Thursday, August 8, 2019

Just About That Stuff Below

Yeah, I'm just telling everyone that no one's putting up with any of that stuff. The people saying that stuff are out of their minds crazy man.

Here is what it is, they tried to take my money in a scam then it's a $200 Million reward to turn them in for civil damages. They are going to get life in prison for that.

Every time there is something about that on the news they start saying it around the area so watch out for this scam. 

They always say there is no Canada and the rich business people own the Country in Private, then they try and trick citizens with ponzi scams and pyramid schemes to give them the money. 

Then everyone knows that if you call the police they will get charged for it. 

So they are just looking for suckers. 

What happens is they keep coming back to me and harassing me to see if I'm a sucker all the time and I have to keep putting the run to them, now they are going to get life in prison for it. That's just every day for millionaires man.

When it happened to me they said they were the NAU and own Canada's laws and tried to trick me into giving them my money, like people I worked with and people selling Amway.

They keep trying to test me to see if I know the law, I do. Then they keep trying to see if they can take my money in a scam.

At the time years ago it was because I was going to earn millions of dollars in wages over several years and then start my own business. That's the money they tried to take, after that it was the $200 Million reward money from these "NAU" people pretending to be the government, now they keep saying it and I'm going to give them life in prison for trying to take all that money from me before it comes in regular business.

Like I said, those people aren't getting my money. If anyone says I am giving them my business money it is a scam and they are going to prison for it.

I am just hearing all this third person. They keep coming back to me and pretending that there is no constitution in Canada and that private businesses own it and that I have to go along with them and give them my money with people they know, like people selling Amway in a pyramid scheme.

What they are trying to do is get me in a discussion outside the constitution like the Sunday Shopping laws and keep my money and business there so they can drain my bank account in a scam and I turned them in, now they are going to get life in prison for it.

Like they sound like they are handicapped repeating themselves, they keep saying that the regular law is gone and that I have to keep my money in their business account because they own the government. Everyone knows that is totally fake to the point of handicapped.

Everyone also knows that they are going to go to jail now for it because they won't leave and keep trying to see if I will give them my money in THE SAME SCAM.

Not directly to my face but through the crowd third party, now I'm sending them to prison for it after they all get caught.

What is that latest thing?

They are trying to sell my webpage for $10,000 someone said and they want to split the money for it from my hometown that is the rumor so I'm sending them to prison when they get caught.

Then they said they want to force me into a deal outside through public harassment to make more webpages after that and keep selling them for $10,000 each and they want the money for it, then they are all posing as people that know me trying to get me to do that third party through the crowd. If that was directly to my face I would have pressed charges.

I have to say that no I am not the seller of the webpage for $10,000 I am the BUYER of the webpage for $10,000 and I bought the name because it's the original Polygram Name that launched Venom, Slayer and Metallica through Polygram and I using it as a Heavy Metal Promotion for my business. 

So it is not for sale, right I don't need the $10,000 for the page because it's for a Record Label Promotion that I own.

Plus it is the original name of Heavy Metal and I'm trying to hang on it to it anyway.

So I don't need money for that and it's not for sale, plus it's worth more money to keep it.

Right, no one would ever do anything those people say. They are a scam saying they are the NAU group and own Nova Scotia elections through the courts in Halifax and it's a total lie.

Then they are saying that if you run a business you have to let them hold your bank account and tell you what to do like in a pyramid scheme and they are all saying they know me and they don't. Then they think you are the dumbest person ever by saying it.

Everyone knows none of that is true about people's bank accounts, like they treat you like you are retarded and they pretend to know you to people in the area saying that stuff. 

Then they are just trying to clean out my bank account and milk my business getting me to make webpages and selling them so they can get the money. No way will that ever happen, I am going to press charges against them and give them life in prison because of the large amount from my job plus my coming court settlements.

Those other people are total garbage and I don't know any of the ones that say that. They are fake business people running scams and stuff. I guess this is what happens when you are coming into a lot of money.

No one owns my money or business but me, if someone says that's not true they are a scam and I'm pressing charges against them when I catch them all because it's coming from some pyramid scheme, all third party to me and I am sick of it so I am putting an end to it all by pressing charges when my case is finished.


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