Sunday, May 31, 2020

CANADA: CERB Economic Update

For everyone on CERB.

When no one buys Justin Trudeau's products when the stores reopen then you have lost your jobs.

CERB will only be extended to cover your car payments temporarily.

Then you will be on unemployment for nine months, then you will be on welfare.

After that you will be with everyone else outside.

Everyone else already knows that all they have outside now is the old mall again, known as the dirt mall in friendly circles.

That's the only thing they have now for everyone...again. That's where people are shopping at, then that is also a good way to avoid covid and then stand more than six feet apart when you are down there if possible to get extra distance between you and the virus during the tail end of the outbreak, so now is a good time for extra self isolation, then shop cheap over at the dirt mall area.

I mean who's buying all that stuff Trudeau and them are selling over at the regular mall anyway?

Like the place is rank with covid and they want you to wear a mask.

Then the stuff is all overpriced and you take it outside and there is no where to use it.

Why would you go over there and buy a satellite dish or digital cable box when they are obsolete and there is no where to use it.

$200 for a tin can with nothing in it.

That's all their economy over at the new mall, everyone else is down at the old mall with their Roku Stick for free channels and their Public Mobile phone plan.

Who would want Trudeau and them's stuff over at the new mall, the stuff there is obsolete with no where to use it and you have to wear a mask to buy it. 

Who the fuck would want them other people, them covid pricks.



Yeah, don't even ask me.

The government did nothing for anyone, don't even bother watching the news they just changed topics and didn't finish their stories or anything and then just all started saying something else with nothing resolved.

They said that the covid virus was so weak that no one in Canada needed extra money for help on welfare and disability in every Canadian Province except British Columbia because of the Indians blocking the train tracks, then their welfare office gave them all an extra $300 a month they are saying and then $75 Million more to other Indians living off the reservation.

Then they blocked all the rest of cheque recipients in every other Canadian Province from receiving covid funding.

Then they let all their workers stay home and gave them $2000 a month with no work.

Then they gave all extra workers $400 a month to work during covid.

Then they gave old age pension and extra $500

Then they gave all parents with kids an extra $300 a month each.


Then they stopped... and said the virus wasn't bad so no one else in Canada needs any money because welfare and disability don't need extra money.

Well then why are you giving that money to them just said they don't need it because the virus isn't bad.

Their just lying on television man.

So you're sitting there right and the neighbor next to you just gets to stay home and not work and get $2000 a month CERB then his kids all get an extra $300 a month and the wife gets an extra $400 working, then the parents got an extra $500 for old age pension all in the same family.

Then they're all sitting outside eating pizza and barbecue with Justin Trudeau this summer with all that extra money right now this weekend apparently.

All while people on disability and welfare in all of the rest of Canada's Provinces sit in their yard next time them with no money for anything of that watching them eat pizza and shit for free while everyone else cries watching starving to death.

I didn't realize Welfare and Disability reciepients was a targeted group in Canada form hate criminals under Justin Trudeau.

I know who you are man, you're the people telling me to stay in my house with nothing while you all are out eating barbecue and pizza in the back yard next to me while I'm not invited with no money.

Well that's what you're saying to the public, I'm not covering any of that stuff from them ever again on this page, and I'm not looking at them for the rest of my life.

Listen fake government, no one's fucking doing that for you so you and your demographic can eat free barbecue all summer....die.


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Did This Political Stuff Ever Change Fast

Now we're on the same side as the Indians in British Columbia here in Halifax.

Like this everyone told Trudeau no, that's regular people, the Indians and China all told him and Trump no.

The Indians on the train tracks I'm not in a fight with them man, my oil pipeline is going through their land easy.

The people they are complaining about are the people we kicked out of Atlantic Canada, all those Conservatives...down here it is Liberal.

So they aren't the same Indians we have down here in Nova Scotia, like at Boat Harbor, the Province closed that for them.

The Indians out there they mean the G20 with Trump and them, Trudeau and them....they are telling them no the G20 Group.

They're not telling my pipeline no, never man.

The point here we're all on the same side against them, the G20...the Indians would get more money by just ignoring them and not buying their a boycott against the G20 on the stock market with the rest of us, then they'll issue more money and stuff when stop buying from them.


Friday, May 22, 2020

Behemoth - A Forest feat. Niklas Kvarforth (Official Video)

JINJER - Noah (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Metallica: Live in Nickelsdorf, Austria - June 10, 2012



COVID: United States and Canada Governments Face Tough Road In Legsliatures

Canada's concern's over China purposed laws for Hong Kong cracking down on democracy protestors for backing people like Donald Trump in their financial centers is not our issue, not over our own well beings.

China is Communist, Trump and Trudeau have no foothold on the ground in China with their model which is illegal there, if Hong Kong is rioting then China can do whatever it wants.

These political parties which are private back in Canada and the United States have already started applying for COVID emergency relief money because the economy is partially closed like the NDP in Canada seeking Universal Basic Coverage.

Their backers are saying they have NO MONEY , their campaign donors who rely on Government Contracts to continue the NDP Party who is asking for emergency funding.

Meaning their backers REFUSE to pay for their political platforms out of their own savings and are trying to drain the COVID money for new funding out of tax payer dollars which needs to be banned.

Why don't they use the money they have on the bank off their contracts to pay for their political parties.

Canadians who have NO MONEY in the bank are asked to go without for the private backed NDP party off government funding with their tax dollars while giving Canadians nothing and not using their savings to continue to run their political parties.


Global Markets Fall As China Cracks Down On Hong Kong:

Trump and Trudeau are asking Americans and Canadians to BACK THEM in their illegal business ventures in Hong Kong in the pro democracy movement which has been blocked by China.

They are saying that the G7 under Trump and Trudeau is trying to force China to deal with them using "illegal democracy" tactics in China over the Communist Government for the G7 to handle their aid money for China on the ground in Hong Kong with their non communist governments...illegal in China.

Trump and Trudeau are now bashing China and asking Canadians to support them over the Chinese Government in an illegal business venture with Canadian and United States tax dollars with no support to citizens here for their personal gain in business for their financial backers.


Israeli PM Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges

Netanyahu: No greater supporter to Jewish people than Trump

Eddie Shore

Eddie Shore was Bruins' first great defenseman

The Brooklyn Americans: New York's Forgotten NHL Franchise

Oscars Film Shows Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden

Nova Scotia: Get Real Robet Strang Claims To Be A Panemic Expert

Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer Robert Strang says he is qualified to issue health clearances under his government position.

Based on what?

Like what are your qualifications in Halifax, Nova Scotia to be able to determine what steps need to be achieved based on your advice, he has never done that before.

Then he expects us to believe he knows how to do it, then they are letting them die of Covid at Northwoods in the same area.

I mean, who are you reporting to to say that in Halifax?

Like are you even qualified?

What I am saying is where is his diagnosis coming from....The Federal Government World Health Organization expert's?

Like where are you getting this health diagnosis from and what are your qualifications and references for your city medical decisions during the lock down , you never did that work before why are you saying you are an expert to make that decision for Halifax.

Everyone knows you're running a scam at Access Nova Scotia at the Tenancy Bord just like your pandemic plan....which is fake from you, then offering no financial support to Halifax citizens or anyone else living in Atlantic Canada.

Like what is your fucking issue anyway with us here at home in Halifax at your legislature because your are all wrong.

Elected officials on there living in the same area with us telling us to let all the sick people die of Covid, with their door closed and their phones turned off.




COVID: Trump Even Says Tax Payers Don't Need Him

President Donald Trump in his own words says American tax payers don't need him, revealing in his plans that the G7 Private Company Economic Model used in the United States and Canada is a waste of tax payer money and hands billions of dollars out of the government with no purpose.

Trump's plan to give the economic relief COVID money to private business to let them make a profit in order to sell products on Wall Street New York and the Bay Street Toronto on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges only benefits private investors backing the Federal Government.

He says in this own words "that citizens will buy the products to create an economic boom on the stock markets."

To make money for the G20 investors.

However, Trump even says that by by passing him that the Federal Government can create a broader economic boom by handing the money directly to citizens. 

That money spent $2000 a month basic assistance would create an even larger economic boom on the stock market when spent by citizens.

So why would we give it to him then for the G20 when the citizens can do the same thing out of their pockets and generate even more money on the stock market buying products?

What they mean is they need that money for their political platform which they are saying runs off sales on the stock market, then with the economy closed they are bankrupt and out of power.

Now they want tax payers to bail them out to keep them in power with no financial aid for themselves, no one would do that.

The government can create an even larger economic boom by giving the money directly to citizens and not a private third party getting all of the United States and Canada's wealth generated on the stock market.

I mean come on, no one is going to do that...give the tax money to them to bet on sure horse on the stock market...except the products got ruined by Covid.

The Federal Government can just give the money directly to citizens and not have to do anything, after that their spending will automatically balance and increase the stock market on it's own.

What they mean is the citizens tax requests put them out of of business Donald Trump and them because it was all backed by tax payer money with them as the third party and issuing new money means they are closed.

So they are all bankrupt.

Now is the time to save your money then watch their stock prices drop, then wait to shop after we get the Covid aid money....from the Federal Emergency Relief Benefits, then when you get that extra money they said $1300 to $1500 extra per month then do your shopping and the third party groups will make no money.

This will bankrupt them and put the money and the power back in the citizens hands because with COVID the stock market is shut down but running or something, just don't buy their stuff during the shut down and you will stall their economy.

After the government starts losing too much money and stocks start dropping then they will release the COVID aid money $2000 a month to stabilize the stock market from closing.

That is what the citizens will do with their money to back their homes etc. because they are competing with private businesses so no one will buy their products.

Then shop when you get that money which is 100% yours from your Federal Tax Investments.


More information...

Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell is blocking some of these proposals with and audit, McConnell in the 1970's was a backer for funding political parties with tax payer money, he flipped flopped to say he then was taking money from private businesses which they allowed.

This is why we need Mitch McConnell it is because he is a flip flopper, when that flails he will flip flop back to ours.

Then they need to salary cap the political parties.

The Federal Government needs to issue a new amendment of some kind to salary cap political parties to prevent them from over spending.

Then they need to BAN private company political finding with tax payer contracts.

Then they will have to use private non citizen money only.

Like with McConnell the tax payer budget can then match or supplement that with public funding after they issue the salary cap.

So they need to pass a new law to salary cap the government and then pass another law to block tax payer revenue from private political backers using it against the tax payers wishes.

This will block Trump and Trudeau in the Federal Governments at the Senate Majority Leader level in the Senate.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

CANADA: Trudeau Cuts Off Welfare & Disability Benefits

I'm just reading all this and following it live.

They go, Trudeau gave all the relief money to CERB recipients who get to stay home and get $2000 a month with no job.


Then they go, everyone else on monthly cheques all go to the liquor store and buy alcohol, so they told them to stay home and get drunk with their welfare and disability cheques.

Then they cut off their aid money for the pandemic and gave it only to people who work and the Indians.


Yeah like every duplex, apartment and rental unit all turned into low rentals in like on second in Halifax already and the property value here looks worthless.


1980 Montreal Expos at Pittsburgh Pirates

CANADA: Trudeau Sides With Indians Giving Them More Free Money For Covid

Trudeau while offering no support to Canadians in regular situations has now sided with Native Indians blocking Canada's Rail System to give them $300 a month extra in welfare and disability in British Columbia and then giving an additional $75 Million Dollars to Indians living off reservations.


They are saying because white people are not a tribe blocking the train tracks so they don't get funding.

All when they already get free land and housing.

The rest of Canadians on welfare and disability got NOTHING. 

Saying, that the Indians need free land, houses, $300 a month extra in BC, plus $75 Million dollars in additional funding for living off the reservation.

Then saying "$200 a month is enough for welfare cheques anyway and they don't need money for Covid because they all have $200".

Why are you people alive on Earth with the rest of us from Ottawa.

All while they lie on the news about regulars peoples money and give us NOTHING.

Then they said regular white people on a cheque in Canada are going to be willing to die go to work to give the Indians more benefits while they get nothing.

I will never support these people, and would never risk working to die to give an Indian my tax money, no one in Canada would.

You see what they are doing up there, pretending they can't see the citizens from Ottawa and only dealing with their work only and Indians.

Whatever Canada, fuck you.


SCIENCE: Microsoft Archaic Super Artificial Intelligence Computer Reveals New Internet Model

Microsoft's Azure Could Operating system signals the future of the internet, even if their Artificial Intelligence System is an out of date archaic model.

Artificial Intelligence in computing is probably the easiest work that can be done on a computer in 2020, in fact artificial intelligence is in many software programs today. 

This is the idea of Microsoft...

That instead of using many smaller computers to do work they are using "one machine" on an internet cloud system that contains 285,000 computer processors, that's to do your math and calculations faster.

Instead of workers logging in and using their own cpu on an old machine, they will then be using the super computer which has 285,000 daisy wheeled computer cpu's to handle the workload of their logged on users.

Artificial Intelligence on computers is simple, like with Youtube Recommended Playlists or Music Software Programs.

Youtube records what you look at and then the staff have programmed in lists of other videos that other people have watched and then compares your list to the ones in their database.

Then when you watch Youtube is makes you a profile and then plays you back a playlist based on other users activity...that is all of Computer Artifical Intelligence.

In music software like for a virtual symphony program people have recorded sets of live sounds into the software sound library and then when you play the virtual instrument it automatically matches you progression to the ones recorded in their database and returns the proper sounds and progressions for what you are doing.

So in the software program you start hitting the triangle instrument and then it scans the database for your pattern and then returns a live recording of the virtual instrument in the pattern it finds in it's database to play your selected input from it's library by assembling prerecorded sounds from it's library in your progression.

So artificial intelligence in computers is just databases of prerecorded inputs that are returned based on the users selections.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Operating system would contain pre inputted samples of thngs like accounting processes, then when you log in and start doing accounting, it matches your selected input and returns prerecorded accounting process that have already been mapped to help you do your accounting.

That's all artificial intelligence is on the computer.

Like this, even though this AI model is archaic Microsoft probably never built one yet....but it is extremely simple.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Operating System is the future of the internet, although AI is only a function to make computing extremely simple.

I'm not bashing the new Microsoft Azure Operating System, I'm just saying their theory is old.

All this has already been proven.

This is what will happen in the future with Microsoft Cloud Azure, which I am sure people will want to replace Microsoft Windows with.

In the future when you buy a Microsoft Computer it will be set up as a home terminal to the Microsoft Cloud...which only means online from you.

Your one pc and cpu processor from home will then login to the Microsoft Cloud Network and then connect your home pc to Microsofts Azure Cloud Operating system...their network will then "daisy wheel" your home pc into their network and then you will access their 285,000 computer processors from your linked in home pc giving you extra computing power from the Microsoft Azure Network.

So it's like this, you computer software workload from home is then "dumped" onto the Microsoft Servers and then their Super Computer will process your home workload and return a faster result from their servers, like for Computer Graphics and Computer Animation Modelling.

When that comes out when your are doing Computer Animation you buy Microsofts Animation Software and then when you run your program at home, it logs in to the Microsoft database on it's AI system to match your home animation "work patterns".

Microsoft would then scan your work patterns through their database on Azure remotely, that's what Cloud is...remote, and return prerecorded patterns for your animation work to "artificially" finish your work faster by loading their pre recorded rendering patterns into your work artifically to save you time and processing power.

The animation program would return a "projected result" from Microsoft Azure for your project from their database to help you do your work artificially off their designs, you designs receiving a "projected outcome" would just be edited by you at home as you go to make the finished design.

For example Microsoft 3D modelling has already mapped the human body running and walking in every position in a 3D wire framework I am assuming off their projects like the movie "Toy Story".

When you create your 3D character at home, you login in to Microsoft Azure Cloud Supercomputer, then it processes your work on thier server and returns 3D wire frame patterns running and walking to animate your character artificially by  matching your work to frames in their database.

The is all of the field of Artificial Intelligence and it is super easy.

The problem is all those databases of wire frames take up tons of hard drive space, which is why they are stored remotely on Cloud Servers at Microsoft Azure.

Their daisy wheeled 285,000 computer processors scan your work when you are logged in to offer you help to complete your work and return a faster rendering by processing your work through their servers.

The result...the simple home pc then has full access to complete professional animation studios from Microsoft by backing up your computer on their processing network to do your work faster without having a large computer.

That is their new operating system Microsoft Azure.

After this you will barely even need a hard drive, all you would need is a tablet, chromebook or laptop for example with just screen and a keyboard.

The "chromebook" logs in remote to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Server and connects your device on it's 285,000 processor daisy wheel system.

Then your computer picks up that processing power, giving you access to their artificially intelligent programs in their database.

Then your hard drive would move form "at home" to "online" and your hard drive would never crash again.

Home hard drives would then just become remote cloud hard drives then all your software rendering would be saved online on your cloud hard drive and you would never lose your work because it is stored remotely.

However you might still want to back that up on home hard drives or make a CD rom or DVD rom backup at home of your files.

All your files would then just be stored on your "virtual hard drive" hosted on Microsoft Azure on their cloud and you would just buy space by the terra byte as needed, which would never crash and is a permanent backup, you would never lose your work ever again.   

Like with music, you buy at home Microsoft Azure and it comes in the start menu with the Spotify App on the windows button...when you press it you have access to al the world's music stored remotely on cloud servers.

Microsoft Azure offers the same thing for other software to help you complete and store your work remotely on cloud with their pre mapped AI work patterns and then all you would need at home for a computer is a screen and keyboard with a small hard drive for server interaction and a digital backup method like a dvd burner to save your work at home on disc if you want one.

When you log in all your files would be stored remote on Microsoft Azure with access to all music through Spotify and then Microsoft Programs on Azure would contain their AI models to help load your work at home through their processors without you having a fast computer or large hard drive.

Then you would just pay for your internet connection and then you would save money by not needing more expensive equipment because Microsoft is using their processors on Azure to support your home pc and yours would become super cheap with faster processing and no need for hard drive space.

That is the future of the internet.


CANADA: Covid Support Money

Does all this ever make you mad man....

Manitoba said they authorized $300 a month for old age pension, British Columbia said they are giving $300 a month extra to disability for the next three months...yeah BC becaue of the oil pipelines and the Indians blocking the railroad tracks.

Then Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said they are giving all seniors $500 in a one time payment, then they are saying on the internet that everyone got $400 last month lying because they didn't it was $290 , then they are saying that that was extended until September...but it looks like a joke, then you go to CRA My Account page for the government and there are no future payments listed which is what it says to look for.

Then they said they are dropping rent by 75% if landlords "sign up"...then all they gave in Nova Scotia was $50 to welfare and disability ONCE. 

Then all the government pages look like a prank and are unfinished.

Why would one Province get something over an other.

They said one the internet on the news this:

Rent decrease of 75%
Extended GST Rebates of $400 untill september - $400 a month? Or never? Nobody got that money.
Then they said $300 a month extra for old age pension.
Then they said one time payment of $500 for seniors.
Then they said $300 a month extra for welfare and disability until September and reimbursed bus pass money.

I never got any of that and the end of the month is next week.


Now you read that and it says you are getting an extra $300 a month if you are on a cheque, plus a one time $500 payment for seniors.

Then they said an extra $400 gst per month and a 75% rent decrease.

Thats....$800 a month extra on a cheque with only a 25% rent payment.

Giving you at what around an extra $1300 to $1500 per month extra until September for example.

I didn't get any of that, then are not saying anything at all on the news or intenet about it.



Wednesday, May 20, 2020

COVID: Virus Still Two Thirds Unrecovered

According to Covid Statistics the Global Recovery rate is only at two thirds cases un-recovered since the outbreak of the virus.

Something like that five million cases with just under two million recoveries and 326 thousands deaths.

In Canada during the entire duration of the virus only half of Canadians have recovered so far out of 80,000 cases and six thousands deaths.

So if you contract Covid according to statistics don't expect a fast recovery.


Boulder Dam - 1937

How to Buy a HUD Home using

HUD program changes


LINK: Symbolism In The Movie "Lords Of Chaos"

Symbolism in Lords Of Chaos:



Defeated Sanity "Propelled Into Sacrilege" - Official Track Premiere



Positive Environmental Effects From Covid

Could Covid be nature backing off humans in the environment?

Self quarantining and new regulations are creating a positive environmental change this Spring as people stay home and have more awareness of health and cleaning products.

Now is a good time to protect our forests and national parks by cleaning everything outside, picking up litter and removing beach waste. 

This will help clean our towns and cities as we are forced to stay home because of Covid, as bad as the virus is there should be a larger positive environmental change outcome as we lock down and sterialize for the virus and clean and restore national parks and forests.


Thoughts On The Grocery Store Sobeys

I live in Halifax now, well it's all Halifax, Cole Harbour, Dartmouth, that's all Halifax but they have different postal codes and stuff.

I grew up in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia about 130 miles North East of here by the Ferry Terminal to Prince Edward Island, like in a beach and cottage area will a small population but tons of tourists.

Was I was in Junior and Senior High School in New Glasgow the Sobeys main store was the Westside Sobeys by the main down town area, that's where I lived most of my life then.

Then Sobey's CEO lived right by the store and was my neighbor when I worked there, that is the main Sobeys store from the founding of their business.

Baker Drive in Halifax is the West Side New Glasgow Sobeys down here.

Like it even looks like it now, they put their store parking lot in an old park that they ploughed on the school walking route, then they let all the kids on their way to junior and senior high school walk through their parking lot on their way back and forth to school.

I walked that route for years when I was living there and going to school, then when I graduated University the staff that used to work in the West Side Sobeys assaulted me when we worked in the office together later.

Do you think they did all that on purpose?

Now that's what Baker Drive looks like, all run down and people walking through it all the time like in New Glasgow.


United States Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Steps Out As Trump Front Runner

Mitch McConnell the United States Senate Majority (republican)  Leader steps out as front runner to President Donald Trump.

Senator McConnell steps out to block government Covid aid bill saying that "they have to assess where they are right now, to determine the steps before releasing the money".

78 Year Old Senator Mitch Mcconnell Steps Out As Front Runner To Trump


Trump Says Covid Is United States Badge Of Honor

United States President Donald Trump this week in ever failing political popularity claimed that the Covid virus is a badge of honor for the work force.

They are pushing Americans to work during Covid and risk "taking a bullet" by catching the virus as a badge of honor to make money during the virus.

Meaning they are risking contracting Covid for financial success on Wall Street, calling their illness a "Badge Of Honor".

All other citizens at home agree that curing the virus first is probably the best idea.


Like This, Let's Say I'm A Big Corporate Downsizing Guy

My job would be to go into a company and downsize it. 

Everyone says this creates job loss, that may be true but it also creates work.

During a Corporate downsizing tons of people are hired to work on the contract, like doing computer work and stuff, then when they are done they have replaced what the people did with a computer program.

Then the sector is closed.

That's because no one needs to work there in that section because it is now an automated software program.

This saves the company money, then they transfer the staff to a different sector where the new work is at, like with the new computer software built during the downsizing.

My job was to design the software, like I know every part of that area of the business.

After the downsizing they run new software, then the staff have to be trained on that for their new job.

The new work that they are doing makes the company more money because the automated software makes the company run cheaper, that money is put into new ventures to create more work.

That is the goal anyway.

Companies like Sobeys can't afford to install the downsizing software, like it would bankrupt them to install it.

Like this with the government.

What we need is to downsize the government and remove the front counters of places like Access Nova Scotia, Tenancy Board, Community Services etc.

Then all those people will be fired and they can't say anything to you anymore.

Then they just make all those services online submission that has to match the rules of thier offices like on income tax submissions pages but for other services.

Then you just fill everything out at home from online, then if their if their is an error with the staff they would handle it out back and not let the town see it and then just correct the persons file and finish the online submission.

Then they don't need any of those staff and people can use the welfare office at home online instead by automatic submission. 

Then that section of the government is closed and the money can be put into something else.

Like that's the work they tried to steal from me at Sobeys.

My job designing all that with the software layouts and stuff.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Student Loan In My Lawsuit Against Access Nova Scotia

So Access Nova Scotia is the Tenancy Board, Five Star Bailiff is the receiver of the government appointment to do debt collection for the tenancy board.

That is the first appointment of a private business to do government collections.

The second and third government appointments in my case are at Nova Scotia Student Loan Halifax and National Student Loan in British Columbia.

At the same time as the fake summons I received brutal harassment from National Student Loan in British Columbia, I was told the name of this company who has the government appointment to do debt collection but can't remember.

Then I received harassment again this past January from Nova Scotia Student Loan, another private company for student loan collections.

I don't know if they are the same company or not.

So they have three government appointments to do debt collection in my case, Five Star Bailiff, National Student Loan and Nova Scotia Student Loan.

What I am doing is taking the complaint below to the Government offices for the three appointments to collect debts for the Government or Tenancy Board.

Then there where they are in charge of the issue over their contractors getting sued by me is where I am taking the complaint and suing at.

Then I need to find out if they are the same company or if they talked to each other about my files outside the government offices.

Like they all harassed me at the same time and the last time I talked to Nova Scotia Student was around when I was assaulted the second time in New Glasgow in 2012 and they refused to file my Federal Income Tax information and accused me of working under the table and not paying my loans which is illegal.

Then they all just did that together, then I am subpoenaing all three private companies in my case, the government workers at Access Nova Scotia and the Tenancy Board plus the government staff in charge of their private government appointments.

Then when they come to testify they will have to say if they knew each other in the group, if they say no then the case will focusing on proving that they did, which is what I'm saying.


Darkest Hour - Knife In The Safe Room

Polaris - Relapse (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

This Has Become A Loudmouth Platform

I get this now, they wanna have a Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government court lawsuit over my case and the illegal Sunday Shopping they passed. 

Then they are saying that no one in Nova Scotia has the financial means to fix the Sunday Shopping Law and they can't afford to take their seats in the government, the ones passing these regulations.

Then they want you to legislate against them in the Parliament saying you can't because you have no money so they're going to just keep doing it.

That is illegal.

Well, I have the money to do that and I don't even work.

So how would I stop this?

Easy, saying all that is a scam so I'm just gonna turn them in to the Government.

That makes all their rules illegal, because if they talk to you then you just turn them in to the government at all levels of Canada so you know someone read it.

Like let's pretend no one is talking, if someone starts talking and saying that...just tell them to stop interrupting and turn them in to the government because it's illegal for them to say that to you.

Like Benjamin Franklin probably said when asked "Benjamin Franklyn, how would you legsliate against these people if you have no money?"

Easy he would say, answering "you don't have to."

Making the point that you don't have to legislate because that is a just a scam on the government complaint line.

Like this with Five Star Bailiff.

If they come to your house and issue you some crazy summons making you run around town all week on the last week of Summer when everything is closed and forcing you to go back and forth like four times and refusing to take payment in an emergency and then refusing to take the the form back with the wrong information at the Access Nova Scotia desk on Baker Drive which forces you to file a counterclaim on short notice and get civil court lawyers to stop an illegal eviction with no notice in a hearing like last time with the New Glasgow Police.

You don't have to take that, why?

Why would they do all that when all you need to do is mail a letter to the tenant regarding the issue?

Easy, it's a scam.


I Just Got Back From My Morning Walk

This is the follow along with me on Blogger part, like I go for a walk and then sometimes I write about stuff that I see.

Anyway, Five Star Bailiff wasn't outside on my walk this morning between 5:00 and 7:30 AM I walk down Baker Drive, Pleasant Street and Portland Street and then circle back to my apartment.

On my walk recently they have been out three times outside in front of me like at the Baker Drive Plaza in the same spot when I am down there....this morning at 6:00 AM can you believe it? They weren't outside.

Like I almost passed out.

Right like they think they are the police or something now out there on Baker Drive is how I take it, like they are pretending to be protecting the Sobeys plaza or something.

They are totally fake, anyone could beat them in court.

I get down to Pleasant Street and they got their car still parked at Scotia Gas, now this is what I noticed.

Their cars are painted like police cars...a private collection agency.

This is my complaint, they have steel push bars on the front of their cars, why would a fucking collection agency need push bars on their cars.

Then when I was looking at that to my surprise the Military Police showed up driving by and they had a push bar on their vehicle.

Like Five Star Bailiff has Military Police style push bars on their collection agency cars, then get this...the police cars didn't have push bars on them at all.

The police seem to be out now on a "heavy patrol" like they are issuing fines for COVID health violations, so expect to see lots of police outside.

Then further up the road on my walk I saw two police cars...a regular car and a police van, like for putting people in the back when they get arrested. The police van and the car had no push bars.

I mean why would a collection agency have military style push bars on their cars? Then they think they are the police in Baker Drive looking at you when you're out walking at the plaza there.

Like this, you look at the Five Star bailiff car with the push bar on it, then like in a show right they peel the sticker off the door and it says police underneath it with the Military style push bar on it...that's what it looks like.

Right in the same neighborhood as the fake police car in the Nova Scotia mass shooting.

Now here is the scenario, are they try to say they are going to use their car with a push bar on it to knock your fences over or something in your yard with a fake court document to do "asset recovery" at your house?

That's what it looks like, they're gonna drive up to your property and push your stuff out of the way with the push bar and do repossessions.

That's illegal.

Then what are they trying to say, that they have that there in case the police need them for backup with their car with the push bar on it to back them up in an emergency?

Probably, that is also illegal. You're not allowed manufacture a police looking car with a push bar on it to try and assist the police.

They don't want your help and it is illegal.

This is what is coming from my court case, Five Star Bailiff has an appointment from the Nova Scotia government to issue "some" court documents.

They mean notices for the tenancy board for rent payment and eviction hearings. Like a sheriff issuing a subpoena for a court date only they are a private collection agency. 

Now they are saying they are using that for other services and abusing it.

Like this, they're not even there for anyone.

It is a total scam.

Why would the government have this setup and pay all that money for wages and stuff when all they have to do is use stamps and mail letters.

Like they are useless and replaced by postage stamps. What a waste of money, it is a fake government contract.

They can't say court appointment and then use it for all that other stuff, it is totally illegal.

The landlord just has to send rent reminders by mail to tenants or call them, if they don't pay they can just go to the tenancy board and file a paper that is mailed to the tenant for a court hearing about the rent....that's it.

No they have these people there, Five Star Bailiff, to intimidate you and they are wasting tax dollars from the government budget and are replaced by postage stamps and mailing letters. 

I am telling you that Five Star Bailiff is the WORST thing to ever happen to this community in Halifax where I live and they are illegal and NOT WELCOME IN THE COMMUNITY.

Here are a couple of examples:

They say asset recovery...but for who?

Rent to own stores or someone? 

They have their own people to pick that stuff up, what are they trying to say that rent to own is going to hire them saying they are private investigators to track down the rental sofa you took off with, then they are coming in the yard with a push bar on the car and fake court documents to get the stuff back?

That's what they mean, then they are using their tenancy board license for that at a collection agency.

Totally illegal.

Then they said they were "bodyguard services" like for women who break up with their boyfriends and they are going to hire them to keep their ex boyfriend away.

No...that is the Police, they are saying they are the police.

If you break up with your boyfriend and you're not getting along you call the police, then they go tell them and then issue verbal or written restraining orders to keep them away.

Why would a woman fucking pay Five Star Bailiff money to keep a guy away when it's police work and they do it for free.   

See they are illegal and now they are saying they are the police.

Then on and on and on with them.

When I was assaulted in 2008 real police officers came to my house with guns and fake police documents and illegally evicted me from my house with three days notice and forced me to leave the property.

Then when I left they started a fight with me and arrested me and held me in the local New Glasgow, NS jail with a fake police report and false documents again, then other people robbed my house when I wasn't allowed back.

Then it was all thrown out.

Then I moved to Halifax and they came back AGAIN with Five Star Bailiff with more fake court documents and tried to evict me from my apartment AGAIN with a fake hearing at the tenancy board.

Right in front of the legal aid lawyers and they threw it out.

Sobeys, whose staff took part in the first assault on me in 2008 in their office before the assault they tried to steal from me $8000 a month off my stock market degrees for them and their friends at work.

I worked for TEN YEARS to get that degree which pays like $11 Thousand Dollars per month.

Then I had all my projects finished and documented when I finished my certification hours and was about to take my Masters Degree in Science.

Then they walked in to my bedroom at home with my ex common law wife, my supervisers and them, and her friends at my office and tried to steal all my project designs from me and she was cut out of my money and then I found out the kids weren't mine.

Then they tried to take the work from me through my home and the office and use my designs for their own desk jobs and keep my pay at around $2000 a month pay, entry level for project hours.

Then they tried to steal $8000 per month pay from me for my software project designs and use it for their promotions and split it among their group of people at work for their raises and then give me nothing which included my ex common law wife's friends at my office and she was cut out of my future earning and got nothing off my $11,000 dollar per month salary...if I had of stayed in the industry.

Then they send police to my house with fake documents and loaded guns, threw me in the street by force with three days notice and then arrested me with a fake complaint then held me while people robbed my house.

That's from Sobeys because I quit my job and wouldn't give them the software designs.

Then I won my case in court and they followed me around for two years flaming me and trying to kick me out of music in Halifax with bums in the North End, who are at my ex common law wifes house in her new marriage. The same fucking people.

Then they opened a record store and it burned down with no insurance they are saying.

Now I have to deal with this Five Star bailiff shit with more fake government documents from the Nova Scotia Government at the tenancy board. 

I don't fucking think so.

After I finish my lawsuit against Sobeys and the New Glasgow Police for that I am turning the evidence from their civil court trial into Federal Prosecutors in Ottawa to try and have them indicted and they are facing life in prison when they are identified from the testimony and caught.


Monday, May 18, 2020

Polaris - HYPERMANIA [Official Music Video]

Example For My Court Case

I can tell this much but not the other details in my case against Five Star Bailiff and the Nova Scotia Government .

I'm going to challenge their government license and appointments then I'm going to view the laws around that and then argue that Five Star Bailiff is an illegal business based on the laws for their license then I am challenging the law the lets them work on a government contract leading to the assault on my from them and Sobeys.

Then I am saying that they are using their government appointment to issue fake summonses and illegal eviction hearings.

Then I am going to explain to the judge about my other case against Sobeys and tell him I don't have the witness list yet because I have to find out who they are, then I am going to find out in this case if it's any of the same people, we already know it's MMA people in the same group. 

Then like this...

This will buy time in the courts, costing the Nova Scotia Government and Five Star Bailiff millions of dollars to defend my case, they may go bankrupt.

During Covid, I'm suing the Nova Scotia Government during the shutdown to take their money from their budget for my settlement.

Then I am going to say this,..

Five Star Bailiff is MMA people, then I am going to ask is there anyone else there from MMA?

Then I am going to ask is there anyone there from MMA that is from New Glasgow?

If there is then that is my other case against Sobeys, then I am subpoenaing them to testify in the Five Star Bailiff case, then using that testimony against Sobeys.

Then...I am going to ask them if anyone they know and if Five Star Bailiff works for Sobeys on contracts, if they know people from Sobeys on the tenancy board group with Five Star Bailiff and A.P Reid then I am going to subpoena them and then I will have them testify in this case, and use that for evidence in the lawsuit against them.

Then I will take the statements of the MMA people and the other people from Sobeys if they work with Five Star Bailiff and then take a slice of that testimony to put towards then next case against Sobeys.

Anyway, this will be a good way to break my case before the Nova Scotia Judges so they can get a sample will be coming in the next case.

Then I am seeking a financial settlement, then I will appeal that to the top of the supreme court if I don't get my outcome, that's what they are facing.

Bankruptcy in legal fees and settlements, plus settlements and legal fees from the Nova Scotia Government.

Fucking get that yet fucking bastards?


Like This In My Court Case Against Five Star Bailiff

They have a government appointment at , then that is the same as the tenancy board, links below....then they belong to the tenancy board association, like A.P Reid and them...then all I have to do is find out which members of the Tenancy board association are owned by Sobeys, who are in real estate, then it is the same case as the home invasion in New Glasgow, plus same MMA when I sue them I’m finding out where Sobeys is at in the tenacy board association if they are there, them I’m suing them from this case to the other one for a fake eviction summons and home invasion. Like do you get what they are doing to me here? Then they have my ex common law wife with them who has no entitlement from me and are harassing me with her in their group looking for my money when they got nothing in our breakup because of the home are you starting to fucking get the brutal harassment i am receiving in Halifax from the fucking nova scotia government staff with fucking sobeys man, I know who you wishes in court cunts.

Copied from my Tumbler page.


They Came Out Flaming Me Again Outside

Back to my lawsuit...

So I was blogging about this, they come up to out in front of my house in this context....during covid, in front of school in a church zone, on Victoria Day weekend and I was just saying this on here, they run out doing it again.

That's what I mean, the fucking harassment around here in Halifax form these people.

Trying to say they're telling me to go fuck myself because I said I had my own share of loss over the attack and stuff and what happened at the metal concerts.

That's because I caught them, well you don't like what I said on here so far you're gonna hate the rest of it.

I won my court cases, now I'm seeking damages...I'm only going to sue your worse and make a bigger deal about it.

Then I got that fake summons from the Tenancy Board from Five Star Bailiff then their outside everyday.

I go walking like for my exercise plan around Halifax, then on the loop they are at Baker Drive, then again on Pleasant Street, then again at Lake Banook, all in my walking area...and they were out last night, then I'm getting flamed again.

I don't care what their doing, what I'm saying is their out on a Sunday evening and I'm getting flamed.

They're all staying down at the Hearthstone Inn at some hotel thing by Lake Banook at Bremar Superstore all outside like Dog the bounty hunter, pep rallying each other in the parking lot with all those stupid cars they got.

They must be getting all geared up to go out last night and do assest recovery with fake court it? Like my rent.

What's asset recovery a theft ring and grand from "the Halifax Titans MMA team" with the murderer Steve Skinner and their drug cartel..the guy that got life for murder, that's with the one form my hometown the "Pictou County Titans" that assaulted me with those band people.

You're assault on the public just being there with nothing.

Whatever, I'm going to sue the Nova Scotia Government so bad over this man you have no idea, then I'm going get their businesses license banned, then I'm gonna tie them up in court for ten years arguing their business license.

Right, like I'm gonna take my appeals to the top of Canada's Supreme Court if I don't get my outcome which I have the means to do just like I'm doing to Sobeys.

Then if it ties to the flaming case going on at the same time with Sobeys man, I'm suig them for that to.

You're all going to find out you're not what you think you are assaulting me in this city in the garbage dump called the North End.

Court, dog shit.


I had to run home right fast after I drank my pink Rockstar energy drink...on my walk, all this is on my walking route ...just like I said Five Star Bailiff were in the Exact same spot this morning again for the third time this week lugging around old dvd players and shit, looking right at you.

The even got their car parked down at the same gas station on Pleasant street so I had to run right home and put it on my snitch pages.

Listen tho man, all you guys down around Pleasant Street watch out... I think they are Sobeys secret fake town sheriffs running around collecting assets with a fake government contract, like this man...they did this to me last time....

They're down there on Pleasant Street with the car parked outside trying to piss people off and then watching the car at the garage, then they're going to see if someone tampers with their car, then if they do they're going to jump out and press charges with fake court papers from the Halifax Police.

That's what they did to me in New Glasgow, Sobeys and them band don't fall for that down there, in the area where the groups homes are at, then they're watching everyone and saying they are private investigators on their webpage doing body guard services and debt collection.

So if I was Sobeys like when they assaulted me last time and now I'm getting flamed again and bums downtown trying to look at you...they're gonna set the car up as bait and then try and piss you off and see if tamper with their car on Pleasant street, then they'll press charges with fake court documents from the Halifax Police lying about you and making false police statements , that's what happened to me last time so don't fall for that.

Anyway, that's a talking out of my ass theory...maybe I'll bring back the Valley Girl Mystery Solvers on here and give them the case, maybe I'll make a full book out of it. 

Suck dick, suck dick bad.


I got what they're saying man...Five Star Bailiff is totally illegal, like I have them crushed in court it is so pathetic.

They are saying they are doing asset recovery and then showing up at peoples house and giving them fake court documents to try and get people's money back from loans and stuff.

Like they tried to collect on my debt that wasn't due by forcing me into a court hearing for rental eviction with fake documents for $454.

Totally illegal, if they come to your house man don't give them nothing and call the police, this is a huge scam over in the UK they are complaining about.

When I get them in court they are going to be totally finished.



Sunday, May 17, 2020

CANADA: Trudeau Says Not All Canadians Need Universal Coverage

Fifty Canadian Senators are bringing forward the $2000 a month universal basic assistance coverage package.

Trudeau says that not all Canadians need the money so it's not universal...fucking duh, but what's the cutoff?

Like millionaires don't need it, they are the exception.

I mean come off it, just take the Canada Family Allowance cheque for children, after the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1919 just after World War One which killed probably more people than the actual war or something, they introduced the first credit system to recover from the war and the Spanish Flu.

The creation of the first credit system that came out with the first National US Dollar, the one used today, and their credit loans caused the economic boom of the 1920's.

However, according to research regular citizens didn't pay the loans back which were uninsured or something and the banks never got their money back and the stock market crashed causing the great depression in the 1930's.

Then this led to World War Two in the 1940's.

Somewhere in there they passed the Federal Income tax and then they made the Family Allowance Cheque to help citizens recover from all that for their kids money.

Now today we have inflation and a new pandemic, the same conditions of the 1920's and 1930's today, now it's climate change at the turn of this century...viruses getting released by nature and stuff forcing everyone to stay in the house.

When I went to St.FX they told me $150 thousand dollars a year for my degree and when I got out of school and finished my credit hours they didn't have the work in business and they were triple job sharing my position for $50 thousand each then they tried to rob me of my work and I left the industry.

Like that, I mean what a waste of there is no good work in project management for full wages, the degree today means you're CEO of your own business.

Like you're better off taking that $150 thousand dollar a year degree and selling cd's and t-shirts, it's less work and easier money that information technology and you can run the whole business by yourself.

That's what I'm doing and I don't work right now, like I'm trying to get going.

Like all this money is supposed to be there but it isn't, companies can't afford it to have the positions.

I tell you, I worked running a record store...awesome job that doesn't pay well and great experience, then I worked in technology with my degree and made decent money for a few years for my credit hours...after that...nothing. 

After my credit hours were done for my certification, nothing there...I mean nobody's working with my degree for $20 an hour in Halifax or Toronto.

Then I had to leave and stay home.

I'm telling you after having done all that $2000 a month is the minimum you need right now to have all your stuff covered, and to be independent like if you are single on a cheque.

Like this, then single women don't have to be stuck with some guy for money...stuff like that, because they can't leave.

I mean in Canada that gives you a basic house or apartment, food, cable and a car...come off it. 

Other people all have $200 thousand dollar condos from running their own stores and stuff like up in Ontario and prices are through the roof.

Like just because Ontario has higher wages and people have condos and stuff, then they're not apportioning their living amount with taxes and stuff  to give the rest of us our financial supplement.

That's triple basic assistance to start.

If they have all those jobs in Ontario and can afford condos and stuff everyone else needs triple basic assistance.

That's why we need the basic universal amount of $2000 per month per person for basic assistance unless you make too much money duh.

I mean it's the same thing as the 1930's, they had to issue the family allowance cheque to get out of the great depression.

Today, the family allowance has been cancelled out and people are living off their kids money.

Now we need a new basic coverage cheque to get our regular money back and put the wealth back in the family allowance.

I mean you should not have to have kids just to get extra money in Canada, like the family allowance.

Then if you are like me they belonged to some other guy and you had to get out of there.

The new cheque the universal amount, not for everyone because some people don't need it, will allow the family allowance money to go back to childrens benefits then everyone else will have their own cheque.

The whole Country lives in Ontario and Alberta where the work is, not me I like living out here in Atlantic Canada writing and playing music and shit.

All those people who got all that work and extra money, then I didn't because my degree wasn't hired properly in business which is probably also illegal, they are supposed to pay our wages.

Raise their taxes or something and give us our $2000 a month so we can sit around here in Nova Scotia since there is no work.

The economy and tax money needs to be more evenly distributed, now under new conditions we need a new government basic assistance cheque because the amount is $2000 a month now to properly get by on.

This will eliminate almost every problem facing poor people today. 

Then if they don't work or are illiterate or something  they can just stay home and play xbox or use the internet and stay out of the way of these working people.

Plus the money will clean up the downtown because they will move out of the slums with the money.

That money alone will clean up the poor areas.

Universal coverage does not mean people that don't need it. Like the ones living in $200 thousand dollar condos.

I mean come off it...pandemic, no work, no Canada Food Guide coverage, no credit, no cars, no houses.

The people saying all that have like $200 thousand dollar condos in Ontario they are saying, then they want us to live off $20, yeah I don't think so.

Anyway if this continues those condos won't be around too much longer.

We need to transfer the family allowance cheque back to children's benefits and issue a new one for all adults. 

Like this...then no one will care, then like in the 1930's you won't need a grade 12 because you can just take the $2000 cheque then everyone can drop out of school again since it doesn't mean anything because there's no work.

That will take the pressure off the school and make smaller classes, then the education can be more focused on students who want to be there to take the pressure off the teachers and education system, everyone else can just drop out at sixteen again and take the cheque money.

Like my group for example...heavy metal fans I mean, we can just all drop out at sixteen and take the cheque money and play video games and use the internet and stuff then just waste it on band stuff like guitars and drums and shit, and video games.

Then all the other kids they can get a grade twelve, a go get their condo in Ontario when they get a job.

Not me, I'm dropping out anyway and going to the beach to take up surfing with my cheque money when I get it.

Then they gotta wipe all those Canada student loan debts because they can never be repaid because that all failed, then hand out $2000 a month for everyone who quit or dropped out. 

Then everyone else can go work and study, this is gonna save money and clean up the schools and downtown, like after the 1940's period. 

Then only students who want to work will be in high school and people in the slums will use the money to move to a better area and situation.

Come off in Canada, where's our new supplement cheque, triple basic assistance to start like that's like your work or regular cheque money plus $1200 a month, then that's for your basic furniture and kitchen table stuff and shit. 

Then we'll all just drop out and do that and leave the work and school for all the other kids who are actually going to use it. 

Like this, equifax and all that stuff, family allowance, student loans and all that failed. 

Now it's time to wipe the record, issue more money and start over like after the 1940's and then the money will help us avoid a depression like scenario and we can just wipe it and fix it by starting over with new money.

We'll be way better off to scrap it and start over now then dealing with all that stuff they faced with the first credit and tax system that failed like in the 1930's.