Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Evolution in the news

Charles Darwin- Thinks People Will Grown Horns
Just mentioning on here earlier that Charles Darwin was handicapped and evolution made the news today, what are the chances.

Lizard Fossil Missing Link In Evolution

Do they mean lizard evolution or human evolution, tomorrow they may be saying that this is the lizard that humans came from. 

It looks like Wolf Blitzer made that up to get the Russia Investigation closed by mid term elections so they don't get investigated.

Is this the evolutionary lizard that is tampering with mid term elections? Stop the investigation quick before it tampers with the election, or the news will have to run more time traveling astronaut stories.

Speaking of  evolution according to Darwin people may grown horns any minute. That theory has been around since the 1850's like 170 years and humans haven't grown horns yet.

So when is this evolution going to happen anyway?

I mean it's been 170 years and nothing that I even heard of has evolved, so when's that gonna happen. Why don't you send a cosmonaut into the future to get him to check what year humans will have horns.

After 170 years you think a dog or cat would have evolved or something but they didn't yet.

I mean with all the infinite species on Earth you think one of them would have been scheduled for evolution in the past 170 years but I haven't seen anything.

Oh wait, just like time travel evolution occurs way in the past or in the distant future so we can never see it.

Don't you think that all your theories are getting a little old when you just say nothing happens in the present? I mean, everything these people say has to be way in the past or way in the future.

But with all the species on Earth you would think a dog or cat would have grown an antenna by now, fuck it's been 170 years you think something would have evolved into something else.

According to Darwin we could grown horns in our forehead any second now...oh wait....that can't happen because people are here to see it. Those things only happen way in the past or way in the future.

Anyway, Charles Darwin is an idiot because he think I might grown a horn when I'm sitting here, but it hasn't happened yet.

I'm just assume that Charles Darwin was a traitor to America and committed treason to get his fake theory in the school system.

Then all his traitor friends are covering for him in the media running stories of evolution.

The common theme to that is every time it's something stupid like Darwin it always looks like treason.

Every time they betray the government they run a hoax and it's always fucking gay, like some time machine or something.

I'm just gonna assume that every time I see a story like that that traitors made it because its lame and always gay sounding.

I'm gonna look up Darwin himself to see what his story is and check if they wrote down when he committed treason like they did with all those other people, I bet Darwin is the same as Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia. 

More to follow on Darwin.


Doing a quick check on the internet it says that the theory came out in 1859 just before the American Civil War.

This is all around slavery.

My theory is that they are saying slavery was the process of natural selection, and then they are saying humans have evolved and abolished it.

Then they freed slaves at the end of the American Civil war. They are saying that "Aristocrats" accepted the theory first and then they made scientists adopt the theory as fact and they tried to make people believe it to get out of running slavery.

quote form link:

"The speed with which this idea was accepted vis-�-vis Origin in 1859 is rather remarkable. An analysis of scientific acceptance of Darwinian evolution within the first decade suggests that its influence has perhaps been overestimated (again it needs to be emphasized that Darwin’s early influence was chiefly carried forward by his wide ranging and diverse affinity group of Victorian elites and not especially scientists), but still was rather astonishing. According to this study, in 1869 nearly 75 percent of all scientists had accepted Darwinian evolution. (See David L. Hull, Peter D. Tessner, Arthur Diamond, “Planck’s Principle,” Science, New Series, v. 202, no, 4369 [1978]: 717-723) The authors note also that Planck’s principle (i.e., the idea that young scientists are more accepting of new theories and ideas in science while their older colleagues remain resistant) does not seem borne out in Darwin’s case, which is precisely what one would expect if the ETA thesis is accurate. Thus, Ernst Mayr seems quite right in stating, “Within fifteen years of the publication of Origin hardly a qualified biologist was left who had not become an evolutionist.” (See his One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and the Genesis of Modern Evolutionary Thought, p. 25.) While Hull, Tessner, and Diamond may consider Darwin’s scientific influence exaggerated, their own data suggests that Darwin’s theory spread with nearly unprecedented speed in the annals of science."


I think this came from England and would have been treason in the United States.

I think they are just trying to make the public think they are stupid and using evolution to get out of slavery by making them think they have evolved to get out of it.

Then royalty made scientists in the 1850's adopt it and they ended slavery all at the same time.

That all came out at once, the end of slavery and evolution.

Right, they are evolved now so they abolished slavery and they say that slavery was the process of natural selection then they said they were more evolved and humans came from what does that mean they didn't mean to enslave all those people a few years earlier because they were animal like? Then what they "decided" to evolve when the South lost the civil war?

Then they have evolved in one second in the 1850's just in time to abolish slavery and they forced everyone to adopt it just at the start of the American Civil War.



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