Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fake Halifax Apartment Smoking Ban News Story Reveals Illeratcy of Media

Again, the mental incapacitates of people of questionable characters in the media and government have been revealed in the Halifax media this week. 

I heard this today on the radio in Halifax so there is probably not much truth in it.

They are saying that they are pushing for a SMOKING BAN in Apartment Buildings in Halifax and it is on the Radio and Internet News.

However where this is coming from is UNKNOWN.

So the source of the news story is not known but they are promoting it in the media. They said that the "government" is not pushing this issue, it is another group where apparently UNKNOWN.

Who would the people in Halifax be pushing this fake issue?



Apparently this is probably coming from drug dealers from High Halifax which is apparently some drug dealing community in the region who "don't like it, man" that people don't agree with them when they are dealing.

So they are saying on the Radio today and it's also on the internet news that they are trying to ban smoking in Apartment Buildings in Halifax PROBABLY because people don't want them committing illegal dealing so they want to "ban smoking" at other people's apartments to get back at them so they must have some baked political platform or something. 

So if you say in Halifax you want to stop drug dealers from running business and they are pushing the Government to make their illicit trade legal then they have this "mysterious" political group try and ban smoking in regular peoples apartments. "Far out, dude" are you ever "cool"....yeah right.

Here's the deal "man".....drug dealing is ILLEGAL, so is trying to find out if you are smoking in your bedroom or apartment.

The facts are this...no one is allowed to find out what goes on in your bedroom so you can smoke their all you want...cigarettes or "weed", legal or not. 

That is an issue that can never be enforced because no one is allowed asking you if you smoke in your bedroom. Trying to find out if that goes on in your apartment is illegal. 

Apartment smoking ban....FAKE.

This is coming from a bunch of fucking idiots on drugs who cant read. Fuck them.





"Those against the idea say it’s unfair for anyone to dictate what they can or cannot do in the privacy of their own home. If nowhere else, freedom should reign in the home."

According to the Globe and Mail News "Freedom should remain in our houses" because apparently they think there is none outside..."If no where else" they go.....yeah like we have no freedom outside...well if our freedom has been taken from us outside I've never heard of it and neither has anyone else that I know...so fuck the Globe and Mail and fuck the Smoking Ban and Fuck high Halifax...you all suck and you are losers so fuck ya.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

What the fuck is "High Halifax"?

So I am out doing some regular people stuff in the city the other day  and I look up at this huge city billboard and some fucking piece of shit moron bought this huge billboard and posted marijuana, or "weed" as they call it, pictures all over the fucking billboard and the website was like www.weedmaps.com something lame so I went to the page:

and they have listed on it all the locations of their "Illegal Drug Trafficking" businesses and where they store and sell their drugs in Halifax. 

Then I read on the internet that they put up all these store fronts in Halifax and Dartmouth and started dealing drugs out of them to anyone on the street and they are claiming on the internet and it was for medical purposes and calling it "medical marijuana" whatever that is. 

So I had to go look and find out what medical marijuana was and it turns out that people are saying that it's something about heroin addicts need marijuana to ease the symptoms of heroin withdrawal is what it looks like. 

Then they said it was supposed to be for something like for cancer patients or something but I didn't see any they just looked like the real purpose of medical marijuana is for heroin addicts, or "junkies" they call them, who don't work, wash or have teeth because they rotted out of their heads from being a "junkie" and not spending their money on trips to the dentist and they are looking for weed to relieve the symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

So what I discovered is that medical marijuana is for heroin addicts to smoke when they have no heroin. 

What a bunch of fucking idiots, only a bunch of people on drugs would open a store selling them and start advertising it on the internet.

Anyway...they got busted in like December.

Now drug dealers and addicts in Halifax are all saying that they HAD to open the store because people when down there crying for "weed" and they needed it.

Only if you are over 19 though...that's because if something is illegal you have to be of age to take part in it as an adult. 

Or...maybe that it because they new it was illegal and didn't want to sell to minors because of the extra 40 million years in jail they would have been given. Not only that they are set up in front of schools and fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Dairy Queen so students can be around them.

That's like in my neighborhood.... they opened one right down the street from where I live and they have one on Barrington Street. Right because when your "high" they call it you need to get your Dairy Queen into you as fast as possible when you're jonesing for it after consuming some "dope", so if you open an illegal drug business you gotta have it near fast food and Tim Hortons for when your hungry. 

So when the place first opened they said it was a "wellness center" then it fact it was for SELLING ILLEGAL DRUGS.

So they closed the old one and now they have reopened a new one and wont listen to the criminal code when they tell them drugs are illegal and so is medical marijuana. If you thought it was legal you where not correct because it fact it has no medical purpose because it's just for heroin addicts to smoke when they have no heroin and they are so high they think it's legal and have imagined they have a "special permit" that allows them to have illegal drugs.

So they say it's for medical purposes then they just sell it to anyone, so if they are open right now they must not have gotten their new "shipment in" whatever that is because if they were "holding weed" they call it they would have been raided by the police because they have a sign up telling them where it is.

Fuck those pricks. Nobody wants to be bothered by a bunch of drug addicts who don't wash or shave apparently when you're out shopping at the Maxazaria or something like all those girls at the mall. 

When I was in High School it was marijuana was for having fun and listening to Nirvana and Lolapaloza or Slayer or something. These days it's a bunch of pricks who think they all have back problems to get weed and don't wash or shave because they think it's cool now because their so fucking high. Back in High School everyone was "metal" or "grunge" now they look like they are trapped in the 1970's  and don't wash or shave because they think it's it style and that their being cool. If fact they are just a bunch of dicks who grow facial hair because they think it's cool to fit in and it isn't. They are just dirty and all fucking addicts who can fuck off.

As a side note I also think all the Teachers and Garbage Collection people in Nova Scotia are also fucking high on drugs.

After the pathetic teacher's strike is now over they are all saying that they don't want money for extracurricular activities like children's Christmas concerts, and now it is all non paid volunteer work.

So outside school hours they don't want to work and it has to be on volunteer only terms. That because they hate don't like the students and said they are all "biting and scratching them" and now they won't look after their extracurricular activities.

That must be because all the teachers in Nova Scotia must be high on fucking drugs these days and they are fucking lazy and don't want to work so they can be at home getting "baked" or whatever it's called because for some reason they must think it's legal. 

So the teachers must be all on drugs too because they think the student's are "biting" and "scratching them". If that was true the kids would be in the handicapped class. Not only that they are all complaining that their is "too much paper work, man"  and they are so fucking high they don't want to do it or attend after school activities.

In the words of President Trump....YOU'RE FIRED!

That's right all the teachers in Nova Scotia should be fired because they could've held our for the money but quit after school activities because they don't like the kids and dropped out and got high or something and skipped all their after school activities.

Then not only that the garbage collection people who are apparently all private companies want you to sort your garbage more and use only clear bags so they can see it because they are "too lazy" to sort the garbage because they are probably fucking high on drugs.

So it looks like the recycling law in Nova Scotia is probably for private companies who are too lazy to sort the garbage they are collecting because they "can't see it" and don't want to work because they are fucking lazy and must be all on fucking drugs and don't want to work so we have to sort it at home so garbage people can get their work done faster so they can go get baked or something.

I don't mind sorting my garbage if it's for the environment but not for some lazy fucking garbage man who doesn't want to work so we have to do it so they can go get high or something. So fuck them...how about....

In the words of President Trump....YOU'RE FIRED!

Then we can go back to city garbage collection so we don't have to do extra work sorting our garbage so some drug addict who doesn't want to do his work at the dump can get a day off to go get high.

Finally the Radio Stations in Halifax all must be on fucking drugs because they sound like they are fake and are on an episode of the Simpsons or something.

They said on the fucking radio today that for Nova Scotia Heritage Day from now on we have abandoned our Scottish Heritage with Kilts and Bagpipes and they have Mic Mac Indian and Syrian Immigrant stuff instead.

How about you can go fuck yourself permanently at the Halifax Radio Stations because everyone knows your are lying fucking idiots reporting FAKE NEWS on the Radio because that WILL NEVER BE TRUE.

So stop pretending your are fake and on the Simpsons and go fuck yourself....you must be FUCKING HIGH if you expect people to believe that.

So if that's High Halifax....no thanks.

High Halifax? Not for me.

Everyone in it go fuck yourself.