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They Are Making Instructional Videos Now On How To Plagiarize Music

Get Lost Nerds,You're Not Metal
Here it is fellow cool people and hot popular girls....they are teaching how to plagiarize now and it's coming from a bunch of fucking nerds. 

Why nerds have taken up Death Metal and Heavy Metal guitar is beyond my comprehension, Heavy Metal is not for nerds. 

Now what? All the nerds think they cracked Heavy Metal and they even made their own plagiarizing system that heavy metal bands even used on records labels, then they got bought out by Sony and BMG Rights Management after they released the albums. 

I'm talking Metal Blade Records, Season Of Mist Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Earache Records etc. Heavy Metal labels.

Now I just looked and Metal Blade Records got split up among Sony, BMG Rights Management and Warner and they are all sharing the Metal Blade catalog, I'm assuming this is part of the settlement from the plagiarism albums. 

Now they are saying they made a system to write metal riffs that is plagiarism and people put out a bunch of albums, then the labels are now owned by people like Sony.

Here's my a link ot my related article in LA Weekly:

First, I am not unknown you are plus I am more well off than all those bands they reference. Whatever.

Anyway you take this music system, I will post the video, and then listen to the plagiarized album in question and run the system backwards and it shows you all the parts of your album that were plagiarized. 

Right so, if I do that with my stuff I can see all the parts that people plagiarized. If you get plagiarized just show the court this video of how they made their songs off your music which is super easy to follow since they made a guide and then the judge can easily rule in your favor since a bunch of dorks made a guide to teach plagiarism.

Then when you run their system backwards it shows the parts that were copied from your music, then you can list every section of your songs in their music.

So the point to this is it's a system to write metal songs, by copying artists....aka plagiarism. 

This system is called "The Metallica Scale" riff writing system. 

Basically what they are doing is they are dropping all music theory when they write their riffs, then they are replacing that with new scales based on Metallica songs.

Then when you write your songs you can only use made up scales that appear in Metallica songs. 

The whole point to this....

They are taking Metallica songs and then "making scales"  out of their songs to write other songs.

No, that's plagiarism.

I'm convinced a bunch of nerds made this.

So in their system all your songs have to be made up scales that they get from Metallica songs, then all your songs sound like Metallica. That's plagiarism. 

What I mean is they don't use theory....they only use parts that appear in Metallica to write their music. 

So their songs only have patterns from Metallica songs not real theory, then all your songs sound like ripped off that's just plagiarism.

What they are teaching in the video is how to plagiarize Metallica. 

They only use parts and patterns that appears in Metallica's music, that's plagiarism. Then when you hear it it all sounds like Metallica.

Duh, because it's plagiarized.

Anyway, this has happened to me I mean they are making scales out of my songs and then making albums out of them...and to other bands now the labels are closing. Plus, a bunch of small bands also did that to me using the Metallica Scale method but are too small to mention aside from the LA Weekly article. 

I'm sure that Earache Records won't last much longer because of the records they made and will be on BMG Rights Management soon or Sony because of bands on their labels using the Metallica Scale system....which applies to any artist in music not just Metallica. 

This is the number one way to spot plagiarized music!

It's the sound of the music on the dropping the real music scales and only using patterns based on bands like Metallica what happens is no music theory gets on their albums because it's all in the key of a made up scale from a Metallica song.

On their records this creates a "droning sound" on their albums because they are only using notes and patterns in other songs....

Meaning they have abandoned basic theory to write music and only use "fake scales and patterns" based on other people songs.

Leaving the basic theory off it creates a loud "droning noise" on the records, that's from only playing patterns that appear in other people's music and not including actual music theory, that's why it sounds so bad. 

Like, they only play played patterns that Metallica played....rewritten and don't go back to basic music theory....that's plagiarism and you can tell from the droning noise. 

You can hear this on bands like Slayer, Municipal Waste and Cattle Decapitation which suck but it's just an example of something that was on Metal Blade Records which just got split up by three major record labels after their albums came out.

I'm assuming for copying larger artists. 

Here is their instructional Video....first though the guy is a nerd and he says there is no theory in Heavy he is a liar or just making it up....or he means bands that suck like Cattle Decapitation and just don't use it.

In actual metal it is all real theory, then he shows you how to plagiarize Metallica to write your own riffs and then the song he makes sounds like a plagiarized version of Metallica-Master Of Puppets.

Also, by judging what he says in the video he is only getting about 1% of the content that is in Heavy Metal music, and is teaching a system to plagiarize it and doesn't know what he's listening to. 

Do you see what happens when a bunch of nerds start thinking they can play Heavy Metal guitar. 

Here is another video of another nerd thinking he's writing a Death Metal song, in the end it just sounds like plagiarized Cannibal Corpse using the Metallica Scale system. 

Again this dork's only getting about 1% of the music. 

Then he thinks it's right easy to write Death Metal songs and starts jumping round the room making all these stupid faces and hitting stuff while he's making the music like in Revenge of the Nerds or something. 

This is why Heavy Metal is not for nerds, they're only get about 1% of the music and then invented a guide to write their own riffs, which is just a formula to plagiarize music.

Then listen to the riffs....all the songs have a huge droning noise on them. It's because they have no root notes based in actual music theory and are just using patterns from other people songs. 

Leaving out the original theory makes a droning noise on their riffs.

God buddy, that video makes me nauseous. The guys making all these gross faces and stuff at the camera and it just sickening to watch then it looks like he's making fun of Death Metal bands and has a stuffed piece of shit on the desk in the background.

You're not cool buddy and you suck. No one does that in music and you're not Metal.

Then he's acting like he's better than everyone because he's a nerd and starts saying he's writing Death, go down to a real Death Metal concert and do that to the band playing and you'll probably get beat up at the concert.

This guys thinks he's better than Death Metal and he's only getting about 1% of the content and thinks he's an the way they get a million hits on their page so fuck them. 

I'm so sick of those nerds thinking they are in Death Metal but don't know what it is, that's why everyone hates nerds. These people are NOT COOL and are all dorks making fun of Death Metal people thinking their experts and only know about 1% of the material.

Right, whatever. That's why I don't let these people talk to me because there are no bigger pricks on the internet than the ones thinking they can play Death Metal but they can't and don't know what it is. 

If you want to see real Heavy Metal videos follow me on Twitter at and you can watch real Heavy Metal videos with me and I don't plat that poser crap on my Video/Audio Playlist.

Here are the examples...first listen to Metallica - One, which is a nice clean song to hear for anyone at the intro anyway, and then you can clearly hear no droning noise.

Clearly no droning noise.

Now listen to this, first from the LA Weekly Article.

Clearly it has the droning noise and this music is based on "The Collapse Scale" based on my records just like the Metallica scale, I'm assuming their record label Season of Mist will be on BMG Rights Management soon like Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast and Century Media because a bunch of their artists use The Metallica Scale plagiarism system. 

Cattle Decapitation on Metal Blade Records:

That is a great example to hear the droning noise and it sounds like they use the Metallica Scale system, plus the label is now owed and shared by three different major labels since this album was released. 

Slayer - Relentless is probably the Top Number One album to hear the droning noise from the Metallica Scale System.

Although I am still a Slayer fan that is fucking stupid. 

On Earache Records the band Municipal Waste is the worst example of this next to's all droning noise.

Their album "The Art Of Partying" was ok but their last few albums all suck and are all droning noises like the Metallica scale system and worse than that.

What a total piece of crap. 

That sucks so bad I can't even take it...not only you remember the aerobics work out video series  "The Firm"? 

Anyway, the vocal patterns on the last few Municipal Waste albums all sound like their synced to the work out aerobics video series "The Firm".

It's on all their last few albums. 

Like it sound's like the singer is walking you through the workout video like in "The Firm" for an aerobics workout. 

Now I'm not sure if Municipal Waste is a transgender band or not but that what it looks like to me. 

Just watch The Firm and listen to Municipal Waste and you can hear that on their records plus it drones the whole time like on the Metallica scale system.

That's just an example but you can clearly hear the vocal patterns of Municipal Waste in The Firm Cardio Workout Series aerobics videos, just listen to the other sounds like it's perfectly synced to Municipal Waste and it's on like almost every The Firm Cardio video, plus the music drones.

Anyway, I'm sure their label Earache Records will be on Sony or BMG Rights Management soon according to all that. Maybe "The Firm" workout series is looking for royalties.  


Out of my face nerds, there's no room for you in Heavy Metal.

…..almost's "The Led Zeppelin Scale":

You all suck.


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