäjesty - None Shall Defy
BRC 2003 Aggression - The Full Treatment
BRD 2900 Raven - Live at the Inferno
BAM 1001 Raven - Break the Chain
BAM 1002 Venom - Canadian Assault
BAM 1003 Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids
BAM 1004 Destruction - Sentence of Death
BAM 1005 Slayer - Haunting the Chapel
BAM 1006 Tokyo Blade - Madame Guillotine
BAM 1007 Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
BAM 1008 Parasite -s/t
BAM 1009 Strike - s/t
BAM 1010 Helloween - s/t
BAM 1011 Ruthless - Metal Without Mercy
BAM 1012 Savatage - The Dungeons are Calling
BRSX 101 Wasp - Animal (f**k like a Beast)
BRSX 102 Celtic Frost - Emperor's Return
BRSX 103 Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades
BAXE 1 The Banzai Axe
FORCE 1 Force of the Blade
DJB 135 Advance DJ Sampler
BAM 1003 Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids
BAM 1004 Destruction - Sentence of Death
BAM 1007 Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
BRC 1925 Voivod - War and Pain
BRC 1926 Thrust - Fist Held High
BRC 1934 Bathory - s/t
BRC 1942 Destruction - Infernal Overkill
BRC 1951 Kreator - Endless Pain
BRC 1952 Warrant - The Enforcer
BRC 1955 Bathory - The Return...
BRC 1958 Running Wild - Branded & Exiled
BRC 1959 Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire
BRC 1962 Tyrant - Mean Machine
BRC 1965 Possessed - Seven Churches
BRC 1970 Living Death - Metal Revolution
BRC 1972 Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
BRC 1973 Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr
BRC 1986 Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted

Great White North Records:

GWN 001 - Ghoulunatics - Mystralengine - 1999
GWN 002 - Suffocate - Exit 64 - 2000
GWN 003 - Necrology - Malignancy Defined - 2001
GWN 004 - Merlin - They Must Die - 2000
GWN 005 - Asgard - Cold Season - 2002
GWN 006 - Diachronia - XX's Decline 2001
GWN 007 - C of E - Protect Me From What I Want - 2002
GWN 008 - Divine Enema - Under Phoenix Phenomenon - 2003
GWN 009 - Obliveon - Greatest Pits - 2002
GWN 010 - Soulforge - Duality - 2002
GWN 011 - Merlin - Brutal Constructor - 2004
GWN 012 - Aggression A.D. - Forgotten Skeleton - 2004
GWN 013 - Paroxysm - Revelation is Denied - 2004
GWN 014 - Brief Respite - Lullaby To The Moon - 2004
GWN 015 - The Mass - Towards Darkness - 2005
GWN 016 - Mind Eclipse - Utopia: Formula of God - 2005
GWN 017 - Cortisol - Meat - 2005
GWN 018 - Fuck The Facts -Collection of Splits - 2006
GWN 019 - Aggression - The Full Treatment - 2005
GWN 020 - Collapse - Destroying by Design - 2006
GWN 021 - Talamyus - As Long as it Flows - 2006
GWN 023 - Hellacaust - Inevitable Dementia - 2006
GWNMC007 - C of  E - Day by Day - CD Single - 2001
GWNUBR1 - Various -Great White North 2K5 - 2005
GIT-001 - Merlin - Deathkoteque - 2001
GIT-002 - Trails of Anguish - Relentless Abhorrence of Misery's Grievance - 2002
GIT-003 - Aphasia - Arcane in Thalassa - 2002
GIT-004 - Divina Enema - At The Conclave - 2002
GIT-005 - BK 49 - Join the Dead
GIT-006 - Dahmer - The Studio Sessions: Discography
GIT-007 - Fuck The Facts - Backstabber Etiquette
GIT-008 - Fistfuck - 23 Songs in the Same Hole - 2004
GIT-009- Fistfuck / Aberrant - Split CD
MYS 001 - The Eternal Blade - The Eternal Blade - 2005
MYS 002 - Funerarium - Noces Chimiques - 2005
PRO 001-2 - Pandemonium - The Autumn Enigma - 2006
PRO 002-1 - Intestinal Strangulation - Pathological Brutalistic Fermenation - 2006
PRO 003-2 - Cortisol - s12 - 2006
PRO 004-2 - Gorguts - Live In Rotterdam - 2006
PRO 005-2 - Negativa - Negativa - 2006
PRO 006-2 - Nourriture / Disjonkation - Split CD - 2007
PRO 007-2 - Social Revolver - Drive On!! - 2007
PRO 008-2 - Profugus Mortis - So it Begins - 2007
PRO 009-2 - Brief Respite - Uneveness - 2007
PRO 010-2 - Talamyus - ...In These Days of Violence - 2007
PRO 011-2 - Obliveon - From This Day Forward - 2007
PRO 012-2 - Obliveon - Nemesis - 2007
PRO 013-2 - Obliveon - Cybervoid - 2007
PRO 014-2 -
PRO 015-2 - Spirit of the Forest - A Brew of Lightning and Terror - 2007
PRO 016-2 - Finsterforst - Weltenkraft - 2008
PRO 017-2 - Paroxysm - Scars of the Art - 2007
PRO 018-2 - Ashes of Eden - The Human: Conditioned - 2007
PRO 019-2 - Clearwater Deathblow - Parasite Cleansing - 2008
PRO 020-2-
PRO 021-2CD - Profugus Mortis - Another Round -2008
PROF001- Various Artists - Profusion Volume 1

Right all that might be on BMG Rights Management or Sony or something today if I didn't own the names and my record etc. 

So I own all those .com's, but it's on Forward Regression and my first album was released on that.
So for the sake of the Tribute Pages I'm merging the lists like their all on one business now , mine, as tribute pages and a magazine. 

That just makes "Aggression-The Full Treatment" and "Collapse-Destroying By Design" collectable because they merge all three label names if they have one owner, and they do, me. 

But it's just for list purposes only as tribute pages and a blog/magazine for promotions, there are no old or new albums being released on that and it's name only.

Visit my pages to see that:


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Heavy Metal Update

Mayhem-Dawn Of The Black Hearts
If you're wondering what's going on in Heavy Metal the big news recently is the guitarist from Mayhem (Norway) is playing in Quebec with the Drummer from Cryptopsy in a new "side project" or something. 

What that means for the metal scene here in Eastern Canada is a lot, it's pretty awesome to see someone like Mayhem's ex guitarist Rune Eriksen playing here in Canada's East Coast meaning Quebec along with Atlantic Canada. 

That's real original Black Metal from Norway here people, I'm just saying that this does a lot for the metal scene in Canada up in Montreal and here in Halifax because I play here in my band Collapse

I'm just happy to see an actual artist with a big name playing in the area with people from Quebec, this will do a lot for the metal scene here, meaning the larger one. 

If you don't know, the story of the band Mayhem from Norway is probably as big as you can get in Heavy Metal, to have people from that playing here in the real music scene like from Montreal is a guaranteed huge boost to the metal scene here in Canada.

Rune Erikson from Mayhem playing in Quebec is practically the same thing as him playing in Halifax, he was probably the person who replaced Mayhem's murdered guitarist. 

When Mayhem first started their first Vocalist killed himself and the rest of the band members took a picture of his dead body when they found it and used it as an album cover for a live recording, pictured above.

The story is that Mayhem's original guitarist used a piece of his skull as a necklace and cooked and ate a piece of his brain, later he was stabbed to death I believe by their bass player Varg Vikernes who served fourteen years in prison.

Needless to say Mayhem are huge stars here in Canada in the Metal Scene, their band is the definition of true Black Metal and I was a metal fan and remember when that happened as a defining moment in my adolescence.  

The band continued to play with new members and is still active, Rune Erikson I think replaced the original murdered guitarist Euronymous.

So that is a pretty big deal over here in metal to have Mayhem playing here right now. Mayhem the band is an extreme Black Metal band and for many people is not easy to listen to but it has a large cult following and is considered to be the defining band in Black Metal maybe aside from originators Bathory and Venom. 

Mayhem would be one of the originators of today's real Black Metal sound, their music is unrelenting and not for easy listening fans who don't get it. 

Varg Virkernes band Burzum which was recorded when he was in jail or actually I think it may have been a hospital situation is also a classic originating Black Metal band, if you don't get Burzum's music some of the appeal for me is that I like to listen to it to hear what Varg is putting together for music after being convicted of murder.

I mean he would be translating all his feelings of being a murderer into atmospheric musical scores and Black Metal an the albums are a good way of "seeing inside him as a murderer" as he translates his feelings into musical notations in Black Metal. 

To me Burzum is the sound of the feelings of a convicted murderer translated into music, that's what I like about it. You get to hear what's going on in his head through his music, meaning that's what he would be thinking about while in jail translated into music on the records. 

Like that could be feelings of guilt or hate he is describing through music on the Burzum albums. 

Rune Erikson who is playing in Quebec would be the replacement in Mayhem of the murder victim. Needless to say a big deal for metal fans where I live. 

I'm sure this will be great for the scene here and maybe this will spawn some new Quebec Black Metal bands in the future because of the influence here now from Mayhem from Norway, real Black Metal.

You can follow this stuff on my music blog at as well as this page and on my Twitter at

Just to clarify I only follow real Heavy Metal bands on my page at like the band Mayhem. 

The name Banzai Records is a huge deal in Canada in Heavy Metal and used to be owned by Polygram Records in the 1980's. 

That's why I'm using the name now and you only get to see bands like mine Collapse and bands that are real Black Metal like Mayhem on the page, that's because it's like Banzai Records who released Bathory and Venom so their are no posers on the page on the Banzai Records that I own. 

What I'm saying is all the other bands are youth center bands and not good or metal enough to appear on which is owned by the band Collapse , me, and I only cover stuff like Mayhem. 

Youth Center bands crowdfunding to get their music out on metal magazines and music shows can use stuff like , and Banger TV from Toronto to get their names out because they cover Youth Center bands and crowdfunding scenes and cover small outfits like PRC Music for the youth center, like through the Quebec Tech Death and Tech Death scene featured on Banger TV from Toronto.

Like if the magazine page covers PRC Music bands on the internet like on the Quebec Tech Death spotlight on Banger TV then their magazine is for the youth center and bands that play there, that's probably why they give the albums fair reviews because they are the youth center scene and the records are all terrible.

I mean you know the magazines cover the youth center because that's where the bands play at outside, I only cover real bands like Venom or Mayhem on Banzai Record Heavy Metal News not posers at the youth center.   

I have no time for that because I am a real artist and only cover bands like Venom and Mayhem on Banzai Records Heavy Metal News. 

If you remember a few years ago the whole scene was Death Core, well that's over now and they are all playing Tech Death (Technical Death Metal) which is the latest trend at the youth center and all age clubs and small labels now.

I have no time for that because it probably all sucks anyway and I am a real artist and I only have time to cover real metal like Mayhem on my Music Blog, Banzai Records Heavy Metal News .

Just a quick follow up - to see the youth center metal scene just follow this search for PRC Music bands on Google then you can see all the magazine's that cover the youth center and crowd funding scene for Banger TV.

That's also the same scene that flamed me on the internet from the youth center and outside and because I was in LA Weekly for my band Collapse and they all suck and play at the youth center and I don't.

There's no metal fans there at that level, it's just people copying and flaming people who were in LA Weekly because they suck and can't play. Anyway, why would you even waste your time listening to any of that music when you could be listening to something good like Mayhem or Metallica.

Keep it real fellow Satanic Worshippers and only listen to stuff like Mayhem. 


Saturday, December 8, 2018

What Is Tech-Death

Technical Death Metal
I've been just recently watching a lot of stuff on the internet and working on band promotion and stuff like that and this is what's going on in the Death Metal music scene, first if you want to follow the metal scene it's probably best to follow Death Metal first and then you can learn the rest of metal after that, you can get that from me.

Just follow my page to learn the Death Metal scene then I will show you the other metal categories that you may want to read about like classic metal bands like Judas Priest or something.

Then you read my metal posts on this blog and follow my music at and my Heavy Metal music blog,

That's an easy way for you to follow the heavy metal music scene, by reading stuff that I'm into while I'm putting my band out. Then when I blog about what I'm doing you can all read the links on my pages to find out the best Death Metal and Heavy Metal stuff, let's say I was a music journalist or something, you can read my blog to get my tips on metal and events happening in the metal scene. 

Then when I'm promoting my band you can all follow along on my blog and twitter and see what I'm into with metal and then you can find out all the best bands and links from my pages.

Today I am going to do Tech Death, the meaning of Tech Death is "Technical Death Metal". Quebec Tech Death was just recently featured on Banger TV from Toronto. 

Tech Death is bands like Cynic, Death and Atheist.

These are some of the classic Technical  Death Metal Albums. 

So when you say Quebec Tech Death the bands featured on the Banger TV Quebec Tech Death segment are supposed to sound like Cynic, Death or Atheist.

Of course, the bands featured on Banger TV in Toronto are not of that same category and would really be Technical Death Metal influenced , maybe aside from Cryptopsy, in the category of bands inspired by Death or Atheist.   

Augury for example on Nuclear Blast Records would be Technical Death Metal but's that's inspired by bands like Cynic, Death and Atheist and not in the same category.

From what I've been following on the internet in the metal scene is the current "Tech Death" being promoted in Death Metal would be smaller bands I'm assuming of 500 copy pressings on small labels. 

Most of these bands I would consider to be youth center bands and all ages club bands which seems to be the main "Tech Death" scene being promoted today. I took a quick look and there are no real current bands promoted in this category which mainly seems to be smaller bands and the youth center scene like the one promoted on Banger TV.

Another place you can get promoted if you are a small band or youth center band is on Metal Injection which has a segment called Tech Death Tuesday and also featured on the Banger TV Quebec Tech Death segment where they listed a bunch of bands.

I looked up the website for Tech Death Tuesday and it features many smaller and unheard of bands and I'm assuming a lot of these may be at the youth center level which is promoted on Metal Injection.

Visit here Tech Death Tuesday for information on the smaller Tech Death bands which seems to have pretty big scene going of smaller bands.

Tech Death bands should check that out if they are trying to get promoted since this smaller scene is covered on Banger TV which you can promote on by crowdfunding and they will say your band name and is also featured on

So if you're looking to find Tech Death bands those are good places to start and Metal Injection has a list of stuff they cover under Tech Death Tuesday, Tech Death bands themselves should promote themselves to Metal Injection if they are trying to find a webpage that covers that category, since they both cover Tech Death.   

Like this, today's Tech Death scene is like at the youth center level with some larger bands, all that is covered on Banger TV and Metal Injection.

So if you're looking for that category for bands or promotion you can find the Tech Death stuff they are talking about on Banger TV covered on those pages but it is a scene for smaller bands.