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News: Mainstream Media Tampering In Mid Term Elections blames Donald Trump

Just a quick news post.

The media is now tampering in the mid term US elections by saying that they want the FBI Probe stopped.

The media is trying to say that the probe is swaying the decision of the elections against the Democrats.

Then the media is trying to get the probe stopped.

That's because the probe is into them.

Now they are saying that the probe is tampering with the election because it investigates the media.   

Then they are saying it's Donald Trump who is tampering with the elections by backing an FBI Probe.

Then they are trying get the president to drop the probe.

That's not Trump tampering with the election, it's the media.

The media is tampering with the election by saying the probe affects the election. 

The probe doesn't effect the election it's a criminal investigation. 

Now the media wants it stopped because it's into them and are tampering with the election.


"That's the big, reinforcing takeaway from the New York Times's scoop Tuesday night that Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself in the Russia probe. It's merely the latest clear example of Trump trying to control or otherwise sway the people who could be in charge of his own fate. And it underlines the fact that he had very few boundaries in doing so."

They are saying on msn that Trump is trying to control the people who are in charge of his own fate, like Nixon did.

They are making the investigation sound like it's into Trump.

It isn't.

It's into the media. 

They mean in the article that Trump is trying to control people in charge if his own fate, they mean with the investigation.

Then they actually mean, the MEDIA is in charge of his fate in the election and the news stories are trying to get the President to drop it. 

That is election tampering by the media.

These people think you are fucking stupid in the media, and they can't even follow the story on television on their own stations. 


Evolution in the news

Charles Darwin- Thinks People Will Grown Horns
Just mentioning on here earlier that Charles Darwin was handicapped and evolution made the news today, what are the chances.

Lizard Fossil Missing Link In Evolution

Do they mean lizard evolution or human evolution, tomorrow they may be saying that this is the lizard that humans came from. 

It looks like Wolf Blitzer made that up to get the Russia Investigation closed by mid term elections so they don't get investigated.

Is this the evolutionary lizard that is tampering with mid term elections? Stop the investigation quick before it tampers with the election, or the news will have to run more time traveling astronaut stories.

Speaking of  evolution according to Darwin people may grown horns any minute. That theory has been around since the 1850's like 170 years and humans haven't grown horns yet.

So when is this evolution going to happen anyway?

I mean it's been 170 years and nothing that I even heard of has evolved, so when's that gonna happen. Why don't you send a cosmonaut into the future to get him to check what year humans will have horns.

After 170 years you think a dog or cat would have evolved or something but they didn't yet.

I mean with all the infinite species on Earth you think one of them would have been scheduled for evolution in the past 170 years but I haven't seen anything.

Oh wait, just like time travel evolution occurs way in the past or in the distant future so we can never see it.

Don't you think that all your theories are getting a little old when you just say nothing happens in the present? I mean, everything these people say has to be way in the past or way in the future.

But with all the species on Earth you would think a dog or cat would have grown an antenna by now, fuck it's been 170 years you think something would have evolved into something else.

According to Darwin we could grown horns in our forehead any second now...oh wait....that can't happen because people are here to see it. Those things only happen way in the past or way in the future.

Anyway, Charles Darwin is an idiot because he think I might grown a horn when I'm sitting here, but it hasn't happened yet.

I'm just assume that Charles Darwin was a traitor to America and committed treason to get his fake theory in the school system.

Then all his traitor friends are covering for him in the media running stories of evolution.

The common theme to that is every time it's something stupid like Darwin it always looks like treason.

Every time they betray the government they run a hoax and it's always fucking gay, like some time machine or something.

I'm just gonna assume that every time I see a story like that that traitors made it because its lame and always gay sounding.

I'm gonna look up Darwin himself to see what his story is and check if they wrote down when he committed treason like they did with all those other people, I bet Darwin is the same as Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia. 

More to follow on Darwin.


Doing a quick check on the internet it says that the theory came out in 1859 just before the American Civil War.

This is all around slavery.

My theory is that they are saying slavery was the process of natural selection, and then they are saying humans have evolved and abolished it.

Then they freed slaves at the end of the American Civil war. They are saying that "Aristocrats" accepted the theory first and then they made scientists adopt the theory as fact and they tried to make people believe it to get out of running slavery.

quote form link:

"The speed with which this idea was accepted vis-�-vis Origin in 1859 is rather remarkable. An analysis of scientific acceptance of Darwinian evolution within the first decade suggests that its influence has perhaps been overestimated (again it needs to be emphasized that Darwin’s early influence was chiefly carried forward by his wide ranging and diverse affinity group of Victorian elites and not especially scientists), but still was rather astonishing. According to this study, in 1869 nearly 75 percent of all scientists had accepted Darwinian evolution. (See David L. Hull, Peter D. Tessner, Arthur Diamond, “Planck’s Principle,” Science, New Series, v. 202, no, 4369 [1978]: 717-723) The authors note also that Planck’s principle (i.e., the idea that young scientists are more accepting of new theories and ideas in science while their older colleagues remain resistant) does not seem borne out in Darwin’s case, which is precisely what one would expect if the ETA thesis is accurate. Thus, Ernst Mayr seems quite right in stating, “Within fifteen years of the publication of Origin hardly a qualified biologist was left who had not become an evolutionist.” (See his One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and the Genesis of Modern Evolutionary Thought, p. 25.) While Hull, Tessner, and Diamond may consider Darwin’s scientific influence exaggerated, their own data suggests that Darwin’s theory spread with nearly unprecedented speed in the annals of science."


I think this came from England and would have been treason in the United States.

I think they are just trying to make the public think they are stupid and using evolution to get out of slavery by making them think they have evolved to get out of it.

Then royalty made scientists in the 1850's adopt it and they ended slavery all at the same time.

That all came out at once, the end of slavery and evolution.

Right, they are evolved now so they abolished slavery and they say that slavery was the process of natural selection then they said they were more evolved and humans came from what does that mean they didn't mean to enslave all those people a few years earlier because they were animal like? Then what they "decided" to evolve when the South lost the civil war?

Then they have evolved in one second in the 1850's just in time to abolish slavery and they forced everyone to adopt it just at the start of the American Civil War.



News: Scientists Claim To Have Invented A Functional Time Machine

Time Travel Machine Invented
I mean how stupid do this people think the public is anyway? Is  this some  test to determine what they can get the public to believe or what?

Obviously this is not true because time travel isn't real.

The story is based on Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity from 1905, something about time is relative to how fast you are moving.

Right, like the faster you travel the shorter the trip is. 

So you get more out of your twenty minutes at 100 miles per hour than if traveled at 20 miles an hour because you went a further distance.

I mean that is from 1905, not today and I doubt Einstein was talking about space travel and supersonic aircraft in the days of horses and wagons.

Of course my example above of Einstein's theory is somewhat sarcastic, just keep in mind he wrote that in horse and wagon days and not space ship days like today.

They are saying in this article in the mainstream news that the faster you go the more time slows down. 

I'm pretty sure Einstein meant the faster you go the more the time of the trip slows down, not time itself.

Of course I'm no expert and have yet to see this time machine they have invented.

They are saying that, and this is a total lie, that astronauts living in space for a long time have traveled backwards in time for traveling so fast on the space station.

They said the an astronaut , cosmonaut actually Gennady Padalka said that when he returned from Space the Earth was traveling 1/44  of a second in time ahead of where he thought it would be.

This was written in a book by Princeton Physicist J. Richard Gott "Time Travel in Einstien's Universe" and is claiming that Padaalka has "traveled into the future" for real.  

What he is saying is that by Gennady Padalka spending 879 days in space and traveling faster than people on Earth that he was literally traveled into the future and is a real time traveler.

Meaning that because he went so fast in outerspace for 879 days that time slowed down, and he traveled 1/44  of a second into the past. When he returned to Earth it was 1/44th of a second into the future.

Then when he came back to Earth he said the world was 1/44 of a second ahead of him....uh, what did you measure that with? Your crazy time traveling distance machine from Apple as an app on your smartphone that tells you have far into the past you have traveled when returning from orbit?

Oh wait, maybe the guy is so smart that he can see things and count 1/44 of a second at a time.

Then when he looked with his bare eyes he counted everything in 44ths of a second visually manually by hand and can see that he that everyone is 1/44th of a second ahead of him.

Anyway, what is your reference point to show that the world is 1/44 of a second ahead of you?

Are you saying that you see everything 1/44 of a second behind everyone?

How the fuck would you measure that?

Right you can't and only he can see it so you just have to believe him with no evidence or why to measure it.

That's because it's not real and they are just lying. Plus there is no way to ever prove that.

Then they are talking about "the hurdles of time travel"...oh yeah...I'd like to read about that.

For example, when you're constructing your time machine, what obstacles do you expect to encounter when sending a person through time since apparently you have already achieved this.

Like is it a fuel supply or food and water or what?

When you send a person through time, how much water do you need to send with them?

I'm just wondering because if you send someone into the past how long does it take to get there and how much food and fuel does it take for each trip?

Like, if you travel 100 years into the past does take longer to get there than if it was 50 years?

And, how much fuel does that take?

Also, how many meals would a time traveler need to take with them on their journey into the past and what would it cost for fuel? And how much air would they need to bring with them for the trip?

Those are the hurdles I am interested in hearing about.

Then then story contradicts itself by saying they have achieved time travel by sending particles into the future by speeding them up.

This is called the Large Hadron Collider, I guarantee that this machine is a hoax. 

The machine they are saying is sending particles a fraction of a second into the future but there is no way to measure that.

What are the particles returning the winning lottery numbers from a fraction of a second into the future? 

I mean how the fuck are they measuring that? Right, they can't. That is a fucking hoax.

The contradiction is the first part of the story said that speeding up people in space slows down time, then they said the machine sends particles into the future by speeding them up.

So what is it?

Are you saying that speeding something up slows down time or sends it into the future?

Because that said the astronaut was 1/44 of a second behind the planet by traveling fast. 

Then they said sending particles fast sends them into the future.

So what does sending particles fast slow down time or speed it up because your article is contradicting itself.

Anyway, that is a fucking hoax.

Then they say "relative" time.

What they mean by that is they are saying that particles are time traveling because they are travelling faster, like in a car.

So when they accelerate particles  it looks like they are time traveling if your handicapped.

That's because they are saying that the particles are "getting somewhere faster when you speed them up and it looks like time travel."

That's the same as the car example....if  one car travels at 100 mph and the other at 50 mph they are saying it looks like time travel because the first car arrived there faster then the second slower one.

Fuck You. That is a fucking hoax at Princeton.

Plus you can't measure time travel until the Apple Iphone app comes out to tell you how far you have traveled into the past or future.

Reading these old books today all these stupid theories from the 1800's and the 1900's are falling apart.

When you read those books their theories make them look mentally redarded.

This big one here is Charles Darwin, who is fucking handicapped.

I guarantee Charles Darwin is a hoax and that evolution is fake. You can prove it today in the book in one second that Charles Darwin is fake.  

I've been reading these old books like The Origin of The Species that are free ebooks now in the public domain.

They really need to stop teaching this crap, there is no way that humans "evolved" like that, the guy Darwin is a fucking retard. I will post more about that later after I read it all.

When is the last time a scientist evaluated the actual theory in that book anyway 1847? That theory will never hold up into the future.

Get the ebook on the first page of the actual  theory it says this:

The theory of evolution is based on one principle - It's that the rain doesn't fall just to make corn grow, it's a separate event.

I hate to break it to you Darwin but the rain does fall just to make corn grow, in fact the rain falls to make every plant and vegetable grow including corn. So you are wrong on the first page.

The point of the book is that they are trying to get you to believe that the rain is not connected to corn growing and that rain is there for a separate purpose.

Everyone knows that rain falls to grow vegetables for people and animals to eat.

Then they try and get you "disconnect" that fact that water is there to make plants grow.

Then they say rain falling is an event by itself.

Then they say plants growing is a side effect to rain.

That is not true.

The cycle of rain fall and plants growing is locked into the planet.

Everyone know that the rain falls to make corn grow, just like all plants including corn.

The cycle of rain fall and plant growth is locked.

Everyone knows that rain falls to grow all plants and it is locked.

Then they try and get you to say that that is not true and rain fall is not related to plant growth and is a separate event.

Then they say humans came from animals.

To believe that in the book you have to first agree that rain's purpose is not to grow life.

When in fact it is and all life depends on it so it is locked.

Then they try and get you into the philosophical argument about what came first the chicken or the egg, then in that conservation they can prove anything because all scientific facts have been disconnected from each other in the book.

So they just take all scientific facts in the Origin of the Species and disconnect them from each other to try and say humans came from animals.

This is some kind of trick in the book and is a hoax that they used to trick people to believe in that, when you examine it today it is a hoax in the book.

There is no scientific data in the book at all and is all wacked out theories after you disconnect life growing from rain falling. 

Everyone knows that life growing depends on rain falling and it's locked. You cant say that doesn't apply to corn and it's the whole principle of the book on the first page.

Go get the public domain ebook, it's on the first page of the main text.

I'm sure these old crazy wacked out theories from the 1800's and 1900's will be dropped and be a giant joke in the future like Time Travel Theories and The Origin of the Species.


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Night of the Living Dead

This is the colorized version of the Night of the Living Dead full movie. I don't care if people like the black and white one better I like the colorized one anyway because you can see it better:

Happy Memorial Day 2018...& The True Story of William Kidd and The Treasure of Oak Island

The Devil and Tom Walker 1824-Source of the Oak Island Hoax
Happy Memorial Day, today is a holiday to remember the people who died serving The United States Military.

The True Story of William Kidd and His Treasure

In researching the History of the Country of Nova Scotia I have come across the possibly true story of Oak Island as written in my previous post.

In reality, Oak Island has nothing to do the with story of William Kidd but looks like it was added into his story later with the hoax at Oak Island in the 1850's.

Now I will reveal the true story of William Kidd and his treasure.

Today reading these old stories it's hard to imagine that anyone every believed any of this, when you examine the texts today they look like stories invented for babies under evaluation.

The story of William Kidd is fiction written in 1824 by Washington Irving called The Devil and Tom Walker. 

Today the story is in the public domain and you should be able to find it as a free ebook.

The Devil and Tom Walker is the first account of the real or actual story of William Kidd that I can find, all other materials reference this text. Any Historical accounts of William Kidd all come from after 1824.

The story was later popularized by Edgar Allan Poe in The Gold Bug in 1843 and Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island in 1883. Today all free public domain ebooks.

The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving is possibly the "start" of pirate books and treasure island stories like today's Pirates of the Caribbean.

William Kidd is a character first written about in 1824 by Washington Irving and popularized stories in the 1800's about pirates on ships in the late  1600's.

Hysteria around stories of pirate ships in the 1800's probably led people to try and document this in historical text and along with hoax's like the Oak Island story.

Under examination, the story of William Kidd falls apart and is not possible.

The story is also the reference material for the hoax at Oak Island with I will now explain.  

William Kidd is the original pirate character, invented by Washington Irving in 1824. All his references date back to the mid 1600's nearly 150 years earlier and there are no original accounts of William Kidd before 1824.

His biography was all written after 1824.

So these are pirate characters in the 1600's that were invented in the 1800's with no historical background.

The connection to Nova Scotia is that William Kidd was born in Scotland, and is said to have visited Nova Scotia shortly before he was imprisoned in New York and probably written into the story later during the popular pirate story days of the 1800's.

William Kidd was born in 1654 and executed in 1701 at 47 in England for piracy. 

So this whole story takes place in about 25 years around William Kidd from his adulthood to execution in England at 47.

His name was Kidd but his parents were Kyd , the name has no baptismal records in Scotland.

The actual date of William Kidd's treasure is 1698.

The treasure is said to be from a ship called the "Quedagh Merchant" which is a cargo ship from India. The ships only historical account comes from the story of Captain Kidd.

The ship like William "Captain" Kidd first appears in his story.

The idea of the Oak Island hoax is that the layers of materials they found in the hole exactly match the ships cargo of the Quedagh Merchant.

So when you examine the story of the Quedagh Merchant, it's cargo is what they said was buried in in the layers in the hole at Oak Island.

They made this up and added it to the story in the 1850's.

The idea of the hoax is they are saying that the treasure is at the bottom of the hole from the ship, then the cargo of the ship was buried on top of the treasure in layers every ten feet.

Then when you did up the hole the layers are supposed to be cargo from the ship, as you keep going and penetrate the layers you are supposed to be getting closer to the treasure by going through the ships cargo from top to bottom.

The "platforms" they said that were every ten feet  may even supposed to be pieces of wood from the ship that they dismantled.

So the treasure from the Quedagh Merchant is supposed to be at the bottom of the hole with the rest of the cargo from the ship placed on top of it every ten feet.

Then when you read the story of the Quedagh Merchant the ship was on route for the French East India Trading Company and it's Cargo was supplies like cloth and linens etc. and gold manufactured in India and said to be dumped in hole at Oak Island.

Oak Island has other names in the story and is also referenced as "money cove" in the story of the Quedagh Merchant.

The point here is,  you have to understand the context they are talking about in these old stories. When you get the context and say it in modern terms the story falls apart because it's not possible and looks like a story for babies about pirates.

This is the actual story of Willam "Captain" Kidd the pirate from the late 1600's.

William Kidd was born in Scotland and ran a pirate ship crew that was English and French during the British and French wars.

He worked for the King of England who on his private time paid Captain Kidd money to help him loot French ships and towns in the Caribbean for a 10% cut.

This is not possible because the King of England didn't need to do that to earn money, he owned everything.

Captain Kidd also worked for The Governor of New York who sent him on looting missions in the Atlantic Ocean.

His wife was in her early 20's and widowed twice and one of the wealthiest women in New York because she inherited money from her two dead husbands.

Obviously her first two husbands were also pirates  who were killed and left her money, her third husband William "Captain" Kidd was also a pirate and executed at 47 by England.

The French-English pirate ship would sail under both flags and changed them as they needed depending on the situation.

The crew was not paid and and had to loot French ships to earn money and switched several times with other crew members being forced into Military service for disrespecting the British Navy, Kidd left and had to get a new crew and ship.

The ship was apparently always in need of repair and they had to work hard to keep it going, most likely damage from other ships defending themselves from their pirate attacks.

The crew would raise their French flag before attacking French ships to trick them and in one case the crew even destroyed and looted an entire French town in the Caribbean, not bad for 150 people who took out an entire town in the Caribbean.

Their last adventure was the capture of the Quedagh Merchant from India traveling for the French East India trading company.

Shorty before the adventure William Kidd changed crew members again and this time has a black man who would have been a slave at the time in America as one of his ship mates, the crew attacked and looted the Quedagh Merchant and then hid in Madagascar off the Coast of Africa with their French and English crew with the new black crew member who who helped them escape in Africa.

The ship they looted however was off limits from the King of England because it was not French, and Kidd was ruled a pirate in England.

Captain Kidd later returned to New York City where he was eventually captured and the Governor of New York to avoid implications from his earlier dealings with Kidd sent him to England where he was executed at 47.

This story is obviously fiction from 1824, and hysteria around pirate stories in the 1800's  led them to try and prove these tales or hoax them into the History books.

The actual date of the treasure was 1698, then he hid in Madagascar and then captured in New York in 1700.

The time period for the Oak Island Treasure wound then be about 1699, and the story makes no mention of him going to Nova Scotia, only that he was born in Scotland.

There is a claim that the ship Quedagh Merchant was recently found sunk in the Caribbean in 2007, but it is only a theory. In fact the ship's historical record is that is actually came from the fictional story of Captain Kidd so it is not real.

This discovery in the Caribbean claiming to be the fictional ship also led to the launch of the television show "The Curse of Oak Island" a few years later.

The actual "Curse" of Oak Island is from the story by Washington Irving. The curse is that Captain Kidd made a deal with the devil who protects the treasure and then was executed before he could claim it.

Then the devil is supposed to never release the treasure and is protecting it. That is the tale of the curse at Oak Island.

The truth is that they were hoaxed by the story and people were killed digging in an old water well from the British Navy.

Captain Kidd's Treasure was from 1698 and Oak Island in Lunenburg was founded fifty years later in the 1750's.

So the area said to be the treasure of Captain Kidd fifty years later was occupied by the British Navy and was heavily fortified. Obviously, they would have surveyed the area and found the hole if it was real. When if fact it was probably a salt water well used for putting out fires in the Harbor in Lunenburg County.

The story of Captain Kidd was written by Washington Irvin in the short story The Devil and Tom Walker, then later popularized by Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson later in the 1800's in books like Treasure Island.

When you read the story knowing all this it looks completely fictional and time dated for children from the 1800's.


You can read The Devil and Tom Walker online here in the book of short stories "Tales of a Traveler"  by Washington Irving from 1824 in various formats.

William Kidd is the back story apparently for the Tom Walker story and there is a separate story about William Kidd in the book. I think what they are saying is William Kidd is the back story in the adventure of Tom Walker.

This is in the public domain and anyone can use them for free. 


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History: The Lost History Of Nova Scotia - The Terrible Story of Oak Island

The Raid on Lunenburg - 1782

Digging into my lost history theory of Nova Scotia I have possibly discovered the true and terrible story of Oak Island.

This story like other lost histories of The Country Of Nova Scotia takes place starting in the mid 1750's.

Examining the lost history of  The Country of Nova Scotia we come across the story of The Curse of Oak Island which actually took place in The Country of Nova Scotia.

When you look at the lost History of The Country of Nova Scotia you can include the terrible story of the curse of Oak Island, which took place there.

Not to waste time I will reveal the secret of Oak Island which is probably accurate and hidden in the text books and then show the proof form the Historical references.

The shaft at Oak Island is most likely a man made water well by The British after the founding of Lunenburg in around 1753. 

Lunenburg was founded by the British four years after Halifax and they built defenses along the Harbor on the small Islands.

Oak Island which was originally named Smith's Island in 1753 was probably a garrison for the defense of Nova Scotia for England.

Since the area was under attack the garrison at Oak Island would have made the well which is a "salt water or sea water well" to pump in sea water to the surface.

The sea water would have been pumped to the surface to put out fires during attacks by the French or Indians and also probably used as a water source for The Lunenburg County Fire Brigade.

The area in the late 1700's was heavily attacked several times and the well was probably used by the British Navy to pump sea water to put out fires.

The entire area in Lunenburg was destroyed several times in the late 1700's including twice by American Soldiers during the American Revolution when they attached Lunenburg in Nova Scotia while fighting the British.

The area was also destroyed during the French and Indian wars and during the Expulsion of the French Acadians who were sent to Louisiana. 

The area around Smith's Island aka Oak Island is Chester, NS and was originally founded by settlers from Massachusetts, which during the time of The Country Of Nova Scotia also included the state of Maine.  

The terrible story of the Curse of Oak Island, is that it is really a man made water well that was filled in probably by the British in the late 1700's.

The story of the treasure and tales of Captain Kidd has people falling into the well looking for treasure and should probably be sealed or professionally excavated by the government.

The terrible story of the treasure hidden in the well has caused people to die by climbing into it looking for treasure.

The actual story of the treasure comes from 1856 probably almost 100 years after the well was filled in by the British and probably overlooked by local history.

The story of the treasure comes from "John Smith" who said he was born in America in 1775 just before the American Revolution and found the treasure hole on Smith's Island, which was later renamed Oak Island.

So the story came from John Smith from Smith Island who was born on the eve of the American Revolution in New England.

There is no evidence other that a sketch that there were platforms in the hole every ten feet that I know about and is probably made up with a fake sketch.

However, they did say the were markings of the walls of the hole, probably from the British using it as a water well.  

They said that they dug up the hole and came back the next day and it was full of water, thus making it a water well dug by the British n the 1750's.

The earliest accounts of the hole are from 1799 when someone said there was a "depression" in the ground there, most likely from the filled in well.

The terrible story is that they said in 1856 that they found Captains Kidd's Lost Treasure causing hysteria and people believing the story crawled into the hole and fell into the well and died looking for the treasure.

The historical records of the well are not in the history books however when you look at the history of Lunenburg you can see that there were British Fortifications all in the Harbor Area to protect Nova Scotia and they were at war with the French and the Indians.

The area was also attacked twice and destroyed by the Americans during the American Revolution.

The most likely story is that the well and fortifications were probably destroyed by attacks in the late 1700's by the French, Indians and Americans and then the well was filled in by the British and then forgotten about in the historical record.

Later in the mid 1800's the well was dug up and used in a hoax that led to people's death seeking Captain Kidd's Treasure.

The future of the well for historical purposes is that it should be professionally excavated by the Government and compared to British Naval Wells from the 1750's to see if they can date the architecture if there is any left, or be filled in for safety.

Oak Island:


Battles at Lunenburg:

French and Indian War:

Raid on Lunenburg  -1756,_Nova_Scotia_(1756)

The Lunenburg Campaign - 1758

The Raid on Lunenburg 1782 - American Revolution  - Also attacked in 1775 and involved in War of 1812,_Nova_Scotia_(1782)


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History: More History of The Country of Nova Scotia

Penobscot River - The old USA - Country of Nova Scotia Border in Maine
As I dig into the History books researching The History of the Country of Nova Scotia more facts are presenting themselves to be true about Nova Scotia's origins.

These facts are tying themselves to together based on cross referencing other texts to prove my theories of The Country of Nova Scotia's origins.

There are no text books on what I am specifically researching in trying to piece together the History of the Country of Nova Scotia.

What is presenting itself is a "lost history" of of the 1600's. 

Researching The Country of Nova Scotia and it's connected origins to The United States of America is revealing in the text books an apparently lost history of the 1600's.

This history however is all referenced in other texts but the specific story of The History of The Country of Nova Scotia is not written down, it is referenced in other materials.

By correlating and cross referencing other text references to Nova Scotia and relating it to United States History a picture begins to present itself of a lost history of the 1600's.

If this history was intentionally dropped or lost is not known. Cross referencing the facts in other texts with Nova Scotia is proving my research theories true about the History of The Country of Nova Scotia and also building a "lost history" of the 1600's. 

The original boundary of The United States of America and the Country of Nova Scotia was the Penobscot River in Maine, the north side of the river was The Country of Nova Scotia.

This is referenced in texts but is still vague.

This is just a short update of my recent research into the text books. Hopefully someday this will be school cirrculum.

Earlier settlements during the 1500's led to names like Acadia in Nova Scotia. That is before the forming of the Country of Nova Scotia.

From my research you can date the founding date of the Country of Nova Scotia to 1607. That is the same date as the founding of the Thirteen American Colonies.

This is based on the transition of Port Royal from the French to the English.

Port Royal was founded in 1605 by the French, on wikipedia it says it was destroyed by the British in 1613.

However, what they aren't saying is that Port Royal was only there from 1605 and then disbanded in 1607. Then it was later demolished by the British in 1613.

The closure of Port Royal is the same date as the Founding of The Thirteen American Colonies by King James the First - 1607.

Therefore the founding of The Thirteen American Colonies in 1607 is the same date as the closure of Port Royal also in 1607.

So you can say the closure of Port Royal in 1607 also commemorates the founding of the Thirteen American Colonies.

After this point in 1607 the area was renamed Nova Scotia. So you can say the Thirteen American Colonies were founded in 1607 and Port Royal was also closed in 1607. After this is the origin of the name Nova Scotia.

So the region was named Nova Scotia in 1607 after the dismantlement that year of Port Royal.during the same year of the founding of the Thirteen American Colonies all by King James the First of England who named The Country of Nova Scotia and .the American Thirteen Colonies

From those records you can date the actual date of the founding of the Country of Nova Scotia to 1607 the same as the American Thirteen Colonies.

The key pointer of that is Port Royal was taken from the French in 1607, the same year as Nova Scotia and The Thirteen American Colonies were founded.  

Therefore the start date of The Country of Nova Scotia and The Thirteen American Colonies is both 1607.

The wars in the 1600's and 1700's between the English and the French in Nova Scotia took place in the Country of Nova Scotia after 1607. where they were fighting for land in the Atlantic region.

Using 1607 as a reference date for the founding of The Country of Nova Scotia is revealing a "lost history" of the 1600's and showing our close connections with America's Thirteen Colonies.

These cross references are revealing "lost" or "hidden" facts that are not in the history books, showing a lost history of the 1600's.

For example, there are two Port Royal's. 

The other Port Royal is in Jamaica. 

Port Royal Jamaica was founded by the Spanish in the 1500's and the Port Royal in Nova Scotia in the 1600's by France.

France and Spain are the other two main settlers from Europe beside England during Colonial times.

What this is showing is that Port Royal in Nova Scotia and Port Royal in Jamaica must have been formed by a French-Spanish Union during Colonial Times.

Port Royal in both locations shows a French-Spanish Union since they both have the same name.

This means that England must have defeated the French-Spanish Union by 1607 and then took control of the region.

After this they named the Atlantic Maritime Region the Country of Nova Scotia and then later made Nova Scotia currency the money in Jamaica.

The Country of Nova Scotia founded in 1607 according to that led the English under King James the First to take over Port Royal, Nova Scotia. Then they made The Country of Nova Scotia the currency of Jamaica which apparently lasted until the 1930's.

This means that The Country of Nova Scotia would have owned slaves and Jamaica, after the defeat of the French-Spanish Union in around 1607 based on the closure of Port Royal in 1607 and then later the Nova Scotia currency in Jamaica.

This would mean there were close ties between The Country of Nova Scotia and America's Thirteen Colonies because they were both run by King James the First and used slavery as a main economic driver.

This is proving by me with my research that The Country of Nova Scotia was founded in 1607 after the defeat of the French-Spanish Union and that they also ran Jamaica.

The Country of Nova Scotia however remained separate from the Thirteen American Colonies because it was used as a Royal Naval Base in Halifax for King James the First personally during the England and France wars of the 1600's and 1700's.

This is an example of  how Port Royal in Nova Scotia and Port Royal in Jamaica are part of the "lost history" of the 1600's that is revealing itself when reconstructing the History of The Country of Nova Scotia from other texts.

Too exciting.


Breaking News Update on Donald Trump & Spygate

This is just in the news....Donald Trump North Korea Summit back on stay tuned.

Also, this is huge.

Is Michael Cohen the FBI Russian spy?

The Attorney fired by Donald Trump from his campaign is connected to both the Stormy Daniels leak and the Russian Spy leak.

What is happening now is people think that Layer Michael Cohen himself may be the Russian Double Agent in the FBI and the secret media source trying to take down the President.

This is not a fact! 

Stay tuned as the story develops.


How To Follow Spygate

This  is a simple guide on how to follow Spygate.

First, I would like point out that Wolf Blitzer from CNN doesn't run the media or determine what it's the news in the media. 

However, I am an fan of CNN and Fox News as well. 

In my opinion Wolf Blitzer on his show on CNN is single handily trying to ruin the President and run Politics, well he doesn't.

On his show they said today that The "Spygate" theory fell apart in the meeting yesterday.

Then when they rolled the news clip it was from Fox News, the other station. 

Then the actual story was that The Government couldn't say anything about Spygate because the meeting they covered was classified. So on the Wolf Blitzer show they said the Spy story fell apart but the actual story in the clip was that the meeting was classified and they couldn't say. 

Then they just make up headlines and say it fell apart lying in the media. The actual story was the meeting was classified, then they keep trying to cover for the spy as a media source for stories on CNN on Wolf Blitzer.

How To Follow Spygate:

Characters - These are the Main Characters in Spygate:

The Special Investigator
The Former Lawyer of Donald Trump
Stormy Daniels
The Russian Oligarch 
The to be determined "Russian Spy"

-The Special Investigator is Robert Muller, he is investigating to see if there was a Spy in the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign.

-The "Russian Spy" is an unnamed information leak to the media and the democratic party.

-The Former Lawyer of Donald Trump is Michael Cohen - has leaked the Stormy Daniels story.

-Stormy Daniels is the Porn Actress in the leak from the Lawyer - Michael Cohen

-The Russian Oligarch  is Viktor Vekselberg a Russian Billionaire with ties to Valdimir Putin I think.


Spygate - The Story So Far:

Attorney Robert Muller is investigating  allegations of Spying into the Campaign of Donald Trump.

Michael Cohen the former Lawyer of the President has released secret information about his relationship with adult actress Stormy Daniels.

Michael Cohen is reportedly said to also have met with Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, this is a part of the Russian Spy connection.

The Russian Spy and Michael Cohen are both releasing secret information to the media and the Democrats.

What this looks like is Michael Cohen may be working with Russia and has ties to a Russian Oligarch who knows Putin, then there are claims of a Russian Spy.

Now not only is Michael Cohen connected to Stormy Daniels he is also connected to a Russian Oligarch and possibly the Russian Spy.

So the Stormy Daniels case and the Russian spy case are connected. The Russian spy is connected to Michael Cohen through the Russian Oligarch and both the Russian Spy and Michael Cohen have apparently released  secret information about Donald Trump.

**These may not all be facts yet, just a theory**


Robert Muller - Special Investigator for the United States Government, investigating Russian Spy and Michael Cohen's connections to Russia because he knows Viktor Vekselberg potentially

Michael Cohen - Former Trump Attorney, Released Stormy Daniels Story, Connections to Russia

Viktor Vekselberg - Russian Oligarch, connections to Putin, possible connections to Russian Spy 

Russian Spy - Unknown Person - Possible FBI / Russian Double Agent who spied on Trump and possibly secret media informant. 

Stormy Daniels - Former Mistress of Donald Trump

Photos and Links:

Robert Muller

Michael Cohen

Viktor Vekselberg

-------Russian Spy Yet To Be Determined-------

Stormy Daniels


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Illegal Garbage Dumping In Nova Scotia

Help Stop Illegal Garbage Dumping
There is a huge problem with illegal garbage dumping in Nova Scotia. These are people who are probably trying to circumvent the Province's Recycling Laws.

Everyone else has to sort their garbage but these other people are just dumping it on the ground and on other people's property.

Recycling  has been going in Nova Scotia for a long time now and it has really cleaned up the area. There is no garbage around anymore and the Province looks super nice and clean now with hardly any litter.

Recycling has really beautified the area and already worked great in Nova Scotia to clean up the area.

Everyone else has to recycle daily, other people are not sorting their garbage and then dumping it on the ground in illegal dump sites and on other people's yards and it looks terrible.

Illegal garbage dumping is a serious crime in Nova Scotia. 

If you see garbage on the ground pick up your phone and call 311 to report the garbage. Someone will have the garbage picked up.

They are saying that illegal dumping is costing the Province in some cases thousands of dollars per site in clean up bills.

The Province is asking that if you catch someone illegally dumping garbage and they are still there to call the Police.

Then the Police will then come and handle the situation.

Information on what to do if you see illegal garbage or catch people illegally dumping garbage:

News about illegal dumping:

Remember...give a hoot, don't pollute.


News: Is China Pulling North Korea Out Of The Donald Trump Summit?

North Korea Summit
President Donald Trump's historic summit with Korea is in doubt, the summit is in two weeks I believe. Kim John Un from North Korea after stating he would appear at the summit in South Korea and meet with President Trump has met with China leader twice and now threatens to pull out of the summit.

This leads to the question, is China getting Kim Jong Un to back out of the summit?

If so what would China have to gain by getting North Korea to back out of the summit?

China may be in fact pulling on North Korea to stay with them and not leave to join the Western World with South Korea.

My opinion is that China is attempting to have influence over the summit and along with North Korea are both Communist.

Donald Trump being a Corporate President from Wall Street may be able to "bridge the gap" to talk to Communist Leaders since Business and Communism are directly similar. 

Kim Jong Un Meets With China In Surprise Visits Before Summit:

North Korea and China may see this opportunity to join with Donald Trump and ease tensions because he can relate to Communism because he is in business and the President. 

This may be an opportunity for North Korea to get involved with America in a business perspective and may see Donald Trump as a Business Leader who runs America, which they may see as similar to Communism.

North Korea and with China pulling on them may use this as an opportunity to establish discussion based on business run governments and may see Trump as a "Communist Style" leader similar to Kim Jong Un and China.

China Influencing North Korea Summit
This common connection may help to establish ties between North Korea and The United States because they can meet  to discuss politics from a business perspective which is similar to how communism works.

Trump being from business could be the bridge to open a discussion to them and they may even be seeking Donald Trump's advice in how to run Communist Business from a Wall Street  perspective.

This could lead to factories opening in North Korea to make American products which would benefit Kim Jon Un like they do in China.

This business connection between Donald Trump and Communism could lead to a new Korea with the North even re-joining the South someday.

This would open Kim Jong Un up to US Markets.

China in the background could be pulling on North Korea to get in on the deal and perhaps be backing North Korea in opening their financial markets.

President Donald Trump Hopes To Connect With North Korea
North Korea has already scrapped their Nuclear program and is now seeking discussions with Donald Trump perhaps to open up markets and re-connect with South Korea who has a massive industry in manufacturing for North America. North Korea could be trying to get in on that through Trump.

In a related story China has just sent a Satellite to the dark side on the moon apparently and must be sill in good favor with The United States who probably owns outer space. China probably had to work with the United States to launch their satellite who had to go through NATO probably to clear the launch. 

China Launches Satellite To Explore The Moon:

In return North Korea has scrapped their Nuclear Program and opened up talks with Donald Trump and South Korea.

In another related story satellites are going to be launched from Nova Scotia soon and has also joined the Space Program.

Nova Scotia Space Launch Site Delayed:


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

CHL: The Canadian Hockey League - Memorial Cup **updated**

If you don't know or can't follow it, the Memorial Cup is going on right now until May 27.

People can't follow CHL Hockey I am hearing and maybe don't know what it is. I will do my best to explain this Hockey League.

CHL is the Canadian Hockey League.

The Ultimate Championship is the Memorial Cup, this year is the 100th Anniversary of The Memorial Cup.

There are Three Divisions in the CHL:

The CHL is like minor league Hockey and players can go to the NHL, they are like 16-20 years old.

So if you want to watch minor league NHL in Canada, this is the CHL.

The Three Division are West , Central and East

The West is the  - WHL

The Central is the - OHL

The East is the - QMJHL

There are like 60 teams in the CHL.

Halifax plays in the QMJHL for the East. The Halifax Mooseheads is our CHL Team here in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton also has a CHL team.

So if you like Hockey and are looking for something to do you can watch CHL Hockey here in Halifax during the regular season at the Scotiabank Center, those are possible future NHL players.

The overall championship of the CHL is the Memorial Cup, so how that works I think is Halifax has to win in the QMJHL go to the CHL Championship, I think they won it in 2013.

This is on television until the 27th I think, so if you're like me and love minor league Hockey be sure to check out the CHL and the Memorial Cup.

I believe that is the AHL or something in the USA.

People find this hard to follow so I thought I would explain it, hopefully.

Some of the players in the Memorial Cup are NHL Draft Picks or getting drafted into the NHL for next season.


If you are wondering:

The CHL is The Canadian Hockey League, that is minor league draft picks for the NHL, ages 16-20.

The AHL is also minor  league draft picks for the NHL, however the AHL are NHL affiliated teams. In the AHL teams are the smaller team of the NHL.

The AHL is the Calder Cup.

So NHL teams have a minor league team in the AHL. You have to be 20 to play in the AHL and that is also picks for the NHL.

The are also other hockey leagues in the United States for players 16-20 that are NHL draft picks:

There is the United States Hockey League - USHL 

And there is the NAHL - North American Hockey League

I believe the CHL would be similar to the USHL or NAHL which I think is a lower league.

The AHL is the NHL lower affiliate teams.

I think you can get drafted into the NHL from all these leagues, however NAHL may be a lower league.

There are also other minor Hockey Leagues in the USA but I believe the top ones are CHL, USHL and AHL.

This would be The Canadian Hockey League, The United States Hockey League and then The AHL which is the NHL lower teams.

I not 100% certain on all that but are their are other lower hockey leagues.

Something like if you watch the CHL or USHL that is NHL minor League Hockey.
The AHL is the NHL lower teams and are affiliates of the NHL and has it's own League as well.
So if you're into minor league NHL Hockey then watch the AHL - that's the official NHL Lower Affiliate League.

Then watch  the CHL and USHL are the other NHL minor leagues. There is probably more to that but that is an abbreviation.

I think the point there is in the United States there are more leagues because of the larger population, with different routes to the NHL.