Monday, August 19, 2019

You Won't Even Believe What Just Happened

You're not even going to believe this in Halifax....I am in Court with the Nova Scotia government over a $30 Court Filing Fee.

I can't really say because this just happened but my court date for my summons is next week. 

This is what happened, I was involved in a financial matter with a third party, examples would be like a private rent to own deal or like furniture payments or something.

My end was already worked out with the third party, the Nova Scotia Government intervened on me and walked right in on me and issued me a summons to pay the full amount right now or make a payment arrangement with a court notice from a Government office on Sobeys Property AGAIN.

That's right the government office is in a Sobeys plaza and I am now in Court with the Nova Scotia Government over a $30 fee because they filed an incorrect court application.  

Like this right now and I am already in court.

I went to the government office on Sobeys property, apparently because all their stores are in it, and told them I needed to appeal the court hearing because they put the wrong information in the Summons.

The "clerk" there told me that I "wasn't allowed to appeal the hearing" and that I had to pay the $30 filing fee against me and it was "up to them" in the hearing if the form was incorrect or not.

Now I have to sue the Nova Scotia Government over the $30 filing fee to stop the hearing because it is a previously resolved issue.

The clerk there told me I would have to take them to small claims court over the $30 fee if I didn't want to pay it. 

So, what I had to do is Counter Sue for the filing fees for another $30 dollars at the same office, so the loser of the case will have to pay $60 now, one for each filing....there's and mine. 

My appeal of the $30 fee has not been sent in yet but has to be done with short notice this week and I have to go get a lawyer TOMORROW MORNING to sue the Nova Scotia Government Office over the taking me to a court hearing with the wrong paper work from them. AGAIN. 

Then I have to run around all over the place which is a total nuisance right now and get a lawyer to take the case which I can't lose because their court forms are wrong to sue them for Civil Damages.


Well, it looks like the Nova Scotia Government wants to take me to Court over $30 with no appeal they claimed at their government office.

How about this, you're being sued tomorrow in Civil Court in Halifax for damages and to file my appeal against your Provincial office.

See you tomorrow.


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