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RE:MLB All Star Game -YANKEES Look To Take Offers On Star Players (?)

The best move for the New York Yankees right now is to take offers on their big stars like German, Stanton and Torres...

For example Torres to a team like St. Louis would be a huge deal right now, look for New York to take offers on big star players to acquire new talent by selling Domingo Herman's Perfect Game up on the trade block at the All Star Game.

Watch while Arron Judge sits out with his new big contract as the Yankees look to sell their big players for new talent off the success of German, Stanton and Torres.


Yankees vs. A's Game Highlights (6/28/23) | MLB Highlights - NYY Perfect Game Domingo Herman

MLB: Yankees Perfect Game / MLB All Star Vote & Trade Deadline

You can see it happening right now heading into the All Star Game...

Yankees News:


-Aaron Judge taking some days off, probably won't play in All Star Game.

Prediction: Aaron Judge to take DH Position as Yankees Team Captain.

-Domingo German PERFECT GAME! 


Now heading into the All Star Vote Yankees throw perfect game!



Expect players like Domingo Herman (Perfect Game!), Torres and Stanton to look to be traded...

Aaron Hicks sent to Baltimore! 

After this look for several current Yankee stars to like German, Stanton and Torres to play through All Star Week and after that heading to the Trade Deadline.

If your Yankees like German, Torres and Stanton you'll be throwing your weight around to lock in a new deal for their next team if they leave New York...

Yankees will be wanting a big trade for players like German after the Perfect Game!

Watch MLB All Star Week as Aaron Judge takes the Team Captain role, I predict as Yankees full time DH at some point, and other Yankees like Domingo Herman look for a new deal by the trade deadline as they show their skills during All Star Week.

Don't worry about them contracts, under current MLB conditions emergency arbitration can be issued if teams want to buy big players like German, Torres and Stanton through the All Star Showcase.

Now New York Yankees will get a huge deal back if other teams trade for these players and they decide to go to their next team and not stay in New York.

Predictions: IFK to Volpe - "I own short position in New York!"

He means, from Volpe's camp during All Star Week...

Yankees Shortstop....either IKF or Volpe who might be moving positions??????

When Aaron Judge decides to come back, look for him to DH as he rehabs his toe ligament.


Domingo German reacts to throwing 4th perfect game in Yankees history | ...

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Aaron Judge Latest on Toe Injury Timetable - WIll Aaron Judge Take DH Position????

Review of Day 1 of 2023 MLB Draft Combine! | 6/20/2023

Domingo German throws the 24th perfect game in history [HIGHLIGHTS] | ML...

AL All-Star Voting Leaders

PERFECT GAME ‼️ Domingo German completes 24th perfect game in MLB histor...

Metal Church - Highway Star

Kataklysm - Courage Through Hope

Altar - Cleaning Day

Witchery - The Reaper

The Haunted - Hate Song (Official Audio)

Cavalera - Morbid Visions (Re-Recorded)

Plasmatics - Rock ' n Roll

Wendy O. Williams - Bump 'n' Grind (Live In London, 1985)

KISS - Rock and Roll Over Demos

The Donnas - Speedin' Back To My Baby - Kiss

The Donnas - Strutter - Music Video From Movie

Bathory - The Golden Walls of Heaven

Venom - Megalomania

Exodus - Impact Is Imminent (Reissued 2008)

Triptykon / Procreation (Of The Wicked) (Celtic Frost) @ReleaseAthensFes...

Celtic Frost/Triptykon - Hell's Heroes V (03/25/2023) 4K

Triptykon | Morbid Tales | 27.06.2023 | Athens

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down

Accept - Balls to the Wall

K-tel Records "Masters of Metal" commercial

Metal Church - Beyond The Black & Metal Church - Asbury Park, NJ 6/25/2023

Tankard - Hard Rock Dinosaur

Voivod - Ripping Headaches (Official Video)

CAVALERA - "Bestial Devastation" Re-Recorded (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

VENOM - The Chanting of the Priests (Live) (2019 - Remaster)

Venom Megalomania Black Sabbath Cover

D.R.I Dirty Rotten Imbeciles 40 yr anniversary show live full set in Ogd...

D.R.I. - Syringes in the Sandbox - Full Speed Ahead -

Mayhem - Carnage (ft. Dead)

Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards - Emperial Live Ceremony

1968 Adventures of Batman Opening/Closing Credits

RE: Bat-Man Golden Age Comics, Marvel Comics Etc., Bat-Man's Gun

With all this stuff coming out this is why I gotta back off these Optimus Prime characters, to get the money coming from new Bat-Man versions...

It's not my fault if Megatron and Cobra use that to their advantage in the comic multiverse in other stories.

Bat-Man's gun, what it says in the story is that BEFORE he had the Batmobile he had a red car and used to carry a gun in the actual comic...the Batmobile being his second car. 


The Rise and Fall of Batman in the Golden Age of Comics

5 Times Batman Has Used A Gun

Bathory - Sacrifice

RE: Venom Inc. Huge Concert, Wall Street Stuff Going On

With all this Wall Street stuff going on on my page hack at wayback machine, Venom Inc., got this new huge concert out.

Now it sound's just like the Official "Venom - Black Metal" CD from 1982 live on stage today.

Now when I listen to the Venom CD "Black Metal" I can't tell who singing on it because it's all in the same key and they both sound like the same guy on the sound correction.


Venom Inc. - Hellfest 2023 - ARTE Concert

The Donnas "Speedin' Back To My Baby" Ace Frehley cover

The Donnas - Take Me To The Backseat

Sunday, June 25, 2023

SCAM ALERT: Halifax - Watch Out For "Illegal Re-Direct People"

Like this one one wayback machine, this could be a common scam anywhere.

It's "illegal re-direct people"...

People trying to re-direct you in a scam to take you off your in my court case then they rob your house and steal your webpage.

That could be anyone, professionals like civil employees or people posing as "powers of authority" trying to take you off your normal routine and then re-direct you in scam.

After that you could be robbed, murdered or kidnapped.

Combine that with the crazy stuff outside like the Ottawa truck attack, where they bull horned the city for days in the middle of winter etc., plus now it's home made motorcycle people with super loud old engines making noise violations.

Now, it's "illegal re-direct people".


RE: Wayback Machine / Illegal Redirect Hack Pages / My Old Hijacjacked Page

Wayback Machine is working slightly better today, now I can update to the 2012 section from my current live page, now I am waiting for the directories to come up on the live index.

My old page that was hijacked and never returned from the domain host, ex band members and .ca registry in Canada after multiple complaints is now hacked with illegal redirects on way back machine.

The page was stolen in 2008 after a home invasion at my house, then on way back machine they still have my mp3 files posted on various pages you can hear in the offline archive.

Under 2007 a year before the page was stolen they have it linked to the current page at a web host business.











It's right on the archive and their old page, they have the link redirected from 2007 on the archve to the live page today back dated.

Then the 2008 screen shot has no mp3 link.


This is the site that was never returned.

They have the old mp3 link directly posted at the web host business from the 2007 archive before that page was still and are still using the link today.

On headbanghere,net the 2012 calendar link page for archived still has my bookmark page October 2012 deleted.

That's from my lawsuit, when the courts get back opened I'm insured anyway...just like my SAP server they tried to steal at the same time in 2008. 

UDATED, Remember I WON MY CASE, this was never resolved because the courts refused to take the issue and I didn't sue in Civil Court yet because of the money to subpoena all the witnesses.

On wayback machine for example you go to an old music pages and it links to

So must own hmv.

Now they are attacking my new pages like and redirecting them to other pages in the archive like and then on the front the archive it's current to my live page.

Then on the 2012 wayback machine archive page the calendar index page on the screen capture was replaced with a fake page like LIVE while I was working on it this month creating back links for ads and this was all over the news at the same time in Forbes Magazine.

MY POINT: I have to get my case to court over the insurance claim on my SAP Server then issues like this still have to be resolved, later the company where I worked had multiple SAP failures AFTER this in the news and then lost the "Empire Theaters" movie theater chain to Cineplex, now all Imax Canada are now Cineplex.

That was also a part of my old job after CD Plus, then my SAP Server also ran what today is Cineplex in Canada after I left over this case. 

REMINDER: No Statute Of Limitations On This Case I Have Against This.


Thursday, June 22, 2023

EXAMPLE: Wayback Machine Hack, Forbes Article, On Roadrunner Records /

Here is the same example of the hack on my page at / .

When you look at the archive in the wayback machine you see Roadrunner Records has a massive band / article archive.


If the company changes web servers then they can use that to restore their pages.



The url directly updates LIVE on the dns registry from the archive to , Roadrunner Records OWNS BOTH PAGES.


Let's say I see that and then say, "wow, there's a big metal magazine archive, I think I'll buy the name .

The I pay for the name and it transfers ownership to myself.

I put that on my web host and then all the back pages on the archive now belong to me and update to my page.

After that I can do anything I want with it.

I mean...I take down any personalized content and then make the back links generic to differentiate the page owners so I don't change the articles.

That's worth LESS MONEY.

Then I just make it a generic metal magazine page archive and close the page, after that I update the font of the page with my new content and then run ads on the old pages for my new site I just made.

On the wayback machine hack, when I did that someone went in and watched me update my pages on the my private web host at my sites ip address and connected it to the redirect from the archive and then TOOK DOWN THE archive and then they blocked my new site from the web redirects, on the business I just bought, and then manually redirected it to their third party page.

Only someone inside that archive page could have done that working there and watched my updated my page and views my private servers on both ends, then broke the auto update for the redirect and put's theirs on instead under their own name and url.

I mean, that's all the money for buying the page so I am adding this to my lawsuit with my SAP case which is insured anyway.

So you buy the business and move the page and somebody steals your company, then redirects for my new web ads on the back for my new front on the page.

Whoever did that got instant prison.

I mean, that's EVERY PAGE ON THE INTERNET they did it too.

The lawsuit against you this morning must be unprecedented.

That page is the whole point of the internet, then instead of a new ad company you get illegal spam, threats and garbage redirects to other pages on your own sites private ip address and web folders.

So they are doing that on manual watching you build your page on the web folders at the wayback machine and the same thing also happened on all social media pages.

Not only that, my page was a blogger page with a url attached and they ruined the blogger restore and update and replaced it with hate pages and redirects to outside products off your company.

I mean, now I'll just get richer off selling this story...I mean, you gotta be low or what to be one of them people.


I mean, just by my new page launching when this happened to me and old page like must also be hacked.

Then they are redirecting Sony / Universal to outside pages and any music they put up on them to sell cds off Warner at  at the hacked redirected page are open bootlegs under their own name an ip address.

Garbage, man...see how bad it is working in New York on Wall Street doing ad campaigns with these low lever "programmer people" at the bottom of the computer industry stealing from corporate pages at Wall Street and putting them on bootleg pages at the bottom of society with no money on it.

Costing major labels and large companies millions of dollars a day or more on lost ad pages, redirected to illegal third party pages and bootleg products listed under Sony, Warner and Universal web traffic.

The thing that make me mad the most about this web attack is the dns registration hack that redirected your companies web traffic to third party bootleggers.  

I mean, that's my number one defendant when I sue them LATER, I mean right now I'm just adding it to my list of Civil Court lawsuit claims and suing later.

If you call them and complain the hacking the page guy is just going to lie on the phone and start flaming you.

That's the guy I'm suing.

Down the road I mean because that case isn't leaving ever in my court cases until these people doing this to our business from technology are gone permanently.

Plus that's where the spam is coming from, and now it's listed under their own name and store on a third party page.

I mean, where are they going to go? We all still have to share the same outside together and everyone working around the archive will know who they are right in public and tell everyone.

I expect massive lawsuits against them from companies in New York and on Wall Street who lost all their web ads redirects from their companies archive pages.

You make me sick.


LINK: News Story From Below Post From Threes Weeks Ago From Forbes Magazine

Here is the link / picture of the news story on google saying the way back machine was down.

Yeah on the bank page, Forbes, for stealing people web traffic re-directs on their own dns registred live urls.



ALERT!: Scam On Internet Wayback Machine, People Live On Page Deleting & Replacing Your Archive Pages

There is a huge scam on the internet way back machine archive page, you wait until I sue you for this and add it to my court case.

The page backup restore is OPENLY HACKED at their website and  people are on there watching you make your page and deleting your redirects to your live url and moving them to a third party page.

Then they have pasted over the archive index with old pages and posted new hate page posts and wrote on top of the archived page live while you're working on it.

They replaced it with redirects on the same url and put up words like "in mourning" and "maybe you should have"...

Brand new posts on your old archived page.

So when you archive your page, and then move it to a new url and try to restore your links there is someone on the page replacing your page and then pasting it over on your live url to the restore.

Imagine you bought a url from the archive and tried to restore the page.

While you are rebuilding the links the page went down and this was live in the news when it happened.

When the page came back up they pasted over a section and TOOK DOWN the archive pages and deleted them are replaced them with hate pages in the wrong color on the capture page.

Now all the links you bought from the archive are broken and they stole all your ad work for page restoration sites.


So how when you register a page on the dns do they have it linked to TWO DIFFERENT PAGES on the url dns redirect.

Then they spammed it with fake advertisements and threat pages.




On the way back machine they are cutting the web traffic on your url and then live moving it to a third site so they must be WATCHING YOU WORK LIVE AND DOING IT MANUAL.

Then the book mark I was using they deleted the date OCTOBER 20 week 2012 was blanked the page and put it back up with a fake url with the old page blacked out.



Then they tried to cover all this up in news articles saying the page was down, when it came back up this was on it



If you buy (tens of thousands of dollars maybe) a url on the wayback machine archive it's your new live page PLUS all old pages on the archive on way back machine, then it's supposed to be automated and they are changing manual.



Those are all my page restore links and only link to the live page now!

Now when I back the page up for the date 2012, the folder on the archive page that says 2012 won't updated to my live page to say "ACTIVE" and they put someone else's URL on part of the site right on the dns registry.

So you back up your page

Then your "hit restore" a manual process and someone else is on it with their links on MY DNS REGISTRY PAGE!

How you doing that??????


You wait until I get you in court.


Wrong colors on replaced page with old page "2012" deleted and blanked from blogger site.





2013 SHOT:
















My updated October 2012 Live DNS registry page:

This is the link for my blog archives on my site to that I use for my archive pages for the current web links, band list and album list.

That is the web traffic they stole from my retail promotion / record label promotion Forward Regression Records .


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Dark Nights: Death Metal - Full Soundtrack | DC

ECONOMY: New Report Says Employers No Longer Catering To Applicants

Just a short post on an article I read...

First, reminder....In Halifax last year we were hit by the biggest storm to ever hit Canada, this is the first summer since then...the Cyclone from last year.

Power lines are still falling down!

I don't know, maybe they didn't fall down yet, many places are still rampant with service outages...again they are saying static on the power lines causing high end device and communication device outage.

What that means is many people here only have partial service at home for many household routines etc., and work is slowing down fast as well as new home purchasing.

In an new article I read it said that the trend of desperate employers trying to hire new staff is over.

I was also affected by this.

After University the Technology Industry didn't have the money and work for my degree and I had to start over doing a digital page for a future retail store / promotion.

The other jobs were lower jobs like Call Center jobs for higher pay for basic education.

These jobs are vanishing.

My complaint back then about those jobs was in the future, that's today, the staff would not have long term income to afford loans and home ownership.

Now no one is hiring and it's lower wage jobs, those people won't be able to afford new loans or pay on mortgages etc., as the new jobs are harder to get, don't pay as much and not computer / office oriented.

Combine that with the cyclone in Atlantic Canada and it's a pretty bad work outage looming here...

With tourism still massive even during the outage.

Bigger city areas like in Ontario and New York etc., may still have these jobs but new market studies and press releases have stated that there is no longer a "mad rush" on hiring because the technology section just wasn't there.

Now it's back to regular work and lower wages, so expect that to hit bigger cities outside of Atlantic Canada in the near future.


🐉 Unboxing , Overview & Review of D&D Spellbook cards Xanather's Guide t...

D&D Creature & NPC Cards Unboxing

D&D Spellbook Cards Magic Items Cards

Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Cards Cleric

🐉 Unboxing , Overview & Review of D&D Spellbook cards Ranger for Dungeon...

Obituary Milwaukee Metal Fest 5/27/23

Suicidal Tendencies Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023 You Can't Bring Me Down

Corporate Death of Macabre interview for Son of Sam’s birthday at Milwau...

Deeds of Flesh - Carnivorous Ways | Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023

DEFEATED SANITY @ Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023

VIO-LENCE “Eternal Nightmare / Serial Killer @ Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023

MISERY INDEX “Manufacturing Greed” @ Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023

Weezer - Beverly Hills

Bathory - Woman of Dark Desires

CBS News - 1975: A Television Album - WNAC Channel 7 (Complete Broadcast...

Immortalis - Countess Bathory (Venom cover)

D.R.I. - Syringes in the Sandbox - Full Speed Ahead -

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The Donnas (Live) - 3/4/03

The Difference Between Real Promotions & Internet Promotions

In real life you promote stuff and sell at your table etc and then everything's just normal.

Now you get these other ones with this big crowd hanging off them and all the bums there and now it just looks it was to lure people.

I mean this is the joke, I don't play there because they suck...

Then people think it's the real promotion when it's like 30 years later, now they have all these scams there and it looks only like it's to lure people in for assault.

Now Rob Zombie goes on their laughing making jokes about being assaulted like the women in these recent cases and making music videos with monsters with semen shooting out of their penises.

You're not allowed having that on there, now all the talk is sarcasm about assault.

What I am watching on there anyway?

Now they all got his big joke on there people who worked around it and your careers are over.

No one cares about men farting who can't get a girlfriend. 

All you got is this stage with some old crowd around it, other people don't need a fake crowd around them to promote and try to meet women.

Then all the women didn't know it was a scam, wait until they find that out.

Maybe you just set all that up because you can't get a date.

Then people like me and you don't "jive" because I don't need that to have money, promote or meet women.

By the way didn't your print contract on your 1% band off the television version run out yet on all acts combined or what?


Edit, this was my problem the whole time...every time they start playing they quit and run some scam before the store can promote it, last time it was Foo Fighters this time Rob Zombie, now it's all replaced by assault jokes in the same act as real assaults.

I really can't wait until you're all finally closed on the print contract you're lying about.

I mean how the television version has the whole act and then they just loan out a piece to you for the small act, 1% of the real content across all acts now is what it looks like.

Fucking carnival acts. 

By the way other people really didn't need you to keep playing.

Edit Edit, Now all I can think about is when "Kevin Smith" said he had sex addiction during that assault thing at Weinstein Company where he went to jail, then it said he had a heart that none of them can get laid and they were just making all that up.

Hahaha, can you imagine? If they were all on there pretending to have girlfriends in a scam and only one or two went to jail, then they lured all these people down there and it was some assault scam, remember how this happened at my house too yet or what when I was assaulted in a home invasion in the same crowd and won the case? (still didn't need you to put my "CD" out got it scam), then none of them got a girlfriend from it but had a heart attack from getting caught in a scam.

That's probably what it is, people pretending to meet girls in a scam on some Clerks print character.  

I doubt you really had a girlfriend during all that now probably most actors and music people, I mean look at how all their jobs ended on recent youtube lists.


Donal Duck: Three for Breakfast 1948

RE: Dungeons & Dragons - Lack Of Game Coverage

So you get the big Dungeons & Dragons movie, that's something else...

Then on the actual game everyone I know like from the smart class at regular houses no one has tattoos and just a normal life and most are religious.

They know everything about Dungeons & Dragons.

Yeah, but not on the internet.

I mean I make my Dungeons & Dragons page for people who actually play the game and want to know what's in the books.

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is their biggest seller, on the internet no one knows how to play it.

I mean all the video's are just Hasbro press reviews and most suck.

I mean the value of Youtube because of the lack of real content must be extremely low.

Then just remember it's just ad money anyway.

Now when I see television content on the internet or even sports it looks like it's garbage and just made at the bottom for advertising pages.

I mean at least you can see the baseball gloves and bats on the game to know what to buy at the sports shop, I mean what? Is that all it's good for now?

Then on Dungeons & Dragons no one makes videos of them actually playing the game.

Then it's all just ridicule content of Hasbro press and everyone is covered in tattoos in all venues.

What a joke, I mean every girl in the gifted class I know plays the actual game Dungeons & Dragons then on internet videos no one make videos of them playing the game.

For example, take the board game Monopoly...

That sells fine by itself and no one makes videos of how to play the game on the internet.

I mean the same in Dungeons & Dragons, what kind of pages are those when there's no game content.

Everyone just reviews Hasbro press with no game content, I mean you can't even prove you know how to play it.

The kids go on there looking for how to play the game and it's some tattoo guy flaming everyone using Hasbro press with no game content and it's not an appropriate venue for children to learn what Dungeons & Dragons is and learn how to play the game.

Total garbage.

The value of the internet must be next to nothing with the rest of the money being ad revenue for product sales.


RE: "Heavy Metal Festival" Live Stream Numbers

I watched some of that this year...all you get is 10,000 viewers...

Why do they set all that up on there when only ten thousand people watch it, what sucks so bad now?

Then the rest is just "video rips" on youtube.  

Not television content.

I mean....that library book reference section is looking pretty exciting these days.


RE: 2023 Entertainment Nose Dive

2023 has got to be the worst year for "televised entertainment" I just about went back to books and forgot about it.

There is nothing on there on one service, even on Dungeons & Dragons I mean...

You get all this hype and then no draw.

I mean they list all these books coming out then there are no videos of people actually playing the game, I mean Dungeons & Dragons the game makes books and it's playable....then it's expanded into so many books you can't read it and no one covers any of it.

Now I don't even know why I watch Youtube.

Reminder, Youtube is NOT television...

All the music on there is just "television rips", none of those bands are on television.

Like you sit here and watch the internet and there's no content on it, I mean what do they have working on there the final bottom of the barrel.

I'm saying those bands and stuff are never featured on television and have no sale at videos sold for tv.

Years in the future the only bands you remember were the ones on television that appear on Entertainment show re-runs and sold at Wal-Mart.

No one will ever see all these other bands, what a lack of entertainment this summer.

No bands on the internet have television prints to be sold on tv, most of them, it's all just internet rips.

I mean how far are you going to get on the internet when it all sucks and youtube is just video rips from tv and copies.


You talk about hitting the bottom of a dead category this year, I don't know who's paying for it...all tatoo's and no content.

I mean bands never stop touring in metal, hahahaha, what a joke...I mean you get sick of that and it's not worth anything.

The same thing over and over, why don't you do something different?

Just remember you're not television bands or people with no tatoos that have a regular life, I don't know what the market is.

You'll never make it on tv, all bands and crap today are just television rips...everyone else must have left for their library books or something.

I mean if I go looking for a wife when I get rich it's not down there...what a bunch of crap on there now.

PS. You'll never be television, Youtube rips and bands off tv. 

I mean yeah I do that to, play in a band on the internet, but don't expect much...there must be no audience on there at all.

Now it's all just video rips, youtube and that and tattoo shop content...garbage bad.


RE: Tatoos

What does every person signed to a television contract have sleeve tattoos now or what? Hahahhaa.

You're going to all be banned from television, I mean what is this a protest to dating or what?

I mean it's so bad, all you see is people at the tatoo shop rubbing and rolling around on each other rubbing their tattoos together.

What a waste of money making all that with them on it, I mean you must be fucking flat broke wearing all that.

By the way girls still hate tatoos, I mean then the women must be covered in them with them.

What a joke, that's the grossest thing anyone's ever heard of...what are you in love with the tatoo shop guy or what?

Get a life, what kind of woman would date that.

I have a regular life, like I'm blonde and tan with no tattos for the beach and stuff and work, gross so bad.


RE: MLB 2023 Season, Garbage

This 2023 season of MLB Baseball is garbage, what a joke I hope you're all fired.

All pricks with tatoos and wins in one division in the AL East, you're not worth one cent.

You think that band members in music can't get a girlfriend, you should see and your stupid tattoo.


Friday, June 16, 2023

The Donnas - Living After Midnight (Judas Priest)

1349 - Hellfest 2023 - ARTE Concert

Papa Roach - Hellfest 2023 – ARTE Concert

Parkway Drive - Hellfest 2023 – ARTE Concert

CRYPTA: Death Arcana (Live in Maracay, VEN - 2023) Jéssica di Falchi

Dying Fetus : Complete Show Live In Paris

Dying Fetus - One Shot, One Kill at Hell in the Harbor May 27th, 2023

Cannibal Corpse - I C*m Blood live 5/27/2023 at Hell in the Harbor Fest

RE: Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Characters Not In Adventure In Stormwreck Isle


That's not what product boxes are, Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle Starter Set is a Starter Box for the Dungeon Master.

Like all other products and companies, Hasbro advertises it's characters on it's packages that are not in the box.

Like Marvel etc., companies put all characters on boxes however only one may be inside.

When a company prints pictures on it's boxes, they just come from their own material to advertise.

The adventure is not what it is, all companies put artwork from across the whole line that is not in the boxes of the particular product being sold.

For example, Wolverine and other X-Men appear on the Cyclops toy box but only one is inside.


The Donnas "Do You Wanna Hit It" - ANIMATED VERSION

The Donnas "Get Off"

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

RE: Dungeons & Dragons Seinor Game Design Position

I see on here Dungeons & Dragons is gearing up to release the new core rule books next year...

I'm playing the Uneatherd Arcana Playest and I dunno, it's getting pretty big the next version of Dungeons & Dragons,  I mean it's gonna be a lot of reading.

My point here is this Hasbro might want to tell the fans that the Senior Game Design Position at Dungeons & Dragons at Hasbro isn't a character in the game HAHAHAHAHAHA...

All the bums from skid row are going to be down there thinking they make Dungeons & Dragons living on the lawn in tents trying to tell Hasbro they make the game hahahahahaha.

Note, that's probably just an inside joke to actual college graduates who know what I just said.



Running Monsters in Dungeons & Dragons | D&D Design Team | Justice Arman

The Donnas - Who Invited You (Official Video)

Strutter - The Donnas

Official Trailer: Detroit Rock City (1999)

K-Tel "Pure Power" commercial

K-Tel Disco Non-Stop (face A)

Disco History - K-tel - Disco Music Internacional - (Vinil Completo 1979...

The O.C. - California

Weezer - Beverly Hills

Weezer - Buddy Holly (Official Music Video)

Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Official Music Video)

Beck - Loser (Official Music Video)

Helmet - Unsung (Official Music Video)

Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot (Official Music Video)

Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

Melvins With Jello Biafra - Plethysmograph

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Monday, June 12, 2023

RE: Napalm Death Concert "Controversy"

You tell people the sound sucked at the concert and fans said it didn't pass as the official band....I mean then people..."oh you shouldn't be saying that" - you're the same bum from the North End / Skid Row I've been talking about the whole time.

Like the band don't wanna know they sucked that time.

What I mean is....

When then the name Napalm Death goes public domain all they have to say is "Napalm Death" then put "Barney Greenway" on the cover like a sticker or something then it's official, and Labels will release it.

Got it scam.


THE DONNAS LIVE 2003 Las Vegas Full Set VHS rip

The Donnas - It`s On The Rocks

Heavy Metal Update: The Positive Effects Of Public Domain


So Napalm Death at "Hell In The Harbour Fest" was their ultimate failed concert to me.

That didn't pass as the real band to a lot people.


It turns out the band members are going to be saved...

When other classic metal albums like Napalm Death get released into the Public Domain, like other older bands, then Barney Greenway and them can keep playing and still call themselves Napalm Death because it will be public domain.

Like this...

Years back in the early 1990's I remember this discussion, now they have public domain archive pages to hold the albums.

So bands like Bolt Thrower can keep playing as second acts using the public domain name, PLUS...

If the band members quit the mainstream music business, after their records and stage names / identities get released into the public domain then they can keep playing off the contract and company because their stage name and identity becomes public domain.

Then they can play independent as the same band and stage name off the company, I remember that was a big issue back when Death Metal that was one of the motivators for future public domain release.

Now that the internet is out, that is happening today...

Then bands can keep playing once they are off the company, but the old albums become public domain.

Then they can use those songs PLUS make new ones as the same name OFF the company or entertainment contracts and own their own release off the entertainment company.

So when that happens for Napalm Death, that solves the issue.


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RE: Metal Bands, I Don't Know What Their Playing

I mean aside from this you get these big acts and they last 5 or 7 years then they are the main seller at the store, that's what I was saying before I used to do regular work stuff like that but it don't last too long.

Playing in a metal band, that don't pay like a short term big act that's always around but it's still fun to play a lot.

Misery Index sound is alright, I'd say 30,000 copies on a "K-Tel" type label with real sound, "Hell In The Harbour" this concert sucks, Napalm Death had no original members and 1/3 of the sound is missing and no cymbols.

I don't know what your playing.

Then you go over to the Mic Mac Mall, and I do a page like , an original Halifax record store page that used to be CD Plus, and and list all the classic albums that are public domain and you can print them yourself, classic albums, then you go to Mic Mac Mall and they don't have any of them.

Not even classic Napalm Death that is not public domain yet.

Now Slam Metal is quiet at the start of the summer and most of this concert sucks, garbage this summer for music.


Misery Index: "New Salem" (live) Baltimore 2023 'Hell in the Harbor'

Hurricane Specialist: El Nino Bringing 'Freakish' Warmth Across Oceans

Sunday, June 11, 2023

RE: Men Who Are Supposed To Be Married

I mean kind of about the last post, I mean...yeah I write in English but I'm in a different language than these other topics I meant "racism" of some kind that I don't know about.

It just brings up married men.

I mean, if a man is married and has a schedule that is out all the time.

Then in my origins, he is not married.

I'm saying if a man is married and not full time in a home routine with his wife full time...that's not a real marriage.

A marriage is between two people only for a home schedule only.

So you get men who say they are married, but are diving around in the car looking for "fun" all the time...that's not married that's single.

Married means you're only at home full time and it's no issue.

That's why I don't understand this racism topic, I'm just "older" now and just single by default...that's a large demographic of the public.

Then on the last topic, is the immigrant married or Canada he's supposed to be at home the whole time...that's where I'm from.

I mean you get these "white women" apparently here in Canada, which helps me stay single because it's puke, that want to be married plus work and be out working for immigrants...

I mean acting single while at work or out at the mall without their husbands with other men.

Any men I mean, and I don't know what you're talking about. 

I mean if that's a job, they're still doing it.

Then they want more guys to participate at the mall, help them with their act to male immigrants.


Language / cultural barrier here in Halifax...I have no idea what that is or what these people are doing.

I mean years back I had a regular scenario...married young from the gifted class or something, now I'm approaching fifty, on some calendar, and just want to be single after my immediate family passed away years ago.

Now I have all this stuff going on single at home, like I have no idea what all that other stuff is.


HALIFAX: Racism Leaves Some In The Langauge Barrier

Here is a bizarre racism story I heard / witnessed, I really can't relate to this topic because the culture of people who are immigrants in Canada with the language barrier and all that, you come up to people and they don't know what you're talking about.

I mean, I don't relate to the culture you present and the mannerisms racism people display here in Halifax, I don't speak the same language as you...

Therefor I don't get involved in these discussions.

I mean the big thing everyone goes on about with immigrants here in Halifax is men have this crisis about their beard going on like people from India and that, deciding whether to not keep their traditional beard while living here in Canada.

Then the women issue's are more known, that back overseas they are limited by men.

Now here is the racism I witnessed, I think, but I heard about it.

When the people are immigrants and the woman has no rights back home and the men are here working they get all these women working here in Halifax helping them and then they are causing these issues.

I have no idea when they are talking about here in Halifax because this takes place in a different language /  culture.

Then the white women from Canada, they they have this husband at home supporting them while they are out working, then they are doing work for immigrants, the women, when the immigrant  wife has to stay home.

The you get other races other than white here in Halifax, then the women come up to you with them, the white ones, and expect you to do some act for them in the street or mall somewhere to please them working for the immigrant guy.

Whose wife had no rights or something, then they got these white women working for them.

They go teach this act to the immigrant men, then they come up to me or other people, men I mean, both of them...

Then the immigrant expects you to do some dance for the local white women like they have something to do with men outside or something...then they want people they don't know like me just at the mall or something to act like them....with the white women working for male immigrants.

Like while their regular tradition wife has no rights in here home Country, then they want white men. women, to go along with them...the white women, trying to get people they don't know to say what it's like in Halifax at the mall with them for the male immigrants like their husband who stays home for them.

Let me ask you women....did your new boyfriend from India shave his beard for you yet or not .....hahahahhaha.

I don't know what you're talking about, my life is in a different language than you...don't approach me ever.


Saturday, June 10, 2023

RE: Marlins / White Sox Pitcher Disengagement Rule

If the pitcher uses his two throws and doesn't pick off the runner, then he gets a third throw but has to throw him out or the runner advances.


The third throw is for situations like "run downs" etc., where the runner is caught off the base...

The two throw rule doesn't mean the runner get's a free stolen base.

The pitcher can still throw if the runner is guarnteed to be picked off.


RE: Webpage "Tags & Categories" Listings, New "SEO" Internet Advertisements

I don't know what it is, the thing they are selling.

I mean, they're selling a service that the customers change their url's, tags and categories all the time.

Then when you go on the software, I mean this is way past the SAP failure which is dead to new software, when you make listings on your page and add tags and categories..for like Wal-Mart and that I mean...

They still only go one way, like I mean if you make a spelling mistake when listing a tag on an item it auto fixes it...

It can't do the same thing backwards, make a capital letter in the wrong spot auto correct to the companies "official terms manual" for example.

I mean, if a business runs software today, years beyond SAP, then new software can't auto fix issues like misplaced capital letters.

Even from the companies own business terms.

On the other end of the software, tags can auto correct for spelling while working on them for capital letter correction, but NOT the other way....for example used when loading the companies business terms into the software from their outside list.

They have no auto correct on that, but they do on live retail pages for product tags.

So I don't know what the first business in the example would be doing at work if their software changing urls all the time, I mean every time you went back to the page it would be a different url with different categories and tags on the page.


The Donnas-Take Me to the Backseat

Red Sox vs. Yankees Game Highlights (6/9/23) | MLB Highlight

Dungeons & Dragons - Episode 19 - The Last Illusion

RE: New Dungeons & Dragons (Hasbro) "FIFTH EDITION" 2024 Core Rule Books

Now Dungeons & Dragons is saying that the new 2024 Hasbro Core Rule Books,mainstream bookstore game, is staying Fifth Edition and then printing new core rule books on that.

Now they say they are using the "Unearthed Arcana" playtest to write the new manuals,then the big updates are "sub class", which you don't have to pick right away they say, which is AGAIN character backgrounds from the playtest.

Character Backgrounds and "Sub Class" create more character options in the game, to me the playtest for Backgrounds & Character origins on the harder game "Unearthed Arcana" are creating features like sub class in the new manuals.


Remember the current books still include features like "Primal Path and "Path Of The Wizard" or something, in the Sub Class update in the next books they are saying this is expanded.

This gives more character options to the "Primal Path etc.." section, that's character backgrounds for new bonuses.

They now explaining that this is compatable with the current version for next years rule book release.


What are the 2024 Fifth Edition Core Rulebooks? | D&D

Friday, June 9, 2023

Crypta opener Houston 3/17/23

CRYPTA - Dark Night Of The Soul (Full Band Playthrough) | Napalm Records

The Donnas - Who Invited You (Official Video)

Edge of Sanity - Nothing But Death Remains - PUBLIC DOMAIN - Black Mark Records - 1991 - MY LINK:

The Donnas - Kids in America - Nancy Drew Soundtrack

Nancy Drew (2007) Official Trailer - Emma Roberts, Tate Donovan Movie HD

Night Of The Living Dead (George A. Romero) HD Full Movie Remastered [19...

Trick or Treat (1986) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD]

Fastway - Trick Or Treat (original video)

John Altyn - Outta Control (Sleepaway Camp II)

Official Trailer #1 (1988) Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens with the Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania ...

FULL MATCH — Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn: WrestleMania 38 Sunday

Action Point (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)

Roll On Down The Highway - The Donnas (Herbie: Fully Loaded Soundtrack)

The Donnas - Strutter - Detroit Rock City Soundtrack

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Soundtrack 2. Take It Off - The Donnas

The Donnas - Too Bad About Your Girl - Grind Soundtrack

THE DONNAS LIVE 2003 Las Vegas Full Set VHS rip

RE: Metal Bands Now Over Extended

Everyone starting out listening to metal always buys the first albums first and they are always everyone's favorites.

So going on to Digital who's going to be listening to the stuff they're playing today when there's no one left in the band and they got no live sound.

No they will still get it on movies like Ace Ventura and hear the real band Cannibal Corpse, then on those album links the actual Napalm Death records are on there...the first albums.

My point, it doesn't look like a good summer for heavy metal, I mean the tours are the worst I've ever seen.

I mean....other stuff I was doing before is coming around now, I put money into music stuff years ago with other acts and places I used to work and own a lot of my own promotion stuff anyway.

Now that a lot of that stuff started going somewhere on the internet, I mean from promoting my own band and running a real store before, I'm just playing with my metal stuff on that venue.

Like my being a Death Metal lead guitarist etc. and can sing and play all the instruments I get asked to fill in and do other stuff all the time, some is not metal....

Like record store bands and stuff, so I'm doing my own that one at the retail level promotions...then you can follow that on Movie Soundtracks with heavy metal in them and bands like The Donnas.

That's the bigger metal page, I'm doing my music stuff at that one now because I'm also selling at the retail store and I own my own booth to sell Dungeons & Dragons and stuff at the Comic Conventions and stuff when I'm working doing comic book stuff.

When Dragon Adventures is out that's where it will first be sold at for the official versions, then when I'm down there working I do these other acts with people playing in music at my same promotions table I own when I'm there, that's where I' promoting and playing at now.


Cannibal Corpse - Eats Moscow Alive (1993) [HD]

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Cannibal Corpse

CANNIBAL CORPSE Tomb Of The Mutilated (Full Album) 4K/UHD

CANNIBAL CORPSE Butchered At Birth (Full Album) 4K/UHD

Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration (Music Video)

NAPALM DEATH "From Enslavement to Obliteration" [Full Album] [2012 FDR R...

NAPALM DEATH "Scum" [Full Album] [25th Anniversary Edition]

RE: New USA "Metal Tours" hahahha

Why they try to pass Napalm Death off as the same band now I have no idea with no original members in it., I guess I'll back to "Scum" and try and sell that one at my store.

Then all the other bands never got any better and can't fill the sound out, now they don't even have hit hats on their bands barely and missing half the drum kit...then they're all on there changing the live sound all the time.

You never progressed or became better musicians, does it ever suck on there now, must be a full packed summer of shitty bands playing, Cannibal Corpse and the whole lot of them.....

That was the big seller, these sales are gonna drop...then fans are only going to by the original albums, a one million or something...I value the whole thing 1980 - today of that one, "metallica bands" worth about 30,000 copies each per record.


I mean, who would invest money on that from a big corporation when they can max sell 30,000 and the rest of the sound cost too those bands are finished and still playing...pretty soon they'll just be amps and that's it hahahahahaha.


The Donnas - Dirty Denim

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The Donnas live at La Maroquinerie 2007

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tron vs Sark [Full Fight] | TRON (1982)

Aaron Boone on postponement of Wednesday's Yankees vs White Sox game

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10-17-1989 San Francisco Earthquake - First Minutes (KGO TV)

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The Donna's - Dancing With Myself - Mean Girls Soundtrack

Mean Girls - Dancing with myself - The Donnas (video)

All Messed Up - The Donnas

The Donnas - Who Invited You

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Nancy Drew (2007) Official Trailer - Emma Roberts, Tate Donovan Movie HD

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Aaron Judge literally runs through a wall!

CAR NEWS: Renault Cutting Up Nissan Racing Engine


Right when you were watching and following along with your favorite car and now Renault steps in and starts cutting up the GTR race car engine and putting them in the Renault.

Get a job.

Nissan is the real GTR Car, now they are starting this after market thing at I was just saying...Supercars drive like Renault, now Renault is cutting up Nissan for the GTR engine a thing by itself.

I dunno, looks pretty bad...

I predict the Renault runs faster with a GTR engine but no way anyone wants a GTR that didn't come from Nissan.


Renault R.S.01 w/ Nissan GT-R R35 Engine in action at Monza Circuit + On...

Renaultsport RS.01: driving Renault's ultimate sports car

The Best of SUPERCARS Monaco 2022 - LaFerrari, Monza SP2, Bugatti Chiron...

Best of Supercars Batch at Festival of Speed 2022: AMG One, Jesko, Venom...

RE: Supercars / Dodgers Stadium

Dodgers Stadium to me is still #1 I mean, it's still the second ball park in Los Angeles, plus fans and shop owners have taken the white "B" back for Brooklyn ruining the Red Sox red "B" of similar font, today competes with modern Yankee Stadium.

I don't know the conditions of Dodgers Stadium I only mean the "modern" look of it with it's classic view and older score board with a 1960's retro look to it...but from an actual time period I mean, stadium's today like newest Yankee Stadium should be competing with this one.

The new Fenway Park in Boston will be competing with the current Dodger's Stadium look not the next one, according to popular local discussion in the business community...what's best for city areas etc. the people who actually decide these things, New Fenway Park will be way larger and look like Dodgers Stadium.

My criticism of both models is lack of seating with other arena's approaching 100,000 this just shows that MLB on an international market is still struggling.

My point is nothing, MLB which is a Super Bowel Event style league just doesn't catch on over seas in the larger audience.

Leaving us with about 45,000 seats and lower...pathetic.

If anything Dodger's Stadium should be preserved and then new areas of expanded seating added as new outer walls for a new addition to Dodger Stadium, to preserve the scoreboard etc., and then parking will have to be closed or moved somewhere else.


I don't have one, still my pick is the Nissan GTR $150,000.

Now they have the Supercar League $1.5 million dollar cars, not the new Corvette that is a rear engine race car now in the GTR class like a Ferarri,...these cars are out now.

According to engineering discussion these cars are the safest cars on the market because they are so large and fast they can't crash plus with "computer intelligence"....

Newer cars are going to be crash proof because they are bigger than the road, they don't steer in those directions and are computer monitored from within the car.

This is the deal, they are not American like cars, like if you were forced on a racing team like me you know how to drive a European car like a Renault.

So if you like Renault you'll love Supercars.

My actual Supercar racing picks are Renault and then Nissan GTR, now that the "GTR" name is bigger than Nissan.

Anyway, these cars drive like Renault.

The first time you take it to the track and race it wide open that's the end of the brand new car, $1.5 million, all the paint and rubber smell is burnt and blown out...that might take you a while or could happen in one day.

After that it's like an old muscle car, but they are still brand new race cars 600 horse power...they just lose that "new look" quick, so when you see the guy had the car for 6 months it looks like and old Honda with 45,000 km on it...for a daily car, but it's still the same GTR.

When people criticize all that they mean the car's "exterior" paint etc. wears out too fast and then they make loud puffing, hissing and clicking noises.

Those are the consumer complaints, HOWEVER...that just get's worse as the car gets going because they are built and run like Renault Racing.

As the car heats up for the track when you break it in the noises it makes are from it getting ready for the race track...

The loud clicking and popping is the engine getting broken in to change gears and burn fuel faster.

That is the complaints from the consumers....

They made too much noise and get old fast, so Supercars have to fix that....

Once Renault and them get their engines and turbo parts running quieter on the race track the Supercar engines won't be as loud on the street, but remember these cars will be the safest on the car and you can buy them now because they are bigger cars physically than road accidents can happen.


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