Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Atlantic Canada Declare's It's Independence

Atlantic Canada is now officially it's own Country within Canada which is now know as Nova Scotia including the entire Maritime Region.

However this has yet to be recognized by the United Nations.

This is why:

The Sunday Shopping Referendum outcome in my court case has blocked Ottawa from regulation in our region which now falls to Halifax for all of Atlantic Canada, we are own our own now and my case proves it.

However we are still under Canada because they owe us money and for taxation.

The Disconnected branch of the United States Government that made the Equifax System is Illegal in Nova Scotia as it has been determined unconstitutional.

That part has disconnected us from Washington D.C. leaving us independent.

Sunday Shopping disconnects Ottawa.

United States fake Equifax laws disconnects Washington D.C. 

This makes our region independent and both other Capitals owe us war reparations etc. 

Things remain the same today until all this gets recognized by the world and courts in North America.



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