Saturday, April 13, 2024

RE: Unofficial Bat Boy Positions During MLB Games

I get tired of Double Header MLB Games like Yankees / Guardians where they get some bat boy from some clinic who thinks he's some maverick.

Now the Guardians got no Bat Boy for the away swimming pool team for Bo and Josh Naylor their team didn't have pool bat boys because they are off the team print, why would Josh Naylor NOT get his away bat boy on the local kids swim team because of some health care workers patient had to be there ruining the game for me.

I hope that all the other kids had fun swimming you can tell Josh Naylor when his guy wasn't there.

Now the transgender girl who is ALONE at some park party gets boys and girls to pick from because they are both boys or girls, now the Yankees have a short hair policy.

So why does some MAN get to sit as bat boy in front the of transgender girl, long hair and the Yankees Baseball uniform is the same thing to her, No they had to get some man in it instead with long hair at her birthday party or something.

Girls like that don't like the other transgender there at all, because it's ripping them off.

What a rip off.


Friday, April 12, 2024

RE: Television People's Special ID Cards

Now if you have to get a cheque the welfare worker wants your video taken off MTV so no one knows who your are.

Like when you cover for television for the government with special status and an altered name and birthdate.

Now the welfare worker wants you to pretend that's real for her.


Next life fucking bastard, didn't you see the fucking songs we made said we are on MTV?

Now fuck off.


RE: Cody Rhodes New WWE Champion

Glad to see Dusty left his title for his youngest son of his teenage wife just before his Cody gets the belt on the first day and inherits this big company from Dusty, good for him.


Cody Rhodes kicks off Raw as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Raw high...

The Donnas: Hook It Up

RE: Now There's No Yankees Games Tonight

Holy fuck man, what are you people good for.

You got no special Friday Night Movie on you fucking one button convertor box or what?



RE: Public Domain Metallica Releases, Can't Tell Who's Singing On Blitzkrieg

Now on Metallica - ..No Life 'Til Leather you can't tell if it's Blitzkrieg or Metallica.

That's what I mean, here come the public domain demos...nothing can't tell Metallica Demos from NWOBHM albums.

Then in other videos it's released as Headbangers Ball but it's a different show but still the same show, Slayer said they would be the first band on that Open Source on Community Audio on

Now the tapes are coming out and no notes, so you have to go by the video to make the page now with no help.


Diary Update - April 12, 2024

You get on the internet working and it's a shittiest place they ever made....

I mean if the internet had no email it might be better, or if you could turn off features like Hd and email options...garbage.

Like I meant before and on a different page to my better readers, you invest in a page like then years later your stuff appears on it public domain and then you have to make your own page like mine what kind of a service is that.

Now artists have to make their own band page, garbage.

Then I have to change my pages so I left social media and bought .

Like you think Renee Estevez or Lori Singer can't make a blue screen video for a band without some company there. 

With all their back catalog going on , I mean what's the point of your fucking wages?


Carcass - 316L Grade Surgical Steel

Fuck... I'm Dead - Live at the Arthouse (2006) FULL DVD (Grindcore)

Blood Duster - Cunt (2001) Full album

The Donnas - Who Invited You (Official Video)

Tankard - Hard Rock Dinosaur ( You Gotta Tell Me Where It's At)

DEATH ANGEL - Voracious Souls

DEATH ANGEL - The Dream Calls For Blood (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Slayer - World Painted Blood

Slayer - Bloodline

Slayer - Killing Fields (Live Intrusion, 1995) Multi Camera

Kerry King - Residue (Slayer)

Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Donnas - Are You Gonna Move It for Me

The Donnas - Hot Boxin'

The Donnas - Checkin' It Out

INTERNET: "Wix" Pages Now Closed Social Media Pages

See, now Twitter changed so all the banned people come back and now you find out places like pages customers are social media networks.

Like network in their ads.

Then you can't use their templates because over long term social media site usage at the host company closes your template before you can see your business run on it long term.

I mean...

Why would you hire some fucker when you can just make you own webpage and fire them.


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

RE: Nova Scotia Pregnancy Medical Benefits

Are people flaming medical now or what?

In Nov Scotia women get a year off work and then they get "mother's allowance" or whatever they call it today.

People asked me about this, one thing is a background like mine the wife's share for her private medical runs a whole pregnancy medical clinic is some places.

Then when I was married with a better job and education, my "girlfriend' got to leave work after ninety days and then go on bedrest for six months...then you can do anything you want, but the point is it's more down time and then another year off for maternity leave.

Then she got a new cheque for that right away and then I worked, then she was home like seven out of ten years, so yes people say being pregnant is enough money to run a business but you don't get it all at once.

You can do things in many cases like stay home early, plus have extra money in the home...that's like two years off paid leave plus a monthly cheque per kid, but I mean the time it takes the women is in bed most the time etc., not running around time

People tell me that it's hard to get that coverage, but I mean it's pretty basic in a better off home from working around clinics and financial planning etc.