Sunday, March 31, 2019

Are You Kidding Me Halifax? No One At City Hall or the Nova Scotia Government Will Ever Let This Pass

What are doing now down there in the Halifax slum areas? Do they mean black people are allowed to commit crimes down there now in the slums because they are black? 

That's what they mean in their recent protests, black men flaming white citizens like me and Rehtaeh Parsons on City Street's, now they are what...setting up an unregulated crime area downtown? 

Oh yeah...I guarantee that this will never happen.

It looks like downtown in the North End they are intentionally setting up a crime area as regular residents try to get the area demolished and banned from the city. 

It looks like they are setting up store fronts like "seedy arcades" or something to deal drugs out of, then they are all down there hanging around it and came out protesting for black people not to searched by police so they can commit crimes at these "drug fronts" like crappy businesses and make it illegal for the police to stop them.

All while they flame white citizens! 

Are you kidding me Nova Scotia? How do you expect regular citizens to enjoy their day at the park or library in Halifax with all that crap in your face.

They just put in this crazy doughnut shop down there on Gottingen Street and every day they have a huge crowd lined up outside buying doughnuts...what's in those doughnuts down there in the North End anyway heroin packets?

They have this huge crowd down there EVERY DAY lined up buying doughnuts. I mean that must be the busiest doughnut shop in all of Canada.

Then right in front of the store where they have this huge crowd setup they started protesting police street checks on suspected criminal activity downtown. 

Right, so when you go buy heroin at the arcade the crowd outside is protesting the police to stop searching them so they can "deal drugs with no interference". 

Then they said it's all black men, as in the same people that started flaming me in Halifax this month. Now when you go downtown in Halifax they are all out protesting saying that they don't want the police to search them down there in a crime area.

All while they collect welfare checks, pan handle bumming money and making unreported earnings of street dealing illegal narcotics - proceeds of crime and illegal. 

Holy fuck man, do you all like money down there a little too much?

I mean all regular citizens have is their regular income, they have all that plus they bum money every day on the street and make money selling drugs.

Then they start flaming white people when they go down there walking, obviously looking for money. Are you greedy enough down there?

Then they want to set up store fronts to sell drugs potentially or worse (human sex trafficking) and then ban the police from searching them while they commit crimes and carry illegal materials in their pockets like drugs and who knows what.

I think all those people down there are overstepping themselves a lot these days.

There is no way the City of Halifax or Province of Nova Scotia is going to allow any of that activity in the area, these people and neighbourhoods have to be removed now and banned from operating in Canada in groups in public on City Streets.


Why Would People Not Want To Know This Stuff?

Don't come out flaming saying it makes people mad to expose the corrupt government branches, no one is going to defend them except their own staff and people.

No, everybody is going to be HAPPY when they find out certain rules and regulations are illegal in Nova Scotia. No one cares if that affects some business. 

What do they think, that you're not going to say something to them.

In the United States people don't know that Equifax was illegally passed from disconnected government branches just like Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia, they have to know this stuff so the public can make the corrections.

Some people don't get that, the public is happy everyone is talking about the illegal laws in effect today and where they came from. No one is going to defend the other people.

The citizens have to know about these issues.

What do they think, we're going to let companies like Defence Contractors including Raytheon keep all that stuff anyway? Knowing it's an illegal system.

No, that will never happen. Once everyone knows what they did we can all make the corrections and put all the money where is was supposed to belong.

The United States and Canada can't just sit on these issues and never deal with them, that's why the public is happy about finding this stuff out.

Any people opposing that are the defence contractor people and their public flamers. 

Just remember once their secret is exposed they are out of business, no one lets crime run the government. 


Friday, March 29, 2019

National Post: Canada Needs "Reality Check" On China Trade Deal

Oh yeah right, I'm surprised this is in the National Post: 

The Summary:

There is some kind of Canola Oil dispute, China is ordering less Canadian Canola Oil recently. 

Also, Huawei Company trade issue damaging Canada - China economic relations.

Those are the issue's they are saying that will make opening new trade deals in the future not feasible. However, that is not what I am talking about like they are saying in the article.

I am talking about new trade deals with the actual government of China like for Canadian Minerals in the North West Territories, not industry products like Canola Oil.

In the article they reference stuff like consumer products like canola oil trade relations and smart phone technology companies which is mostly private trade probably.

Government trade for actual trade between two Countries outside of private business relationships is totally separate from that, for example Canada owned minerals sold off cheap to China in order for us to quickly raise money to give back to citizens and use for economic improvements.

Country to Country -  Canada to China.

Not private business like canola oil and smart phones which operate "private" from within Canada which is the consumer "economic market".

In the article they are talking about state owned enterprises, however I think they mean places like Huawei who operate private in Canada but have limited access to Chinese functions back at home through official government procedures.


About The Unconstitutional Laws In Nova Scotia

Just some information:

When I say Nova Scotia I mean all of Atlantic Canada and Halifax being the Capital because we are isolated from English Canada and support ourselves here with little help from Ottawa.

Like This:

The Equifax Credit System and Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia are illegal, however they are in operation because no one has taken responsibility to fix it.

That means the Government has abandoned legislating Atlantic Canada from Ottawa.

That means we have to "self govern" ourselves here in Atlantic Canada and the citizens have to get together to make a plan for the future of Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada).

For example, The Equifax Credit System and Sunday Shopping both went it in Nova Scotia from "disconnected branches" of the United States and Canadian governments.

That means they are not legal.

Canada and the United States have not stepped in to correct these errors leaving Halifax to handle the federal procedures locally to correct the procedures, which means we are independent and are our own government for the region.

Then in Nova Scotia we were hit twice, once on Equifax and once on Sunday Shopping.

This means that people illegally stole our votes and illegally forced a credit system on us from the United States, along with Private US Defence Contractors.

What that means is the people have to represent themselves.

Canada is not here on THESE issues so we have to resolve them as citizens.

That means the Equifax Credit System or current Banking and Credit System are unconstitutional in Nova Scotia and these systems to not report to the Federal Government so you do not have to use it.

As the same time Sunday Shopping is illegal, with no Federal oversight.

That means in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) Sunday Shopping and the Equifax Credit System are unconstitutional meaning they are illegal with no Federal Government oversight so you do not have to support them.

This also means we all have to be repaid damages from Ottawa and Washington D.C. for unconstitutionally ruining our economies and stealing our money through unconstitutional procedures that have no oversight in the Federal Government. 

Remember, anyone can beat them in court with that argument once you understand the laws of the constitution in Canada.

Again, even though they have those systems in place in Atlantic Canada they are illegal and you do not have to recognize them.

So technically in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) Equifax and Sunday Shopping are illegal under the constitution. 

That's why we are independent here and have to represent ourselves to Halifax and the Canadian and United States Capitols to get our money and support payments back from their illegal government groups in Washington D.C. and Ottawa.


Canada's New Frontier, The Need For Canadian Industrial Expansion

The Last Breath Of Canada's Aged Infrastructure
It is official probably, Canada's infrastructure has run out of gas. Built in the early to mid 1900's Canada's infrastructure today has worn out and shut down including railway, gas and road transportation systems which are just too old, run down and small to carry the weight of a modern day Canada.

The old infrastructure of Canada built around several major City areas across Canada is stretched out too far across the Country and can not support our present day needs.

For example the old CN Railway is just to small and old now to meet the new high pace demands of a technology driven Canada. One rail way and transportation system from the 1950's or older is just not equipped enough for today's demands of Canada's citizens.

For example one out of date rail way system from Ontario is just stretched out to far to service all the industrial needs of Canadians, in essence the rail way system has "run out of gas" and ended up out in the North West Territories with broken engines and no more Cities to visit.

This struggling system one train and transportation system to support the coast to coast demands of Canadians is no longer functional, they have driven out too far and ended up stranded in the new frontier of the wilderness in the territories and oil fields and given up, probably connecting it's last oil pipe somewhere in the Northern Yukon for the last time.

That last oil pipe that was connected by CN Rail was probably the final nail in their coffin, now the old trains and Trans Canada Highway Lines can barely support carry and the oil and goods from coast to coast across Canada by truck and rail, after successfully connecting the last oil pipe.

What that means for Canadians is all their goods and services have to carried on and delivered on by a struggling infrastructure that can barely hold CN Rails own Trains, which may all end up broken down and stranded forever in Canada's North West Territories or Baffin Island unless something is done. 

The Solution - A modern expansion of the Canadian Infrastructure including rail and transportation. 

This is Canada's new frontier, the North West Territories.

New lines and City areas can be built into the North West Territories in the frontier of Canada's wilderness to expand our towns and cities into more modern areas with new local access points for goods and services. 

Cities in Canada which are "pinched" by and old failed infrastructure which is not  large or modern enough to "haul the load" of a present day Canada as consumers needs go up with new technological advancements. 

Canada's major cities need to be expanded and the transportation and rail lines moved out into the frontier of the North West Territories to ease the pressure of current cities and making their resources more available in outer area of Canada's Provinces.

For example large cities will have their old central access points severed and removed, then in turn these "access" points will be redistributed across the provinces to generate growth in the outer areas to turn their small towns into "tiny cities" with new city like resources.

This will take the pressure of larger cities like Toronto by moving their services to the outer towns in Ontario and expanding them there to have "Toronto like access" in smaller town areas.

In turn this will take the pressure off the Toronto Center which will have expanded services for fewer citizens in the main urban area. This will allow more resources per citizens and help grow the area to make room for a larger Toronto. 

In turn the transportation system will be expanded for rail lines and roads like the Tans Canada Highway, instead of one CN Rail from Toronto for all of Canada their will now be several main access points across the country like Montreal and Red Deer. 

This will help grow the local areas away from Toronto like Montreal, which will provide easier services to the East Coast of Canada by taking some of the burden of the Toronto CN Railway System.

The same will be done in the West, moving Toronto services to Red Deer for Rail, Transportation and Infrastructure to their local area away from Toronto.

This will also help to support the new Canada Oil Pipe System which will be distributed through these new local "city like hubs" in the outer provinces from the main urban centers to help grow their areas and provide cheaper heating, transportation and products.

It's time to ditch Canada's old infrastructure and build a new one expanding it coast to coast, the space we will need is in Canada's North West and Yukon territories which will be a new frontier in Canada that we will need to expand our rail and oil lines into to make room for the expanding cities in Canada.

Locally this will take the pressure off busy City Centers by moving government services outward to grow new towns in the outer areas and drive the growth of the urban city centers by giving them room to grow by have expanded services for fewer people.

Remember, Canadian expansion is what you've been asking for. 

Better cities, transportation and more Government services in your local area. That means less trips to the busy cities for selective services and more access in your local areas to help grow Canada.

Support the new frontier of Canada, rail and oil in the North West and Yukon Territories. 


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Halifax: Scam Busted In Nova Scotia

So was I out walking around looking at properties and business and stuff for examples of protentional  crime zones in my complaint to Halifax City Hall.

What can nobody drive in Halifax or what? It's bumper to bumper out there and everyone's all over the road all honking at each to show them where to drive...meaning telling them to get out of the way and it's all just no traffic laws, 100 miles and hour and bumper to bumper.

You guys are crazy out there in that traffic man watch out for walking and driving in that.

Here is the problem, the city is TOO CONDENSED, the traffic is getting super condensed and streets aren't large enough to hold all the traffic.

The Solution: The City Needs To Be Expanded.

The Halifax area needs to be expanded for like 25 miles out from around the center of the city, they need to uncondense  that traffic by widening the roads and expanding them out like 25 miles to relieve the pressure of the traffic.

Then they need to take the local services and spread them out further apart and add new offices to expand the City, that way the city will hold more people and services by widening and lengthening the roads to move some of the city services outward with new housing to get the people OUT of the center of the city and spread them around the city better for the expansion of Halifax.

That needs to happen right now!


This is what happened to me in Halifax -  black guys came up to me as a "business man type" or "university student" type and tried to "call me aside" to start talking to me.

Then when I was out they tried to force themselves into my personal space by hanging off me like in New York City or something, then when you go out they try and hang off you like at the Bank Machine and Tim Hortons bumming off you.


I put the run to them all and that's it.

Here is the rest of the scam...

They start hanging off you and trying to "be around you" like hanging out at your house and stuff.

Then when they get in your house hanging out in the kitchen or something they go..."Yeah we just went into your linen closet and got some towels to sit at the beach on your property."

So they come over to your house they then start trying to use your stuff out of your bed room like your blankets and stuff and start hanging out on your lawn and stuff.

What I mean is they try and start living at your house.

They come over to hang out and then they go...."yeah I'm just gonna run upstairs and grab some towels out of your linen closet and I have some friends coming over to use your pool, them we all needed some towels and stuff."

Like they try and move in to your house.

They come to hang out then all these people show up and they try and start using your towels and pool and stuff with all these other people like they are living with you and sharing your stuff.


That's what happened to me!!!


Make sure not to fall for that scam in Halifax!!! Those people are not your friends!!!

The best thing to is to try and differentiate yourself from that crowd by dressing different to show you're not one of the people flaming people and involved in scams. 

I mean try and look different than them so they won't try and come bother you by saying you're in a different crowd than them.

Make sure not to share your personal possessions with other people like your towels and stuff! They will think they are living there and try and move in with you by hanging out there too much and bringing a crowd over. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Atlantic Canada Declare's It's Independence

Atlantic Canada is now officially it's own Country within Canada which is now know as Nova Scotia including the entire Maritime Region.

However this has yet to be recognized by the United Nations.

This is why:

The Sunday Shopping Referendum outcome in my court case has blocked Ottawa from regulation in our region which now falls to Halifax for all of Atlantic Canada, we are own our own now and my case proves it.

However we are still under Canada because they owe us money and for taxation.

The Disconnected branch of the United States Government that made the Equifax System is Illegal in Nova Scotia as it has been determined unconstitutional.

That part has disconnected us from Washington D.C. leaving us independent.

Sunday Shopping disconnects Ottawa.

United States fake Equifax laws disconnects Washington D.C. 

This makes our region independent and both other Capitals owe us war reparations etc. 

Things remain the same today until all this gets recognized by the world and courts in North America.



Lawsuit Update: I Have Started Proceedings Against Sobeys, Halifax City Hall & Nova Scotia Government

Halifax Law Courts
As promised yesterday I have begun proceedings against City Hall to stop the flaming of me by black men and poor people from the slums, everyone can participate as needed on your own using this material at home for your own purposes unless when the time comes The Nova Scotia Civil Courts may issue a publication ban on some of that material, none of that applies to todays topics.

This is preliminary work I am doing, but I already informed the Court Clerks at the Halifax Civil Court of what I am doing so that the courts know that I am being flamed during my lawsuit which is the main issue at Halifax City Hall.

The are a several areas in my Case:


To stop the flaming the correct procedure is to file a complaint at City Hall first, I am doing that using the Rahetah Parsons case as a reference and telling them I am being flamed in a similar manner like I was 11 years ago from Sobeys, this time in Halifax during my court case against Sobeys.

The first assumption is that I am being flamed because I am suing Sobeys to stop me from proceeding, people who flamed me in the past are on that list and now it has accelerated to new people flaming me including black men who are doing so in a similar manner to the Rehateah Paraons Case.

Then I am notifying City Hall of the impending lawsuit against them in the complaint.

Then I am going around my neighbourhood and the North End of Halifax to include in the complaint a list of "unsightly properties" which could be the locations of the people flaming me to have the City clean up their properties.

Also in the complaint is that some of the people flaming me including black men like they did to Rehateah Parson may be working for City Contractors of road flagging and other city contracts.

As you know on this page I am against private city contractors doing city work and the flaming may becoming from their staff, that is also in my lawsuit against city hall.

Sobeys and The Sunday Shopping Referendum:

Then I have begun preliminary proceedings against Sobeys in the Halifax Civil Court System and I am suing them for lost wages and personal damages to start.

This is also the origin of the flaming of me, and their staff members or previous staff members are defendants in the case. 

Where I am at today is I have begun to open a file at the Halifax Courts against Sobeys. What I have done is begun the process to request the transcripts of the Sobeys Sunday Shopping Lawsuit which I am using as evidence against Sobeys in my personal court case.

My initial claim is that the Sobeys Sunday Shopping Lawsuit when they overturned the referendum damaged my position at Sobeys Head Office while they are regulated on the Toronto Stock Exchange through Empire, this led to Unconstitutional infractions against me by their staff at my job at Sobeys leading to lost wages. 

I will publish all analysis form the Sunday Shopping Referendum Case on this page and include transcripts when I get them , which is the stage I am at now, unless their is a publication ban.

After I study the court transcripts that will be used as evidence in my case against Sobeys.

Hopefully the Halifax City Hall complaint will stop the flaming.

I won't know where I am going with the case until I get all that done.

After that I may have a lawsuit against the Nova Scotia Government for all those damages, that will be determined later.

Joseph Howe


Monday, March 25, 2019

Black People In Halifax Just Started Hazing Me Like They Did To Rehteah Parsons

All you people from the North End following me around now telling me you want to kiss my pussy on the Halifax Commons and following me around with Black People now this blowing kisses at me and taking off with grown black men following me around looking for a fight.

I am going to turn you in to the Federal Government of Canada for investigation.

If you come near me I am going to take your picture on my smartphone and send it to the police, then I am going to take a picture of you license plates in you cars and turn them into the police.

Then I am complaining to Halifax City Hall and the Housing Board about you, then I will sue the City of Halifax if you come near my property or when I am out walking. 

They just started doing that to me in the last two weeks as soon as the weather started to get nice when I started my walking route in Downtown Halifax, Young Street and Quinpool Road - you are NOT following me back to my apartment from the slums hazing me and blowing kisses at me saying you want to kiss my pussy.

Do you understand? 

I will make this a federal court matter and turn you into the government in one second.

You all made that girl kill herself, I have no time for this nonsense from you and I am too busy working on stuff like books and music, I guarantee YOU WILL NOT be approaching me in this City from your slums, looking to fight me when I am a University Graduate, writer and musician.

You are brutally assaulting the public and you will be removed from my presence immediately. 

Understand? I already turned you in.

...This happened to me before in New Glasgow,NS 11 years ago and it's the main content of my blog, and now you have black people with you from the same people in the North End of Halifax and New Glasgow trying to flame me and assault me in public...I am going to have the court remove you from my presence.


I am posting this information on my blog as public information to set the precedent that I announced on my page that I am going to bring forward my case against the City of Halifax to stop people in the North End slums and Blacks from flaming and harassing me in the City Streets in Halifax.

This is not a "malicious" case against the City of Halifax at City Hall, I am suing to set the precedent that I am being targeted for flaming and hazing from the slums and black people using the Rahteah Parsons case as an example for a precedent in the courts to show the hateful maliciousness of black men in Halifax against white citizens through public harassment and assault in a group against me.

The case I am stating in Halifax is that multiple black men in various locations including the Junior High School and Halifax Bus Stop as well as white people on the Halifax Commons in the same week.

The men flamed me, used sexual references including transgender slurs referring to my genitals ad a "pussy", then Black Men continued the flaming by blowing kisses at me at the Junior High School and Bus Stop in two separate occasions. 

I am also claiming that this is assault, because they attempted to instigate a fight which I did not participate in.

When I was approached by the Black Men I told them that I did not know what they were talking about when they assaulted me by attempting to start a fight or psychical altercation. In all three cases I left the scene if the incidents. 

I am notifying City Hall probably the week through the Halifax Civil courts that this case is impending to get it registered in the Court Docket, that I am notifying them that I will need time to prepare my case and will be submitted at a later date.

I am doing the preliminary notification to set a precedent in the Nova Scotia Courts at City Hall that the case is "in the court system" , any public flaming and assaults on me will them be part of a registered case at the Nova Scotia Courts.

What that means is from this point forward anyone flaming me or assaulting me in Halifax by attempting to get me into a unparticipating psychical altercation will be interfering with an ongoing case, resulting in them owing me financial damages.

This will help to stop the flaming while I prepare the case because any new people flaming or assaulting me will be named in the case that is currently in progress.

Jason MacKenzie
March 3,2019
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I am posting this picture in memory of Rehteah Parsons and the terrible malicious flaming she endured as a white school student, and also to set the precedent that I supporting her cause and if people flame me again with black men I will say it's because I am defending Rehtaeh Parsons in my court lawsuit against the City Of Halifax, I will also try and attend the Rehteah Parsons Memorial Walk.

Be The Change.


Na na na na na na na na

na na na na na na na na na na niiiiiiiiii…

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Follow Along With Me On Twitter About The Canadian War Criminals Caught In Nova Scotia

Follow along with me on Twitter to see reference material about the Canadian War Criminals who got caught in Nova Scotia stealing a referendum and flaming the public like in the Bosnian War.

I reported most of this to the Supreme Court ten years ago in my lawsuit against Sobeys for their unconstitutional Stock Market Breach against me in 2008 at their office about my Corporate SAP Designs, if I catch the Defense Department protecting them and the theft of the public Sunday Shopping referendum and I suing them as well.

Anyone that has flamed me in the past, currently or in the future with them bumming me for money will be implicated in the lawsuits and I am turning their names in the Canadian and European Governments for investigation for collaboration to commit treason in Canada.

After that it will be up to the Canadian and European Governments to decide if you will be prosecuted after their investigations. 


Defence Department Scandal: Defence Department Implicated In Forced Prositiution Ring In Halifax

Defence Department Accountable In Human Trafficking Cases

by Jason MacKenzie - Internet Blogger - 

In Nova Scotia everyone knows that the Disconnected Branch at the Canadian Military is responsible for the stealing of the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum which was handed over to Sobeys Company to allow them to illegally operate on Sundays.

No one ever stepped forward to take responsibility from the Government or Military to explain or correct these breaches to the foundation of our Country's Constitution. 

That responsibility was abandoned by the Canadian Military at the Defence Department, leading to series of criminal complaints against their fake government organization.

The Canadian Defense Department which has abandoned the Citizens of Nova Scotia has not protected the citizens and has only participated in the handing out to their group only of Defence Contractors our taxpayer money to companies like Irving Oil, Raytheon and Sobeys who they gave a referendum to over the votes of the citizens in a fake court case.

In fact, The Canadian Defence Department never even made me an offer on my Corporate SAP Designs and refused to hire me at their Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin in Dartmouth,NS knowing I had built the servers and finished all the work.

Instead they led Sobeys attack me at their office and trying to steal my designs with their office staff and flame me for two years at my home while they handed out other contracts to Private Defence Contractors free from taxpayer money - without offering me a cent or a job at their offices in SAP Design - making them a fake government with fake companies like Sobeys. 

The Defense Department is also responsible for the recent crime wave in Halifax of Forced Prostitution, Drug Dealing, Home Invasions, Counterfeiting Money and A bitcoin robbery of $200,000 in a cross Canada scam.

Just like the Sunday Shopping Referendum the Defense Department is responsible for that as well because it is coming from their disconnected branch of the Military.

Their Department is responsible for not protecting the citizens while they allow illegal companies to operate with our tax money like Sobeys and Irving while they let criminals attack us in the streets, flame us at our houses and force our young girls into prostitution by allowing these criminals to operate.

They are probably also allowing the illegal importing of drugs in the Halifax Harbour at the Port with Border Services and drug dealing in our streets causing a "Death Wish Movie" like crime wave in Halifax by blocking the citizens from protections and feeding them to these violent criminals and not protecting us.

All while they hand out illegal government contracts and give nothing to the citizens and allow violent criminals to flame people like my self while they protect their business partners at Sobeys by allowing their floor staff to flame me and try to steal my Corporate SAP Designs, all while they at the Defense Department steal our referendums in Nova Scotia and give them to companies like Sobeys while they allow their floor staff to flame me and steal my work then not hire me at their contractors like Lockheed Martin - I would assume because I didn't give Sobeys my Software Designs for free like they gave them the Citizens vote in fake court case.

They are also responsible for black male gang rapes in Halifax by violent criminals on our white high school students which led to their suicide though group hazing in Halifax by Gangs of Violent Black Criminals all being protected from prosecution by the Canadian Military at the Defense Department.

The time will soon come when the Canadian Military faces who they are from the Citizens of Nova Scotia, then they will be exposed for the violent criminals they are and sentenced to Death in Europe for their war crimes in Halifax with their Private Defence Contractors who are stealing our money and most likely running the crime wave with violent Black Gangs in our schools and streets.


Friday, March 22, 2019

This Is What A Girl With Big Boobs Looks Like In A Bikini

You Got To Fucking Kidding Me In Halifax

I am so fucking sick of this around here man, you people annoying me for band stuff and money around here down in the slums and from New Glasgow must be handicapped perverts.

Do you think you're all coming to the bathroom with me man bumming money or something.

What the fuck man, I told them before not to annoy me or flame me about that shit man. Do see what my life is like man? I'm not a fucking bum like you are.

I have a real life and normal stuff and music and book shit, and you all just follow me around trying to flame me and rip me off like I'm not even here man.

You do that right to may face and pretend I'm not even standing there trying to get shit from my house from those run down houses where you have no money.

I didn't go to University man to look at you everyday, all annoying me when I'm out shopping.

What the fuck is wrong with you people anyway? You act like retarded people masturbating bumming money when I'm at the mall.

Then you from here in Halifax and New Glasgow,NS and your friends with the staff form Sobeys Office who ripped me off 11 years ago and the fucking Canadian Defense Department in the fucking Military.

You fucking got that?

I'm not giving you people anything.

I already reported you to the courts ten years ago, you think you can follow me around bumming for your whole life?

None of you people even know me, then you got all these crazy ideas in your head or something about how you're allowed down here at my apartment building bumming money and flaming me like your entitled to do that and your all from the slums, Sobeys office or the Defence Department and their friends and stuff.

You are a fucking joke. 

You came to my house on June 9th, 2008 from sobeys office staff and their friends outside and ripped me off and started flaming me for money for two years.

Now you're back outside and downtown doing it all over again, you know what?  When I catch the Defense Department at Sobeys off the books outside and flaming me at my house I'm going to hammer you to death in court lawsuits.

If you in those slums start following me around in Halifax flaming me like you did in New Glasgow and start jumping out of the bushes covered in filth and garbage and living in squalor trying to steal my blonde girlfriend with a bunch of black people from New Glasgow with your dicks out I'm going to break your legs. 


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Call It Spring

This is what girls are talking about at the mall.

There's like a flock of them over there going on about their bikini's and stuff if you didn't know that, I think I might have seen some of them yesterday.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Did Nostradamus Predict The Futuristic City I Am Going To Build In Halifax?

Was Nostradamus Right About The Defence Department Attacking My Futuristic City in Halifax

Was Nostradamus really talking about the futuristic city I am going to build in Halifax and the attack on it in Canada by the Canadian and United States Defence Department?

Decide for yourself.



Halifax In The Future

This picture is a mock up that someone else made that I am using as an example to show what Halifax will look like in the future.

I actually am going to build this out of my pocket for free when I get my settlement from the Bank Of Canada when we re-launch Nova Scotia.

It doesn't matter if we even need it or not, I'm going to build a futuristic city in Halifax when I get all that money and resources from my Government Settlements from Canada and the Defense Department.

Then we will all live in the Jetsons, and it will be permanently maintained and upkept - then Halifax will be the World's First City of The Future - I will pay for that out of my pocket when I get that money, this will help launch the Country of Nova Scotia into the future.

Then all that free internet and resources I have been going on about will be provided free for our new City and we will all live in the future now, built from the ground up starting today so Halifax Citizens can be the first people to live in the actual future when we construct it on purpose just for ourselves to live in.

Halifax In The Future


Art Review: Halifax Library

Halifax Library
Well it took me a while but I finally had a chance to go to the new Halifax Library on Spring Garden Road in Downtown Halifax and get a good look at it, I normally go to the Alderney Landing Library because it's at the bottom of the hill from my Apartment.

I was pretty impressed with the new Halifax library which resembles the M.C. Escher Picture below. The building is an artistic cube of sorts and multi floor with catwalks and stair cases like in the Escher drawing.

Inside the library it really feels like you're in that picture, hopefully this will become a large tourist attraction, it's really well designed and super nice inside.

You're allowed drinking coffee in there and their is a coffee shop on the main floor, plus you can watch television and they have big screen televisions set up for kids to play xbox and playstation.

There are tons of places to sit to look out the windows with couches and booths and tons of public computer terminals for free internet browsing with a two hour time limit per day on the computer.

You can sit in chairs and couches and read magazines or use your laptop for free on the upper floors and look out over Spring Garden Road through the glass windows and use you laptop or read books / magazines. 

It took me a while, but great work on this should be tourist attraction. 

Rating: 10/10 for artistic impressions and making me feel like I was in an Escher drawing.

M.C. Escher


Scandal At Halifax Defense Department!

Scandal At Halifax Shipyard.


by Jason MacKenzie - Intenet Blogger -

I went down to the National Defence Department today in Halifax at the Halifax Ship Yard and this it what I saw!

Outrage Sweeps Halifax, New Scotland Amid Shipyard Scandal

The lower half of the North End from Gottingen Street down to the Harbour is actually on the property of the Canadian National Defense Department.

I went out today to visit the Historic Properties walk doing research for my blog in the North End area, the Defense Department has the slum right on it's property and they are not protecting the historic properties in downtown Halifax - Only at the Defence Department area at the Halifax Shipyard.

St. Patrick's Church Ruined by Military

St. Patrick's Catholic Church on Brunswick Street below  Gottingen Street is a Historic Church from 1885 in Halifax and probably the only church NOT restored in Halifax and is NOT being protected by the Defence Department and is on the same property.

The Defense Department has the windows boarded up with ply wood - The St. Patrick's Catholic Church is the tallest building in the Area there.

All around the Church on the Historic Properties the Defense department has built slums in the Gottingen Street and not protected the area, right next to the Historic Properties Houses / Buildings there are SLUMS and garbage everywhere and the defense department has ruined the neighbourhood by building a slum on top of the Historic Properties.

I went down to Barrington Street on the walking trail and you can see right into the Halifax Shipyard at the Defense Department.


There are homeless people and people drug dealing and living in the woods on the Defence Department parking lot on the walking trail on MATTRESSES OUTSIDE!!!

They have people living on fucking mattresses, outside on the ground in the woods on the Defense Department Property at the Halifax Shipyard...then there's all these people hanging around the shipyard I assume looking for cash payments from the Military off the shipyard and probably buying drugs and drug dealing at the shipyard.

When I looked into the shipyard all I saw was a lot GARBAGE and not a lot of ship building, just like they have all over the North End.

Inside the shipyard they had people DRIVING AROUND IN BMW's....INSIDE the Military Base and the Military staff appeared to be working for them from defence contracts.



Right in front of everyone in Halifax in the Public!


Then the Defense Department didn't protect the Neighbourhood...they ruined it!

Much more to follow.

All these people are going to be banned from Canada.

All That Is At This Location In Halifax

Update - This is so sick I can't even stomach my own sarcasm! Everyone says the mattresses in the woods at the Halifax Defense Department is bums having sex in the woods at the Defense Department parking lot!!!!! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaechhhhhhkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!


You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

The United States Military and The Canadian Military REFUSE to acknowledge Treason in the United States and Canada.

Then they NEVER take accountability for any issues at all in this Country or the United States.

They just go around handing out money illegally to private citizens and have turned their backs on the people and don't even acknowledge that we are here.

The Canadian Military REFUSES to defend Nova Scotia's Sunday Shopping Referendum for the citizens by giving them their votes back.

What the fuck is their problem?

They just turned their backs on us at the Defense Department and gave the Referendum to fucking Sobeys.  

Who is Sobeys anyway? You at home?

What is Sobeys the Defense Department at home running that? 

Then they come out on the news AGAIN today lying saying that "They are allowed purpose a one health issue per Doctor's Visit".

They are NOT!

That means that they are now threatening to REMOVE MEDIAL TREATMENT for Canadian citizens at the Defense Department who REFUSES to acknowledge the citizens issues out of OUR MONEY.

The Military is supposed to protect us, THEY HAVE FAILED to do that and they will NEVER admit that these issues are real - THAT MEANS THEY ARE THE ONES DOING IT at home from their Military positions.

Now they are threatening to remove our health care system by forcing doctors to NOT treat more than one issue per visit, then it's like two weeks wait to go back.

That means they cancelled health care and are threatening to cut the dollar because we want our money.

Any doctor refusing to treat patients in Canada is going to get arrested for War Crimes is what will take place.

Atlantic Canada is NOT Western Canada with their fake Government from Ottawa. We are separate and are our own Country anyway, our currency here was only cancelled in the 1930's.

Our Currency From The 1930's On It's Way Back
We need to take our money back from Ottawa from the Bank of Canada so we can feed ourselves and issue our own medical treatment and help the citizens on our own.

Ottawa and the Military have ABANDONED Atlantic Canada and REFUSE to acknowledge crimes committed here by the Government and Military in Nova Scotia.

They are making me so mad I can't even see. 

They are all going to be arrested up there, you can see it coming. 

I am sick of the fucking news going along with the Defense Department and not taking accountability for these issues.

All those pricks in Ottawa aren't getting my money when I get a piece of the Bank of Canada in a lawsuit over it, I'm going to blow it here in Nova Scotia and on our Country and use it to ruin Western Canada after I catch the Defense Contractors in my lawsuit.

The First President of Nova Scotia,to be honored later

...oh right if the Canadian Military abandoned Atlantic Canada then where is their staff at? 

Yeah duh, their all working on Defense Contracts at Irving Oil at the Halifax Shipyard with all their friends at private companies because the Military Staff abandoned Citizens of Atlantic Canada and they all got jobs in the Military at the Halifax Shipyard building ships for Irving Oil and all working for Raytheon off our tax money at their houses...all kissing each other down there mmhmhmhmhmhm, the Military Staff, Irving Oil and Raytheon with a bunch of old men.

Then they got Lockeed Martin's Office up at Highfields Park working on Submarine Software Contracts for the Defense Department and they won't hire anyone from Nova Scotia including Software Designers and Project Managers all sucking dick together with Sobeys and Irving on Illegal  Defense Contracts off free money from tax payers in Nova Scotia and they won't hire anyone but their own friends or some prick.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sobeys Lawsuit Update, Sunday Shopping Update and Canadian Defense Department Update

This is my plan to Execute for Treason Branches of the Canadian Military and Defense Department in my Lawsuit again Sobeys Company aka Empire Corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Their execution for treason will take place from Europe which is the protections for Canada from these actions. 

This is an overall update.

Everyone knows I am suing Sobeys, I notified the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia of the lawsuit in 2009 and gave them the evidence and handed in all the names of the floor staff that have to testify in the case. 


I told you that if you came back and flamed me again that this would happen, that happened in October 2019 when I presented purposed work for a Heavy Metal Documentary, people showed up tried to steal my material and flamed me again.

Now I am going to sue the Canadian Department of Defense at the Military for protecting Sobeys on the Stock Market and not following the laws of Canada when I catch them. 

Sobeys tried to steal my Corporate SAP Designs worth millions of dollars to their company from their floor staff at home, then they flamed me on the internet for two years and at my house from their office floor with people in the music community in local rock music. 

Then they tried to steal my record "Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression" by flaming me to try and make me quit Death Metal music in Halifax. 

Then they flamed me again in 2012 when I was in LA Weekly and tried to force me to give one of my songs to the Death Metal band Terrorizer and terrorize me at home when I lived in New Glasgow harassing me for money and band material, laughing like jackals every ten minutes in front the house I was living in with other residents - nothing happened and  people made them leave.

Sobeys then filed a FAKE RECORD OF EMPLOYMENT against me at the unemployment office after I quite refusing to give them my work to ruin my unemployment checks, then they claimed I was part time staff and tried to make me give them my Corporate Business Designs.

Then they followed me around town flamed me and on the internet for two years until I made them stop.

All those documents were turned in to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ten years ago and these are Constitutional Infractions against me by Sobeys that never expire on the Toronto Stock Exchange where my job was in Corporate Compliance at Sobeys - when I quit I turned them all into the Toronto Stock Market and New York Stock Market for Compliance Fraud - nothing happened.

Everyone knows I already beat them in court.

However, I am going after their business partners and government staff protecting their fake Corporation.

If I catch the Canadian Government and the Canadian Military at the Department of Defense covering up Sobeys for their infractions against me I am going to sue them all and turn them into the international courts for treason and give them death penalty in Canada if I catch them.

I will do the same in the United States of America when I also catch them there at the United States Military in their disconnected branches where they run these fake contractors to steal tax payer money here in Canada.

The Canadian Government has failed to acknowledge the illegal changing of the Sunday Shopping laws in Nova Scotia.

That means they are being protected from punishment by the Canadian Military at the Defense Department.

The Canadian Defence Department has blocked the citizens of Nova Scotia to illegally allow Sunday shopping against the laws of Canada.

That is who did it, they are also Defense Contractors like Raytheon.

Since I already won against Sobeys if I catch the Defense Department at the Canadian Military I am suing them in my lawsuit.

I will then implicate them in the changing of the Sunday Shopping law which was done by Sobeys in the Courts in Halifax where I now live.

I am going to destroy you all in court for what you did to me at my home on  June 9,2008 when you tied to steal my work and income for the floor staff at Sobeys Office.


I am going to ruin you all in Canada's courts for the rest of my life.

When I catch the Defense Department I am suing them for Treason for stealing the Sunday Shopping Referendum and giving it to Sobeys and then attempting to steal my Corporate SAP Designs from my home in 2008. 

You and your collaborators in the music scene and the floor staff are all dead to me, I have no feelings for you and I am going to ruin you all in public, in print and in Court and play in a Death Metal band at the same time to humiliate you for the rest of my life for your public criminal actions.

When I catch and sue the Canadian Defense Department I am going to tell the courts that everyone flaming me is their friends and co-workers all bumming me for money and committing treason on the stock market and tax fraud.

When I give the Supreme Court in Halifax your names for flaming me with them from Sobeys you will all be investigated for collaboration for Treason from the Canadian Government.

Then I hope they fucking catch everyone of you.

There will be no money for you from me, you are pigs. 

This may take up to twenty years to complete it is so large, when I am done none of you will be left in Canada who violated my Constitutional rights at my home in June 2008 from your businesses.

You all wanted to find out what I would do if you flamed me again and tried to steal my material again this past October? 

That is what it is, and I am going to implicate you all in my case against the Canadian Government and Canadian Military for trying to steal my property and flaming me like jackals for two years.

Got it yet?


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The Canadian Defense Contractors Issued A Statement Today, Threaten To Lower The Exhcange Rates

The Illegal Canadian Defense Contractors are in the news today, threatening to sink the dollar:

This is the Death Penalty for War Crimes in Canada already, coming from Europe...meaning that they got the Death Penalty in Canada today because their crimes are larger than treason here.

What they are saying is that they have people in place already at a disconnected branch of the Canadian Government being held at the Canadian Military through the Defense Department where they are issuing fake Government contracts and making private citizens in their group get the money through the private Defense Contractor Budgets.

Then they are saying that the illegal Defense Contract Money given to their private Businesses while they work in the Military at the Defense Department will "hurt their economy" if Canadians turn of their money.

This is their operation at the disconnected branch of the Government / Military...

They will then say the Dollar sunk because Canada turned off their illegal money and their friends and family had to stop shopping - which is fake. 

So they are saying if you cancel private defense contracting then the dollar will sink because they have no shopping money.

They  have a disconnected branch of the Canadian Defense Department at the Canadian "currency rates exchange" where they protect the interest rates at the Military for the Commerce Department and they are threatening to artificially drop the Canadian exchange rate to 0.60 Cents American if you try and take the Citizens money back - that is the Death Penalty already in Canada for War Crimes from the International World Courts in Europe.

Then they are saying they are going to blame the currency drop on low shopping, which is the same thing because they meant their money.

Anyway, that doesn't even matter because when the Citizens get the money back on their government checks from the Defense Department we will have extra money anyway, and on top on that they will be forced to lower prices.

If they do that just let them, because that will expose their group at the Canadian Military through the Defense Department and they will all get executed in Canada from outside in Europe.

Again this is why Atlantic Canada is a separate Country from Ontario...for one we don't have this belief system that they are illegally forcing in in Ottawa.

They have artificially elected someone from India as leader of the NDP party...that is fake in Canada.

An Indian from India can not be the Prime Minister of Canada, now they have people from India running the NDP part in the Canadian Parliament - Canada is NOT run from India and that is not welcome in Canada, plus it is all fake from a disconnected branch of the Government.

The NDP Party in Ottawa is probably going to be executed for treason in Canada for pulling that stunt, saying that India runs Canada's Parliament when they can never be Prime Minister because they have to be Canadian.

No one in Atlantic Canada aka Nova Scotia as a Country has that belief system that an Indian should be allowed to run the NDP Party that's why we are separate, no one in Atlantic Canada would ever even listen to that garbage.

Anyway, in Atlantic Canada we should fight Ottawa and Washington D.C. to the Death until everyone one of us here has been killed in a war because we will never submit to India or Washington D.C. because we don't have those beliefs and we're better off being killed in the war than being dictated to by some cunt from India.