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MARS: Science Wasting Our Time

Earth - The Place We Live
One of the things that bothers me the most about Washington D.C. in the United States of America is the continuous wasting of the public's intelligence. I mean is anyone working there even literate or what?

Washington D.C. and their Science Programs most annoying aspect is their constant challenging of the public's intellect no doubt to see how stupid we are to keep them in charge. I'm certain that today they are the leadership of no one. 

There's just some old stale building in there with a 1950's or 1960's intellect and all they want to do is avoid the public issues and then wait for us to forget our concerns. Then what pisses many people off is they say "How about a trip to Mars?" like to hippies in the 1960's and that is supposed to sedate the public without resolving our issues like they think we are stupid. 

Their group in Washington D.C. "going around the public's issues" to stay in Command in Washington D.C. and showing us pictures of false" trips to Mars" to give us some entertainment for the day to get around our issues is the biggest piss off of any citizen in the public.

In fact in creating a new theme for a new decade 2020 that is just starting the theme should be Outrage heading into 2020 like in the background of an Incredible Hulk Comic book, like "The Incredible Hulk 2020" or something where outrage against the Capital is the theme of the new decade, 2020 after all is a pretty impressive number.

In the background of the story in real life the public intelligence has outgrown the Government in Washington D.C leading to a scientifically advanced public and illiterate Government promising us false trips to Mars to sedate our intelligence which has outgrown them while offering no real solutions.

It's time to get rid of their stale suit in Washington D.C. forever.

In fact, why would we want to go to Mars anyway?

Not only that you have to read the news from India to find out about it, which I do. 

Anyway, it kind of feels like you're living in a comic book story outside when you see all that which is pretty awesome anyway, make sure to visit my Science Fiction book page at which will be updated soon with the character list and new reading guide material.

Who cares about travelling to Mars when we could have Free Global Wi Fi Internet on the 5G Network which runs free globally roaming smartphones, free internet on laptops, desktops and all devices, globally available wireless internet television with no black out restrictions, and free power for our houses which would reduce rent payments by 1/3 per month. 

Not only that we need monthly cash reprimand payments for everyone plus increased check benefits for welfare, disability and old age pensions.

All readily available by cancelling the Defense Contracting Companies which run private off our tax dollars who also use stolen equipment to siphon public tax money. 

When that tax money and equipment like the 5G Network is returned to the citizen's of Canada and the United States that is what we will have.

The Government has said "no" and are claiming they own the own the tax money and scientific equipment and refuse to release it back to tax payers. That is total treason to the public and everyone knows that they own nothing.

No they are thieves stealing our money.

Here's what I'm saying, nobody wants Space X a supposed private company running the Space Program with our tax dollars promising us trips to Mars we want NASA, Cape Canaveral and modern inventions for the public which they are illegally holding against us from the United States Military in Washington D.C.   

All their top Military Admirals in Washington D.C. should be drawn out to face public repramandation, just like in a "War Of The Mutants" like scenario in a comic book where the Comic Book hero's have the publics backs and better technology that they won't give to the government, like in our society today outside.  

Space X can never get humans to Mars or the Federal Government in the Old United States in the former State of Washington D.C., which is the publics opinion, right in their own words.

All their research on Mars is "visually based only" form Voyager 1 or something from the 1970's, see - they are all the 1960's people.

People like me outside actually live in the year 2020 with science and technology which is fact not observation in the public that doesn't exist in Washington D.C.

When you start to research Mars what you'll find out publicly stated is that their knowledge of Mars is only based on visual interpretation on several large issues with no instrumentation. 

Sure they know what some of the things in the atmosphere are and that their Polar Ice Caps are not from frozen water but from frozen Carbon Dioxide C02 and are the equivalent of Dry Ice on the Earth.

In fact, most of their C02 based knowledge on Earth is probably derived from Mars research saying that if C02 on Earth goes up and Oxygen goes down then the Earth will dry which is similar to the make up of the Planet Mars. 

In reality there is no scientific evidence of that and is all "visually interpreted" by Washington D.C. Scientists then they try to charge us another tax called "carbon tax" or "C02" tax to make us give them more of our money when we don't have any anyway so that the Earth doesn't get turned into Mars - with no scientific instrumentation to back up the theory. 

In fact, that is Washington D.C.'s whole platform anyway - no facts and all interpretation to increase our tax payments and giving us nothing back at all while implementing Second and Third World policies on us in First World countries. 

It would be nice if Washington D.C. started looking after the Northern Hemisphere where we have real science and jobs and stop catering to the Second and Third World of the Southern Hemisphere with their fake science and slave like work programs they try and force us into. 

This is all you need to see to know they are all fake in Washington D.C. from some Second or Third  World Country.

All their science is visually based about Mars. 

For example, they don't even know if Mars has Continental Plate Shifting (continental drift) or Magma. 

That's right they don't even know if Mars has lava in it or not. Pathetic. 

Mars "Volcano"
Mars has a large "volcano like opening" on it so they just assume it's a volcano like on Earth with no scientific facts, then they don't even know if it has plates.

From this picture it looks like Mars has two plates a Northern Plate and a Southern Plate which have collided and created a large "rift" in the center of the Planet. That could be the original collision that formed Mars and it may have just been sitting there ever since, not only that the "volcano" may actually be a "gas release vent" that blew through the surface during the collision that created Mars.

Mars Ridge
If you study Earth Science you'll know that the Earth has several large plates including the famous Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Earth's Mid Atlantic Ridge
If you don't know what the Mid Atlantic Ridge is that is the location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where the two plates are hitting each other on the Ocean Floor, this created a large "ridge" filled with underwater mountains and obvious volcanic activity.

In fact the Mid Atlantic Ridge is the most famous mountain range in the world because it has the tallest mountains on Earth - however they are under water and you can't see them from the surface.

Also to note is that there is no evidence that plate tectonics can exist without water and lava like on the Earth in the Mid Atlantic Ridge. 

Meaning, Mars might have no "liquid base" of water and magma to support a fluid system to move the continental plates (plate tectonics) and that the Mars plates may be permanently land locked like on the Moon of the Earth.

Again the Mars ridge is based on the Earth's Mid Atlantic Ridge in a visual comparison only with no instrumentation, with no evidence of scientific continental drift on Mars. 

What about the volcano on Mars?

Well first of all there is no evidence that is even a volcano at all, this could actually be a vent shaft from gases spewed up from the original continental collision of the apparent two plates which has been preserved on a dead planet full of dust and dry ice with some kid of gases trapped in it's atmosphere. 

The theory that the Mars Volcano is a actual volcano is based on Hawaii Island in the Pacific Ocean which was formed by a volcanic vent shaft under the Islands, in fact the Hawaii Hotspot is still active in the region and is the source of their volcanic activity.

Earth's Hawaii Hotspot
They are saying that the Mars volcano is the same as the Hawaii hotspot based on a visual comparison only with no scientific theory behind it and excluding regular science facts of the Earth Atmosphere. 
Supposed Mars "hot spot"

Remember though Mars itself is a life form just like the Earth because it is a planet, so you have to say that Mars is a "thing" like a life form just by being there. I'm not trying to discredit that, I'm just saying that the Science coming from Washington D.C. is all wrong today and they have no valid Northern Hemisphere Policies or First World Country Science like we do here in Canada.

In Canada the public just knows this stuff anyway like in other regular First World Countries in the Northern Hemisphere or it's assets in Australia and New Zealand. 

The differing United States for example is convoluted with Second and Third World outdated and backwards polices coming from the Southern Hemisphere.

My whole new thing I'm saying is that Washington D.C. is no longer our leadership in Science or Politics because they have been absorbed into Government Polices from the Second and Third World like Croatia and Africa because they are so far South and they have abandoned us in the Northern Hemisphere and returned with all these bizarre work sharing programs and bogus science from backwards Third World Countries and they must all be fired and our material returned to us the citizens for proper usage like the 5G Free Wireless Internet Network so we can use it for it's actual purposes. 

Just look at Mars, they don't even point out how small is it to the public...Mars is barely larger that the Moon of the Earth but has a thin atmosphere. Why would you even bother with that? 

How about round up some animals first and then drop them off on Mars with a Camera to see if they live or not first before you say humans are going to go there.

Mars Is Much Smaller Than The Earth
Again, the whole point to that is all of Washington D.C.'s theories are Charles Darwin based from the 1800's and his theory of evolution is totally wrong because they are saying that the Human Body is separate from the background of the Earth.

Meaning, they are saying that you can transplant a human body to Mars easily because it is separate from the Earth's Atmosphere. 

That is the main kicker for me in their failure. 

There is no evidence that cellular growth in the Human Body can exist without the atmosphere of the Earth around it.

What I mean is there is no proof that a woman can get pregnant on Mars and that the baby will grow in a Space Station on the surface of Mars inside her body which is what Space X and the United States Government in Washington D.C. is saying - a total failure.

What I mean is the Earth's atmosphere is "life sustaining" for people and accounts for cellular growth in Humans and your body's organ functions for example.

There is no proof that Mars can sustain your cellular growth in it's atmosphere or support your organ functions in a Space Station. 

Yes, humans can survive in Outer Space on a Space Ship but there is no proof that they can survive inside a foreign Planets atmosphere.

For example if you went to the surface of Mars in a space craft or space station there is no evidence the Planet's atmosphere can support your organ growth, healing abilities or life support systems.

If you actually went to the surface of Mars the planet has no apparent means to support you body healing and your organs might fail then your lungs will shut off and you may go blind because that foreign planet has no means to support those body functions that are contained inside the Earth's Atmosphere. 

That's what Space X is telling you, that your body is "detached" from the Earth's Atmosphere and you can exist without it on Mars.  That is an outdated and inaccurate theory from Chares Darwin from the 1800's they are using as their research base for their theories.

What I am saying is that the functions on the Earth that allow cells to divide and grow like a baby in their mothers stomach are unknown to Humans. 

Those secret functions that grow cells and babies or also regular humans growth and healing are unknown, those exist inside the Earth's Atmosphere to allow humans to live and reproduce.

There is no evidence that those functions exist on Mars in that atmosphere to allow humans to reproduce and grow as stated by Space X. 

Chances are that those forces do not exist on Mars because it is not human life sustaining anyway. 

In fact the Atmosphere on Mars may view the Human Body even inside a space ship or space suit as a "foreign object" in it's atmosphere and start incinerating you and deactivating your organs and making you go blind just by sitting in it's atmosphere.  

All unobserved by the United States Military in Washington D.C.

That is a total failure by Space X, the United States Government, the United States Military and Washington D.C. itself and proves they have no valid research for today or modern scientific theories.


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