Friday, July 5, 2024

WWE: Heavy Weight Title Locked Up In Money In The Bank PPV Tomorrow

Heavy Weight Champion Damian Priest must do this prove himself tomorrow night...

Beat, "Seth Rollins" former shill of Champion Roman Reigns to retain the World Heavyweight Champion...


Also beat Drew MacIntyre if he wins Money In The Bank.

That would resolve the Money In The Bank / Heavy Weight Championship at Money In The Bank.


Drew MacIntyre says he'll take the Belt from Damian Priest tomorrow night when he wins Money In The Bank.

Then Damian Priest must beat Seth Rollins to keep the belt, then he will LOSE to MacIntyre...

Now Damian Priest must win the belt back in a second match tomorrow night.

I doubt we'll get that match.





HALIFAX: Local Behavior Signals Next Wave Of Doctor Hirings

You rest assured in Halifax that the next big doctor treatment for the city is menopause.

That's right, just like the World's Record Of Beer Consumption led to tons of doctors jobs hired to treat diabetes years later, plus here in Halifax, the next big run of medical patients in the local area is now geared up to treat menopause.

So if you didn't know what you had it's probably menopause...


I just laugh that Halifax's next wave of medical treatment they just started hiring for announced in public by the local area, just remember these medical treatment centers have a past in other cases.

So when you get down there you'll already know why the big dick doctor now treats menopause.




Thursday, July 4, 2024

Diary Update, July 4th 2024, Not Holiday Here

Diary Update, I just bought Google Cloud Storage for my Smartphone for Paid I can back up my phone on my compuer cloud storage.

This opens new world's for me on the internet like switching to tablet on wireless paid bandwidth.

Now I have this cloud server for my blog (this one, Blogger) and I can post files into the blog by embedding with google drive file links.

That plays waaaaay better on blog pages than youtube links.

Plus I mean, even share-alike files not totally public domain you can still direct download anywhere on your pages if you don't alter the file.

I mean the video Dead Kennedys on my paid google cloud drive on my blog, this one, sounds like a waaaay better stream than Youtube on it for Napalm Death.


Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover) (Official Audio)













Wednesday, July 3, 2024

RE: Smartphone On Paid Bandwidth

I mean on paid bandwidth on LTE or 5G you keep your credit card number locked to the smartphone account for your google drive and credit card for your phone payments etc.

Then when you buy MLB.TV they send you updates during the day...

Yesterday the penciled in "Spencer Jones" on the lineup card who is a new guy from Spring Camp and it was a mistake so congrats to him, on the smart phone release starting line up card on .


Now I can stream off all that off Google Cloud to webpages and blogs and also keep my phones backed up.

Then you can release albums on the Blogosphere on Google Drive off the web links on paid digital bandwidth on phone number text messaging. 














Thanks For The Tip

Thanks for the tip slackers, I'll just post them direct to the page and make my own direct song links on blogger posts off my paid google drive.





RE: Blogger With Google Drive Criticism

Don't blame me for having a basic account.

With all the events in the world today you need a good reliable service for these power outages etc.,

Using your Smartphone on Paid Bandwidth on LTE or 5G with Google Drive you can post files almost right to your blog from inside the Google Drive App on Blogger,

Like this.


Now you hear...what's with the financial commitment to Google Cloud on that?

Like to keep the song up on Google Drive Cloud Share links.

Look, there's no need for subscription's to pages like Spotify when you can load your music file to Google Drive and then stream to your Smartphone on Paid Bandwidth.

This allows you easily release your file like here "Vader - Death Metal" Public Domain song.

My point is on the paid bandwidth you get the phone and tablet...well that plus Google Cloud Storage keeps your files online on paid backup.

Off your cloud hard drive this never crashes, then with Paid Bandwidth your can always listen to your songs when the power is out.

Keeping that drive up and using blooger you can use that to release songs on the blogosphere with paid Google Drive shared links.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Suffocation - Despise The Sun

RE: Releasing A CD On Streaming From Google Drive

Re previous post...

In that example it shows that you can release a public domain CD like mine "Suffocation - Despise The Sun" by buying an good url and then loading the files to google drive.

On the url, embedding the file from google drive plays from page like example below like on streaming subscription pages without a subscription.

Using the format below you can stream music from your webpage like streaming services off google drive and also share the song links on the internet on social media.

A pretty solid way to release a digital record.


Monday, July 1, 2024

Diary Update, June 2024 - Updated

Diary update, embed public domain files into blogger post from google drive subscription: 




With Blogger and Google Drive on Paid Subscription you can add files to Google Drive THEN you can add text links on Blogger to your public domain music files on Google Drive.

Connect your Smartphone to paid bandwidth on 4G LTE Or paid bandwidth on 5G to listen to on your smartphone using 4G LTE or 5G Paid Bandwidth your Google Drive Music file on the default Smartphone player.

Google Drive provides text link from Blogger with graphic interface on Google to listen and share file on various formats,

Public Domain File Source:

After this the public domain file source is clearly defined on the google drive source url - my paid storage files on google drive.


At the file url you can open as mp3, flac or video etc.


Open connect apps and then I assume load add "Digital Music Streamer" and connect to Google drive...THERE under "digital apps" you can make playlists on the streaming app page to paste back into Blogger or Stream Playlists on your third party urls from your music files on Google Drive. 

Share this link on text to Smartphone to listen on paid Bandwidth link.

Or you could call my smartphone on paid bandwidth and I could text you the url to listen off the webpage.

Another example is open Winamp Mp3 Player and use play url feature to play file from my google cloud drive on public domain files.


The original source of the file album "Suffocation - Despise The Sun" is Vulture Records BEFORE Re-Reissue on "Relapse Records" Lp Print Version etc.

Vulture Records URL was bought by me at / .


My current link is the public domain file for

Comment, Albums released on google drive are totally official web link releases for text links on phones to share with friends...not to load third party pages, the release there would be direct play off their url ....smaller than google.

A google drive release to text url links is a bigger release than that.


01. Funeral Inception


02. Devoid Of Truth


03. Despise The Sun


04. Bloodchurn


05. Catatonia




RE: Cel Phone Networks 4G / 5G, Reminder Internet Not Microchip Traffic

Now you have to tell people the internet is only ABOUT microchip traffic NOT the traffic itself.

Like on a 4G Microchip Phone Network vs. 5G Microchip Phone Network.


Barbie the Mattel Company Doll thing, does not tell anyone how many batteries she uses when listening to CD's on her Ghetto Blaster.

Like when she's washing the car or something.

Now you get this update....

You only get full webpage / app access on Smartphones IF you are a full bandwidth on paid connection.

4G versus 5G Network.

So I mean on a 1080p Digital Signal OR HIGHER,,,,

That same 4G on LTE is NOT the same as a 5G Network Signal which carries EXTRA MICRO CHIP DATA for more advanced features.

Cheaper carries like 4G is NOW 4G LTE.

4G LTE Carries full over 1080 p connection on a lower carries NOT 5G.

So on MLB.TV on Bandwidth you still get the same updates on the phone live during the game on paid bandwidth with subscription BUT....on 5G they might STILL HAVE EXTRA COVERAGE etc., on the 5G Network.

SO although they both carry 1080p on paid bandwidth 5G is a bigger cable service than 4G LTE which is less expanded than 5G.


Saturday, June 29, 2024

RE: Triple H, Content Executive For WWE Network

Just watching this I'd assume that Netflix was the app for WWE Network anyway....

Like Netflix wouldn't launch huge off being the official app for WWE Network.

Maybe Triple H can get us some free regular tv on their too on the Neflix App running off the WWE Network.

My point is this...

You still can't buy all that, I mean I got Netflix but only subscribe sometimes then the WWE App is different than the shows on Netflix which is the WWE Streams...then you can't buy the subscription on the WWE App very easy.

Then you end up with half downloaded apps.

WWE has it's own television network, this is a huge deal for Netflix getting that contract.

Plus WWE has it's own app like I said.

The final point to that...

Netflix with the WWE app runs all the WWE Content on the 5G Network Streams.

So you have to get the subscriptions THEN pay for bandwidth on 5G then you can get all the updates from the Events live on the smartphone plus all the tv shows and pay per views.

Once all that's on full 5G Bandwidth on the subscriptions PLUS apps THEN you can get a sub like Triple H on the show with a fully subscribed smartphone with all the features and live updates.


Triple H Says Netflix Will Allow WWE To Grow To An Unprecedented Audience

Friday, June 28, 2024

Diary Update, CD's Listened To Not Only On Ghetto Blaster

Just like when I go on my Smartphone and pay bandwidth PLUS subscription to watch MLB.TV on New York Yankees...
You still need a second account on Rogers etc., for Blue Jays to Yankees Blue Jays in Canada.

That's a second app and subscription for one team.

That's the real way to watch it.

On the bandwidth charge on the YES App , plus Rogers Subscription to remove local blackout.

That's how you watch MLB on Smartphone.

Now you "CD" people...Compact Disc.

You're CD Listens from the Company ONLY COUNT if you used BATTERIES ONLY in the Ghetto Blaster.

That's only official way to listen to a real cd is pay for batteries from Energizer etc..

That's what I'm laughing at now...all you AC Adaptor people don't know what a CD sounds like anyway because you're on adaptor.


Just like Cassette.

Official CD Plays on the "bandwidth" of the CD Player is called "BATTERY POWER" 18 D Batteries....

Just remember adaptor.

No official plays, only Battery Plays on Ghetto Blaster from Official Companies (Music / Battery Factory Businesses).


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

HALIFAX: Expect Lost Files At Tenancy Office

Now in Halifax on top of all this and work stoppages out west expect to have to correct your rent and cheque files as in the City GST Rebates etc., late for paying customers, hot water low for paying customers etc...

At Bayers Lake Mass Expansion is taking place and BUS ROUTE strangled.

Thanks' for nothing,  I'll get my Burger King Meltwich and Coffee on Main.

Peggy's Cover now only 30 Minutes from Halifax on Non- Existent Bus Route while Downtown strangled with over congestion and bus route construction.

Everything's customers etc., now they can't keep track of the rent files.

Good Luck out in the County...City Expansion is happening right now in Halifax, outages and everything.


WestJet work stoppage could happen as soon as Friday

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

HALIFAX: Rumors, County Not Able To Issue Water Boil Order, Hot Water Tanks Being Drained By Non-Payers (?)

Now people are saying in Halifax County Area - HRM - That people who DON'T PAY FOR HOT WATER, are draining the hot water are illegally draining hot water from businesses and apartments for outside means.

I pay for my own hot water.

Now they are having an issue with the power for hot water heaters and buildings running out of heat and hot water.

Now because of the the power drain and hot water outage the rumor is The City Of Halifax is "Unable To Issue A Hot Water Boil Order."

The low hot water to paying customers like myself is now concerning people of Cholera outbreaks and diseases from paying customers not being able to full time wash with hot water.

Now people are getting sick from low hot water.

The hot water draining people are saying is coming from disgusting rumors such people who don't pay for their own hot water were "unable to dispose of feces piles from no hot water areas stored over the winter."

These rumored "feces piles" were rumored to be dumped on highway medians etc., then washed with stolen hot water drained form near buildings from paying customers, then they "mowed the grass" to cover it causing a "stink outbreak" in Halifax so bad online banking went down in the middle of the night from no available staff.


Now people are saying this has caused some kind of "stink outbreak" in the area from some disease affecting non hot water paying customers.

Obviously, an emergency that needs to be resolved.


Graspop 2024 - Suffocation

Graspop 2024 - Abbath plays Immortal

The Donnas - Its on the Rocks - Live from The Note, West Chester, PA - 3...

Monday, June 24, 2024

Reminder, Hell's Angels Clothes Are Illegal...If Seen Direct Them To Local Court Where They Are Wanted For Witness Statements

What's with all the murder and killing downtown and fake court people everywhere outside?


Five Hell's Angels motorcycle club members arrested in connection with m...

Large 'unsanctioned' Hells Angels procession arrived in Toronto

Vegas Hell's Angels leader indicted on racketeering charges

17 Hells Angels Members Indicted

More than a dozen Hells Angels members accused in a hate crime

2 Hells Angels clubhouses raided in California's Central Valley

14-year-old boy charged in connection with Toronto mass shooting that le...

Feds say 4 missing CA Hells Angels were illegally cremated, including Ea...

18 arrested in connection to gang-related crimes in Quebec

30+ arrests made in Quebec drug war between Blood Family Mafia, Hells An...

Here's what Hells Angels leaders in Ontario allegedly spent millions on

Two Canadians connected to the Hells Angels accused in alleged internati...

Widow of Toronto office shooter says her husband was “pushed to the edge”

More than 90 people arrested in human trafficking investigation in Ontario

Police say toddler and mother killed in ‘targeted’ Woodbridge shooting

1 person dead, 3 injured in shooting inside Woodbridge home: police

Gunman in Toronto office shooting blamed victims for "losing our life’s ...

2-year-old killed in quadruple shooting north of Toronto | Latest on sho...

Driver sought after shooting at officer during Toronto traffic stop

Police make arrest after video shows attempted stabbing in road rage inc...

Ontario Provincial Police investigating ‘unimaginable tragedy’ after 4 f...

Suspected car thief taken down by GTA police in dramatic operation

Thursday, June 20, 2024

RE: MLB Yankees Television Schedule

Let me guess, it's Friday night blackout tomorrow on Apple TV, then its "fox tv" (insert nasal tone), then thankfully back to the YES App for an afternoon game against the alternate Babe Ruth New York Yankees team Atlanta Braves.

Remember, when your team plays New York Yankees they get listed with Aaron Judge who beat Babe Ruth's AL Home Record on the New York Yankees.

That\s a pretty big promotion for players.

New York Yankees still most wins in MLB at 51, Boston and Baltimore win two each out of three games against New York in AL East.


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Donnas - I Don't Care (So There).

Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say

Diary Update, The Big Piss Off

Here  comes the big piss off like the fake double wide sidewalks and free internet from community services they told everyone during covid and never did it.

Diary update, I mean today I was just out for a walk in the heat wave up in the Vast National Park Area in Nova Scotia and I mean, fuck, what can you do with your money anyway?

Go somewhere and live on vacation, that's what I did....then I do this server for digital for web traffic, I mean I got a seven year degree and all that ballet.

My diary point is you make all this stuff, like gore metal bands and you can't put them out because they got tits on them, like years ago right they got nothing.

Like I used to do a second act as a girl doing ballet etc various things for my grandmother years ago besides heavy metal. and try and keep it a secret, and you gotta fucking ruin that on here too.

What's your fucking point anyway.

Now you need to make a whole new act, and buy an adult page just to fucking blog and put your cd on it.

Die then.


VIDEO GAME SCAM: Graphics Not Locked To Game

On any modern game hold the buttons to the upper far right and press on control pad as hard as you can hammering the buttons while doing the same on the directional pad in the opposite direction and then most games will break and graphics will go off screen.



INFORMATION: Now You Need An Adult Server For A Blog Host

Now gotta go fucking buy an adult web host for you blog because on ones like this they "don't like how you talk where the server's hosted"...

Fucking jail then, go to fucking jail then.

God man.

Good fucking riddance fucking bastard.


The Haunted - Hate Song (Official Audio)

Voivod - Fuck Off and Die

Venom - Fuck Off And Die

Overkill - I Hate (Lyric Video)

Rip Off Promotions

Like and all that with companies putting up their stuff public domain.
I can't even believe they finished that page to fucking load anything.

Like you get these song and dance numbers like The Donnas, that used to be on Atlantic Records now it's independent on public domain.

Like the fucking cunt prick holding the fucking tapes and ruining the the band pages and all the fucking web pages on some print loan from a master company thinks you can't make a new one without them.

Like when you own all the song and dance routines now they have no office and are holding the tapes back and the extra songs and they are gonna go to fucking jail.

Now you have to make a whole new fucking band for song and dance routines for SA-CD Super Audio because the prick who didn't work has no fucking office now.

Now, I'm going to have to get a lawyer to go get all the material back.

You're fucking over.


RE: The Donnas Fake Boobs

Donna R., Alison Robertson boobs are a different size in every video....triple d in this tape and none in the others...must be a breast implants ad.

On all those The Donnas camera rolls I mean...on their tapes coming out.


The Donnas 2003 02 08 Paradise Rock Club, Boston , MA

HALIFAX: All "Scams" In Halifax Confessed By Hells Angels In News Story

They even admitted it downtown at some fight at the library that they were the ones over on Main Street Dartmouth at Mic Mac Mall breaking the hot water.

Now "Access Nova Scotia" with the fake eviction notices I got and that, all fat fat men who can't fuck women, with fake papers saying "Access Nova Scotia" and it was fake court hearing over a payment that wasn't due or whatever and I won my case.

So that's who did it at housing, the ones in the News and Downtown Halifax they even said that got the fake eviction papers from a sub-division scam in Ontario and now the government is looking for them over cashing a fake insurance settlement.

All during the housing crisis, covid, storms in the Atlantic CROSS BORDER in Ontario and in the United States.

Death Penalty.


RE: Pain Points Of The Hell's Angels In The News

This is what really pisses off them guys in the Hells Angels is saying back to them from the News how they make fun of regular people for the things they have when biker's are poor.


Like they always got this AVR Patch like for a free satellite dish signal or something.

First before they get the stuff the rich guys house like his University Course or something they gotta commit this housing scam.

Then they get all this office papers and load them all onto to "Bitcoin" and social media.

Then they show this report on the news everyone of them had a private "tag" on the papers like they were a real Banker hahahahahahahha.

Like this...

John A. Hell's Angel - Pin Code: 215 , ID # 5267.87 , Card number GAHYT766, VIN# from some vechicle....

Like that.

Like a like a little playing with his pin numbers on stolen paper from the bank is what you fucking are cunt.

You and your motorbike in Downtown Halifax.

At least everyone knows you can't get laid becuase you're too fat and I already did for my whole life.


Abnormality - Curb Stomp (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

17 Hells Angels Members Indicted

2 Hells Angels clubhouses raided in California's Central Valley

How a Yorkville condo is connected to the Hells Angels | CTV News Toront...

Feds say 4 missing CA Hells Angels were illegally cremated, including Ea...

Five Hell's Angels motorcycle club members arrested in connection with m...

30+ arrests made in Quebec drug war between Blood Family Mafia, Hells An...

RE: Hell's Angels Attempt To Claim Insurance, Build Private Sub-Division In Ontario & Get Arrested

That's right everyone while we were and are all struggling in the Atlantic from covid, earthquakes and cyclones the Hell's Angels Murder Gang had millions of dollars of free money, tried to build their own private sub-division in Ontario and then cashed an illegal insurance settlement for millions of more dollars.

Well I guess that explains where the money came from in Halifax for all those Hell's Angels motorbikes parked downtown on the waterfront at Tim Hortons came from.

Note, prostitution in Canada was abolished over twenty years ago, in the news they claim the Hell's Angels or their girlfriend worked at the strip club, in reality the fight was about how women can't fuck them because of their fat gut and pot marks while others like myself had tan ripped abs from the beach.

In Canada those "Amsterdam Businesses" are always government regulated so if they don't have them they didn't do anything public yet or it's not out yet because of other crisis etc.

Now they're all down their not washing blowing all the illegal money downtown while the government hunts them down from their conviction in Ontario.


Here's what Hells Angels leaders in Ontario allegedly spent millions on

Two Canadians connected to the Hells Angels accused in alleged internati...

RE: Hell's Angels Pricks In Halifax

Yeah your clothes are illegal...turn yourself into the courts who are looking for your witness statements over the clothes in various crimes in their court dockets.

I saw at least two of the fucking pricks, you know what they are doing or I think they are doing?

Buying cel phones with fake ids and then using them in crimes.

Like a piggy back id card computer or something to get free cel phone.

Then they went outside and harassed the people working there.

After they get the phone which if they did get them they are still stolen and in circulation.

NOTE TO SELF: Watch out for stolen cel phones in circulation and inform others of the crime.

Then when they get all that approved they can print a fake id that says anything to come down to your house and look at your ripped abs because they can't fuck women because of their big fat gut and red pot marks on their face and arms.


RE: Pathetic MLB Schedule, No Day Games WTF?

30 Degree Heat Wave in Atlantic Canada and I think the stupid graphics on my pc mean their's solar flares, then all the bums from Atlantic Canada where it just gets worse and worse after the cyclone went out to Calgary and broke the cities water main.

Now tons of them are fugitives from these civil court cases in scams in Atlantic Canada all out there now breaking the water mains, now down here every dirty old man all got a new motorbike somehow and are all downtown starting at people with these fats guts and red pot marks all over their face.

Then they got in a fight at the library because the girls said they had a place to sit on my dick because I have ripped abs and am also in ballet, which is going well it's been a long time.

Like stretching out and stuff after weight lifting.

I mean, because they had this big fat gut and red pot marks all over their face and arms and I just got back from the beach with a tan and ripped abs hahahahahha.

Now you go on the internet and NO AL EAST GAMES in the day on Wednesday in a heat wave.

Then it's Baltimore and New York tonight.

Fuck you get sick of that fast, it's the fucking end of June for gods sakes.

I starting to think all you entertainment and University work people who all failed out of SAP thought your dirty old stale biscuit you're selling was a million dollar gold bricks coming out of the tv into viewers excitement at home.


I don't know why products are even out like all this when it's just fucking garbage anyway.


Monday, June 17, 2024

Behind the Scenes @ Milwaukee Metal Fest 24: I AM MORBID, MUNICIPAL WAST...

Milwaukee Metalfest 2024: The Good Land

RE: KK's Priest 2024 Live Concert

 My favorite part was the left handed lead guitar playing skeleton.


KK's Priest ` Rock Hard Festival 2024. Gelsenkirchen, Germany. May 18, 2...

The Offspring (Full Set) 30th Anniversary of Smash LIVE @ Honda Center 6...

The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid & The Kids Aren't Alright (Live...

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite (Official Video)

Mobile - Montreal Calling

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright (Official Music Video)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

RE: Hell's Angels Busted In Halifax, Pathetic

Now you get the Hells Angels illegal shirts on Main Street and they got busted at Mic Mac you get all these second guy motorbike people that don't wash in the rest of their gang thinks you're scared of them on Main Street and Alderney Landing...hahahahaha, pathetic.


Saturday, June 15, 2024

Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyre – World Heavyweight Title Match: Clash a...

Clash at the Castle: Scotland Post Show: June 15, 2024

Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles – Road to Clash at the Castle 2024: WWE Playlist

Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles – WWE Championship “I Quit” Match: Clash at th...

Bayley vs. Piper Niven – WWE Women’s Championship Match: Clash at the Ca...

Sami Zayn vs. Chad Gable – Intercontinental Championship Match: Clash at...

Clash at the Castle: Scotland Kickoff: June 14, 2024

Yankees vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (6/14/24) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Royals Game Highlights (6/13/24) | MLB Highlights

MLB: New York Yankees Big Start, Kansas City Royals Meltdown

General, Sports News...

ESPN reports big news with the New York Yankees Officially on MLB broadcasts that the current New York Yankees lineup with AL Home Run Hitting Champion on the New York Yankees Aaron Judge is a real World Series Contender and now ranked with the New York Yankees 1998 World Series Championship team.

Also of note, the team has also been compared to the 1977 and 1978 New York Yankees and the 1980's classic New York Yankees merchandise lineups, retro 1980's merchandise, when the New York Yankees had the MOST WINS in all the 1980's they claim on ESPN Networks of all MLB teams without winning the World Series.

These notes coming from the ESPN live commentaries not always accurate, but something like that.

Not only that, Internet Search Engine ranks the 2024 New York Yankees as having a 7 out of 9 chance of winning the World Series this year in 2024 placing them with the 1998 World Series Championship New York Yankees lineup.

Having won 50 games in their first 72 games for only the 10th time in New York Yankees history.


The #1 selling product at stores is going to be the MLB 2024 VIDEO GAME with this New York Yankees lineup:

Judge, Grisham, Soto, Verdugo, Stanton...etc...

So watch out for that big contract extension coming up with this new financial win for New York Yankees that could potentially bring back players next year under new contracts like Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham.

Not only that the New York Yankees have the #1 selling hat in the world.

Hopefully this will lead to the signing of new players like Juan Soto to large new contracts to stay on New York Yankees and bring back more backup players like Trent Grisham or new signings like Ronald Acua Jr.  new up and comer on ALTERNATE BABE RUTH NEW YORK YANKEES TEAM: "Atlanta Braves."

Also watch out for those new Atlanta Braves Babe Ruth Jersey's and merch coming out.

Kansas City Royals huge meltdown versus New York Yankees who ALMOST sweep four games from Kansas City.

Like a quick World Series Win by New York Yankees 2024 lineup on ESPN Networks they mean.

Yankees break up Kansas City Royals No Hitter AFTER they lose manager who gets ejected over a call at second base.

New York then takes lead and LOSES game 4 to Kansas City Royals in Bottom Of 9th Inning for Kansas City to avoid the four game sweep.


Friday, June 14, 2024

VENOM INC (Full Concert) Live at HAMMERSONIC 2024 Carnaval Ancol Jakarta...

Diary Update, June 2024

Just a random diary update of some thoughts I've been having about things I saw on the internet.

Back in High School after Graduation, I took seven years off and did a bunch of work and band stuff and then was running a record store and stuff.

Then I went to University and took all that with me, and did a seven year program.

The job didn't work out "SAP" work, accounting programs.

In the end I think that all they really had on the screen at the office was the table of contents from the University Course typed out on the computer screen that started the SAP Software Installation for the students.

By the the time they get to automatic they need a "CD", like for their custom software job.

I'm owed a settlement from where I worked at because they had no installation CD for their version of SAP for that particular office.

Then they lost all the jobs installing the disks for Revenue Canada to verify their tax payments.

My point for my Diary Update.

Back in High School after graduation all these people I knew wanted to go outside after that for some reason...I just wanted to buy a computer at the time and stay home and then they were $3000 in like 1997.

That was my whole point.

Today, I still always have a good working computer.

Now on the internet people think I'm not gonna go down to some metal concert with my computer and band stuff with all my web traffic today on public domain "CD's" etc., where I know how to make a real CD (from going to University and running a record store I mean) and release it on my web traffic on Digital for nothing.

People think that I wouldn't use that just to make friends at a Heavy Metal concert.

I can just imagine.


Cavalera - Live in Dublin, 13th June 24

Thursday, June 13, 2024

RE: The Donnas Internet Gossip

On The Donnas press releases you should see the dirt on there in the gossip section.

They said that they changed their name like five times and then did albums for independent labels, that was a good deal for them and were later all released on a large major label.

Then they said VOX was selling guitar pedals with Alison Robertson for all these music sheet bands etc., then they said the Drummer "Tory" wasn't a professionally trained musician at VOX and then broke her hand or wrist and had to quit the band.

Maybe the next drummer was an actually trained musician that could fulfill the VOX deal and all that and show people how to play to the metronome for the big record deal and all that for the endorsements, anyway...Alison Robertson did all the backup singing live anyway and they sing in the same voice...I can see them being re-made as a new The Donnas line up as just Alison Roberson as front person.


RE: The Donnas 2010 Live Clip With New Drummer

This is all on public domain now, I mean if you can pull off an act you can get the name of it on the internet etc., like as a cover band etc.

Like that I mean, you don't know what you get on these tapes...this one is 2010 with Alison Robertson and a different drummer , that's the main part of the band.

My point is in the future on public domain you don't know what the bigger more popular acts will be or what they will look like.

My more interesting point to myself is an an artist or producer the audio tapes for bands like The Donnas which is on pubic domain are all re-recorded live with a new drummer by 2010.

I'm more interested in the same albums they have out now, but remastered for high def super audio with new over dubs etc.

I wouldn't be surprised in the future seeing an alternate The Donnas catalog with just Alison Robertson and a new drummer on it re-doing all the songs with Alison Robertson as the vocalist.

Then giving bands like The Donnas multiple catalogs of the same songs with different lineups.

That's fine...

Like this, on public domain.

Some albums get released as different versions so you get one "CD" with five different band names on it.

Like in the future The Donnas will have two cd sets, the second one with Alison Robertson on vocals with a new drummer.

That's the way public domain works, you get one album sold under different titles.

The main example is Venom.

Mantas from Venom played those songs with at least three separate bands.

Now on public domain you get Venom songs by "Mantas" appearing on multiple bands that perform them as official...Venom, Venom Inc., M-Pire Of Evil and Cronos.

All doing the same Venom songs by "Mantas" on separate band names TWO under the same title "VENOM" with different vocalists on the songs.

Then all those bands all have separate originals.

So when you say a song title like "Venom-Black Metal", that was released and re-recorded by "Mantas" in four different bands, two with the same name venom.

Now in the Venom catalog you can't differentiate between the different versions of the band or Venom songs by "Mantas" who recorded multiple official versions under different band title names.

Today now you get Venom and Venom Inc. on public domain with only the bassist / vocalist performing in each version...their Venom songs with "Mantas" plus their own originals.

Not worried about brand new songs.

My point is you can't say now that a Venom song is not the same version even if it has a different vocalist.

Like their is four original versions now under different band names....all official.

Now that's happening to tons of bands on the soon their will be be a version of The Donnas with just Alison Robertson singing on the songs.


The Donnas Cover Kiss' Strutter - Live (2010) from The Note, West Chester, PA -...

|FULL SHOW| POWER TRIP LIVE Glass House Pomona CA 6/6/2024

The Donnas - "Hyperactive / Checkin' It Out" - live @ the Bottleneck, L...

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Destruction - Cracked Brain

Possessed - Abandoned - Demo - Nuclear Blast Records

Possessed - Storm in My Mind

Possessed - Death Metal (full demo)

Possessed – Demo 1993 (1993)

Possessed - Phantasm

Possessed - The Exorcist (Demo)

Possessed - 1991 (Full Demo)

Possessed (US) - Rehearsal 1984

Possessed - Demo 1985 (demo)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Raw’s most shocking moments: Raw highlights, May 27, 2024

FULL MATCH: Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch – Women’s World Title Steel Cage ...

Wennberg helps Rangers steal Game 3 with OT winner | NHL Mic Drop | Pant...

HYGIENE: Government Budgets Account For All House Expense


Bums looking for an argument during all the storms and power outages and it's still almost no power in Halifax and buildings ruined.

Fuck man.

The government told the citizens to stay home and mind their own business, now they think you're spies in the yard.

You come down to my area accusing me of having more money than everyone when everyone in Canada gets the same.

Your problem is my upbringing is better and my money goes further because I'm from a gifted school program, what do you think nobody works there?

I don't help you people with you home routines about your expenses with government funds, how you people got enrolled in the Grade 12 in 1980 is impossible.

What are you gonna tell me at my door about house routines with my money from the gifted class, it goes further because I'm gifted with it.

What's you problem the teacher didn't like you better and you can't get laid or what and I don't give a fuck about dating because I'm good looking.

Now I got a question for you poor guy.

With your month allowed wages from the UK House Hold budget per capata, where everyone get's the same.

How may times do you wash and brush you teeth a week and how much does it cost?

How many bra's do you wife and daughters use per year and how many do you use and how often do you need to replace them?

Those are questions the court wants to ask you in the UK about you monthly allowed wages.

If you don't know, you wasted the money and got arrested for child abuse, because the doctor will tell you it's mandatory in all UK Countries for al citizens to be in proper clothes and underwear.


If the UK gave you your allowed wages and then they didn't meet the standard, it's your citizen duty to ONLY PROVIDE the Canada Food Guide requirements to your family at your own expense.

If you own  car and didn't provide the Canada Food Nutritional Guide then your kids will die early of mal nutrition and you be in jail for murder.


Monday, May 27, 2024

HALIFAX: Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang & Bums Busted At Mic Mac Mall Today

You should have seen it in Halifax today, buddy comes in the Mic Mac Mall with the Hell's Angels outfit on shopping and the crowd followed him outside and got his phone number from shopping for phones and license plate number and pelted them with rocks.

Then the guy was confronted outside about being a fugitive and the court was looking for his witness statements over his Hell's Angels jacket, then the guy took off and a huge crowd of cars cut them off, then they tried to run over the ducks at Sullivan's Pond and the crowd stopped them.

Then people got in a fight with them at Alderney Landing and all over downtown Halifax and they admitted it was them breaking people's apartment buildings in Dartmouth and the fuckers at the Halifax Libray loitering said it was them.

After they they got in a huge fight with the crowd because people were yelling at them that the courts were looking for the bums and the Hell's Angels downtown for their witness statements over other crimes committed in the same jacket.

Fuck them.

The crowd pelted them and then and they took off with no police there and now they are loose fugitives in the Halifax area in a large group is what was going on, now the police are looking for them or something.  


METALLICA Munich, Germany May 26 2024 Harv. of Sorrow Hit t Lights Welco...

Blog Update, Halifax Electric Car Chargers & Homeless Camp At MacKay Bridge Overpass Main Street

On the overpass now there is homeless people living outside wandering around the area saying they are "fighting people" about what they have in their apartments and caught on building security cameras threatening to "fight the sheriff".
Whatever, maaaaaaaaaan.

Earlier on this blog a year or more ago maybe they had this story about Electric Car Chargers in Halifax.

Update: I found the Electric Car Charger.

It's at the Indigo Books Superstore at Mic Mac Mall and they only have ONE CHARGER.

That used to be Chapters Book Store but they updated the building.

If I had to guess I would say Indigo Books owns the Electric Car Charger.

That a main Dungeons & Dragons merch and toy store reminds me of Toys R Us with just books and toys, the other Dungeons & Dragons and Disney merch store is in the same parking lot  at the Mic Mac Mall Food Court next to The Bay on the top floor, I mean the second floor up the esclator in the Bay where they also have a retro Zellers.

The Bay is Two Floors, Revlon Makeup Counter on the bottom entrance and the scond floor has a retro Zellers.  .

Remember, when Electric Chargers come out for real they will all be at the gas pumps and sold by General Motors, Ford and them. 


Saturday, May 25, 2024

RE: Halifax, Homeless Encampment Main Street Plaza Ex-Husband Stalks Elementary Schools?

Not sure about all these rumors...

Now people gossip on Main Street at Mic Mac Mall Dartmouth a homeless encampment that bull horned the carnival may be men who lost their families and are stalking their children on the overpass on the way to the IWK Children's Hospital?

So the homeless people set up an encampment on Main Street Dartmouth at the plaza's and didn't pay, now they are loitering.

The description from people in the local area is they may have lost their kids and are living on an overpass on Main Street, the connector to the MacKay Bridge for the IWK Children's Hospital and could be multiple people watching the overpass looking for their kids taken by the courts, putting the mother and kids at risk of assault.

Then they went down to the carnival and started assaulting the elementary / junior / senior high school students with a megaphone / bullhorn at the new Community College Housing is the public rumor.

Be alert everyone.



Full King and Queen of the Ring 2024 highlights

Triple H on controversy surrounding Orton and Gunther: King and Queen of...

Ring General Becomes King General! Beats Orton Wrestling Camp! - WWE King and Queen of the Ring 5/25/2024

RE: King Of The Ring - Saudi Arabia Superdome

Man, new Superdome in Saudi Arabia!

Now Minneapolis is the new big WWE City like Saudi Arabia starting.

Looks like a big WWE Expansion in Minneapolis with all new stuff like Dubai, plus this pay per view was on Saturday Afternoon at a sold out show, too awesome.

Here it comes...

Gunther Defeats Orton to become the KING GENERAL!


Countdown to King & Queen of the Ring: May 25, 2024

ω.ω.e__κιиg__Of__τнє__Ɍiиg__2024__Full Show_ⲏighlights HD Crypto Currenc...

Community College Dartmouth On Main: Bums / Vagrants / Beggars Continously Assault Carvival Area This Week

More shit at the carnival from them hobo people, now they came down to church property at the new Nova Scotia Community College Campus Housing area at the Carnival on Main Street bull horning the kids from Woodlawn High, Calidonia Road Junior Hight, French Acadian School, Admiral Westphal Elementary and Bridgeway Academy Elementary assaulting them with bull horns for riding the rides at the carnival.


All you bums loitering in those plaza's on Main Street and harassing all the elementary school students everyone knows that you're the ones that didn't pay your bills and that's your fault your kids have no carnival tickets.

Now they are kicked out of stores all over Canada for not paying their bills and loitering in plaza's assaulting kids with megaphones at the carnival.

You're the one that's not paying your bills bum.

Looks like in the near future most hobo people are banned from the plaza's for squadding in the plazas and not paying their bills.


Friday, May 24, 2024

HALIFAX: Rumors / Gossip - Bums Stink & Break Buildings Hot Water Heaters At Community College Carnival On Main In Heat Wave

Rumors, alerts...

All on Main Street stinks like dog shit with people mowing lawns in it on route to MacKay Bridge at Mic Mac Mall.

Tons of them are over there not washed in the mall and Food Court and some stink broke out.

Then they went around harassing people stinking in the drive through with dog shit all over the area in a 28 Degree heat wave and the mostly India staff had to put the run to them from the Tim Hortons drive thru.

All yelling about Tim Hortons pizza doesn't come with pop.

They already told them, you can get any items in a custom combo including soda pop and also coffee is sold at Pizza Delight in the same food shop area.

Then they went up to to the Community College Carnival on Main Street with the expensive rides Orbiter, Zippper etc. and then went into people's apartment buildings in the area and broke their hot water heaters so the building tenants couldn't wash their clothes.

The people with them one guy mouthing off to the neighborhood was "going on incessantly" that business like CD Plus and Urban Sound Exchange, Taz Records, Sunrise Records (which is in the Food Court at the Dungeons & Dragons and Disney Merch Store) etc., won't give them free promotions off their web pages as a gift for their social life down town about the CD "Venom - Black Metal" on public domain, them claiming they work on the record store page and get free gifts from the owner.

*Updated, I think they mean stores Web Site Shopping Carts like Sunrise or Taz Records retail stores, web page selling the Heavy Metal CD "Venom - Black Metal" which they can print on their own now along with tons of other old titles, wouldn't include the guys stuff as a free gift on the page to him so he could run a free private promotion off it stolen from Sunrise Records like at the Mic Mac Mall Food Court.* 

The "owner" said the person was buying expensive items like custom Heavy Metal shirts for $1200 now wanted a gift from some business and WON'T PAY, and they had to put the run to him.

They said he kept coming back saying "the dates were getting old" on the custom collectable and the business had to change their phone number.

Again....the guy...


Like with the $1200 Heavy Metal t-shirts to have something on the Public Domain page they owned this time he DIDN'T PAY.

Then he wanted a gift from the business to make his own promotion off, trying to assault the owners of the page but he didn't find them.

What the hell man?



Monday, May 20, 2024

At The Gates - Blinded By Fear [Official Video]

At the Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul (Live)

Anthrax - Random Acts Of Senseless Violence

The Gathering - In Motion #1

Skeletons of Society by Slayer - lyrics as images generated by an AI

Six Feet Under - When the Moon Goes Down in Blood (Lyric Video)

OBITUARY - Barely Alive (Official Music Video)


The Donnas - Round And Round [live]

The Donnas-Too Fast for Love (Motley Crue Cover)

AMORPHIS - "Black Winter Day" (Official Music Video)

Benediction " Down on Whores ( Leave Them All for Dead )"

MESHUGGAH - Future Breed Machine (OFFICIAL)

Kreator - Prevail

Grip Inc. - Ostracized (Official Video) (1995) From The Album Power Of I...

Carcass - Keep On Rotting in the Free World [Official Video]

Megadeth - No More Mr Nice Guy - Official Music Video - HD


Suffocation - Pierced from Within

White Zombie - Bizarre Festival (1995) [full]

Down - Stone The Crow

Kerry King - Two Fists (Official Audio)

Vince Neil - Breakin' In The Gun

Forbidden LIVESTREAM – Rock Hard Festival 2024 | Rockpalast


Exhorder - Slaughter in the Vatican

Exhorder LIVESTREAM – Rock Hard Festival 2024 | Rockpalast

Slayer - Serenity In Murder


SLAYER- Live Intrusion, 1995,FULL CONCERT

Friday, May 17, 2024

RE: MLB Standings Always Wrong Shows Baltimore 1 Game Back 4 wins Behind

Again, the MLB standings are WRONG showing Yankees First Place in AL East with 31 wins and Baltimore 1 game back with only 27.



Unleashed LIVESTREAM – Rock Hard Festival 2024 | Rockpalast

Slayer - New Faith

DEATH ANGEL - The Dream Calls For Blood (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Kerry King - Repentless - Chicago @Reggies - 4K - 5.7.2024


Slayer - Serenity In Murder

RE: New Kerry King "Slayer" Solo Album Out Today

It sounds like Slayer and Death Angel mixed together with Death Angel on vocals, this will be as big a selling commercial heavy metal album like the rest.

You get the point of the album pretty quick...

Titles like "Where I Reign" like from "Reign In Blood" on Slayer and "Diablo" like Slayer "Diabolus In Musica."


Kerry King - Toxic (Official Music Video)

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Kerry King - Two Fists

KERRY KING - Raining Blood into Black Magic by his new band - SLAYER Ori...

Kerry king bands first show ever with SOME SLAYER SONGS!!! ENJOY!! reg...


KERRY KING (FIRST LIVE GIG) - Shrapnel/Raining Blood (SLAYER)/Black Magi...


Kerry King - From Hell I Rise



Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Darkest Hour - Knife In The Safe Room

Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation

Darkest Hour – Societal Bile – (Official Video)

Darkest Hour – Perpetual Terminal – (Official Video)

Darkest Hour - One With the Void | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings

Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Official Video) [HD REMASTERED]

Bananarama - Cruel Summer (Official Video)

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run) (Official HD Video)

Men At Work - Down Under (Official HD Video)

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue (HD Audio)

The Outfield - Your Love (Official HD Video)

RE: MLB Yankees Commentary Fail

Apparently a lot of people mad about that...

I get it though, you get two new sports networks, scrapped...

I'll have to scrap that are rewind my VCR tape.

Back in the 1990's when Satellite Dish's came out the new ones Direct TV and Dish Network you could easily hack them with free satellite devices called "free to air material", anyway that gets converted to Direct TV maybe on some device card.


All this sports programming came out and FINALLY you can see all the games at home...or at least they are available to purchase.

Then came out around the year 2000.

Later you can buy on Digital Cable services all the full season MLB packages etc. NHL and that.

So they opened NESN and YES Network, for Boston and New York.

Today that's available on all devices.

My point to it is in New York City the home of real New York Pizza all they talk about on the broadcast is eating ALTERNATE pizza not the one New York City is known for.

Then they always sat at the back, then eat the alternate food....

Then everyone is trying to run pizza shops around the stadium and run card stores and sell food and all they do on the broadcast is bash the local New York market saying they only eat alternate products and sit at the back of the stadium.

From the daytime talk show material.

Then their on there ruining all the vendors reputations, get everyone or try to get them talking about alternate products and then playing "name that Yankee" with Meredith off work hours is what it sounds like.


Updated, then if you run a promotional booth from New York...the #1 selling Baseball Hat in world a main mainstream product.

Then that's the New York City market 8 Million people, then all you hear about on the game is small market third party products like alternate food and cheap seating.

So why would someone own a team like New York Yankees with the #1 Commercial Sales Hat in the world and then promote no sales alternate products on the YES Network Broadcast, sounds like a scam to me.



Tuesday, May 14, 2024

MLB YANKEES: Yes Network Shows / Commentary Fail

Man, you get on watching the game on Yes Network then they got new rules now regularly updates etc.,...

Here's my point...

Yes Network like NESN for Boston Red Sox.

Well, both those networks are from the late 1990's and they could say NESN & YESN.

Making it Yankees Entertainment Sports Network.

Instead shortened to YES.

Obviously the bigger name.

Yankees Entertainment & Sports, with added "&" and no "N".

This is my point, YES has talk shows on it all day from New York City.

Now you mix that with long term coverage +20 years now you get all these commentary fails.

Trying to run day time talk show material on the game live as commentary, this leads to filling space cut by games with day time talk show drama.

Then they miss the commentary on the game about the new recent Yankees records like Arron Judge and then have it replaced with day time talk show banter.

Oh, we've been on the air for over twenty years, Meredith is getting old with the team with men and they'll be back at the house later doing the commentary at home in some "friendship group" she can be the the bat boy while they watch the game in the future while they announce the plays and stuff fake n the yard.



HALIFAX: Poverty Group Sets a New Low In