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The Plight Of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
I recently came across this while doing historical research for this page and writing in general etc. and here is another huge topic hidden in the history books, meaning it's advanced research and not a topic that is covered in the regular school curriculum. 

To understand what I mean you have to do a lot of research into the background of Germany to understand Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime. This information I got from watching Adolf Hitler's speeches translated into English, and then researching topics referenced by Adolf Hitler in his speeches to understand the conditions and mindset of Germans under the Nazi Regime and Adolf Hitler.

This is a longer topic, but I thought I would post my short notes on the internet and this maybe be longer material later.

Adolf Hitler was a brave man, probably one of the bravest soldiers on the battlefield in Germany in World War One. 

Adolf Hitler's job as a soldier in World War One was as a "runner" between the trenches and delivered hand written orders between commanders to relay information and battlefield commands across the German front line in the trenches.

What that means is  he worked for battlefield commanders and it was Adolf Hitler's job to hand deliver battlefield instructions, information and orders that the different commanders in the trenches would have to share with each other on the battlefield and these messages had to be hand delivered between the trenches.

Hitler would be the person who had to go "over the top" of the trench by himself and run though the barb wire and avoid gas attacks and machine gun fire to help keep Germany's command lines open.

Essentially, Adolf Hitler knew all the front line commanders in the German Army and they most likely trained him in battlefield command and relaying orders, and he would have also known all the regular soldiers in the trenches in the regular German Army.

Everyone says Adolf Hitler was a great orator and personable man in person. His job would have given him access to know all the soldiers in the trenches on the front lines of World War One as well as knowing all the Battlefield Commanders and he would have learned battlefield command from his position.

Watching and reading Adolf Hitler speeches I began to research what he is talking about in the videos from inside the Nazi Regime and to put it in a context that we can understand today, to know in our terms what they were talking about inside Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. 

I will show you the examples in the speeches to what I am referring to but first I will tell you the story. 

The most important thing you need to take from Adolf Hitler's speeches is that the Nazi Regime was formed by soldiers from the trenches of World War One, where Hitler was a runner for his commanding officers.

What that means is that the Nazi Regime was a Military Dictatorship assembled by the soldiers from the trenches of World War One. 

The soldiers from the German trenches of World War One faced years of oppression and limited rights in Germany after their defeat and complained along with everyone of the deplorable conditions in Germany after they lost World War One.

What Adolf Hitler is referring to in his speeches in Nazi Germany is that the German soldiers from the trenches of the first world war banded together and chose him to represent them because they all knew him as a runner from the German trenches in Wold War One and put him in power.

That is because all the commanders knew him from hand delivering their orders in their trenches and he also knew all the regular soldiers who were fighting in them. Everyone knew of Adolf Hitler's bravery in World War One and of his leadership skills and examples he set as a runner for delivering orders. 

This is probably why he was known to be very personable and a great speaker, because of his comradery with the soldiers and acts of bravery for his commanders.  

It was those soldiers who chose him to led them and form the Nazi Regime and speak for them all, and to led them to rectify Germany after the terrible conditions placed on them after World War One. 

In Adolf Hitler's speeches some of the things he is referring to is he is thanking his fellow soldiers for putting him in power and he is promising them that he will not fail them and to lead Germany into World War 2 for them, which is why they put him in. 

Two large topics stand out in Adolf Hitler's speeches. 

First, he is saying that the German people were being horribly and unfairly oppressed after World War One and he says that "When all the white people unite, no one can stop them." meaning they are too smart and an undefeatable force.

Then he says that in Nazi Germany all the white people joined together and united on the ground in Germany and made one political party of white people only. 

So in Nazi Germany all the white people being oppressed grouped together and made one political party.

The party, the Nazi's, was lead by the soldiers from the trenches in World War one and they put him in charge to lead them to free them from oppression. 

The large point to that is that all white people united to make one political party, led by German soldiers from World War One where Adolf Hitler was a runner.

Then the soldiers from the trenches of World War one got Adolf Hitler to go around and round up the public for them to make one political party and then they "abolished" all other political parties and killed them all to free Germany.

Essentially like an old fashion "stoning" where they would throw stones at a woman accused of being a witch or something.

So Adolf Hitler, was the person the soldiers chose from the trenches of World War One to go around and round up all the white people to form one party so they could have a "stoning" of them for leading their oppression against white people like the Jewish people in Germany who they sent to death camps.

That is the first major thing to take from Adolf Hitler's speeches, it is that they unified all white people into one political party to free Germany, then they killed all opposing political parties for oppressing them after World War One. 

The second major thing in his speeches is the purpose of "The Blitzkrieg", or the Nazi attack against Europe. 

What he is referring to in his speeches about the Blitzkrieg is that it was a retaliation attack against England, France and their allies for oppressing them after their defeat in World War One. 

What that means is that Germany's invasion of Europe was a "target list" of countries like England that they stormed into for retaliation after World War One for oppressing them.

Like World War Two was a "flare up" attack from the front line soldiers of World War One and they made a target list and invaded Europe in a "Blitzkrieg" after they seized power in Germany.

When you look at the map of the Nazi invasion of Europe the places they attacked were chosen for "revenge" or "retaliation" for them being oppressed from places outside like Poland, England and France. 

Those were the Counties and Cities on Adolf Hitler's attack list. 

There were two steps. 

First they got all white people together in Germany and made one political party, then they freed Germany from oppression by killing all opposing political parties (like an old fashion stoning).  

Then they made a target list of Countries oppressing them from outside which became their invasion attack list for the Blitzkrieg or "lightning war" where they tried to kill them all in retaliation for being oppressed and led  by the soldiers on the battlefield from the German trenches of World War One, kind of like World War One and World War Two were actually one fight, but between the two fights Germany was oppressed in the almost twenty year period from outside by places like England, France and Poland.    

That is the true story of the Nazi Regime and Adolf Hitler. 

Adolf Hitler's Speeches:

Explanation of Speeches in the video:

In this video Adolf Hitler says that their time has begun and that Germany has awoken meaning they have banded together as one political party to free Germany.

Then he says that they have won power, but now have to win the people over...he means by carrying out the task they have been given by killing all opposing political parties etc.

He says that it has been difficult at times being oppressed in Germany when they wanted changes that never happened and that they had to appeal to the German people to keep wanting them to try and make the changes to get their freedom.

Then he says that you must not listen to yourself during that difficult time that the German people have to give in and obey....meaning to follow the orders of the Nazi Regime only, if they want to win their freedom in Europe. 

He says that what they had dreamed of for years has become a reality and they have won power in Germany.

He says that their has been a unification of all classes of the German people, and this has become symbolic of the new Reich.

Meaning that the Third Reich is symbolized by the unification of all classes of the German people, and that is what it represents when you say "The Third Reich".

Meaning when you say The Third Reich is means the unification of all social classes in Germany. 

He says they will struggle and fight and never tire or lose courage and never lose faith.

He talks of people in the Reich helping the poor through charity to restore Germany.

He says their belief in Germany is so strong that not even Heaven will be able to deny it.

He says they are united against Marxists.

Then the says he is an unknown man who for the first time has to start a war to remove a plague from the Germany way of life...referring to Marxists who are oppressing them in Germany.

He says that Germany doesn't have international connections like other countries and that Germany is over crowded and has few necessities for everyday life.

He says it has to be carefully cultivated and managed, meaning from within inside Germany only.

He says he is proud to have led an attack and the time will come when they will be able to say that they are proud to be German for taking their Country back.

He says that when the German people look back in history they will be ashamed of themselves for being oppressed after world war one and living under those conditions.

He says millions of Germans were robbed of everything they has ever achieved in their lives.

Then he blames the Countries who signed the Treaty Of Versailles in 1918...those are the enemies of the Nazi's and the Countries they plan to attack in revenge for being oppressed.

He says he was not put into power by intellectuals but by German Farmers and Workers.

He says that some people may not be able to forgive him for "eradicating" the Marxist Party in Germany, meaning they killed them all. 

Then he jokes with a straight face and says....but he also killed the rest of the political parties along with them.

He says that a new Germany must grow from within the people and that he needs loyalty, belief, confidence, fanaticism and commitment and he has to turn to the masses of the German people to find these supporters for their political party to back the Third Reich. 

He tells the German Youth that in the past in Germany people only thought of themselves but they have unified all Germans to help and care about each other.

He tells the youth that they must safeguard the feeling in themselves of being a part of the group, meaning the unified Nazi people in one political party.

He says if you hold on to that no force in the world can take it from you, meaning they are bound together and have freed Germany as a group of people.

He says he has refused to step in front of the German people with empty promises, and that Germany will rise is a few days and says Germany was not a gift and that they had created it themselves.

He says they had restored Germany in six years and now everyone has gone back to work.



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