Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Internet Television: You Tube Has Added Live Streams To Their Main Page

Youtube had added free live stream's to their main page at www.youtube.com , they are showing Fox News and some other free programming.

This will probably work on Sony Blu Ray Television and Roku Devices

Youtube now has live tv programming recommendations category on their main page with live chat beside the feed.

This is separate from the Youtube TV Page.


Live TV Youtube Channel:



I just checked and the Youtube App for Sony Blu Ray Television is streaming the Live Television apps on the Blu Ray Player.

You can see that right now, so there is free live internet television at the regular Youtube app on Sony Blu Ray Television.

Works 100%

***Edit - Search Youtube  for "Live  Stream" like "NBC Live Stream" / "Fox Live Stream" and they come up right in the Youtube search

 Look for the "LIVE NOW" box and then click to go to live internet television feed on Youtube***


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