Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Huge Update In My Court Cases

This is a pretty big update.

Right now I have begun the process of filing my counter claim for the fake case against me from the Nova Scotia Government.

After this, I have to delay my original hearing is what they told me to properly file my counter claim against the Nova Scotia Government.

I have meeting scheduled hopefully next week with Civil Court Lawyers in Halifax and all legal costs have been covered hopefully. As soon as that is finished I am suing the Nova Scotia Government over my fake case.

Here is the good news, the new case has crossed into my other case against Sobeys Company from my hometown because the Government Office may have been on their property. 

I am being told that people from my past job at Sobeys were I had the legal dispute with them could be connected to the fake case against me, like a revenge case or something or they could be current employees of the Nova Scotia Government form my past at Sobeys with access to my legal files and are tampering with my court file or something.

So I am suing Sobeys Company starting today and because of the fact that my new case, a fake court filing,  may cross into my old case from Sobeys and that this case will also get me started in covering my legal bills against Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government in the past case with the Sunday Shopping Referendum.

What that means is I am also suing the Nova Scotia Government starting today over the illegal cancelling of the Sunday Shopping Referendum in like 2006 or something though Sobeys and my new case and that my initial court fees have been covered.

Since that larger case is a Constitution case against the Government of Canada about Sobeys and the Referendum and if I win I am going to seize Sobeys assets through the courts and scrap their company if I win.

Then I will sell off all their old buildings to the lowest bidder for 0.02 Cents per square foot because I don't want it. Then I will just keep the money.

So this smaller court case could lead to a larger settlement later from the Federal Government of Canada over the referendum. The great thing is that the first case will get me started and cover the initial legal bills to launch my bigger case against Sobeys from the Federal Government.

I will blog about whatever I can but it's all private so I just have to keep it generic.

I am heading to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax today to pull all public court records, which has been paid for, in cases involving Sobeys and I am also requesting all public court records in cases involving Sobeys from the United States Government for research purposes only to look for precedents to support my case.   

That's so that I can examine their track record etc.. for evidence in my case.

If I win the lawsuit against the Nova Scotia Government over the Sunday Shopping Referendum then Sunday Shopping will be BANNED in Nova Scotia.

Banning of Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia will only help to reinforce my case against Sobeys because it helps to ruin their public track record. That will set a precedent in the courts in my case against Sobeys that they have a failed court track record.

Today I am starting with the Sunday Shopping Case in the Nova Scotia courts and I am requesting all material right away. I am also requesting all the other material about Sobeys courts cases but I will have to find out how large that is first before I have them print it all for my research purposes.

I am now officially in Court as the Defendant of a fake case against me from the Nova Scotia Government and I am officially suing Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government twice, once for Sunday Shopping and once for the current fake court case against me.   

I'm sure there will be plenty of subpoenas handed out around Sobeys and the Nova Scotia Government for people to come testify in these cases. The other parties summoned will be facing large legal bills for defending my civil court case if they are involved and in some cases I will also be suing individual parties for their personal assets if applicable. 

Wish me luck.


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