Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Sabbath - Wicked World (Studio Recording)

Hellraiser (30th Anniversary Edition - Official Animated Video)

Metallica: Of Wolf and Man (Sacramento, CA - October 10, 2021)

Metallica: Master of Puppets (Hollywood, FL - November 4, 2021)

Metallica: My Friend of Misery (Louisville, KY - September 26, 2021)

Metallica: No Leaf Clover (San Francisco, CA - September 16, 2021)

Metallica: Fade to Black (Atlanta, GA - November 6, 2021)


Metallica: One (Daytona Beach, FL - November 12, 2021)


RE: Bizzare Heavy Metal Collections - Unoffical Government Response

I was talking to someone who knows about the government around Community Services and Children's Aid (aka: Welfare) and this is what they said....

They said they will probably lose their kids and get in shit with the courts for collecting all those old 35 year old heavy metal shirts, like over in Norway where they bought a whole warehouse full of old used shirts that are old rotten material.

I mean, what did they buy ever used metal shirt on ebay? 

The "government worker" said it was hoarding syndrome and their house will probably get raided etc. and lose their kids if they had any for neglect.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Black Witchery - Command Of The Iron Baphomet

American Black Metal: Past and Present

Inside a Neo Nazi Music Festival | Decade of Hate

IMPERIALIST (US) - Parallax Descends OFFICIAL VIDEO (Black Metal) Transc...


Pyrexia - Rule of 2 (Official Music Video)


CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) - Vibrio Vulnificus OFFICIAL VIDEO (Bru...

Suffocation - Live in North America (2021, Live) FULL ALBUM

LOUD - Sammy Hagar w/ Michael Anthony, Billy Duffy, Matt Sorum


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

HALIFAX: City Billing Property Owners Tax Increase While Allowing Landlords To Raise Rent By 2%

Halifax just passed a law to allow landlords to increase rent by 2% per year, now the city is billing them a new 5.9% property tax increase.


Accept - Midnight Mover

Suicidal Tendencies - Trip at the Brain


Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head

Tankard - Hard Rock Dinosaur

Tankard - Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden cover)



Exodus - Brain Dead - Live Dynamo 1988

Metallica: Fight Fire with Fire (Daytona Beach, FL - November 12, 2021)

Metallica: Ride the Lightning (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Metallica: Frantic (Sacramento, CA - October 8, 2021)

Metallica: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Sacramento, CA - October 8, 2021)

Metallica: Blackened (Hollywood, FL - November 4, 2021)

Metallica: Holier Than Thou (Atlanta, GA - November 6, 2021)

Aldo Nova - Fantasy (Official Video)

Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize (Official Video)

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video)

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

Beastie Boys - So What'Cha Want

Weezer - Beverly Hills

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite (Official Video)

Staind - Outside (Official Video)

Soul Asylum - Can't Even Tell

Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block (Official Video)

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Metallica: Holier Than Thou (Atlanta, GA - November 6, 2021)

Scorpions feat Doro Warlock - Big City Nights Live High Quality

Mötley Crüe - Too Young To Fall In Love (Official Music Video)

Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy

Overkill - Elimination (Official Vídeo) [HD]

Judas Priest - Painkiller

Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down (Official Video)

Mayhem - Carnage (ft. Dead)

Bathory - "Scandinavian Metal Attack I & II"

RE: Corrupted Flesh Records LP Pressing Plant Delay


See...everyone's making obsolete media, now the pressing plant can't fill the orders on time after the label pays and takes deposits on the pre-order.

That's like $3000 man, and the lp pressing people missed the pre-order deadline...sounds like a scam or something.

All them guys print that stuff, see what's happening...that's because the formats digital and no one's on the other service.

Like the lp company could be just running a scam or something and then taking orders off the pre-sale and missed the deadline...a lot of people would want a refund.


Skvm - Voidwailer

Dispiteous - Diviniation Of Possession

Kvltmor - XIII Ritual

Voodoo Gods - Shrunken Head

Gravevoid - Sacrificial Menstrual Blood

Diary Update: Metal People That Grossed Me Out

I have to say this man because it made me throw up so bad man.

So a while back I said I had to take off and I'm heading back to where I used to do dancing and stuff but still here in I had to adjust all my budgets and stuff for my living arrangements, so I got going doing that man and this is what happened.

Like when I get back to dancing and drama stuff I could make some money or something with my degrees and stuff setting up a play or something in New York and get a piece of the box regular mainstream money.

Those are my options but it's like I gotta live down in Queens on a cheaper budget to pull it I can save money to run the play and stuff.

Then them fucking other bands man...and them bums man...sick.

Imagine somewhere in between death metal bands that don't tour and and a big act like Iron Maiden...that's where this takes place at.

So none of the metal guys wanted to come back to New York with me and meet the people from the play and stuff and regular women.

They meant that they "didn't want to take their jacket off" to have a regular kitchen in their forties and their girlfriend was a "hippie" or something and had some garden out in the yard and the guy never took his leather jacket off.

Meaning, when I was moving to buy a new house or something at the office like for a huge Record Label or Grocery Company or something none of the band guys, like lead guitar players and stuff, wanted to come back and play for the girls at the office.

Like friends of mine from school or business or the label head office because they had to take their leather jacket off.

Then they stayed with the hippie vegetarian girl with no kitchen in the house, never taking their leather jacket off into their forties and meeting a regular girl and buying a house or something normal.

That's what the girls said, none of the guitar players wanted to meet the regular girls from the office or university and the band members didn't want to show them the guitar or play for them because they met those hippie girls down at the concerts twenty years ago and they stayed with them and never took off their leather jacket.

Now their all down there printing cassette tapes, being hippies and never taking their leather jackets off.

So I'm on my way back to what I do now after I got my degrees and then none of the music people wanted to be around the regular office stuff like for a big record label because their down there with their guitar amp and leather jacket with that hippie girl and didn't want to meet anyone because they had to take their coat off and sit at a regular kitchen table.

Then on Youtube people are making all these hood drive around videos and in the background is them guys neighborhoods that are making music videos on the other Youtube pages.

A bunch of that was people I knew over on the hood tape, then them metal guys were in the background making cassette tapes and all that but the black hood guys were the ones using getto blasters not the metal guys.

Then they made all these tour t-shirts up and it's some kind of "closed group" with the band members living with the fans and they all go to each other's concerts and din't want to meet anyone on a bigger label or company.

Then then fans and the bands won't talk to anyone like in a secret group or something and the fans with them there are the ones that broke into my house.

So they got this closed group in each city set up like that right and then they make tour shirts right but then when they travel their only playing for their friends in the other neighbourhood.

Like it's always just them there, and when they tour they just play for each other and the fans that live with them in the other neighborhoods in the different cities on the tour and don't talk to or support anyone outside and didn't want to get a regular house in their forties and meet regular women.

Then doing all that and living with some hippie girl with no kitchen, making cassette tapes and just playing with each other in different cities and making up tour shirts with no crowd there.

Not wanting to be on a bigger company or meeting regular death metal lead guitar players I mean...didn't wanna play for a regular girl, because they had to come in the house and take their jacket off.

Then they got busted for child pornography, one of the black metal bands on Season Of Mist Records and the band kept playing and putting out albums.

That's the same label from my story in LA Weekly about the band that plagarized me.

Not only that they collect all these old rotten metal shirts that are like over thirty years old and look like cardboard and they are rotten, saying they are "collectable" and worth $200 each.

Then from the movie "Lords of Chaos" someone bought the old store location from the movie and went out and bought piles of these old thirty five year old music shirts and got them piled to the rafters in the store from the movie outside in real life making youtube videos on the internet showing everyone.

Gross me out, no fucking people are fucked in the head, no one would ever play music with you. 


UPDATE: The Hobo Story Is Getting Too Explicit

My Hobo story is getting too this is turning into a huge novel or is the legend.

The Hobos all found out about a grad student while down at the soup kitchen who was off on a cheque or something, then the caseworker was getting them to talk to them from home using to help her with the files for the office from their degree since they couldn't work full time.

Then they were making them work for the case worker to get their cheque by letting the welfare office use their degree to help run the office through while the grad student was home.

Like the grad living with the case worker at home to help them with the office since they didn't have big degrees to run the welfare office then the Canadian Government let the worker live with the grad at home to help the office through to keep the welfare files and cheques working, like cheaper from the grad with the big degree that didn't work. 

After this the hobos got mad downtown because they wanted something, then they all camped out in the park by the welfare office downtown bumming off the workers and piling up cigarette butts because they wanted something, then all hanging around the pizza shops across the street on Portland Street.

Then the hobos started sneaking into the grads apartment complex and looked in the door and the case worker was moving into the grads grandmothers bed after she passed away....the grandmother used to look after kids years ago and used to help the welfare office.

That's the rumor...

Now the grad has more money now, and the case workers were coming down to the house looking for $20 and some food from the grad hanging around the house.

Then all the bums found out downtown and went into the welfare office after they were sitting across the road outside on the steps all day bumming and were asking them why they didn't want to come over to the pizza shop and come have a drink with them up in the mens boarding house and cheap apartments and their all down there now trying to get the case workers up their apartments while their on welfare bumming them and standing around outside every day looking for them.

Update...that's what their getting at, the bums, like drinking and stuff....they were all outside watching them all bumming all the time and that's what they saw etc., then they were concerned that the grad was taking the female case workers out drinking during Christmas and giving them $20 each and the grad had money for Jack Daniels and Vodka.

Like that's the party they were having, just drinking and smoking and stuff and going out at Christmas...but the bums can't afford the liqour they were drinking then the workers still needed to get $20 for coffee and smokes and stuff when they were leaving and the hobos didn't get anything and they were standing around watching them all day scared they were gonna go out drinking or something. 


Monday, November 22, 2021

Notes From My Book Research About The Old West, Thomas Edison & Alexander Graham Bell

I found some pretty suprising information in my research...I'm just going to tell the story with no citations just to give you the idea of what the research says.

My family, like I've been saying, worked on the rail road to the Old West and all that, then in the towns everybody ran businesses and stuff.

Like casinos, bars, brothels etc., black smith shops and all that.

I started researching that because people like the Old West Gunfighters would have been around the rail road, working on it and visiting the towns and stuff.

Then this....Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill the gunfighters were actual postman for the US Mail.

That means the Old West Gunfighters got started as mail carriers, that's how they learned to ride and knew all the locations from delivering the mail.

Then they would have visited my families business in the Old West, people who moved out there and also on the rail road.


It says, later in the 1800's Thomas Edison invented a talking doll with a tiny lp inside it with the dolls voice on it that failed in the market.

Then...Nikola Tesla went to work for Thomas Edison and fixed all his "dynamos" on some ship they made that he couldn't get working thus learning all of Thomas Edison Patents.

After this Thomas Edison ripped of Nikola Tesla for $50,000 after Tesla viewed his patents and made him new streamlined machines to replace his assembly.

Then Thomas Edison stuck him and started feud and wouldn't pay...Thomas Edison didn't have the money to pay Nikola Tesla for his lab upgrade.

Later, Nikola Tesla released all his stuff for free losing millions of dollars to make his electrical current today's model and sold the rest for six million dollars and later died homeless.

During all this in the same labs there was a fight over the invention of the telephone, one claiming to be coming from Italy or somewhere and the other from Alexander Graham Bell who shared a lab with the other guy.

The guy from Italy sent his patent for the telephone which was lost, then Alexander Graham Bell's was accepted giving him the credit for the invention.

Not only that part of the idea for the telephone...the earpiece might have come from Thomas Edison's failed talking doll which the other scientists used for the telephone.


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Reba Fitness & Fun on the Construction Site

Maison Close Lingerie

SODOM - Napalm in the Morning (2021 - Remaster) [Official Lyrics Video]

Jasta feat: Corpsegrinder "They Want Your Soul" Lyric video

Saturday, November 20, 2021

RE: Downtown Halifax

Gross...all the bums all look like piss wort's and bag ladies now all covered in urine with damp clothes that never dry, man people make me sick around can't even do anything here it's all bums and piss everywhere.

Now downtown there's rats running around right on the street at them homeless tents man biting people I assume...fucking sick.


CORPSEGRINDER Debut Album Coming In 2022.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Metallica: Live at the Metro - Chicago, Illinois - September 20, 2021 (F...

Metallica - Through The Never

Metallica Teaches Being a Band | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Metallica: Ride the Lightning (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Metallica: Harvester of Sorrow (Chicago, IL - September 20, 2021)

Metallica: Cyanide (Chicago, IL - September 20, 2021)

Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Metallica: Frantic (Sacramento, CA - October 8, 2021)

Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott - Hero (2002) HQ

Hobo Bucket List

 ...his was real buckets.


Ice Cube - Friday (Official Video) [Explicit]

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton (Official Music Video)

Eazy E - Boyz-n-the-Hood (Music Video)

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined

Progressive 'Psytrance' Psychedelic Trippy @ VISUAL LSD +10 HOURS Music ...

Mötley Crüe - Live Wire (Official Music Video)

Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge - Seattle 1989 [60fps]

At The Gates - “The Nightmare Of Being” – Lyrical Talk (Album Track By T...

UNLEASHED - You Are The Warrior! (Official Video) | Napalm Records


RE: Exodus New Album Documentary

There's a band that knows how to make a record, like Gary Holt or a few classic albums then a stint filling in with a bigger band.

Then come out and make a new Exodus record...when he shows up man, the drums and bass are already done and the guitar players never even seen the drummer they played on for like six albums...that's how you make a record.

I mean like, I was around all that thrash metal since back then...wearing all them shirts and stuff now, today they can't even get $6 for them on the side of road where I live.

Then I had to go play death metal and no one was there from any promotions or nothing and I had to make my own band like when I went away to University, then all this stuff happened from the non promotion the bands live with the fans or something and follow all the band members around.

Then I had to do all this music theory stuff for my records and work on the "metal sound" and all that and do all this writing for school...that's how I'm doing my records.

Like from down in the hood or something, off some huge LA promotion.....then that's what happened.

Now that I'm getting back to where I used to live like when it was just thrash metal going and I got all this new music theory and art stuff with me for all the bands I'm working with, like for teaching lead guitar or something...not that I give guitar lessons but they can follow along on my record.


EXODUS - Persona Non Grata: PART 5 - Making of Album (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Hahahahah McDonalds Wooden Forks

I went to McDonalds today because it's a holiday....everything at McDonald's always tastes better on a holiday.

Hahahahahahaha, $15 for a double quarter pounder, poutine and a pop.....hahahaha, then all they had to serve it on was this little crappy wooden fork that couldn't even pick up the cheese and gravy.

Hahahahaha, are you people ever poor at them fast food restaurants.

McDonalds Wooden Forks



Loverboy - The Kid Is Hot Tonite (Official Audio)

Triumph - Magic Power

April Wine - Fast Train

Kim Mitchell - Go For Soda

Sloan - Underwhelmed (Video)

"Remembrance Day" by Bryan Adams

RE: Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is probably one the biggest holiday's we have....that's when Canada won World War One.

I like watching the old tapes from the 1980's, I mean it's the same with The New York Yankees....what's the point of going down when Steinbrenner and them isn't there anymore like to take you out to dinner and stuff at the ball for group trips and stuff.

I mean, my group years ago were the kids with all them the poster child for the ball park and Remembrance Day.

Then all them old guys like Mulroney and them used to take us out, all that's stupid now...I mean it's probably why baseball is in LA now.

Then they got Trudeau out, he was just the kids back home from Mulroney and them when I was we were the ones the school had out to make all them look good, like Mulroney and Steinbrenner and the kid's the Prime Minister.

Why would I wanna be down there then when there's no one taking you out anymore and it's all a different ball park now...that's probably why their losing and the crowds in LA.

Now it's just some ballpark and politics is just a bunch of kids there, that's why I'm gonna have to go do something else then.

WABC New York blackout 7 13 1977 part one

Remembrance Sunday 1988: The Cenotaph

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

RE: OJ Simpson Case

This just came up recently....OJ only lost the Civil Court case against him in the death of Nicole Brown.

Here's what people say...the civil court must have ruled that OJ was responsible for some kind of "financial loss" over the death of his to a third party like an entertainment company.

Then venues like the NFL might have lost millions of dollars somehow because of the death of Nicole Brown and they put OJ at fault for the bill or something, that must have been connected to the NFL so I think the court ruled that OJ owes the NFL money because of the death of Nicole Brown.

So the lawsuit must have been from a bunch of "backers" that lost their money because of the death, then OJ was blamed for the financial loss because of the death and then banned from the NFL and Sports Promotions etc. because he owe's them money from the lawsuit.

That's what people think today.


OJ Simpson Highlights - The Juice

The WEIRDEST NFL Broadcast in NBC HISTORY | Jets @ Browns (1981)

Blizzard of 1983 - New York City

New York 1960s (60fps, added sound w/ color remaster)



RE: Hood Videos

Please post 1970's hood videos and comparison to today's Baltimore hoods vs. New York on 1970's sitcom intros.



RE: Hoodtime Drive Around

I like watching these hood drive around videos late at night on my new 4k smart tv.....feels like your driving around in the hood, like smoking weed with them or something.

Yeah anyway, the heavy metal promotion thing is right around that on their concert tour in the death metal scene, like I'm on my own promotion and they're on a different one.

So that's where I was at years ago when I was dancing, like down in the hood...right so that's where I'm working when I'm looking to invest money, like I see the Harlem Mini Mart down there in Baltimore and that's Harlem Baltimore to me like from up in NY, where they have the kitchen chairs and the ghetto blaster out in the winter.

That's where I'm from man, like in Queens...I know them people from dancing, like it's all cramped in the apartment down there in the winter so you gotta take your chairs outside in the winter to get some space, then the old tape deck that works out in the cold and you don't ruin it so they use that there in the hood in Baltimore like from up in Harlem.

That's where I'm at, like in Queens up in I got all this stuff going on, like in the metal scene right next to old hood down in Harlem when I used to go to dance school or with the girls living down there in the hood dancing trying to get on MTV or something.

Then the old hood from Harlem is right beside the death metal tour in every city!

Imagine that,  I'm setting up shop selling the hood rolling papers and stuff like at a smoke shop or something in Harlem to help turn over some of my money later and that's right beside the death metal on the other promotion.

Then I'm gonna set up stores or something down there in the hood where I used to go dancing, then I'll make some quick money because I know everyone in the hood down there from that...and then I'll throw it down on the mansion up here in Halifax.

Like, I'll get some of my guys from the hood to flip some of my money down there like in convenience stores or something like running the store in Harlem for me from up here in outta the deposits I'm saving for my mansion.

Then it's right next to the death metal tour in every city with a hood in it! Then that's where I'm doing my band promotion at right next to the other guys tour!

Small world out there...yeah I'll see some of your guys out on the death metal tour when I'm setting up my smoke shops later over in Harlem.



The FIRM Classic: Aerobic Workouts with Weights (Vol. 3) DVD Workout

The FIRM Classic: Low-Impact Aerobics Original DVD Workout

Paul Stanley is a Bi-sexual who is tired of Bill Aucoin being a junkie

Lisa Robertson - QVC Host (Video from late '90s)

Monday, November 8, 2021

RE: Judas Priest Halifax Concert

The concert got postponed....just like I said, now they are holding the ticket money until the new concert dates before you can get a refund with no rescheduled tour date announcement.

That's why I didn't buy a ticket.

I think they mean they are playing multiple dates in Halifax....$120 CAD for the floor for general admission and up from there for ticket price...maybe upper bowl was $100 or something.

Now everybody's money got stuck at Ticketmaster, too much of a nuisance for me right now.

That's what their getting for ticket prices for concerts like Judas Priest in Halifax...I mean I'd keep playing too if my band was making that much money for ticket unless I had a better option, like staying home for more money.

That's not the point though, it's that big concerts like that keep selling, that's why bands play for a long time.



NUCLEAR BLAST PODBLAST - Episode 16: Exodus, Ghost Bath, Obscura (OFFICI...

BEHEMOTH - Christians to the Lions (From XXX Years Ov Blasphemy)

Amon Amarth - Vikings and Lionhearts Tour Trailer

BEHEMOTH - 3 Decades Retrospective with Nergal

BEHEMOTH - XXX Years Ov Blasphemy (Trailer 3)

EXODUS - Persona Non Grata: PART 4 - Making of Album (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bengals vs. Jets Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2021

HALIFAX: Sidney Crosby Tests Positive For Covid-19

Looks like it's getting bad out with covid, they saying mandatory third dosage, booster shots plus anti covid pills.

I got fully vaccinated with two shots and I had to get proof of vaccination and all that, but while you're isolating and only using essential services using the proof of vaccination card is not really coming up that much.



Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Nickelback - Too Bad

Diary Update November 3, 2021

I was recently asked about some stuff I used to do and this is what I'm saying, this is my answer.

I said I used to do all this "Dungeons & Dragons" stuff etc. on here...I left that just before I went away to University in 2001...when I was running a record store at the mall. Everybody shut down and went back to Hollywood and now Youtube says they all live in a camper.

I went off to University for seven years, three being my certifications...THEN I was headed back to do my Master's Degree in Science, didn't need to do all that because of court stuff...then all this court stuff happened to me at the office and then I had to take off after my house got robbed and stuff by the fake cops or something when I was playing in Montreal and Halifax in the Death Metal band.

So then...people don't know where I was at, everyone went back to Hollywood to go work a day job or something so no one was around...I think the last time I saw everyone was at my old record store because it was in the mall.

Then I had to go back to University life to live, so moved back there I did my records to like where I was staying at for school.

Then I did my records and had to take care of all this stuff, then I relocated to Halifax and I'm doing this point is people don't have money and I'm trying to get back down there to continue doing all that stuff with my books and music promotion but I have to pay for it myself so it takes a while, so probably twenty years since all that, seven for school then I've been living in Halifax ever since for most of it since I left the record store and my band and music stuff is just to keep doing the same thing.

Like I had to take this big break in there when the old business shut down and then I had to go away to University and restart plus pay for it all right now I'm just in Halifax.

Hopefully I'll be doing more stuff like before later.


Monday, November 1, 2021

RE: Rio Lobo

Anyway, I'm sure all that corned beef, hamburger, potatoes and onions they had on the farm was good enough for the US Cavalry when they were protecting the rail lines for families like mine...rail road families.

Note: Confederates greasing the rails to slow the train down when they robbed it in opening sequences.


Rio Lobo | WESTERN Movie | John Wayne | Full Length | HD | Free Cowboy Film