Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Alert: Geek Tries to Kiss Valley Girl on Halloween

Geek Tries to Kiss Valley Girl on Halloween
This is a huge alert this year for Halloween, apparently there is a geek trying to Kiss a Valley Girl at a Halloween party. 

I had to stop everything I was doing and tell everyone on the internet right away when I heard about this because this could be in progress right now.

I will post the description and then everyone will have to look out for this.

Right now there are a group of geeks trying to dress up in costumes and go to a Halloween Party and one of them plans to kiss a Valley Girl in a costume, like in the movie Revenge of the Nerds only they are total geeks, right behind her skater boyfriends back.

Their goal is to dress up in a costume and go to a party and kiss a Valley Girl while he is dressed up in some outfit and then kiss this girl to see if she likes him. Then tomorrow when he's not dressed up he then plans to go out with her when she likes him for himself tomorrow. Right behind her skater boyfriends back!

All you geeks copying me and using my stuff I'm doing to try and get a Valley Girl to Kiss you on Halloween will never come to fruition. You all go around copying me and now you're planning to dress up in a Heavy Metal outfit or Punk Outfit and pretend you're me on Halloween saying you're around me and my music and book shit as a ploy to try and kiss a Valley Girl on Halloween using my material.

Then you are a geek every other day of the year and for one day you plan to dress up like me on Halloween to see if you can get a Valley Girl to Kiss you on Halloween using my material, just like in the Dead Kennedys song "Halloween". So for one day you are going to be punk or heavy metal as a costume and use my material that you get when you follow me around copying me and you are trying to use this to get a girl to kiss you on Halloween hoping that she will fall in love with you and like you for yourself and then you will be back to your regular geek self tomorrow and are hoping she will like you for your regular self just like in the Dead Kennedys song. All using my material that you get from copying me.


Then you are doing this in some crazy plan behind her boyfriends back and trying to break them up like in Revenge of the Nerds.

This plan will never be successful, apparently a bunch of skaters are going down there to "beat you up" or something I heard.

All you geeks and nerds will never get a Valley Girl to kiss you with this crazy plan you have or ever, right now there is another plan taking place by a bunch of skaters to stop this from happening. All those skaters are going to be down there when you attempt this and they will catch you and stop you before a geek sneaks up on a Valley Girl and Kisses her.

No geek will ever get a Valley Girl to kiss her in real life, not even with a crazy plan like yours.

This is their plan...the geeks plan to separate the couple for several hours prior to them getting together at a party. They plan to distract the skater guy with free food at another party, when the skater hears this he will obviously run right over there to eat the free food and that's when they plan to run down and a kiss the Valley Girl hoping to steal her from the skater guy.

Now the skater guy is like that every day but the geek is trying to dress like him for one day on Halloween thinking he will get her too if he does that for one day and then he will be her boyfriend tomorrow. All using my material.

This will never happen, apparently the skater guy is going to "beat him up" or whatever and she hates the geek anyway.

This is apparently stemming from the people who are following me around copying me and using my material for themselves. Now it's a bunch of geeks and more losers.

This is what they have said....they said a long time ago that I wasn't going to be metal or popular anymore and then they said they we all going to be like me now and I was going to stop.

Then a bunch of geeks and losers said if I tried to be metal ever again that they were going to "beat me up" and that they were using it now.

Then they said I was going to be the loser.

So I put the run to them and they all took off before anything could happen.

They said for example that they were all wearing Misfits shirts now and it was their thing that they got from me because I am super awesome. Then they said that if I ever wore one again they were going to beat me up and then they tried to convince everyone that they were popular and not me using my material like the Misfits shirt.

When I continued to wear the shirt nothing happened and they all took off.

Now they follow me around copying me and using my material saying that they "live at my house or something" and they are "cool like Jason".

So they all think they live at my house or something and that they are using my cool stuff to try and get girls and shit but it is not true.

All you geeks that think that you know me this is not true, I have always hated you for my whole life and you are losers and will never be around my cool Misfits shit and stuff ever.

All you people knew that when you opened your mouth about that thing with my Misfits shirt that you would never be around me or my music and book shit for the rest of your life.

You knew before you said it and you know it today still that if you open your mouth about my t-shirts and shit that you would never be around me ever again. You know this for 100% fact.

You said that you were going to stop me from wearing Misfits shirts years ago....how are you going to do that??????

The answer is you can't and you're not even allowed opening your mouth and saying that to someone. Then when I did anyway you all took off because you were lying and trying to impress people.

Now your following me around copying me and wondering what I have and are trying to use my material for yourself to be popular but you are not and you will never be around me so stop thinking that I like you or something and annoying me when  I am out smoking.

If you can think of any reason in your heads that you will be around my music and book shit it is not true, I can convince you of this fact in one second.

Plus you will never be around me ever because I don't like you so you will never hear the reason, plus I have a list to go with all of them.

So stop going around copying me and saying you are around my music and book shit like you live at my house and annoying me trying to impress people.

This is the example, if I go do something you all say that it must be for someone that you know because you think your are in my life or around my music and book shit. Then when I do something you say you can't figure it out.

Like if I go buy a birthday cake you all say you don't know who it could be for because you think it must be for someone that you know but it is no one's birthday. That's because you think you live at my house or something but I don't even know you, you just follow me around and copy me in your group of "friends" or geeks or whatever.

Newsflash geeks, if I go buy a birthday cake it's for SOMEONE ELSE, not you and your friends.

You don't know what the cake is for because you are stupid....it's not for you it's for someone that I know.

So stop following me around copying me trying to find out who my birthday cakes are for because you think it must be for some that you know.

I don't know you. The cake is for someone else that I know so stop bothering me when I am out buying birthday cakes because I don't like you.

 To everyone else Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to Tell if Your Partner Is Cheating

Is that Rare Toy From Someone Else's Marriage?
Have you ever wondered if your boyfriends/girlfriend is cheating...or maybe even if your kids may belong to another man?

Here are the signs that they are caught.

Did this ever happen to you.....you go over to someone's house and you look at their stuff and you go "Oh I have one just like that" like a rare buzz light year or something...they go "yeah I had that for a while now or something"...you always think that's a little weird that they have this rare item just like the one at your house or even in your bedroom. 

That's probably because it might not be a coincidence after all....they probably saw it in YOUR BEDROOM when they were having an affair with your partner. 

Then they went out and bought one just like yours because that's where they saw it at. Then you went there and seen it and thought it was a coincidence but it wasn't. They got it from something you had in your bedroom and have one for their house. Like a rare Buzz Lightyear toy or something.

On top of that the level of the cheating may also reflect the size of the items in common with each other's houses.

For example if your husband has all this rare or weird stuff around he may be getting that from some girls house. The items may ever represent him FATHERING HER CHILDREN IN SECRET...then the guy has all these secret feelings about being the father of these other kids with some girl and only the two of them know about it potentially. 

So then he goes  out at your house and has all these toys and crap around him that are like his kids at the other girl's house to remind him of his "other kids". Then he keeps all this stuff at home to remind him of his of his secret children with another woman.

The larger the size of the items you see at their house that are like yours at your house  when you visit may not be a coincidence. They may represent an affair when you see something like a rare Buzz Lightyear Toy you have in your bedroom at home.

For guys, if the kids at this other persons house have stuff like the SAME CLOTHES as your kids he may actually be their REAL FATHER and he gets his kids clothes like the ones you have for yours at your house.

Just something to think about. If this happens to you then you may have caught a cheater.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or should I say Super Thanksgiving! This year we have started doing our Super Thanksgiving that will be leading us into Super Christmas later this year. So for a nice break on this blog I'm going to stop talking about hobo's and stuff and write about something regular...Super Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in Canada is on Monday Oct 9th and it's a long weekend here. Then after that US Thanksgiving is November 23. SO for Super Thanksgiving there is a lot of stuff to do during the Holiday Season during the next three months. So that's the next 90 Days with a bunch of Holidays.

To enjoy Super Thanksgiving you have to celebrate Canada Thanksgiving first then you have to celebrate US Thanksgiving next month. By mixing the US and Canada Holidays together that gives you a super awesome Super Thanksgiving Holiday Experience with double Turkey etc.

Here are some Holiday tips for things you can do for Super Thanksgiving. This is some stuff that I'll be doing at my house so I will share some of my Holiday tips so you can also participate in Super Thanksgiving if you want to.

Now if you just want a traditional Thanksgiving Holiday this doesn't apply, this is about stuff you can do for fun at Thanksgiving if you want to do something different than usual.

The thing with Thanksgiving is there is too much food to choose from that you will want to eat. If you are having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner then you'll be having mashed carrots, turnips, parsnips etc. so if you eating that then that is not Super Thanksgiving.

For Super Thanksgiving which is Canada and US Thanksgiving mixed together with two Holiday Dinners you will need extra food.

This is what we are doing at my house for Super Thanksgiving. Personally, there is so much food to choose from at Thanksgiving I can't narrow it down to just Carrots, Turnips, Parsnips etc. because there is so much other food you could have.

My Thanksgiving shopping list includes all sorts of vegetables like 9 different kinds of pickles, Beets, Corn, Cranberry Sauce, Peas, broccoli, cauliflower, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, etc.

So for me there is just too much to choose from. So if you want to just have a basic traditional Thanksgiving Dinner you'll be boiling carrots and stuff and having mashed carrots, parsnips and turnips like regular stuff. That's not Super Thanksgiving. 

At Super Thanksgiving you need way more side dishes than that. It's just so much food though. What I am having for Thanksgiving is Green Giant frozen Vegetables California Mix. That way you can get three different kinds of vegetables in one frozen bag without having to cook a whole bunch of separate foods.

Then you are not wasting food because you only cook what you want because they are frozen, then you can just put the rest back in the bag for later. When you use good frozen vegetables you can just make as much as you want out of the bag so you can have as many sides for Thanksgiving as you want by buying frozen bags of mixed vegetables.

That way you don't have to only pick from just Carrots, Turnips or Parsnips in a Traditional Thanksgiving. You just buy a bunch frozen mixed Vegetables  and only take out and cook what you want to eat.

The best way to cook Green Giant Mixed Vegetables is by steaming them. You can do that in a pot or in a microwave and put butter on them if you not lactose intolerant.

Canned Peas and Carrots are stupid. These days everyone buys brand name frozen vegetables that taste just like fresh vegetables, Then you just take out as many as you want out of the bag and steam them and put the rest back in the freezer. That way you don't have to cook a bunch of Vegetables and waste them and you can have way more.

Why would you bother to make three fresh vegetables and that's all you can have for Thanksgiving because they are so bulky then you'll just end up wasting them. If you buy brand name frozen vegetables you can have like 9 Vegetables on your plate if you cook them from a frozen bag. That's Super Thanksgiving!

Make sure to buy brand name mixed vegetable like California Mix, don't get the cheap ones because they are not as good.

The good bags come with mixes with Corn, peas, Carrots etc. Then they have Broccoli and Cauliflower and all kinds of string beans etc.

If you buy a few bags of Brand Name mixed Vegetables then you can have like 9 - 12   different vegetable sides with your Thanksgiving Dinner and it's only like $20 or something.

You won't waste anything because they are fresh frozen vegetables and you just steam what you want and put the rest back in the freezer. That way at Super Thanksgiving you can have as many vegetables as you want and not waste any food.

That's just the vegetables. Then if your me you need to have like 9 different kinds of pickles..well just buy as many jars as you want because pickles last a while so they won't go to waste.

This year we're having Gherkins and Mustard Pickles. Mustard pickles are sweet mixed pickles in mustard and Gherkins are like sweet baby dill pickles...those are the little tiny ones everyone eats at Christmas.

So I had to narrow it down to like two kinds of pickles this year because 9 was too many. Dill Pickles are one of my favorite but I eat so many I got sick of them and wanted something different for Super Thanksgiving.

Then instead of more pickles I got Jarred Sliced Beets which are also my favorite. Don't by beets in a can (gross) get them in a jar. Then I got Oceanspray Cranberry Sauce and fresh baby carrots, (delicious).

So we went with Green Giant California Mix frozen Vegetables (Fresh Carrot Slices, Broccoli, Cauliflower) which are steamed, Mustard Pickles, Gherkin Pickles, Jarred Sliced Beets, Baby Carrots (that are boiled), and Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce.

Then we had to stop because there are too many vegetables, after that you can add mixed bags of frozen vegetables for Corn and Pea's etc. which I didn't plan to get but may happen.

By the time you mix all those frozen vegetables together it's like 12 things or something and you can have them all by getting fresh frozen bags of mixed vegetables and only steaming what you want and you'll have tons left over. Thats Super Thanksgiving!

After that is the Gravy Debate.....do you want to have Turkey Gravy at Thanksgiving or Beef gravy? So when you cook your Turkey you don't have to have Turkey Gravy, some people like Beef Gravy on their Mashed Potatoes. I'll probably be going with Turkey Gravy but I bought beef Gravy just in case. With Gravy Canned Gravy is always pretty good so you can get cans of different gravy to go with your Turkey dinner and it doesn't have to always be Turkey Gravy, so you have to decide what kind of Gravy you want to eat. If you make it from the Turkey yourself it's Turkey Gravy, if you don't want that you can get a can of another kind of gravy or powdered gravy mixes are also good. Personally, I've never had a bad experience with store bought gravy because it is all good.

Here is the biggest debate of  Super Thanksgiving...stuffing. If you buy stuffing like me everyone always gets Stove Top Stuffing...which used to be good but I ate so much Stove Top Stuffing over the years I'm sick of it.

Stove Top stuffing is like $1 a box now which is pretty cheap. That stuff is not expensive at all now and I ate so much of it I'm sick of it now.

Now for Super Thanksgiving I have to up the bar when buying Stuffing and I have switched to Butterball Frozen Stuffing at $6 a bag.

The old stuffing was $1 a bag for Stove Top, the new stuffing to eat is Butterball Frozen Stuffing and it's $6 a bag, way more expensive than Stop Top. So if you're sick of cheap Stove Top Stuffing maybe switch to Frozen Butterball Stuffing that you cook inside the Turkey. So frozen Butterball Stuffing is the new Stove Top Stuffing because it's so cheap now, so you need a better brand of stuffing. Butterball Frozen Stuffing is $6 a bag and cooks inside the Turkey, that is the need good store bought stuffing.

The Turkey to get  is a Butterball Turkey, they are the best ones....then get Butterball Frozen Stuffing and Stuff your Butterball Turkey with Butterball Stuffing .

So when you get Butterball frozen stuffing get a Butterball Turkey and stuff the Butterball Turkey with Frozen Butterball Stuffing which is a higher quality than Stovetop Stuffing. using matching Brand Name Turkey and Stuffing will give you a better Super Thanksgiving. Then, we're just having regular mashed potatoes.

So this is for Super Thanksgiving and not for a traditional Thanksgiving, so if you like a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner that's fine, this it just to have some fun at Thanksgiving and do something different. So if you like that try Super Thanksgiving.

How to cook your Super Thanksgiving Turkey:

When making Super Thanksgiving always cook your Turkey in a store bought foil roasting pan. Everything tastes better when you cook it in a foil roasting pan.

That way you feel like you went out and did something because it gives it that "I went out for dinner" feeling when you eat at home. They are only like $2 and then you don't have to wash it because they are disposable so after you cook your Super Thanksgiving Turkey use in a Disposable Roasting Pan you can just throw it out, then remember....everything always taste better when you use a foil roasting pan! Plus it feel's like you went out and did something.

For the Super Thanksgiving Turkey, the recipe we are using is just for fun at Thanksgiving so we are using the Turkey Recipe that comes on the back of the paper that comes with the disposable roasting pan.

So we got a Betty Crocker Disposable Foil Roasting Pan and it comes with a Turkey Recipe on the back of the paper so for fun at Super Thanksgiving we're just making that instead of a Traditional Recipe. It's from Betty Crocker so it must be good.

This will put some excitement into the Thanksgiving long weekend. After that I got some Blu Ray Videos to watch for Thanksgiving. This year we're watching Clerks 1 & 2, Return of The Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead (Original Version) and some Horror Movies because Halloween is coming up. Plus We'll probably watch Casino and some other classic movies like Evil Dead or something. Not remakes because they all suck bad.

All those things will put some excitement in your Thanksgiving....making it Super Thanksgiving. Then you have to get ready for Halloween and US Thanksgiving because you have to do Thanksgiving again next month.

So for the next half of Super Thanksgiving is the President's Day Black Friday Sales Event and then another Thanksgiving Dinner....then you have to get ready for Super Christmas!

This is a busy time of year everyone, so by mixing Canada and US Holidays you can add some excitement into the Holidays and make them Super Holidays, then after Christmas is New Year's Dinner. What will Super New Year's look like? I don't know because I didn't get to that yet.

So if you want have exitement this Thanksgiving follow these tips to make a Traditional Thanksgiving a Super Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!