Saturday, August 31, 2019


There's all this bullshit going on around here right now causing all these inconveniences, I mean it's Labour Day Weekend and there's all this crap to deal with now for September and my situation here is all different now. 

I'm just sharing my life experiences on here with everyone. 

Anyway, everything is getting too expensive with extra hassles so I think I'm going to move to a cheaper neighbourhood on the other side of the City so I can save money that I can use for something more productive instead of staying in an overpriced area with a bunch of hassles in it.

Like my extra money I could be using for band stuff, I mean the rent I'm paying used to be a whole house in my hometown. Yeah so I might try and get a bigger apartment for less money in a new neighbourhood since this area sucks now.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I Just Got Home

I just got home, can't talk about my court case now.

The blog will continue as normal without that material.

As another note I went to the coffee shop at the Halifax Library today on the way to my appointments, I'll give them the money instead of Tim Hortons.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Random Thoughts For This Morning

I just noticed that Megadeth bassist David Elfson has relaunched Combat Records to put his album out and also sign other bands, right now it's other artists that were in Megadeth. That's similar to what I have done relaunching Banzai Records, Combat Records used to be on Banzai Records in Canada and was Megadeth's old label.

Court stuff...It's just great to have my last two weeks and labour day weekend ruined by court stuff having to run around filing forms and getting lawyers and stuff. I have to meet with lawyers this this morning for my case.

Anyway this case looks even worse than I originally thought and I am handing it over for further investigation.

I am not someone who goes to court hearings without all the right paperwork done, plus they can't win my lawsuit against them, I'm going to ask for a decent settlement and see what they say.

It's like this though, they tried to use a real summons with false information on it to collect money from me. So what that means is they tried to hold me in a fake court hearing at Access Nova Scotia and get me to sign real documents.

No way would I ever do that.

I'm saying that they tried to lead me into a situation where they were going to lie to me about the laws and then get me to sign a real document for them that they wanted me to sign. After that right they'll start harassing you all the time thinking they can lead you around with false court documents getting you to sign stuff fort them, no fucking way man.

Then like this...why did they try and get me in a real hearing to sign a document with a fake summons anyway?

That's what I've been working on in my case this week, my only conclusion is that it is some kind of fraud. So I am suing them for fraud amongst other damages.

What I mean is, are they doing that to cover up for something else?

I am thinking that maybe they are in shit with a bunch of other stuff at Access Nova Scotia and then they are trying to get me to sign a written document in real hearing with false information to get my payment arrangements in writing to cover for something else they did.

I mean maybe they did something else and are doing that to me to get out of it. Like maybe they fucked something else up and then need me to wrongfully sign a paper to get out of it, by trying to trick me into signing it.

Then I thought what would that be?

I got to thinking that maybe they can't meet the terms of their Government contract for bill collecting and they are falling behind on their work and potentially committing some of fraud, then they are telling the Government they have all the work done but can't do it, then are lying to keep the contract.

Like floor waxing or something, like they may have got something like a floor waxing contract but can't finish and then are trying to fake getting the work done to keep their jobs, plus they are stealing floor wax or something.

So maybe they can't meet their contract for debt collection and are faking their work so they don't get fired from the Nova Scotia government, then they did something else I don't know about and then need to hold me in a hearing to sign a fake document because they are lying and if they get that it will help them say they are getting the work done and keep their contract.

Anyway, I am telling the lawyers all that this morning and we'll see what they say.


Monday, August 26, 2019

Small Lawsuit Update

I am in courts processes right now and trying to stop a hearing that has been filed against me but I have also received Civil Lawyers for the hearing if it progresses.

I have several people looking at my case and I am filing the Notice of Lawsuit against the Nova Scotia Government as soon as the pre screening of  my case is approved and whether or not they try and force the hearing against me.

I have to wait to see if they try and force the hearing or not, if they do I will have a lawyer present for the hearing to correct them about the filings, then as soon as that is resolved and my filing fees clear and I suing them for a maximum settlement including extra damages for forcing the hearing.

Most of that will be resolved by Thursday and then I will be Civil Court for a settlement from the Nova Scotia Government, but I don't know what that will look like yet.


I'm so fucking sick of this man, then as soon as this case clears I'm suing Season Of Mist Records over plagarism for the Terrorizer album "Hordes of Zombies" and every fucking riff on it is copied off my records.

That may be as soon as October 15, 2019.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Where My Court Case Is Headed This Week

Today I wrote the media and the Canadian and United States Governments as well as the International Court Of Justice to explain my case against the Nova Scotia Government and reveal how it is one of the worst Constitutional cases I've even seen personally in court.

What I am telling you is that if you experience issues like this you may be being targeted as a kidnapping victim or sex slave right etc. because of their methods. Corrupt government workers use tools like that to lure people out of regular court proceedings and into situations they are unware of and do not know their rights are being violated.

That is what I reported them for over my court case.

There are many examples of Government workers and Corporate Business people setting up kidnapping and slave rings and what I experienced in Halifax is an exact match for these criminals operations.

So if you get harassed by government workers you may be being targeted for future crimes, luring you out or kidnapping.

This is why I am taking this matter so seriously.

This is their method, corrupt government workers will tell you the wrong laws and procedures to see how stupid you are to them, then if you believe them they will think you are a victim and prey on you outside.

In a situation where they file a summons on you that is fake and won't let you appeal the errors on their summons, that is illegal. Then they make you pay to counter the errors, that is extortion.

So they make you pay the courts, that money may be going to them and not actually the government and they are just extorting you.
After that what they do is they only allow you to see "partial government laws" because they know you are gullible to them and can't afford the rest of the rules on your case because you have to pay at the courts to resolve the rest of the issues.

Some people don't know how to handle that.

Then these government workers and people they know like from big companies try and lure you into a situation where you only know a partial law book and can't defend yourself to them.

Then they assault you or you could get kidnapped by being tricked with fake laws.

So if you believe that their actions against you at government offices are illegal you need to report that to everyone in the government so that someone can find out about it and help you, which is what I did. 

Never participate in anything that you think is outside the law with a government worker, you will get kidnapped or assaulted at home.

In my case I didn't owe the money, so they have to cancel the hearing.

I am trying to have a lawyer cancel the hearing early this week.

If they force me to attend I am going to the hearing against my permission and telling them of the above issues and leaving and telling them that it is being differed to the Civil Courts and they are not allowed to make a decision in the hearing.

Then I am suing them again for a second time for additional damages for having the hearing and will continue to do that for every infraction until they stop their proceedings right to their face in public and writing the news the whole time with my case updates.


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Forward Regression Records Press Release: Collapse Founder Hit With Government Lawsuit



For Immediate Release:

Publish At Your Own Discretion.

Jason MacKenzie from the Halifax , Nova Scotia Death Metal band Collapse has been slapped with a court lawsuit over unpaid debts from The Government Of Nova Scotia this week by local Private Debt Collectors representing “Access Nova Scotia” which handles consumer debts including department of motor vehicle fines and residential tenancies collections.

This is only the initial stages of the lawsuit filed earlier this week for the amount of $454.50 back debts owing that have already been paid.

The case has currently been handed to Civil Court lawyers representing Jason MacKenzie who claims that all parties involved have verified that the debts have been paid. Access Nova Scotia representing the Nova Scotia Government has forced Jason MacKenzie from Collapse to defend their claims in Civil Court Litigation despite all involved parties having verified the debts have been paid.

Jason MacKenzie had the following statement:

“The Nova Scotia Government has forced me to Civil Litigate a closed matter and seek legal representation in the Courts which has been approved free of charge.

In my case third party debt collectors have intervened on one of my credit balances and are attempting to force me to pay the debt even though it is not owed. Their government offices have refused to allow me to appeal their incorrect paperwork on their summons and have forced me to litigate the matter in the Civil Courts.

I am not sure if they thought I could not financially afford to defend their claims in the courts which has already been covered and I have already started to sue them in the Nova Scotia Courts.

It is my opinion that I will a receive a default judgment from the courts as the evidence that shows I have paid the debts is also the evidence that wins the court settlement. All those facts have been verified by all parties and they still pressed forward with the case not allowing an appeal.

I have managed to file a counter claim but they forced me to pay $31.00 to appeal their Summons which directly shows on their summons my receipt for the payment, so they can’t win their case.

I don’t know if they are singling me out in Halifax and doing that because I am in a Death Metal band or what.”

Collapse is currently only available in Digital Format Only and you can hear their latest single “I Don’t Care What You Say” on their Bandcamp page at
More details to be provided later.

Forward Regression Records

All The Stuff Going On

by Jason MacKenzie - Jason MacKenzie is an Internet Blogger, Death Metal Band and Leader of the Official Nazi Party.

Yeah, I just got back in the house from going for a walk to the library and getting the bus back. Man I dunno what's going on man but things are getting pretty crazy around here.

Listen to this, I'm starting to think I got if a court dispute with a bunch of illiterates. This is what people are saying outside about people like me.

They are saying that the Senator in Ottawa is scared to file a lawsuit against a Stock Market Executive for fraud because he might get beat up if he goes to the library.

What are you fucking illiterate or what?





Friday, August 23, 2019

I Just Turned All Those People In To The Federal Government Right In Front Of The News

You people fucking listen to me...why do you think I'm not going to turn you in at Sobeys and Access Nova Scotia????

I just turned you all in by email to Justin Trudeau, The Federal Government, The United States Government, The Justice Department, CBC, Global, CTV, Euronews , Fox, CNN, CBS and I don't think I could find NBC's email.


You are in a housing and rental scam and harassing the fuck out of me from Sobeys and Nova Scotia Government Offices tampering with my files and fake court dates and shit.

Why are you saying I won't fucking do anything back to you!!!!

I just turned you all in the Canadian and United States Federal Government and Justice Departments RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.

Do you get that yet??????????????

You look, I don't to TV News because I'm in a Death Metal Band and I'm internet only.



I Am Starting My Own Political Party

Official Nazi Party Banner Designed By Me 
I have decided that since the Nova Scotia Government has sued me in a fraudulent case and wrapped me up in Supreme Court Litigations that this would be a good time to start my own Political Party.

I have decided that I am going to call my party the Nazi Party, this is not a hate group, neo-Nazi group of any kind.

The Nazi Party I am staring is the Official Nazi Party from Adolf Hitler, members of my Nazi Party will get a Nazi Party Newsletter and stickers for signing up. 

I just want to be clear that this is not a hate group and I am just doing that as a protest to fix Canada's laws and show you're allowed saying that in Canada.

Right now I am the only member of the Official Nazi Party and also the Leader of the Nazi Party. This will help push my Nazi Political Platform through Canada's Courts to correct their laws.

The Official Opposition to The Official Nazi Party based in Halifax is the UCP and Access Nova Scotia.

I have no website setup for that yet but I just want to be clear that the page is not a hate page, I may even inform Elections Canada about the webpage.

Right now the Official Nazi Party is not running candidates but is being setup as a Political Support Group to help fix Canada's laws since I am involved in lawsuits against the Nova Scotia Government.

When I make an Official Page for my Nazi Party it will just be information about what I am doing an maybe some polls to see if people are interested in backing my Political Group. 

Then you will be able to sign up and receive a free newsletter until we have enough members to launch an official party. The Official Nazi Party is not running official candidates but we will back any of our members running for office representing the Nazi Party.

The Official Nazi Party is going to need about 500 members to get started as listed on the Election Canada Page, I am running the Political Party and other people would have to be candidates as I only manage the Office of the Official Nazi Party and run their material.


When I setup the webpage for the Official Nazi Party site I am using a Free Speech Web Host for the page so that my pages will not be tampered with on a webhost that allows controversial material and I may allow a Message Board on the page.

A second goal of the Nazi Party will be to help clear the name of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany regarding issues I have raised on this blog. I will also post on the page Historical Information about the Nazi Party and relate that to where we stand today.

We will also be promoting the Reconstructed Reichstag for the Nazi Fourth Reich in Germany under my Leadership here in Canada in The Official Nazi Party.

View this page for information on starting a Political Party:


Housing And Rental Scam In Canada

Rental / Mortgage Scams In Nova Scotia & Alberta
All you people working in these Government Offices and Collection Agencies bothering me for my credit payments and stuff are on planet Mars in your head if you think I'm not taking you to court over it because anyone one would, you're going to find out that I am not the helpless victim your are claiming in your rental scams against my Apartments that I have lived in and my debts. Now I am turning the file into the Nova Scotia Prosecution Services next week through my Civil Court Case for investigation.

This scam is targeting Disability Patients, Syrian Immigrants and the religious community that is specifically targeting the Jehovah's Witness Church in mortgage and rental collection scams.

I was fortunate enough to talk to members of the Jehovah's Witness Church yesterday when I went to file my counter claim in my credit dispute who were hand out flyers at Alderney Landing at the Community Services Offices on Thursday mornings.

I was told by them that the same thing that happened in my case that I am suing The Government of Nova Scotia over right now has happened to members of the Jehovah's Witness Church as well and Syrian Immigrants in Alberta under the UCP Leadership. 

My claim is that their political parties do not have all their Government Office paper work properly filed and that scammers are using these means to exploit tenants under the Tenancy Board and evict them from their homes illegally, seize their houses in illegal bank forclosures and force them into making double payments to rent and debt collectors.  

As I told the Jehovah's Witness members yesterday is that people like that will have no problem with me suing them in the Civil Courts if that's what their public behavior is. I looked into the Jehovah's Witness which is a strict religious organization and how take that is that they are "The Witnesses To Jesus" and their church has a stronger connection because they have actually witnessed the power of Jesus.

I will be supporting the Jehovah's Witness Church and Syrian Immigrants in my case against the Nova Scotia Government which has already been filed for Civil Court litigation through Legal Aid to get started. That means I am using their cases as precedents against groups like Access Nova Scotia and the UCP in the Supreme Civil Courts of Nova Scotia right now until the matters are resolved.

What is the housing and payment scam?

The scam that is happening is during bank foreclosures of rental properties, lease and rent to own arrangements under Access Nova Scotia and The UCP third party groups are taking up debt collection for the bank and collecting on payments from a bankrupt business.

These "collection agencies" are then trying to say that their monthly rental payments on their mortgage are not valid and because they have a back credit debt.

What they mean is the third party debt collector is trying to say that their credit card balance or mortgage balance is past due, meaning the amount owning your credit card which is a total lie.

Then when you make your monthly payment they are not honoring it as a mortgage payment and trying to apply it to your credit balance and then they are saying you didn't pay your rent this month.

They are doing that probably to gain commissions on extra payments on your debts to their collection agency. 

In other cases they are trying to steal people homes and apartments by wrongfully evicting them with fake Provincial Litigation under Access Nova and the UCP.

The actual scam is this, the debt collectors know that there is no appeal in the offices at Access Nova Scotia for improper form filings and then they want you to agree to mediate the debt with their collector when you don't owe anything under Access Nova Scotia Rules.

Then in the mediation hearing they try and find out how much money you have and force you to give extra money to the collection agencies for commissions from retrieving the money for the Bank, by strong arming you into a fake negotiation for debt collection which is illegal.

That is what happened in my case and I counter claimed them with those facts and I am having the matter differed to the Civil Courts for resolution because that is illegal at Access Nova Scotia then I am handing in my information to the Civil Court Lawyer for the Provincial Prosecution next week to investigate the matter.

In Alberta it was a private rent to own scam under the UCP probably and their procedures in that case the land lord went bankrupt.

Under UCP and Access Nova Scotia rules the collection agency could have been representing the original landlord and trying to steal the house back saying the land lord was bankrupt and the they were repossessing the house. 

After this, the collection agency could have given the landlord the house back in a separate deal with no Provincial Legislation under the UCP and him and the Collection Agency would have sole the Syrian Immigrants rent payments and stole the house back with no litigation.  

I don't know if that's what happened but that's what scammers are able to do under their laws.

Then they count on the fact that people can't afford to fight them in court and try and get them to back off and abandon the debt because they can't fight them in court or force them into extra rental payments illegally to stay in their homes.

That is what I am suing the Government of Nova Scotia over and it is in Court right now.


POLITICAL UPDATE: Canada In Need Of Deal With Denmark & UCP Party Falls Short In Ottawa

Denmark's Youngest Prime Minister - Mette Fredirksen
The story is that Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark and they have been told no.

No, Canada needs to buy Greenland from Denmark from Halifax from the traditional Country of Nova Scotia for inside of Canada as oversight.

In exchange Canada and Denmark with both get an extremely valuable deal. Myself as I specifically represent the traditional Country of Nova Scotia, which is all of Atlantic Canada as a separate Country within a larger unified Canada from Halifax, need this deal with Denmark to help establish European relations with Nova Scotia as a reunited separate Country that still falls under Canadian Governance.

In the future Canada will act as a "Governing Body" over all of Canada from Ottawa to deal with the local political issues of the smaller regions inside it. The Federal Government with then act as an oversight for Canada with maybe a more direct impact in a Centralized Ontario.

I am purposing from Halifax on behalf of the Canadian Federal Oversight in Ottawa a two way land sharing agreement to bring Denmark into Canadian Politics which will strengthen their Country in Europe by giving them access to the Canadian Government in Ottawa for resources and Increased Political Strength in Europe.

Greenland which is actually in Nova Scotia / Atlantic Canada would be annexed by the Federal Canadian Government the overseeing body in Ottawa to merge Greenland with Canada's North West Territories establishing an expanded map of Canada and opening relations with Denmark.

Denmark in exchange would then get things from Canada like my Political Platform which will support them in Europe to make them a more stronger and free Country. 

Halifax and Ottawa would then help write and support Denmark's laws and political spectrum to make them a better Country with larger financial support. Meaning Denmark would stay an independent Country in Europe but be backed by Canada and receive things like minerals and resources into Denmark to back their Economy.

Canada would then Politically back Denmark in Europe to allow them to have access to our countries resources which will strengthen them in Europe. 

This would also in return give Canada an increased Political voice in the Northern European Region and allow their Citizens to have access to Canadian trade and political positioning. 

This could be a great deal for many citizens in the Denmark and surrounding regions as it will open them up to being in a "Canada like environment" in Europe giving them more power and freedoms. Citizens there if unsatisfied could "turn to Canada" to help enforce their laws and political movements locally in their local regions which would be backed by the Canadian Government.

Meaning that small Countries like Denmark would have a more powerful ally like Canada backing them when directly facing a European crisis. This would also open Canada's relations with Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands which would in a new trade deal with Canada through Denmark would then open new relationships in Europe from Canada in the Region. 

This would open up new trade routes in Central Europe from Canada which would back them with our large resource base and Canadian laws to strengthen their European Political Position and give their citizens more freedoms. 

The smaller European Countries like Denmark through the deal which have a large Country like Canada backing them to strengthen them Politically in Europe, Canada which will be making new trade deals with China for products and support would then include these new products to be dumped into the Denmark region and then distributed across their new trade deal network to bring cheap products to their slower economies in Europe. 

This will open up new jobs, more money, cheaper products and make them stronger countries that are backed by Canada, with new cheap goods from China through our deal. Canada in return would get Greenland and stay locked in a deal with Denmark that would act as the figurehead in Copenhagen on behalf of Halifax for Ottawa. 

All that would report back to Ottawa later for Canadian Federal Oversight.

This on the ground in Denmark in Central Europe would act as the voice of Canada in the region giving Canada a large voice in the European political spectrum.

Cities like Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Brussels and Amsterdam would then have direct access to Canada's resources through new trade deals with Denmark in Copenhagen to give them access to cheap goods, more freedoms and make them stronger Countries that are backed by Canada and China through trade deals.

This would also strengthen the economies of Canada and China by opening up our access to new European Markets though Halifax in Nova Scotia which would then be regulated by Ottawa for Federal oversight.  

Denmark and Europe


At first glance the UCP seems like a good idea but the initial inception of a Unified Conservative Party falls short in Canadian Politics and offers no clout in Ottawa against us regular Conservatives and Republicans or even the Governing Liberals in Ottawa.

In fact the UCP party is only trying to take advantage of the new younger leadership of people like Justin Trudeau and Mette Frederiksen from their outdated UCP Party in Alberta. 

I'm certain there will be no deal from Ottawa or Copenhagen for the UCP in Alberta to allow cheaper oil from Alberta to flow to Denmark and European Countries as their Leadership only offers stalling tactics and cheap political maneuvering with groups like Access Nova Scotia who I am currently suing in the Nova Scotia Courts in Civil Litigation. 

In fact the UCP Party and Political Groups in Nova Scotia are directly connected in policy and offer only stalling tactics to stay in office and any deal with them only strengthens their positions first to keep them in power.

Total UCP Failure In Ottawa
There will ne no fair deals in Canada under the UCP or Access Nova Scotia as they have failed Government Procedures that fall apart in the Courts with no proper appeals or paper work which is what has happened to me.  

All over the news in Nova Scotia and Alberta is Citizen Outrage as the UCP and Access Nova Scotia only offer a "partial solution" to citizens needs and their own procedures fall apart in their Government Buildings leaving citizens "stranded" to deal with their own issues which are not resolved under their policies.  

This is the number one waste of money in Canada from groups like the UCP and Access Nova Scotia, their partial platform offers no free solutions to Canadian citizens to correct errors on their Government files.

Every time you have an issue they can't resolve you what do you have to do?

All they do is then throw in on Supreme Court Judges to determine an outcome and have no direct solutions because they have an incomplete political platform.

Failures of the UCP or Access Nova Scotia are then handed down directly to citizens to deal with in Canada's courts creating a large financial burden and straining the Courts in Canada with a large financial crisis to resolve the matters abandoned by their failed Government Procedures.

My traditional Conservative / Republican Political Platform has all these issues covered in advance, under our leadership citizens will not have to fall onto the Courts to resolve their issues as we already have it covered for free under traditional Government policies and offer free regular resolutions with no court involvement at all Government Offices.

That means if you have to go to Court because of errors caused by the Government that will no longer be around as it has already been covered and our leadership will work with you for free to fix Government mistakes and take the financial strain off the citizens and Courts of Canada.  

Groups like the UCP challenging Ottawa only offer a partial platform and any deal with them is only to keep them in charge for their own means, Ottawa with regular processes and direct access to Canada's courts for citizens is able to quickly resolve their issues and stay in power with regular political means with no political "short cutting" to stay in office like Access Nova Scotia and the UCP. 

Groups struggling in Europe in Norway, Sweden and Germany will have access to new political freedoms through a Denmark deal with Canada for annexation of Greenland which will allow free court resolutions for citizens in Denmark and the surrounding regions through the Courts of Canada.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Titanic Disaster Revealed

Yeah, I wasn't that tired after all....I'll be in and out for a few days .

Look at this new video...also when will the Government start these crazy recovery projects here in Canada to salvage the Titanic?

Remember everyone, the Titanic sunk in Atlantic Canada and the Titanic Cemetery is here in Halifax.

The Canadian Government needs to launch a new crazy expedition with massive funding to save the remains of the Titanic for the Museum of The Atlantic on the Halifax Waterfront.

Since the Titanic sunk here it is our property because today it has no owner and I am officially claiming the remains of the Titanic as being owned by Atlantic Canada, under the actual Canada and that this ship has been abandoned by it's original owners 100 years ago.

One of my new crazy promises to the public is to raise the Titanic from the Ocean floor by cutting it into pieces and bringing it to the surface in a restoration project. That way we can save the remains of the Titanic before they are completely lost from sea erosion some day and then do a forensic examination of the ship to see what's in and under it.  

Taking the ships remains to Halifax, Nova Scotia would be the best option anyway since it is so close to use, plus Halifax was the original recovery team that picked up the survivors etc. when the ship sunk.

Rebuilding the Titanic on the Halifax waterfront in the Museum Of The Atlantic which will probably need new buildings to house the ship on the waterfront will be one of the largest tourist attractions in the world for Halifax with millions of visitors per year, this will generate massive amounts of local revenue and pay the expedition back in one minute.

I watched this video and it showed me new information about the Titanic revealing the cause of the ship buckling.

The cause was the ships rivets that popped and buckled the ship breaking it in half. In the first of the video they explain that the rivets for the Titanic were a new invention at the time and that it took like five people to place each individual rivet into the Titanic which was done by hand.

The hand made rivets done on the Titanic by teams of five men each was probably not strong enough to support the actual weight of the Titanic's' steel plating.

Meaning when the Titanic hit the ice burg in New Foundland  that it probably bent the ships steel plates and popped the hand made rivets which broke the ship in half and sunk it.

That would be my opinion after seeing the new information at the start of this video clip, remember the ship today is just garbage so I have claimed that for Halifax on my webpage and now we can begin to salvage the ship and store it in the Halifax Museum of the Atlantic.

Knowing that the cause of the disaster was probably the hand made rivets popping after the ice burg impact maybe a modern forensic team can very that with todays technology, also they may be able to go to the ocean floor and then manually pop the rivets to take the ship apart and recover it and then later reassemble the rivets inside at the Museum of the Atlantic when they are finished, this would be one of the worlds largest tourist attractions here in Halifax.

Right so that's a little big duh, but they could break it down into pieces and let you walk through a museum to see it "resembled" in one room at a time section by section or whatever they could fit inside.


Everything Is Going Good In My Civil Court Lawsuit Against The Nova Scotia Government

I just got back from my filings and stuff and everything went ok and they paid all the fees etc.  I got my counter claim filed against the Nova Scotia Government and Five Star Bailiff. So Five Star Bailiff is the smaller defendant in my case and only reports to the Nova Scotia Government at Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive Dartmouth, anyway they are ones drag racing around Halifax debt collecting so I'm sure they can handle the lawsuit.

Then I just have to call to check my forms tomorrow to make sure it went in properly. 

The larger one is the Nova Scotia Government and if my civil rights hadn't been violated by them by forcing me to litigate my case against them in Civil Court then Five Star Bailiff would have had the chance to correct their forms and not be sued.

Either way it's the Nova Scotia Governments fault so I have to sue all parties because people working there could be at both business so the court will have to determine what the liability is at Five Star like they might be only partially responsible or not at all we'll have to wait and see.

The big one is the Nova Scotia Government which I now have in Civil Court in Halifax as a defendant with a counter claim and my legal fees have been paid.

This allows me to slow down now and subpoena Access Nova Scotia staff to see if this case was coming from people in my case against Sobeys because it came form a Government Office on a Sobeys Plaza at Baker Drive but I don't know if they own all the properties.

If I catch Sobeys running a disconnected branch of the Government down there on Baker Drive, because it was the same methods as before, I am going to fucking rail them in court.

If I catch them at Sobeys form my other case in this one at the Nova Scotia Government tampering with my files and shit I am suing them all from my other case and the Federal Government for millions of dollars.

That will all be later for now it is slow to start for a smaller settlement but this puts me in the lawsuit Civil Court to get started and there are lot of connections to my other case against Sobeys that will be also dealt with through this one.

I am going to bed now for like three days because I have been up since Monday morning working on this, then I have to talk to the Civil Court lawyer early next week about the case. I may be back on here blogging this weekend but I'm not sure but I will be next week.



The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Lawsuit Stuff Keeping Me Up All Night

So anyway, I'm busy with Court stuff this week so I'm away from music but there's no important updates anyway.

Yeah, so I'm up all day and night completing my court forms that I have been swamped with from the Nova Scotia Government  in a Civil Court Case coming from Five Star Bailiff and Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive Dartmouth for Civil Debt Collection for the Nova Scotia Government.

So I've filed this new post under "I'm up all night for court hearings because it's the middle of the night and I have to leave again at 7am getting my legal forms ready for tomorrow" category.

I slept from like 5pm - 11pm last night though so I am not that tired.

I mean it must be nice to be Access Nova Scotia and Five Star Bailiff to just file the wrong forms and serve you a court notice with four days notice to file a counter claim for debts I don't owe.

I mean after all I did get to find out on their printed sheet that I am allowed to file a counter claim to sue Five Star Bailiff because there is no appeal of Court Forms for a wrongly filed Court Summons at Access Nova Scotia.

Like that means for them over there that if they file a claim action against you with the Private Court Bailiff who is also the Plaintiff in the case for debt collection, I mean the Bailiff is not only serving the notices he also runs the debt collection for Access Nova Scotia, that you are not allowed to appeal the Summons if the check boxes are filled out wrong by the Court on your summons.

What that means is that for them they told me that I have to go to court anyway with a summons even if the claim against me wasn't actually mine with all the wrong information on it.

So I had to defend that in Court anyway by myself with four days notice. 

At least I still get the opportunity to appeal the Bailiffs Court case against me is what it says on their summons by filing a counter claim.

Not that four days is the standard time to prepare a counter claim against the Bailiff and Access Nova Scotia that's just the amount of time they gave me to do it. 

Anyway, all that will be resolved later in Civil Court during my lawsuit when it gets there in a few minutes. I mean getting sued in a fraudulent case against you that is not even your file in the Nova Scotia Courts from the Nova Scotia Government creates a large amount of paper work that you get swamped with.

I mean I don't even have a lawyer reviewing the case with me yet and I've spent four days preparing my defence for their four day filing deadlines, which I have completed by the way,  because I wasn't allowed to appeal that the case against me was not correct and I have been served with fake information on the summons.  

The good thing is though after I did my legal research on the case against me from the Nova Scotia Government I found that in their documents that I was allowed to counter claim the summons which is what I am doing today. 

So I have to file the counter claim which involved a lengthy deal of paper work that I have just completed at like 1am this morning to meet their filing deadlines.

Then of course there is the Court Filing Fees which I had had to verify with them on two separate days this week to find out what they are asking for. Thankfully, I went back yesterday in advance to see if my form of payment which is a form of "legal aid" documentation was good enough to cover the filing fees to file my counter claim today being submitted today as the defendant.

It wasn't. I was told by Access Nova Scotia that they could not accept my form of Court Payment for legal aid because my statement was 90 days old. 

They said I needed one from today with the current date on it to show that I in fact DID meet the criteria for legal aid to cover my filing fee and that I had to go back and get a new printed confirmation from them that was signed and dated in "official" format so that they would be able to guarantee at Access Nova Scotia that I indeed did qualify to have my appeal form paid for by legal aid.

That is what I am doing this morning, I have to go out and find a document that proves that the fees are paid for by legal aid or they will not accept my counter claim against Five Star Bailiff at Access Nova Scotia.

So I have my whole day planned around that. Hopefully this magical document will actually surface and that I will be able to file the legal aid filing fee by myself since I have yet to be given legal representation.

If not my counter claim against Five Star Bailiff will be rejected until I can meet their strict conditions to allow my appeal of their case at the Nova Scotia Government.

In the meantime I will have to find the proper payment forms so that my counter claim can be heard at my debt hearing next week the Nova Scotia Court Officer. 

I mean there is a lot of paper work involved when the Nova Scotia Government files a case against you for unpaid debts. I mean we're talking under $500 here people, with the paper work I got swamped with you would think that I owe them $100 Million Dollars, with all those strict deadlines and stuff. 

I mean on Sunday I was just sitting here working on a Heavy Metal Webpage for band promotion on the internet and since then I have had a large case dropped on me from the Nova Scotia Government that I have to defend in Civil Court for Debt Collection with like 10 boxes of paper work I had to start filing for from the Nova Scotia Supreme Court records to properly defend my case in Civil Court which will take quite a while. 

In the meantime I will have to act as my own lawyer and try and back this lawsuit from the Nova Scotia Government against me off for a couple weeks until I can get a paid civil court lawyer to take over then I am suing the Nova Scotia Government for forcing me to litigate this case against them in the civil courts by myself with no deadlines. 

In fact in the case I even had to represent the legal aid/community services itself as an outside lawyer to help them properly cover their court costs from the lawsuit they are defending from Access Nova Scotia.

In the case Five Star Bailiff is billing me for their court filing fee which I am billing back to them in my counter suit plus my filing fees which are covered by legal aid but Access Nova Scotia has not approved the payment yet.

So in fact I had to represent the Legal Aid itself as their lawyer in my counter suit against Five Star Bailiff and file a claim on their behalf against Five Star Bailiff for them to pay my court fees that they covered.

Meaning, when the "Legal Aid" pays my  filing fees I billed them back to Five Star Bailiff for repayment to the Legal Aid for when they lose my appeal.

What I am saying in the case to Access Nova Scotia is that when Five Star Bailiff loses my appeal they will have to pay back the legal aid for the filing fees they used to cover my case. 

So I am making Five Star Bailiff pay back the legal aid for my filing fee on their behalf, in my counter claim.

I mean it's a lot of paperwork when the Nova Scotia Government files a case against you wrongfully and I had to "step in" on several issues and represent the Legal Aid to the case against them over my filing fees and stuff and file a counter claim on their behalf for Five Star Bailiff to pay back the filing fees to them when they lose my appeal.

Thankfully I am a skilled Lawyer and had all this covered.

So anyway, I am heading back down today to try and meet the Nova Scotia Government's Court filing deadlines by having my court fee payments covered by getting the proper signed documents for Access Nova Scotia Legal Aid which will not be available to me until next week.

In the meantime I have to handle this myself through self representation with no Lawyer and also cover the claims for the legal aid on their behalf since they are not here yet to take over this Civil Court matter and stop the hearings against me and file my counter suit in the Civil Court.

Don't worry though I have all this covered myself in the meantime, plus I'll make sure to cover the legal aids end on their behalf in my counter suit to back off the Nova Scotia Government away from me until the Civil Courts can get this lawsuit I have been hit with under control hopefully sometime next week before my hearing date.


Huge Update In My Court Cases

This is a pretty big update.

Right now I have begun the process of filing my counter claim for the fake case against me from the Nova Scotia Government.

After this, I have to delay my original hearing is what they told me to properly file my counter claim against the Nova Scotia Government.

I have meeting scheduled hopefully next week with Civil Court Lawyers in Halifax and all legal costs have been covered hopefully. As soon as that is finished I am suing the Nova Scotia Government over my fake case.

Here is the good news, the new case has crossed into my other case against Sobeys Company from my hometown because the Government Office may have been on their property. 

I am being told that people from my past job at Sobeys were I had the legal dispute with them could be connected to the fake case against me, like a revenge case or something or they could be current employees of the Nova Scotia Government form my past at Sobeys with access to my legal files and are tampering with my court file or something.

So I am suing Sobeys Company starting today and because of the fact that my new case, a fake court filing,  may cross into my old case from Sobeys and that this case will also get me started in covering my legal bills against Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government in the past case with the Sunday Shopping Referendum.

What that means is I am also suing the Nova Scotia Government starting today over the illegal cancelling of the Sunday Shopping Referendum in like 2006 or something though Sobeys and my new case and that my initial court fees have been covered.

Since that larger case is a Constitution case against the Government of Canada about Sobeys and the Referendum and if I win I am going to seize Sobeys assets through the courts and scrap their company if I win.

Then I will sell off all their old buildings to the lowest bidder for 0.02 Cents per square foot because I don't want it. Then I will just keep the money.

So this smaller court case could lead to a larger settlement later from the Federal Government of Canada over the referendum. The great thing is that the first case will get me started and cover the initial legal bills to launch my bigger case against Sobeys from the Federal Government.

I will blog about whatever I can but it's all private so I just have to keep it generic.

I am heading to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax today to pull all public court records, which has been paid for, in cases involving Sobeys and I am also requesting all public court records in cases involving Sobeys from the United States Government for research purposes only to look for precedents to support my case.   

That's so that I can examine their track record etc.. for evidence in my case.

If I win the lawsuit against the Nova Scotia Government over the Sunday Shopping Referendum then Sunday Shopping will be BANNED in Nova Scotia.

Banning of Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia will only help to reinforce my case against Sobeys because it helps to ruin their public track record. That will set a precedent in the courts in my case against Sobeys that they have a failed court track record.

Today I am starting with the Sunday Shopping Case in the Nova Scotia courts and I am requesting all material right away. I am also requesting all the other material about Sobeys courts cases but I will have to find out how large that is first before I have them print it all for my research purposes.

I am now officially in Court as the Defendant of a fake case against me from the Nova Scotia Government and I am officially suing Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government twice, once for Sunday Shopping and once for the current fake court case against me.   

I'm sure there will be plenty of subpoenas handed out around Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government for people to come testify in these cases. The other parties summoned will be facing large legal bills for defending my civil court case if they are involved and in some cases I will also be suing individual parties for their personal assets if applicable. 

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Why My Band Collapse Is Like The Dead Kennedys Or Something

I just want to share with everyone what my band is about, my band Collapse is similar to artists like the Dead Kennedys or something. Meaning that it is independent of a specific music scene and stands on it's own.

So although I play in the Death Metal category I am independently working on playing in the "larger" music scene of Alternative or Pop Rock or something in the big one like on MTV.

What I mean by that is I am a Death Metal band that I am sustaining myself with my own Record Label Forward Regression Records and trying to play in the larger "music catalog" of something like Heavy Rock or Alternative Music. 

That means I'm not part of a local music scene with a bunch of local bands around me like in the other Death Metal scene like in Montreal or some other city with a Heavy Metal Scene.

So when you see their bands they are all listed together in the same smaller "heavy metal catalogs" like on Nuclear Blast Records or something which was recently acquired by a Sony sub label or something.

My band Collapse is separate from all that like the Dead Kennedys or something and trying to stand on it's own by itself. My goal for that is to try and get in the mainstream music catalog with other bigger artists like The Offspring or something and them, who are playing in Halifax this November, or other alternative acts and I would be listed in that as the only Death Metal band.

That is what my goal is anyway, I would be listed in the larger music catalogs as Collapse and would probably be the only Death Metal band in the list and I am doing that on my own, plus I have the money for it and run the label. 

Other bands that I would be promoting or working with together would just be hanging off that at the Nuclear Blast Records level or something trying to make a name for themselves, bigger bands in the smaller scene like Carcass or something.

In fact the Dead Kennedys are one of my biggest influences and I have been listen to them since about 1990 around 5 years after their last album came out. The band members though of the Dead Kennedys have remained active and there are many other albums out under different names to listen to. I also have similar political themes in my music and writing as the Dead Kennedys from San Francisco I think deal with on their albums and spoken word material. 

Like this, being independent like that you don't really see a lot of press on it but big stuff happens on a regular basis around me because everyone knows I'm doing that and there's money and all this attention around it and stuff.

Here is my Dead Kennedys like story for my band Collapse, one of the things I like to do is to relate my band to bands like the Dead Kennedys so people can understand what I am talking about because life playing in a band like that you experience stuff that is not normal in everyday life with all these bizarre events happening around you.  

This story is this week I was sued in Court in what looks like a "fake" court case for "unpaid credit payments" by an outside third party when the arrangement was already made and a separate issue, like credit card debt. So even though you have a credit card debt you have to make monthly payments and are allowed to keep a balance on it. Then someone intervened and tried to collect my back debts on the credit card balance with a fake court case for like "wage garnishment" or something from the Nova Scotia Government.   

The Government filed the case against me representing the third party debt collector and tried to collect the back debts in a fake case this past Monday, August 19 and now I am suing them already in Civil Court for damages because the actual debt was paid and their case against me was fake.

Why they would do that I am not sure but they acted as some kind of collection agency I'm assuming trying to get a commission for collecting unpaid debts. My thoughts are that they put a fake case through or something to try to get a commission off collecting my back debts by forcing into court with a fake case to pay the debts.

Now I am suing the parties over the fake case which is the Nova Scotia Government office like for debt collection and also the Third Party Debt Collector. 

What is going to happen today is I have slowed them down and pushed back the hearing dates is what I am told will happen and they are going to have to get lawyers to defend themselves in Civil Court. So the government and the third party debt collector will both have to get separate lawyers. 

For example this may take a long time as I have to find out who the third party debt collector is for example and stuff like that under the Civil Litigation to find out who they are etc. So the third party debt collector is going to be facing massive legal fees from defending my case against them in Civil Court which will take an undetermined amount of time.

In many cases large legal fees defending a Civil Court lawsuit may bankrupt a Company like a debt collector so they and the Nova Scotia Government are probably better off reaching a settlement in advance instead of getting involved in a lengthy court battle and accumulating large legal fees and mine have been already covered. 

That is what is happening and the direction I am persuing, that's what it's like in the music scene in the larger music catalog people, stuff and scams no one ever heard of.