Monday, July 1, 2024

RE: Cel Phone Networks 4G / 5G, Reminder Internet Not Microchip Traffic

Now you have to tell people the internet is only ABOUT microchip traffic NOT the traffic itself.

Like on a 4G Microchip Phone Network vs. 5G Microchip Phone Network.


Barbie the Mattel Company Doll thing, does not tell anyone how many batteries she uses when listening to CD's on her Ghetto Blaster.

Like when she's washing the car or something.

Now you get this update....

You only get full webpage / app access on Smartphones IF you are a full bandwidth on paid connection.

4G versus 5G Network.

So I mean on a 1080p Digital Signal OR HIGHER,,,,

That same 4G on LTE is NOT the same as a 5G Network Signal which carries EXTRA MICRO CHIP DATA for more advanced features.

Cheaper carries like 4G is NOW 4G LTE.

4G LTE Carries full over 1080 p connection on a lower carries NOT 5G.

So on MLB.TV on Bandwidth you still get the same updates on the phone live during the game on paid bandwidth with subscription BUT....on 5G they might STILL HAVE EXTRA COVERAGE etc., on the 5G Network.

SO although they both carry 1080p on paid bandwidth 5G is a bigger cable service than 4G LTE which is less expanded than 5G.


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