Thursday, March 7, 2019

Commentary: The United States Government Has Nothing To Offer

In the news, the mainstream media has claimed that the entire political agenda of the United States Government and United States Military was all just a debate over the Mexico Border Wall.

Then they come out and said, that Trump caved on the Border Wall funding and Congress Blocked it by blocking the National Emergency in the News.

Then they lied and took all the News stories down off the internet and started "playing a tape" of old and recycled news stories.

They are claiming they blocked the Mexico border wall by suing the President to cancel Emergency Funding and then voting against it in the Congress.

Newsflash...that is not the correct United States Senate Procedures, meaning that they must have changed the rules in order to say that...stripping the President of his power.

Then when you look at the lawsuit it's Defense Contractors suing for private money for their staff from Military Contracts for the Department Of Defense at the State Level.

Then, Defense Contractors are doing Military Contracts with hired citizens and they want the Senate funding....somewhere along the route they must have passed a fake law with no Congressional Oversight or from the public vote in probably a disconnected branch of the United States Government. Treason.

All the Democrats have done since January is block the President, then they are looking for contract money for Defense Contractors for private Military Budget spending with their staff.

This is happening because they stuck in illegal laws at the United States Government and United States Military that allow them to operate illegally in Washington D.C. 

Then, the United States Military came out and said they owed the free 5G wireless internet network.

That is the same thing, on that end they have other private companies doing cell phone sales to make money for the United States Military.

There are two sets on money so far that I can count that The United States Government and United States Military is illegally stealing from citizens on North America.

The first is the Defense Contract budgets at the State Level for Defense Contracts to Private Citizens who are claiming they own 14 US States in private hands in the lawsuit, then the Democrats are blocking Senate Operations to get them the money, then they are also using some kind of "fake law" they slipped in to allow them to block the President from meeting the demands of the citizens.

Remember, the Democrats in Washington D.C. all they are doing is trying to block the Citizens from receiving funding and transferring it to Defense Contractors and trying to transfer the money and presidential power to the State Level with a fake law against the citizens to their face.

The second set of money is Smartphone Developers like Telus Mobility, the United States Military just claimed they owned the network not the citizens who built it with tax money and are using that to generate revenue from Smart Phone Sales while getting paid from US Tax Dollars which also built the network and provides defense contract financing.

Then they raised all the prices of everything, and won't increase check or wage payments while Defense Contractors, Smartphone Companies have all the public jobs and tax money from the citizens in their pockets.

They also advertised all those jobs in the University Curriculum and now they are not there for the regular citizens and they have private staff cost cutting everyone's technology degrees from Washington D.C.

They are the people buying all those fancy cars and stuff, the Contractors and their Staff all illegally by using a fake law they slipped in the government with no vote or public oversight.

I wouldn't be surprised if the United States and Canada got set on fire by the citizens to get rid of these people.

The future of The United States Military, United States Government and Canadian Government in Ottawa does not look good for that group of fake Politicians and illegal Military Personnel selling these fake contracts and blocking the news, then not reporting on the real stories. 


This is a huge long term topic here is a short update....

You can see the Treason in Washington D.C. at the Government and Military.

Private Defense Contractors are suing the President of the United States Office while working on Defense Contracts for the Military and claiming they own 14 US States.

Then, the United States Military is saying they own the 5G Network. 

Then China is coming in to the United States and trying to set up a China Government Run Smartphone Company.

That company will be build in California, which they are all claiming is "private land" owned by Defense Contractors.

Right so, the Defense Contractors are trying to say they own the State separate from the President's Office on Private Land and they are trying to set up a Chinese Government run business on it.

Then Huawei's CFO was arrested in Canada by the United States Government.

That is all Treason, the Lawsuit against the President is to remove his power to the State Level, then Defense Contractors are saying they own the State and have canceled the public's vote, then they are trying to operate an illegal business from China on it run by the Chinese Government in California in "silicon valley".

Plus they are trying to open the Mexico / California border to get an influx of illegal immigrants into California to back their fake political movement.

All Execution for Treason in the United States of America, right to the public's face. 


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