Wednesday, March 20, 2019

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

The United States Military and The Canadian Military REFUSE to acknowledge Treason in the United States and Canada.

Then they NEVER take accountability for any issues at all in this Country or the United States.

They just go around handing out money illegally to private citizens and have turned their backs on the people and don't even acknowledge that we are here.

The Canadian Military REFUSES to defend Nova Scotia's Sunday Shopping Referendum for the citizens by giving them their votes back.

What the fuck is their problem?

They just turned their backs on us at the Defense Department and gave the Referendum to fucking Sobeys.  

Who is Sobeys anyway? You at home?

What is Sobeys the Defense Department at home running that? 

Then they come out on the news AGAIN today lying saying that "They are allowed purpose a one health issue per Doctor's Visit".

They are NOT!

That means that they are now threatening to REMOVE MEDIAL TREATMENT for Canadian citizens at the Defense Department who REFUSES to acknowledge the citizens issues out of OUR MONEY.

The Military is supposed to protect us, THEY HAVE FAILED to do that and they will NEVER admit that these issues are real - THAT MEANS THEY ARE THE ONES DOING IT at home from their Military positions.

Now they are threatening to remove our health care system by forcing doctors to NOT treat more than one issue per visit, then it's like two weeks wait to go back.

That means they cancelled health care and are threatening to cut the dollar because we want our money.

Any doctor refusing to treat patients in Canada is going to get arrested for War Crimes is what will take place.

Atlantic Canada is NOT Western Canada with their fake Government from Ottawa. We are separate and are our own Country anyway, our currency here was only cancelled in the 1930's.

Our Currency From The 1930's On It's Way Back
We need to take our money back from Ottawa from the Bank of Canada so we can feed ourselves and issue our own medical treatment and help the citizens on our own.

Ottawa and the Military have ABANDONED Atlantic Canada and REFUSE to acknowledge crimes committed here by the Government and Military in Nova Scotia.

They are making me so mad I can't even see. 

They are all going to be arrested up there, you can see it coming. 

I am sick of the fucking news going along with the Defense Department and not taking accountability for these issues.

All those pricks in Ottawa aren't getting my money when I get a piece of the Bank of Canada in a lawsuit over it, I'm going to blow it here in Nova Scotia and on our Country and use it to ruin Western Canada after I catch the Defense Contractors in my lawsuit.

The First President of Nova Scotia,to be honored later

...oh right if the Canadian Military abandoned Atlantic Canada then where is their staff at? 

Yeah duh, their all working on Defense Contracts at Irving Oil at the Halifax Shipyard with all their friends at private companies because the Military Staff abandoned Citizens of Atlantic Canada and they all got jobs in the Military at the Halifax Shipyard building ships for Irving Oil and all working for Raytheon off our tax money at their houses...all kissing each other down there mmhmhmhmhmhm, the Military Staff, Irving Oil and Raytheon with a bunch of old men.

Then they got Lockeed Martin's Office up at Highfields Park working on Submarine Software Contracts for the Defense Department and they won't hire anyone from Nova Scotia including Software Designers and Project Managers all sucking dick together with Sobeys and Irving on Illegal  Defense Contracts off free money from tax payers in Nova Scotia and they won't hire anyone but their own friends or some prick.


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