Wednesday, May 23, 2018

News: Is China Pulling North Korea Out Of The Donald Trump Summit?

North Korea Summit
President Donald Trump's historic summit with Korea is in doubt, the summit is in two weeks I believe. Kim John Un from North Korea after stating he would appear at the summit in South Korea and meet with President Trump has met with China leader twice and now threatens to pull out of the summit.

This leads to the question, is China getting Kim Jong Un to back out of the summit?

If so what would China have to gain by getting North Korea to back out of the summit?

China may be in fact pulling on North Korea to stay with them and not leave to join the Western World with South Korea.

My opinion is that China is attempting to have influence over the summit and along with North Korea are both Communist.

Donald Trump being a Corporate President from Wall Street may be able to "bridge the gap" to talk to Communist Leaders since Business and Communism are directly similar. 

Kim Jong Un Meets With China In Surprise Visits Before Summit:

North Korea and China may see this opportunity to join with Donald Trump and ease tensions because he can relate to Communism because he is in business and the President. 

This may be an opportunity for North Korea to get involved with America in a business perspective and may see Donald Trump as a Business Leader who runs America, which they may see as similar to Communism.

North Korea and with China pulling on them may use this as an opportunity to establish discussion based on business run governments and may see Trump as a "Communist Style" leader similar to Kim Jong Un and China.

China Influencing North Korea Summit
This common connection may help to establish ties between North Korea and The United States because they can meet  to discuss politics from a business perspective which is similar to how communism works.

Trump being from business could be the bridge to open a discussion to them and they may even be seeking Donald Trump's advice in how to run Communist Business from a Wall Street  perspective.

This could lead to factories opening in North Korea to make American products which would benefit Kim Jon Un like they do in China.

This business connection between Donald Trump and Communism could lead to a new Korea with the North even re-joining the South someday.

This would open Kim Jong Un up to US Markets.

China in the background could be pulling on North Korea to get in on the deal and perhaps be backing North Korea in opening their financial markets.

President Donald Trump Hopes To Connect With North Korea
North Korea has already scrapped their Nuclear program and is now seeking discussions with Donald Trump perhaps to open up markets and re-connect with South Korea who has a massive industry in manufacturing for North America. North Korea could be trying to get in on that through Trump.

In a related story China has just sent a Satellite to the dark side on the moon apparently and must be sill in good favor with The United States who probably owns outer space. China probably had to work with the United States to launch their satellite who had to go through NATO probably to clear the launch. 

China Launches Satellite To Explore The Moon:

In return North Korea has scrapped their Nuclear Program and opened up talks with Donald Trump and South Korea.

In another related story satellites are going to be launched from Nova Scotia soon and has also joined the Space Program.

Nova Scotia Space Launch Site Delayed:


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