Friday, January 26, 2018

Popularity : Restaurants and Food are in for 2018

Famous Food is in for 2018
I was reading recently in one of the many Halifax Newspapers what is in for 2018, here is what I am into right now for 2018. Hopefully adding what I'm into for 2018 will help contribute to Halifax's popularity trends.

Big for 2018 is Food and Restaurants specifically the Food Network and Travel Shows and Food Tourism.

Right now what I'm into is visiting different cities and eating their restaurants famous recipes. So you watch the Food Network and then go to the City they feature on the show and then eat the food they make on television.

That's pretty exciting stuff, so they talk about the Philly Cheese Steak on those shows so if you go to Philadelphia try and go to one of those restaurants and eat there that was featured on the television.

Then do this all over the place, that is big right now with people I know.

The point is, watch those tv shows and then when you travel go to the restaurants and eat the recipe they showed on television, then do this all over the place. That is a super trendy thing to do right now.

There is more to it than that tho.

What people I know like to  do is watch the Food Network shows and then we try and make the recipes they feature on the television. 

So you see a great recipe from  a famous restaurant in Chicago but you can't buy that where you live, so we try and make that ourselves from watching it on television to see if we can do it, just for fun.

Then you watch the shows and make the food from scratch if you can't go visit the city to eat there.

Making recipes off shows like Burger Wars and stuff from famous restaurants far away is super in right now. Just watch the show and try to make their recipes from scratch then if you visit Chicago or somewhere try and go eat there, that's super fun.

Taking a trip to Chicago or Philadelphia to have a famous Burger or Cheesesteak Sandwich that was featured on television is super in right now, just taking the trip to eat at the restaurant featured on television is worth going!

Personally, I am addicted to City Food. My favorite food is from the North East United States and Canada for example, like Chicago and Philadelphia and places, that big City Food is super awesome. 

I can't get enough of Big City Food and Philly Cheesesteak restaurants. If you look for me in the big city that's where I'd be hanging out at....down by the NFL Arena's eating at Famous Burger Joints and Philly Cheese steak places like the one's featured on the Food Network.

North East USA & Canada Big City Food and Burger Joints are in for 2018! That's where you'll find me at...eating at burger joints beside the NFL Stadium! Delicious!

You can't always be down there though so when I'm at home I like making the recipes featured of shows like Burger Wars etc. like the 20 Pound Chicago Deli Sandwich or's super fun trying to make that stuff at home because you can't always be in Chicago.

You have to "get" where you are eating at tho, those are famous restaurants featured on television that are probably only in one city.

So the food you are eating at is Famous....but you can only get it in one city. The restaurant is famous....but it's only in Chicago or somewhere. 

Just remember if you saw the restaurant on Television and want to try their food, they are only famous (maybe) in one city.

Those restaurants are famous only in one place (maybe) so you have to go to that city to eat there.

So they are big name restaurants but they may only be in Chicago for example, so you can't get the food anywhere else. So you have to go to Chicago to eat there. So they have a big name in Chicago for example and are famous there but they are only in Chicago and were featured on television.

That's where you are eating's a famous restaurant only in Chicago that was featured on television on burger wars or something. 

So if you "get" that it's super exciting to go eat there and you can't get that food anywhere else so you have to travel to eat it or....try making it at home for fun. That is super in right now.

That is how you start a famous restaurant, no I am not going into the restaurant business,  when you open a restaurant in the big city you need a crazy burger or sandwich or something like the Philly Cheesesteak.

So if that was Halifax, you need a Burger or Sandwich so locally famous in Halifax that it gets featured on the Television Food Network and becomes the next Philly Cheesesteak (good luck, that sandwich is huge famous) then you would own a super huge famous local restaurant that people talk about on television.

That's the food you are eating when you travel or try and make it at home...super exciting!

So if you wanted to be a big famous restaurant then you need tons of crazy sandwiches and burgers and food items on the menu like the ones on Burger Wars etc. like in Chicago or Philadelphia. Then everyone in Halifax would be talking about your big city North East menu and and how awesome the Food is here like in Chicago and then you'd be on the Food Network and everyone would go eat there.

Knockoff menu items from those places you can get at local restaurants sometimes but they may not be good enough but it's still good food. You need the real deal in Chicago or Philly or make it yourself.

If you want to open a famous North East Big City food restaurant you might need some knockoff items from Chicago but you need real ones like on television like the 20 pound deli sandwich or something. 

You need as many of these big crazy food items on your menu as possible to be a famous restaurant. Then you may be the next philly cheese steak. 

What would be great is way more New York, Chicago and Philadelphia food around here like on Burger Wars like deli sandwiches and stuff like the Philly Cheesesteak.  

Then your restaurant would be famous locally and may even be featured in a food magazine or on television.

Remember,,,,Crazy big city North East Food is in for 2018 and if you want to have a famous restaurant you need TONS of Crazy North East Big City Food items on your menu like the 20 deli sandwich or philly cheesesteak. The more the better.

Then you make even be a famous restaurant and be in a magazine or on television with your crazy big city menu like in Chicago or Philly.

That is what's "in" for 2018. Delicious.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heavy Metal News Update : You Suck

"Remember last year when some guy got scammed by some guy who claimed he was making a 17 string guitar? But, in reality he was buying them cheap from China and selling them as his own work?

"Well.....we covered this week the guy bought the guitar and smashed it! Here is the video clip!"

Yeah, I remember that...kind of like when all those bands went out and plagiarized people in the last few years and put it out on a bunch of shitty record labels and now all your albums suck. 

Then when you say something they send you death threats on the internet and then all those shitty music blogs cover it as your guys record. 

That's because nobody knows who you people are in heavy metal music so you go around plagiarizing everyone all over the internet and say it's your work and it's just plagiarized and then you cover it as your music on a bunch of music blogs but you have no fans and it's just a music news update from some business that can't make it in music.

"Andrew W.K pays for a fans speeding ticket!"

No way! He must be rich or something! Yeah!

"Yeah that's super rare for a musician to  do something like that! Thumbs Up! Yea!"

Yeah no way! You guys must be super famous or something! 

"After a rough year for the Beatles, I mean the Faceless finished the year strong and have a new record coming out or something!"

Wow no way, according to the video clip of the Faceless you have no fans and look like you got dropped from Great White North Records and they cut you from their cancelled DVD Home Video ten years ago!

Not to mention you suck and all the bands in your scene plagiarize everyone!

Wow according to that the Faceless must be huge or something...a ten year anniversary of your album that no one ever heard of and that's the biggest thing on your music do you make that at home in your bedroom or something?

Just like Slayer!

Whose latest album on Nuclear Blast sounds like it's all plagarized or somthing and now they are quitting and are on their last tour. No Way!

Slayer gets dropped from Sony and now they are quitting after everyone outside is saying that Repentless is plagiarized.

Well that's what a bunch of heavy metal bands are doing on shitty labels these days, plagarizing people and covering it on their music blogs...Yeah! Don't complain though you'll get spammed with death threats on the internet.

News Flash: Your "music scene" is a scam.



Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Google and Wikipedia are stupid

This is why Google and Wikipedia are stupid, I am just stating a personal opinion because a bunch of stuff on the internet sucks bad...I mean bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, I mean is sucks and it's bad, it sucks bad...I don't like it.

I am using heavy metal in the example but it's a stupid example, but just to show you how fake pages are on the internet like Google and Wikipedia.

On Wikipedia is supposed to be publicly regulated or whatever but it isn't , how it looks like it works is they have tons of people from businesses or something sitting on all the pages or something it looks like and then when you try and post all these people are sitting there getting paid from some business or something and they undo all your changes and make the page what they want.

So if you try and post your page on their page which is supposed to be fan generated content, all these people go on there and undo your changes from some business or something where they sit on the pages all day watching it taking down other people changes so they can  own the supposed public page. 

Then these people are on there trying to make a name for themselves sitting on all the pages and if your content is bigger then theirs they edit your page off wikipedia in a group from some business. 

That's because they are trying to all be famous on the internet or something and they have businesses setup watching all the public edited content like on wikipedia which is worthless anyway.

Then when one person tries to have their content included on wikipedia all these other people work at some business or something and edit out content from their competitors.

That's so they can keep your content off wikipedia and then they own theirs. Then if you are a different business and your stuff is better  they edit you off because they don't own it.

So if you go on some page that's made by public content and post something from yourself that's bigger than their page then they will kick off your content.

That's because public edited pages like wikipedia are some group of people or something trying to be big on the internet, then they sit on the pages all day only allowing their business content, then if you post bigger content on their page they will edit it off and sit on it in a group because they don't own it and won't allow you on the page.

Public edited content on the internet is worthless anyway, now it's just some scam.

The rule of that on the internet:

If you go on a public edited page that depends on public submissions to operate and post bigger material than the page (like wikipedia) owners then they will kick off your content.

That's because by posting your bigger content you are competing with them so they won't advertise you.

That's because they know who you are and don't advertise for their competitors.

If you compete with the public edited page by posting your larger content they will start a fight with you and kick you off the page because they don't own your content and it's bigger than their website, then they sit on all the pages and undo peoples changes all day because they don't own the content.

Or maybe you are saying a different opinion on ther web page that they don't own, it your opinion is against the one the page has then they will kick you off for taking over the discussion on their page.

So if you go on wikipedia and PROVE THEM WRONG then they will delete your changes because you have a different opinion.

So if you go on a public edited page and read the articles and update them and prove their article wrong with your opinion and references then you will be in a fight with the page because you have taken over their discussion.

If you go on their page and take over their discussion you are their competitor. Then they won't allow you to post because it's not coming from their group.

So for the articles to be on a public edited page they have to come from the group that sits on the articles all day because that is their opinion.

If you go on to the page a prove their articles wrong with your update then you have taken over their page and the group that sits on pages all day will kick you off because you took the discussion from them in a public debate, so it's user content but not a public debate.

If you go on any page probably on the internet with under generated content and prove their page wrong they will kick you off the page because you changed the discussion to an outside one and you are bigger than them so they kick you off and go back to their groups discussion.

That's because if you do that then you are a bigger group than the user generated page and are competing with them so they kick you off. 

That's why user content pages sucks and are worthless on the internet.

It can only be their opinion on the content not a competitor or they kick you off and undo your content. Those pages all fucking suck.

The example is that stupid music page metal archives on the internet which sucks and they don't know anything about music and it's all fan submissions.

Now they are saying they are the largest page on the internet or something for metal, yeah but the page sucks. It's all fan submissions with no real references and anyone can post there.

So before wikipedia didn't allow the other user generated page metal archives (yeah, this is an immature discussion I am aware of that) as a reference for a band article because it is public generate content and anyone can post there.

Now they have their own wikipedia page:

Now wikipedia is saying they are a real page but they aren't. They are just a fan page that I think sucks because their not my band Collapse which is awesome and I'm in it.

Plus all those user generated content pages can never be me on the internet or my band Collapse that's why I don't like them.

I don't like fan generated pages because they can never be me or my band.

They all suck because their not Collapse my band that I made. That's because I made a band instead of a user generated web site and mine is better so they don't like my content because it's bigger than their whole pages on the internet.

That's why I just have private pages, because user content pages are stupid and I don't like them, that's because their stupid, their stupid and I don't like them, user pages are stupid and I don't like them, I said they suck and I don't like them.

Anyway, now wikipedia just references itself anyway and some group moderates it. So on the metal archives fan generated page the articles just references itself from their page with one externel reference or something.

They reference  on the metal archives page, then they allow the article on wikipedia.

That just means the is on the allow list on wikipedia and it's just some music blog or something that no one ever heard of.

They are just on the list of businesses or something that use wikipedia, so they say is something that one of their people own or something then they allow metal archives on the page because it's coming from

Every knows that's how they make those pages.

So if you say your page and ad a site to wikipedia they delete it....that's because it didn't come from something like , so if their group like nocleansinging .com is the reference then they keep the page up on wikpedia because they own the reference in their business group.

Then they sit on the pages and watch them all day to make sure an outside reference doesn't post on their article.

Anyway I don't care if it or not anyway it's just and example....but a page like that would be in their business group with wikipedia and google and then their pages are at the top of the search engine on google.

Then wikipedia and metal archives and nocleansinging are all at the top search on google everytime and all suck then those music pages all advertise on google and always get top search results.

These are all just private expressed opinions on one page I am saying about garbage on the doesn't come from google and wikipedia, user discretion advised on this is just the opinion of one site, not wikipedia and google.

Yeah, so you go.....they are all the top music advertisers on google and then that's what they allow on wikipedia. So if you are a top music advertiser on google then they allow your content on wikipedia. Now they are allowing metal archives on wikipedia which is a fan page because it comes from their music group like those music blog pages on the internet.


Then people sit on the public content pages all day editing submissions that don't come from the advertising group on google because they are trying to own the public pages on wikipedia.

So music blog people sit on wikipedia all day owning the pages by undoing other peoples submissions because it came from an outside competitor not in their advertising group.

Wikepedia is practically gone now anyway because all the pages they reference are no longer on the internet.

If you look in the references on the wikipedia articles a lot of the reference pages are dead links now because the page is old, then the rest of the references are from internet archive of the old site.

Then they just reference the internet archive of old deleted pages now for their articles, and now they are mainly just reference the website on the entry.

That's because the page is old and they have no content and the approved content has to come from their advertising group on the internet or they undo your changes for competing with them.

They all suck dick anyway those user content pages because anyone can make one, plus they suck because they are not me or my band Collapse and my content is better then theirs and they can't compete with me because they are old and out of date lame and I am awesome and everything is always brand new and original and they all have old outdated content and reference closed pages and the internet archive now.

Suck it internet, you are a piece of shit and my content is better than you.

You are stupid, I am awesome.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Save $$$ Big Money $$$ Now At Shoppers Drugmart!

You can save BIG MONEY now at Shoppers Drugmart and I'm going to show you how!

Did Shoppers Drugmart buy Loblaws Superstore?

I checked on the internet and it says that Superstore owns Shoppers Drugmart now, but that's not what it looks like at the store. 

I don't know but what it really looks like is that Shoppers Drugmart bought Superstore. That's because Shoppers is the best pharmacy in Canada and has all the best brand name stuff there.


What this means is that when you go to the smaller store Superstore to buy groceries that you can now put your Food Order on your Shoppers Optimum Card, this means you can cash in your grocery order points for free brand name products at Shoppers Drug Mart!

When I went into the Shoppers Drugmart this week I saw this sign up fr Superstore! Blah! How sick are you of going into one store and they always have advertisements up for another store? I know I am. Can't you go into one store this days and it be by itself with just it's own points card? Anyway, you get sick of seeing that.

Now Shoppers is advertising for Superstore and saying they are merging their pints cards, blah I thought now no one is going to want an Optimum Card because it's at Superstore now.

No one is going to waste their Optimum Points at Superstore when Shoppers Drug Mart has brand name products like hair stuff and at their makeup counter.

Why would you waste your Optimum Points at Superstore when you can get brand name perfume and stuff like that at Shoppers with them points.

So at first when I was in Shoppers Drugmart they have a food section now (everyone does) and they carry Brand Name Food and generic Superstore brand food. I thought well they have to carry something cheap so it's from Superstore.

Then then small food section of Shoppers Drugmart is Superstore now!

So when you go to Shoppers to buy food they have a small section there and the rest is at Superstore!

Then you have to go to the Superstore and buy food there and put it on your Optimum Card and take it back to Shoppers to get the pints on their brand name counter stuff like Elizabeth Arden perfume or something.

Shoppers Optimum card is so big that it owns Superstore just by merging the points.

I don't know the price conversion so I will just use a simple example and show you have to save big money at Shoppers Drug Mart.

You buy all you food and cleaning items at Superstore and they also have large sections for Laundry Detergent and Soda Pop like a clearance outlet there.

Then you put all the food points from Superstore on your Optimum Card, then go to Shoppers and you can get free Free Brand Name Pharmacy stuff. 

This is a simple fictional example so you get the point:

$200 in food money is worth $250 if you use your Optimum Card.

Spend $200 at Superstore and then ONLY BUY FOOD and CLEANING SUPPILES...then you don't have to buy pharmacy items at all maybe because when ypou go to Shoppers they give you $50 worth of free stuff at the Brand Name Counter.

Then you don't have to pay for Pharmacy Items if you buy a lot of food.

So, Only buy food and cleaning at Superstore...not Pharmacy!  Then you get FREE BRAND NAME PHARMACY ITEMS at SHOPPERS!


That's because they are giving out free stuff off your food order at Superstore.

If you spent $400 on FOOD ONLY a month at Superstore then you will get $100 in FREE BRAND NAME PRODUCTS AT SHOPPERS DRUGMART!

Then you don't have to pay for Pharmacy Items! That's because Shoppers is giveming them away off your food budget.

Go to Superstore and buy tons of Laundry Detergent and Cleaning Supplies and then FOOD ITEMS ONLY then you put them on your Optimum Card starting next month, then cash in your Optimum Points at Shoppers Drugmart for FREE BRAND NAME PHARMACY ITEMS!!!

I'm now sure pf the actual cash to points conversion but like for $400 it's like $100 dollars free at shoppers on brand name items.

So your $400 would be worth $500 now...just buy $400 at Superstore and then get $100 free brand name products at Shoppers now!




Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Major Breaking Headlines For Halifax 2018 - These are the most current stories for Canada in 2018

These are the most current topics for Canada in 2018, plus tons of smack talk political ranting coming out of my ass featuring several news headlines. 

Now my blog will feature real stories mixed in with smack talk political ranting coming out of my ass.

Canada is at War with the Balkans with Slobodan Milosevic's Army and they are on the ground in Canada:

Right now the Balkan Army is on the ground and making Political Blogs and fake pages and are in an open War with Canadians and they are running around saying that Canada is breaking up and they are putting out PICTURES OF CANADA'S FLAG THAT ARE UPSIDE DOWN.

The Canadian Flag pictured upside down is the worst act of war crimes in current history, no one has ever placed the Canadian flag upside down before. Then are are out in Canada's neighborhoods saying they are breaking up and putting out pictures of the flag upside down because people from the Balkans hate Canadians and are trying to break up their neighborhoods.

The Balkan Army from Croatia is responsible for Acid Throwing Attacks on North America and are apparently carrying around  Cyanide and sneaking it into the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal to help their leaders commit suicide to get out of their sentence.

It is not known how much Cyanide or Acid  has been brought from The Balkans in Canada and the United States or the extent of their attack on our citizens.

Then they are saying they are breaking up our neighborhoods and are going around throwing acid on people if they don't like them.

These are the same people from the Genocide in Bosina and Croatian and Serbian leaders like Slobodan Milsovic.
Acid Attack:

In Canada the people throwing Acid and attacking our neighborhoods are gangs from Croatia from Slobodan Milosivic's Army from the Balkans who are sneaking into Canada and trying to break up our neighborhoods and putting out blogs and pictures with the Canadia Flag Pictured upside down. 

Only the people from The Balkans would hate Canada that much because they are The Genocide People and are Garbage.

Then they are saying Canada is being "Balkanized" which they are saying it means "breaking up". 

Just remember these people in you neighborhoods in Canada are NOT ENGLISH, Balkanization doesn't mean the area is breaking up, it means  THEY ARE BREAKING IT UP.

Balkanization is only a term used in the Balkan Peninsula , they are saying on the internet that THEY are Balkanizing Canada in a war on the ground here by using people to scare the public and are throwing acid on them and sneaking into Canada's United Nations Court System with Cyanide.

These people are posing as Heavy Metal People, Gang Looking People and other regular people and are pretending to be Canadians into music and gang looking stuff including rock, heavy metal and rap music. 

These are not Canadians, they are the Balkan Army and trying to scare the public in Canada. How you can spot them is that they don't understand the culture references and have all the material wrong and come off as posers or homeless people.

People are saying they are the ones going around Canada staring at people and acting tough everywhere looking for a fight and then they are throwing acid on people and trying to break up their neighborhoods like they do in Croatia.

If someone approaches you and stares at you and looks like bum or gang or heavy metal person and tries to intimidate you in your own neighbourhood THIS IS THE BALKAN ARMY people are saying.

If this happens immediately start Bitch Slapping Them In The Face with no remorse because they have no rights in Canada and are an illegal army. 

If you catch these people you can not be charged for murder because they are a foreign army with no rights. The law is, if you catch a foreign soldier in Canada attacking you as a citizen you are allowed to kill them because they are illegal. Then you are protecting Canada because they are committing acid attacks.

Don't hurt anyone  unless you are attacked! Just because that is the law you can never be totally sure who they are - you have to report them but you are allowed to bitch slap as much as you want

How they got here is probably from Treason in Canada from the Immigration Breach a few years ago because the government was warning Canada about fake citizens in public service announcements on television a while ago. 

The people appear to be the Balkan Army in an open War on Canada.

How to identify Soldiers from the Balkans:



If someone who looks like that bothers you in Canada it is the Balkan Army, if you see people like at bothering you they are the Croatian and Serbian Army from Slobodan Milisivic.


Do not attack them! You will still get in shit but you will not be held responsible.


Call every branch of the Police and Military in Canada and snitch on them if they try and DICTATE to you and make  you do what they want.

That's how your message will get through to Canada Forces and they can go kill Croatia and Serbia, if you only call one branch a Traitor might answer and not send along you message, to get past the traitors in the War with the Balkans call every branch of the Military until your message gets though, this might take 600 calls but you break the chain of command of the Balkan Army and Traitors in Canada at the Courts and Military.

Then begin bitch slapping them because if a soldier from the Balkans tries to dictate to you they have no rights.

Balkan Army sneaks Cyanide in United Nations War Crimes Trial of  Slobodan Praljak and he kills himself on live television at trial:

Balkan Army Leader and Convicted Croatian War Criminal Slobodan Praljak Kills Himself on Live Television:


Croatian War Criminal Kills Himself on Live TV during War with Canada
This is Balkan war leader who killed himself on Live TV, the link is to the video.

The bigger question is who betrayed Canada and let the Balkan soldiers into the Canada's United Nations court with the Poison?



Members of the Trench Coat Mafia outed for being Gay in the Halifax area on News Years Eve.


That's right members of the Trench Coat mafia have been outed for being gay in a group around Nova Scotia at New Years Eve this year.

How this happened is people I hate because they copying me in Halifax and are gay all asked about me to see if they wanted to make up with me in Halifax because they wanted to know if I was gay.

Does he think that blowing pin is a cock?

Then a bunch of them tried to go out with me on my Birthday on New Years Eve and all came out of the closet to see if I would Like them if they are gay.

Then they tried to make up with me by saying they were gay and asked me to be their boyfriend on my birthday on New Year's Eve.

Now they are all Gay! No Way!

Jason MacKenzie Life Update:

If I hate you you can not make up with me by saying you are gay and trying to be my boyfriend for gay sex!

I will not like you after I hate you not even for gay sex if I wanted it. 

The answer is no, I don't want to be you gay boyfriend and I am NOT interested. 

Even if I hate you and you offer me gay sex on New Years Eve on my Birthday.

Congratulations on coming out of the closet in public, that is not easy in a small area. 

In Halifax it's easy to be gay here because no ones cares and everyone gets along and is accepted (except Balkan Soldiers) , but in a small town or area that is hard , it's not in the City because Halifax has a super huge gay LGBT community but in a small town that can be had to deal with.

Those are the top stories for the start of 2018.