Wednesday, March 30, 2022

HALIFAX: North End Demolished! Queen Elizabeth Denouces Diana

Queen Elizabeth has denounced the former Princess Diana saying she made a mistake, Kate Middleton on her way out?

North End Halifax demolished, new tall buildings at the corner of Police Headquaters and the two more at the North End Elementary School official demolish North End.

Old landmarks demolished on Bayers Road to make way for new downtown area at the Halifax Shopping Center and Dartmouth Crossing.

New Elementary School!

The North End Elementary school is also being demolished and the brand new Elementary School will be on Bayers Road in the new shopping center area being constructed.

Dalhouse University new digital agriculture program launched in Halifax.

This new digital program from the Dalhousie Agriculture Department has integrated new digital technology in farming with new resources including new hi definition photos in 4K or higher of food on farms grown from the agriculture program.

This new digital information from Dal will allow high resolution food images for scientific research and food development.

Expect St. Mary's Football to come back soon probably this summer to it's regular schedule.


The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Lyric Video)

What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Ace Frehley - Street Fighting Man




2016 11 12 Entombed Stranger Aeons Clandestine

Dismember - Dreaming In Red



Mayhem - Carnage (live)

BATHORY - War (Remastered 2018)

Immortal - Battles in the North (live Wacken Open Air 2007) HD

Abbath - Dread Reaver full Album

Schirenc plays Pungent Stench - Graspop 2014

Napalm Death 'The World Keeps Turning' (Official Video)

Bolt Thrower - Cenotaph [Official Video]

Misery Index - Decline and Fall (Official Music Video)

MISERY INDEX - When Glory Beckons (Bolt Thrower Cover)

Misery Index - Live at the Backstage in Munich (full show)

Wendy O. Williams - Bump 'n' Grind (Live In London, 1985)

Friday The 13th Part 3 (1982) - Official Trailer

Alice Cooper - (He's Back) The Man Behind the Mask

Exodus - Persona Non Grata

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) - Jason vs. New York Scene...

RE: Detroit Tigers Hats At Winners Halifax

 Nobody buys Detroit here, it's the AL East here so only New York and Toronto.


Kiss - She's So European

Monday, March 28, 2022

CANADA: Ontario & Federal Government Make Deal To Lower Daycare Fees To Pay For Luxury Items

Child abuse and neglect from the Ontario government? You decide.

Ottawa and the Ontario government have announced a new plan to make daycare $10 a day for Canada's general workforce in Ontario, Canada's most populated working region to pay for home luxury bills.

Bills include car gas money, credit card payments, loan payments, luxury driving in cars (gas money), fast food and to cover inflated junk food prices.

I mean their plan made inflation, now pop and chips are expensive, fast food and gas money.

Ontario's plan for it's workforce?

Put all children of working parents in low income daycare so the parents can afford the inflation of credit card purchases, gas money, junk food and luxury items.

Again, no cost cuts or rebates for the elderly or the disabled.

To keep their economy going Ontario has now created a new child abuse cess pool scenario by lowering day care rates to cover luxury items for it's workforce.

I mean, their political backers companies issuing credit and large corporations backing political parties again have RAISED PRICES on luxury items for their workers and parents as well as food prices and inflated credit card rates.

Can you say bankrupt?

Now Ontario and Ottawa have backed inflated prices and huge credit interest rate charges for corporations to allow citizens to have money for luxuries they have cut day care rates to allow parents to buy luxury items by letting them use cheap daycare.

This also could lead to a new illegal drug pandemic as some parents will use cheap day care so they can save money to buy illegal narcotics including cocaine and heroin.



Kiss - Talk To Me - Live 2001 - Ace Frehley

Paul Stanley - Love In Chains

Ace Frehley - Space Truckin’ (Official Music Video)

Kiss - Creatures Of The Night

Saturday, March 26, 2022

King Kong (1933) - Full Movie HD

ABBATH - The Book of Breath (Official Lyric Video)

ABBATH - Dream Cull (Official Music Video) 2022

ABBATH - Dread Reaver (2022) Full Album Stream

Synthifrenia, FAME's Classic POP-ROCK-CLASSICAL Ballet

The Beatles - Glass Onion (Remastered 2009)

RE: Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane 2022 Single Not On Youtube

They have a new 2022 Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane Single on Tidal, no video or visualizer on Youtube.


Apple Screenshot



The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (Remastered 2009)

The Beatles - The Rooftop Concert (Full Concert, 1969)

Friday, March 25, 2022

Suicidal Tendencies - Join The Army

The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (2018 Mix)

Exodus - Slipping Into Madness

RE: Venom Tour Cronos Beats Up Slayer Vocalist

That's what Venom said....all the money Venom made they spent it on the tour and at the end they had none left....

To launch Venom and the Heavy Metal category on K-Tel and them.

Then when the tour was over, they spent the money and just had cars left or something at the end of the deal...I think they refer too.

Then Slayer got mad because they wanted the money they said and Tom Arya pissed on Cronos head and he beat him up.

Later they claim Venom got dropped or something for Slayer on Sony.

That's not true...the original Venom release was so large Slayer can NEVER be Venom, they they said they "used to be star struck by Venom" but in reality they are no one to the original Venom launch.

After that Venom launched Ozzy and Metallica and owns the Black Metal / Thrash Metal category and then never had to achieve that again, since then Slayer just promotes off the old K-Tel release like most bands when they were on Sony.


Venom's Cronos on Knocking Out Slayer's Tom Araya on the 1985 Combat Tou...

Dodge Hellcat Outruns Chopper in Houston Police Chase! Driver Almost Mak...

Ace Frehley - Hide Your Heart

Ace Frehley - Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)

Crown Magnetar - Hellsphere (Official Lyric/Visualizer Video)

BÂ'A Egrégore (full album)


CARCASS - Bill Steer on Gibson TV's "Metal and Monsters" - Ep. 1 (OFFICI...


AS THE WORLD DIES (UK) - Desolate (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity #...

A Night in Texas - God’s Throne (Official Video)


PAGANIZER (Sweden) - You Are What You Devour (Death Metal) Transcending ...



Thursday, March 24, 2022

Destruction - Release From Agony (Live)

DESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher (Live) | Napalm Records

DESTRUCTION - Intro / Total Desaster [Original US '85 12" EP][Vinyl Rip]...

DESTRUCTION - Schmier's Record Talk | Napalm Records

CENTINEX - Reborn Through Flames [1998-2022] (Full Album)

NECROM All Paths Are Left Here (full album)


Jungle Rot - Total Extinction (Official Visualiser)

Living Cheap - Tiny NYC Apartment Tour ($600/month)!

Ace Frehley / Lita Ford - Jumpin' Jack Flash

Lita Ford - Live In Essen [1988 Full Show]

Lita Ford - Rotten to the Core

Miracles Of Jesus Revealed?

The story of Jesus appearing in two towns at the same time and appearing after his death may soon be explained.

People now think that Jesus knew of a secret mountain pass like Hannibal crossing the alps that saved hundreds of miles of travel by using a closed route that was short cut by hundreds of miles from traditional roads, then he appeared in both places at once in the town records when the residents didn't know about the secret mountain pass and he was documented in both areas.

This also means that the sighting of Jesus after his death might have been from before his death, then it wasn't documented in the other town until they compiled the notes later and the different towns might have had calendar differences and the dates might not have been the same in the town records, later when they were corrected it looked like he appeared alive after his death and he also might have did that on purpose.


Obese People Don't Get Extra Money

People who are overweight and on a cheque still have to get the same size apartment as everyone else, like a one bedroom for disability or something to start.

Now they are complaining that they need more money for a larger apartment because they are getting stuck in the kitchen tying to get around the table and no space in the living room.

The government doesn't give more money for a larger apartment if you are fat and have reduced the square footage of your apartment because you are over weight.


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

RE: Galaxy Drum Pad App

I'm just sitting here jamming along to Metallica 4K bootlegs on Youtube on my galaxy phone with my guitar, somebody made a drum pad app to play drums with the sticks on the phone screen along to the song, then they got the air guitar pad for the left hand but no blue tooth to get the wireless guitar pick working to play rock band on the galaxy phone.


Metallica: Live in Las Vegas, Nevada - February 25, 2022 (Full Concert)

Metallica: My Friend of Misery (Louisville, KY - September 26, 2021)

Exodus - Impact Is Imminent

Carcass - Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System

Evil Invaders - Feed Me Violence

Ace Frehley Feat. Lita Ford - Jumpin Jack Flash (Clean)

Ace Frehley - Fire And Water ft. Paul Stanley

Udo Dirkschneider - We Will Rock You (Queen)

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Haha, Death Metal Page Gets Million Hits

Haha, one of my death metal pages with my Collapse band store just got a million hits by itself on a recent short term date demographic, not counting the rest of the years.

Not saying which page, we're all big stars now on Death Metal.


CAVE IN - New Reality (Official Music Video)

RE: Jamaica Royal Visit Protest

Just tell them the money's back up in Old Nova Scotia where the Jamaica head office is and that you're not in the Queens money anymore because it's still up here in Halifax with me and Walt Disney himself fucking cunt topic.

Then everything will be no problem for your next visit. 

I mean I go there saying Nazi and Death Metal and they start laughing and cheering, they go there and it's all protests.

That's because I'm telling you what it is and that group isn't in it.




Tips For Housewives

When I'm at home and I live by myself so I can do music and work because I am super busy a lot sometimes.

The problem is the house work takes too much organization, my number one issue being a boy from ballet that also played a girl and now I have my own business in Death Metal is I don't have time to do all that organization and still get my work done on a regular schedule because I live alone, then I can travel etc. with no interruption.

All the house work takes too much I'm just sitting here organizing  clothes and stuff all day, now I need to buy stuff to organize my apartment to make my house work easier, this used to be waaaay easier back at the ballet when I just has bins and stuff to throw the costumes and outfits in for easy access later.

Doing all that laundry, cleaning, cooking and washing dishes while maintaining a regular apartment with no "hang out scene in it" like just a regular University style apartment takes too much organization to do all that house work which comes first to have time for my Death Metal page.

I said I lived alone, now I still can't get to my Death Metal page full time.


Canada Artifical Price Inflation

Canada's fake government is again creating artificial price inflation, I am assuming to increase the profits so the government and their covid products can afford gas money and car payments.

I mean, Canada and the United States is totally fake on the news and television, you go outside and nothing on there is actually out there, it's all just media hype.

Now Canada's fake leadership with their "united states" covid product "democracy" they mean has isolated our main allies China and Russia.

Canada along with China and Russia is the largest main region where we live.

Canada's government has allied with Ukraine and The United States in their "covid product agreement" and issued "sanctions" against our main political alignment to China and Russia.

This means that because of the covid product line failure that runs their political parties in Canada and the United States backed by groups like ousted ex-president Donald Trump, have no money.

No they are sanctioning our main partners Russia and China and no citizen is in agreement.

This means FAKE PRICE INCREASES to pay for the political parties debts....I mean personal debts like car payments, gas and credit card bills.

Services which do not exist in Atlantic Canada, Russia or China.

Now all our services have been cut so the political parties and the businesses that back them can have more "personal spending allowances" for example...all their houses have all services hooked up for entertainment spending hundreds of dollars a month on entertainment.

While the general public doesn't use any, now they have increases all our food prices in Ottawa and Washington D.C. which is totally fake.

Now they always back the loser in the fight in Ottawa...United States and Ukraine, then always fuck off Russia and China our main partners.

I mean in a war maaaaan, you political failures with your "fake credit scam" to raise our food prices so you can afford gas money etc. and credit payments.

Again Donald Trump's money also comes from defeated groups like his wife's family who escaped Nazi Death Camps, now they come here and start this credit scam.

Obviously you couldn't lead then and you can't lead now either.

Now everyone else has to go without, order for them to have all the entertainment services hooked up in one house, which no one else has, they are flat broke with one car and it take ten people living in each house to pay for it.

Former Communist Russia and Communist China does not have these services, neither does Atlantic Canada (Old Nova Scotia) because of our remote location and now they are hurting our industry again by blocking flights form the United States and raising prices on food in our region which deters tourism our main industry.

The positive side is the equifax credit scam in Canada is obviously going bankrupt in Canada.

All those events make credit companies illegal in all countries outside the United States.


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement (LIVE @ Summer Breeze Open Air 2016)


SUFFOCATION - Pierced from within - Live at Meh Suff! Metal-Festival 2015

Misery index - New Salem (Official Music Video)

Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say




Talas - Inner Mounting Flame (OFFICIAL)



Blind Guardian - Secrets Of The American Gods (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Extinction A.D. - Culture Of Violence

Extinction A.D - Thirteen


UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER - Kein Zurück (Official Music Video)

DESECRESY - Cult of Troglodytes (Official Visualizer) [2022]


HALIFAX: Heavy Metal Newsletter

I'm starting a metal newsletter for my retail promotion based here in Halifax, I mean...the stuffs on the blogs and all that but I mean everyone loves a condensed metal scene update of recent events.

There is no metal scene in Halifax anymore, it's in Montreal and New York City...bigger bands like Judas Priest still play.

Back in 2006 -2007 I released Collapse - Destroying By Design and we played in the scene here Halifax / Montreal / New York with Suffocation, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, Cryptosy etc. from the New York / Montreal area here in Halifax.

In 2007 here in Halifax we had a huge Dying Fetus / Collapse concert and this place went nuts, that's when we all made it we're on Pop / Rock. 

After that the tour which was on Sony Red or something from Relapse and Great White North Records got attacked by a bunch of nuts and my house here got robbed and all this stuff.

Now Collapse is going to be back out on tour in the future, mostly working but we'll also be playing...just me and live session members.

Then we were assaulted at the office in our regular work day, now we have all these settlements coming.

After this, Collapse was featured in LA Weekly and we won that case. 

Then I bought Great White North Records and own that on my own which was a Sony Affiliate on their old "" promotion.

NOTICE: Forward Regression Records owns the Great White Records / Prodisk Music Catalog as repayment for the above case I mentioned, the material is currently not being printed.

Any other versions at this date we are not concerned about, bands will not be notified when we print and all other versions will be pulled from store shelves when we reissue the Great White North Records / Prodisk Music Catalog. 

Now I have continued with the original arrangement from the original Sony Distribution Deal on my record label separate from them today on my own.

I took my band off that right away and started my own promotion, a few years before that we released Mayhem and Norwegian Black Metal at the CD Plus chain, I worked there from my old K-Tel days.

CD Plus got my material for my work experience and they released Black Metal on online shopping carts and were in the first group on online music stores on the internet.

CD Plus was also Urban Sound Exchange, then they became Entertainment One and were just bought by Hasbro.

Then I picked up, and .

Urban Sound Exchange was specifically located here in Halifax across from CD Plus, now it is just my band Collapse.

The main metal scene Montreal was named "Heavy Metal City" by the Quebec Government because of all the attention we have.

Now I am heading back out to keep playing, entering my Lemmy from Motorhead stage blogging along side the Metallica tours etc. from the old Banzai Records / K-Tel days.

So without checking what I would expect to see is a huge metal scene coming and the continuance of the old metal tour we started back in 2006 / 2007 when we hit it big and had to restart.

I expect tons of people from the old days to be there since they know me from those days with my old promotion and they know I own the whole thing now,  we're just gonna be playing metal and doing retail...just like the old CD Plus Mayhem days or the '91 Death Metal launch...along with the old Banzai stuff. 

Now everyone since then has tons of new albums out and we're gearing up for a new tour and release schedule, follow along on my pages like .

The main scene going is Slam Metal...that's not K-Tel music yet like the rest of us...don't expect that to last though because tons of new metal is still coming out.


HALIFAX: Murder On Gottingen Street This Weekend

Police identify murder victim killed in North End Halifax this weekend at Community Services / Brunswick Street Mission area.


Re: Failing

Advance notice to my readers, blogger looks like it shut down and the posts are crashing now and it won't autosave and a big black bar comes on and deletes your text, then it wasted like ten paragraphs and no autosave.

So, the video share from youtube to social media looks dead.

Like it's all just turning into garbage.

Follow my main Heavy Metal Video share at  and visit my Youtube Heavy Metal Playlist, then you make have to go to Youtbe directly to watch all videos because of errors on the share.

When blogger goes down my blog will be back at or .

Then the video share is at .

All new video share will be on Instagram / Pinterest probably and then my regular blog page as well.

Plus I'll be back on tour later but I'm not playing, if you want Collapse to play I just need back up people for bass and drums concert to concert if you want me to play this time when I'm out, becasue I'm not full time at it.

After I start releasing video directly to I'm be running a paid advertising promotion of the video share link for on pinterest and facebook for my store and stuff, that's what I'm switching to...paid advertising for my store and band, the retail section has the Heavy Metal playlist on it under my ads for bands my record store promotion supports when that comes out.

So just an advance notice to that, plus my Heavy Metal Page is getting too big for those services so I have to realign because their software can't support my launch, so I'm still Youtube linking and that but I don't know what it will look like later.

When I'm back out on tour I'm doing retail stuff, then I have my school stuff from music, acting and dancing from my old school program where we used to do metal, I think some of that used to be also on Degrassi Junior High back when I was in Junior High School, which is kind of what the tour looks like.

That's stuff I did with the school and K-Tel dancing years ago that used to be with school programs when I was studying but they don't want it now so I own it private for my metal / retail I also work doing that stuff for bands when I'm out on tour but I can't play live full time because that work is more money, but I'll be around the tours doing work and stuff and selling stuff and the the comic, rpg conventions etc. down the road.





ASHEN HORDE (US) - The Throes of Agony (Black Metal) Transcending Obscurity

SISYPHEAN (Lithuania) - Hearts of Mercury (Dissonant Black Metal) Transc...




BLAZEMTH - The Return of Lucifer [2022] OUT NOW!



DEATHFUCKINGCUNT (Australia) - Blunt Force Vasectomy (Brutal/Technical D...





EXODUS "Toxic Waltz" - Oakland - March 6th, 2022

INTOXICATED (US)- Walled | Florida Thrash Metal | Andrew W.K.

Overthrow - Suppression (Official Video)

Solstice - Cast the Die

Foo Fighters - Lollapalooza Chile 2022 [First 2 Hours]

Metallica - Halifax, NS, Canada [1989.04.04] Full Concert - 2nd Source

Misery Index - Hammering The Nails (official video)

Friday, March 18, 2022

MARDUK - Fuck Me Jesus

Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards (Live WOA 2006) (HD)

Mayhem - Carnage (live)

Action Point (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)

DYING FETUS - Wrong One To Fuck With (Official Music Video in 4K)

I Cum Blood - Cannibal Corpse Live

DRI - Soup Kitchen

Brunswick Street Mission

Meet Jillian - Program Manager at Brunswick Street Mission

Brunswick Street Mission

Activist's Death Raises More Questions

Remembering Raymond Taavel

Melee breaks out in Halifax courtroom

Court Case Update

Here is the question I got, how does the previous post affect my court case.

My case is really expensive in lawyer fees to file but recent changes in the Nova Scotia Parliament have moved the case ahead and new events are making it cheaper to file as I am still getting the money together to sue from my court victory in the past, for the wrongful arrest and that.

The Prime Minister has admitted a blockage in the Parliament, then they have a data breach and there was some "illegal truck blockade" that got removed.

In a case a head of mine in several of the Nova Scotia Government offices, they were the ones holding Andre Denny a Native American from Cape Breton, NS for murder, now it looks like they will be charged. 

If he was not guilty, the blame falls back to the Hospital and Community Services whose care he was in.

Someone far away from the City in a fishing community, not familiar with the hobo situation with them living in love with the nuns at the Brunswick Street Mission.

Anyway, that's where the blockage is at.

Ahead of my case in my wrongful arrest case the defendants in the other case at government offices in Nova Scotia are facing murder charges for the death of Raymond Travell, gay rights activist.

When I sue in my case it is against the police for file a fake eviction order on my house in 2008 that came form the North End Halifax at the same Brunswick Street Mission with the nuns and the bailiff and them and the bums.

Then after the fake notice I was wrongfully arrested after leaving the premises of my own home and deed to the property, then my house was robbed by the North End Halifax people.

At my court case all the people defending the fake police who gave me the order and the New Glasgow and Halifax doctor group and mental health team at the Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow and various hospitals in Halifax are the groups I am suing who defended the fake police order in my case.

Those are the people being charged in the Raymond Travell case, then after that I have a lawsuit against them for defending the fake police order (the same group of people working in Halifax and New Glasgow) and wrongful arrest.

That's not all the parties in my case just several, so several of the groups I am suing in Halifax are also implicated in that case for the death of a gay rights activist in front of the Community Services and Brunswick Street Mission in Halifax.


RE: Halifax Raymond Travel Murder Hospitals Fault

Like this, here is the rumor.

My case against this same group is my old case wrongful arrest etc., then against this "community services type" scam for not file papers.

Like the defendants, "five star bailiff" and this nun stuff from the mission....that's the people trying to interfere with everyone.

Why the Halifax Mental Health Department and Community Services is going to be charged for the murder of Raymond Travel.

The rumor is they said in the case they graded patients on a "risk factor" scale which was fake with no numbers or graphs.

Then the "risk factor" mean low, medium or high.

Then they told the patients this was the same for all charges and didn't differentiate candy theft with murder on the fake "risk scale" and they released the "murderer" profile who was found not guilty saying that the risk factor for stealing candy was the same as murder.

Then they let him out, he went to the community services building where the patients in care at the hospital still receive community services benefits.

He went down there and that was where the nuns are handing out needles and trying to hold your back rent money with the cunt fake sheriff, then Raymond Travell got murdered the gay rights activist in some "scene" going on around the mental health program at Capital Health, the HRM Health Department.

So that's why community services and the health department are going to be held responsible for the death, because their the murderer.

The ones not paying or filing forms.


HALIFAX: Community Services Linked To Needles & Hotel Death

Community Services main office it turns out is on Gottengen Street, that's across from the Soup Kitchen at the Salvation Army, which needs to be closed....probably the whole "Salvation Army" I would assume.

Around the corner from that is the Brunswick Street Mission with the nuns who pretend they give a fuck, then they throw out the regular clients and opt for needle disposal for bums at the soup kitchen.

Yeah I get it about the Halifax Community Services, you're all living on Gottingen Street together handing out needles and shit to bums then you won't file regular forms and get normal work done.

Well you got all kinds of nuns trying to hold your money for back rent while they hand junkies heroin needles.

Here's a story in the news Emergency Hotel stays up for Halifax Community Services clients, so the guy in the story has to go to the hotel that's the Brunswick Street mission and them where the workers and nuns live with the hobos and hate the University People up the road at Dal and us then "fuck them off permanently". 

They they go around lying with some fake sheriff  "five star bailiff", telling you your a bum for having to use their services then this cunt fake bailiff won't get out of your face for the nun.

Then they had the murder of the gay rights activist, then Indian man Andre Denny was not guilty....this is important locally in Halifax.

Now the murder of the gay rights activist, which is actually is front of community services where the mentally ill man who was found not guilty....he was supposed to be in their care.

Then they ruined all the mental health treatment and I'm saying now that the Hospital in Halifax and the murder of Raymond Travel was in front of Community Services and they are responsible for his murder.

The Hospital in Halifax.

For letting the guy out who was ill and then that was at the same spot, at the mission where the nun gives out needles.

Don't worry if you go down there washed they get rid of you real fast.

So I say the Halifax mental health hospital is responsible for the murder of Raymond Travel and the guy Andre Denny they tried to pin it on was released, now the doctors are going to be charged at the Hospital.

Anyway, the guy in the story didn't pay his rent and was thrown out by the nun from the Brunswick Street Mission with the fake sheriff, you know it around here man, then that's where they had these bear spray attacks that was in the news.

From the nuns at the Brunswick Street mission who are all in love with the bums and living with them handing out needles with their fake fucking sheriff.

Then over at the other one on the Dartmouth side, the guy fell out the window right at the community services building.

You're all fucking bums to me cunt.


Thursday, March 17, 2022

Halifax: Suicide At Welfare Office, Wouldn't File Forms

Here's a bizarre story from the news.

On Portland Street Dartmouth a few years ago they moved the welfare office to a ground floor location in the lobby of a hotel.

Then this is where they refused to correct files and cancelled benefits with no notice or corrections in front of the police and lawyers.

Then in the Hotel above someone jumped off and fell or something and killed themselves.

The welfare office had moved to Alderney Landing and refused to fix the files, then they tried to collect on back rent with a fake sheriff "Five Star Bailiff" then they issued a fake summons and the case was thrown out.

Then community services wants you to go to the Brunswick Street Mission with the nun or something at the Metro Turning Point homeless shelter where the nun has a box of needles out back giving them to the bums at the soup kitchen.

Right in public with a big yellow bin.

So if you get in that situation with your back rent they make you talk to a nun at the Mission handing out and disposing of needles for heroin addicts and then the rent collector was a fake sheriff five star bailiff.

So the nun with the needles at the mission that's who wants to hold your money.

The welfare worker she sends you to the nun if your rent gets behind and they make you go to people with needles, then the same office won't correct your forms to get your back money where the guy killed himself or something.

Then someone like me with a regular school program they go "fuck you" we don't file your forms.

Good then fucking asshole, fuck off then.


NAPALM DEATH - On The Brink Of Extinction (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The Dallas Connection 1994 | trailer | Julie Strain | Bruce Penhall | Ma...

Fastway - After Midnight

Judas Priest - Love Bites (Live)

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Metal Update

I'm behind in metal stuff because I'm on pop rock now, just getting to the 2021 Top 50 Metal albums for my page, Kiss is number one.

I know all you other pages and blogs are laughing it up at concerts, but I'm stuck here doing my text for my pages....that's why I'm behind, I got a bunch of text to do then it's the 2021 top albums pages are going to be way bigger later when you're all out partying because I'll have new text and you wont.


CARCASS - Unfit For Human Consumption (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Carcass - 316L Grade Surgical Steel

Monday, March 14, 2022

Story: Man Thinks Family At Corner Store Stole His Childhood

Here is a story I heard, a man and a bunch of people thought a convenience store was run by people that stole their childhood and all the things they used to do, saying they were displayed in the yard.

It turns out the mother was previously a younger wife who became a widow and then people left the family, she took her stuff with her and started a new life.

Decades later she went back with her new family and started up her old business that she used to have, like chains of video rental stores, country markets and convenience stores.

All the activities from that were now with her new family, so it was the same store and family life activities the man saw, who it turned out was an older man who left the family when the woman became a widow.

Over twenty years later he started saying the people living there store their childhood from decades earlier and when they went down it was to the previous younger mother in their old family.

Then they had to get rid of them and tried not to tell anyone who they were.


RE: New "8K Color Spectrum"

Re: previous HD Television post.

On Windows 10 it plays 4K, the color palette in programs like "Photoshop" the color palette only goes to 255.

All colors for photo editing on the computer right now max out at 255 I think, just for example.

Abobe Photoshop 8K in the future would have the expanded "2160p" color palette, according to the diagram with the added colors to the 520 to 700 range.

The new pc screen to match 8k television would have to contain the new 8K color palette expanded from the 255 maximum color spectrum to the 700 range to display the new high color neon and pastels in the color spectrum.

Photo editing and printing in the future on the home pc you will be able to print in the 8K color spectrum with colors expanded to the 700 range.

For 8K pc screens.

Camera's and phone camera's will have 8K UHD photo and video to capture images in the new expanded color spectrum display on the new devices, up to 700 from 255.

Then you take your still pictures in 8K on the still camera, then print them on the new 8K display pc screen on photo paper to print photos in 8K screen resolution.

On the pc video and photo editing programs will have to be built to use the new 8K color spectrum of up to 700 range from 255 to edit and play in 8K on home computers.

Ink cartridges will have to have the added new color spectrum.


RE: Google Search Engine Music Promotion & Image Size Redirect

Type a new metal album release into google and you get this music page that comes up on the search engine, then that shows the album releases on digital.

Those digital services advertise directly on google from promoted magazines like "Metal Forces" that get posted on the front of the page.

Then on those digital services they weren't allowing paid plays on the "share video / audio" link meaning on them and youtube you don't get paid for plays shared from the streaming service directly on your url.

That's how they had it setup before, then if you have bigger web traffic than spotify or apple then you can't get paid streams off your web traffic.

Then you must redirect your web traffic to their home page to get paid for plays.

Now go to google images and you select the album cover in the high resolution, then when you "right click, open image in new tab" it takes you to a smaller resolution image.


Then you have to go back to google and click the link to take you to the source page of the image off google images to see the full size picture.

I mean what's with all that?

Then all other url's in music get buried on the google search, larger domain names, and the paid music promotion get's their results to the top on the search at "Metal Forces".

Then they show "Metal Forces" Destruction promotion on the top of the google search with the digital music "subscription" pages like spotify with them on the paid music promotion from some other company.

Every other time I looked it was Madison Square Garden.

So they got "Metal Forces" on the top of google from MSG Network or someone with links to "digital subscription" pages with no paid plays on larger url's off the subscription pages.

To limit their revenue.

So why would Wall Street Companies want to limit their revenue? 

I'm saying the advertisers on "digital subscription" can't afford to play for larger listens on third party artist supported url's with bigger name pages.

Pages, that are also buried on google search results.

Then what's with that google image scam?

The verdict?

Google search engine is not the best search engine for web name size page results in the search return because their is too much paid promotion that appears on the front of the search page under "music results".

That and some "image scam" at the same time on the image search page.


Wendy O. Williams - It's My Life (With Kiss)

Plasmatics - Rock 'N Roll (Wendy O. Williams)

Racer X - Street Lethal - Paul Gilbert / Mr. Big

Paul Gilbert - Werewolves Of Portland (Music Video)


Misery Index - Decline and Fall (Official Music Video)


Saturday, March 12, 2022

KISS - Black Diamond - 1975 promo (High Quality)

RE: Laser Disc Video Partial Analog

Laser Disc video is the video format that went with the lp format, but it went out fast because of Beta and VHS Tape.

Laser Disc video is partial analog sound, that's what they mean by laser disc format.

It was digital video with partial analog sound, that is what's on laser disc "video rip" on the internet.


Paul Staney - Doncha Hesitate

KISS - "The August 1975 Demos"

The KISS Demos: Wicked Lester

KISS - "Rock And Roll Over Demos"

Kiss - "Demo 1973" Full Album

KISS - "1976 Demos Super Vault"

RE: Kiss - Off The Soundboard Live 2001

 This is my number one pick from last year for Heavy Metal News, this is from the "Kiss Archive" concert series.

This album has Ace Frehley playing with the third Kiss drummer Eric Singer at the end of the "Psycho Circus" tour, after Peter Criss left the reunion.

Then you get to hear Ace Frehley playing live on songs from albums he didn't record on studio guitar like "Lick It Up".

Now I want Ace Frehley on all the other Kiss songs on new studio versions, like "Lick It Up" studio with Ace Frheley.

Then maybe Peter Criss can come in and add some classic Kiss percussion that made the band huge in the 1970's on some of the 1980's material.

I'd also like to hear every song recorded by every member....not only that, the Kiss "1970's Demo's" are becoming new hit Kiss songs on the internet today.

So look for new classic Kiss hit songs from the original 1970's Kiss demo's being promoted on the internet on file sharing etc. and in the "metal underground".

Like new 7 inch record singles of "Rock 'N Roll Over" demo songs from the 1970's demos.

I would also want to have more alternate lineup album releases in the Kiss archive release series from the late 1970's and early 1980's when Kiss played with Ace Frehley and Eric Carr on tours like "Unmasked" and "Creatures Of The Night".

Collectable sets of Kiss figures in alternate Kiss line up's would be awesome too if they made them.

I would really like to hear though more alternate line up stuff from Kiss, like with the 1980's band from those albums with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss coming back to record the rest of their parts for albums like "Lick It Up" with them and then release new versions of those albums with the original members on them doing the 1980's Kiss songs.

Those would be the biggest selling Kiss albums ever, with Ace and Peter on "Lick It Up" and them re-recorded...and I don't mean some watered down 1980's Columbia recording, I mean a double platinum out of the box record from 1978 version of "Lick It Up".

That would feature Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer and Tommy Tharyer on a new 1978 style Kiss record to back up Ace and Peter's version on their recording of "Lick It Up".

Then they would be picking up on after the "Love Gun" album in 1977, around side two of that album the band begins to their 1980's transition phase.

Today that super success of Kiss from the 1970's could be re-achieved by picking up with Ace and Peter from the 1977 album "Love Gun" and then using the 1980's Kiss members as back up musicians for the new Kiss 1980's album version releases with versions featuring Ace Frehley and Peter Criss on them and then they could pick up on their original band and continue with new 1978 line up versions on "Lick It Up" and them, which would also feature the 1980's members as backup musicians.

On tour, the band could perform as a larger act featuring any member from Kiss on stage at any time with maybe eight performing musicians in the band to back up the original Kiss lineup when they re-record their 1980's albums with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

That's the Kiss album I'd be producing.


Kiss - Footage The Forum LA - Live 1977 - Kiss - Alive II

Kiss - I Want You - 1977 Soundcheck Version (Kiss - Alive II Soundcheck)

Kiss - Box Set Signing Session - 2001

Kiss - Talk To Me (Live) - With Eric Singer & Ace Frehley

Kiss - Heaven's On Fire (Live) - With Eric Singer & Ace Frehley

Kiss - Lick It Up (Live) - With Eric Singer & Ace Frehley

Amorphis - Northwards



ANVIL - Ghost Shadow (2022) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

Metal Lords | D.B. Weiss | Official Trailer | Netflix

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Crown - Baptized in Violence

Entrails - For Hell


Entrails - Eaten by the Dead



Technology: "Ultra Hi Def Television" Failure, iPhone Launches iPhone 14

UHD Television Failure reports 8K launch now claims Samsung manufacturing delay.


Samsung New UHD Televisions Out This Summer, "Manufacturing Delay" Reported By Industry:



iPhone 13 Scrapped:

New iPhone 14 out in seven months, iPhone claims no camera upgrade tries to talk around 4K and 8K terminology.

Meaning it still shoots in 8K, then they back off and say...true 8K filming requires more studio editing than just shooting with the camera, now they try and talk in "mp" mega 8K in megapixel.

So they say 8K UHD camera still on new iPhone 14, but it's not "true cinema" which requires studio editing.



UHD "Ultra High Definition" Terminology:


 UHD Definition:



2160p 8K adds new color spectrum into the higher green and pastel color range than 4k 1080p.

8K Added Green and Pastel Color Spectrum 2160p