Monday, May 14, 2018

Internet Television - This Is How It Works

Internet Television is Out
Internet television is already out on all sports and movies. The sport packages are on "most" devices.

Tubi , on Sony Bu Ray Teleision has like 7,000 free movies and shows on it when you buy the Sony Blu Ray player, on one app.

There's tons of cult classics on it etc. it's like the older section of pay per view movies on digital cable all free, plus they have other apps. 

They also has these apps on Smart TV's which is great but I like the separate player. So you buy the Sony blu ray disc player and it come with like 7,000 free movies on one app. Plus there are other apps.

Then they have the pay per view section like from digital cable on it for newer releases.

The only thing that isn't out yet is the Live Television App. 

That is out on hulu which is on Samsung and Roku I believe and only available in the US and Japan.

Youtube Television which is the good one is only out in some US Cities.

Youtube Televisions is hulu's competitor, so I don't think they will be on the same device.

Hopefully, Sony will add Youtube Television to their App so you can see it on Blu Ray Television.


This is how you would set this up:

Not all the apps are loaded into the devices like the Sony Blu Ray Player but all this stuff is out like on iphone  and android phone..

You have to add channels through apps like on smartphones through google play, which is just the google app store.

For example you can add CBC Television to you smartphone by going to google play on the internet and then you add the CBC Television app, then you can watch CBC Live on your smartphone through any wifi connection for free.

That is already out.

So on your smart tv or Blu ray player you go to the internet and next to the Netflix app which is on everything you would need the "Google Play App".

The Google Play App on the blu ray player or smart tv would allow you to add CBC Television to you Smart TV or Blu Ray Player , like on smartphones.

So, you go to the internet menu on your smart tv and load google play, then you search google play for "Television Apps".

Then you could load each channel onto your television or blu ray player individually by app.

So in google play right on your television menu on your remote you would see Hulu App and YouTube Television App under google play.

Then you add YouTube Television or Hulu to your television to get full packages.

Again you could load channel by channel onto your television through television apps on google play.

Then you need a high speed router to get your tv to pick up your internet signal anywhere in your house wirelessly.

That's full television in high definition wireless with no cable or satellite receiver off the internet.

That is the regular high speed internet television off the regular internet.

So when you go into Wal Mart and go to the electronics section all the televisions and computer devices on display would have full wireless television menu's on them.

You could see at the electronics store the televisions all have wireless internet television on them that are on display and then you could see the full screen television menus's at the store.

Then if you bought a smart tv and took it home, when you take it out of the box and turn on the internet it already has six million channels on it.

Then like at the Mac Store all the devices on display would be loaded with internet television with full menus wireless at the store on display.

So when you go into the Mac Store / Apple Store all the devices would be pre loaded playing internet television in the store with full tv menus.

That is not out yet, and google play is not on all devices to add channels yet. Sony television would have to add it.


The other option is loading the internet onto the G5 network at home and you would no longer need any cables in your house.

If they open the G5 Internet Phone network this would replace the router. Then all the internet television would stream directly into your television devices with no internet.

A good example:

They could make the G5 internet connection free at home for computers. Then everyone would have free internet.

Then they load the television service onto the G5 Network and you pay for television channels.

Then you would also have free phone service.

So they could charge for G5 Wireless internet, then computers and televisions would work out of the box with no land connection. 

Then once they do that you get free phone.

So they should just say phone and internet are free when you buy the devices then charge you for wireless internet television service.

So G5 Internet would be free.

Then you have to buy internet television channels and that comes with free phone if you get the device.

Also if you get the device it has other free internet television on it, anywhere in the world wireless.

This would be the package:

Free Wireless G5 Internet and Phone, then you have to buy the device to get the service.

Then you have to pay for internet television channels per month and pay per view.

So it's like you but the smart tv and add wireless internet television that you pay for and then you get free internet and phone on the G5 network when you buy the devices.

This would kill all land line connections and installations.

However, this is already built but hasn't been put out for sale yet.


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