Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Google and Wikipedia are stupid

This is why Google and Wikipedia are stupid, I am just stating a personal opinion because a bunch of stuff on the internet sucks bad...I mean bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, it sucks bad, I mean is sucks and it's bad, it sucks bad...I don't like it.

I am using heavy metal in the example but it's a stupid example, but just to show you how fake pages are on the internet like Google and Wikipedia.

On Wikipedia is supposed to be publicly regulated or whatever but it isn't , how it looks like it works is they have tons of people from businesses or something sitting on all the pages or something it looks like and then when you try and post all these people are sitting there getting paid from some business or something and they undo all your changes and make the page what they want.

So if you try and post your page on their page which is supposed to be fan generated content, all these people go on there and undo your changes from some business or something where they sit on the pages all day watching it taking down other people changes so they can  own the supposed public page. 

Then these people are on there trying to make a name for themselves sitting on all the pages and if your content is bigger then theirs they edit your page off wikipedia in a group from some business. 

That's because they are trying to all be famous on the internet or something and they have businesses setup watching all the public edited content like on wikipedia which is worthless anyway.

Then when one person tries to have their content included on wikipedia all these other people work at some business or something and edit out content from their competitors.

That's so they can keep your content off wikipedia and then they own theirs. Then if you are a different business and your stuff is better  they edit you off because they don't own it.

So if you go on some page that's made by public content and post something from yourself that's bigger than their page then they will kick off your content.

That's because public edited pages like wikipedia are some group of people or something trying to be big on the internet, then they sit on the pages all day only allowing their business content, then if you post bigger content on their page they will edit it off and sit on it in a group because they don't own it and won't allow you on the page.

Public edited content on the internet is worthless anyway, now it's just some scam.

The rule of that on the internet:

If you go on a public edited page that depends on public submissions to operate and post bigger material than the page (like wikipedia) owners then they will kick off your content.

That's because by posting your bigger content you are competing with them so they won't advertise you.

That's because they know who you are and don't advertise for their competitors.

If you compete with the public edited page by posting your larger content they will start a fight with you and kick you off the page because they don't own your content and it's bigger than their website, then they sit on all the pages and undo peoples changes all day because they don't own the content.

Or maybe you are saying a different opinion on ther web page that they don't own, it your opinion is against the one the page has then they will kick you off for taking over the discussion on their page.

So if you go on wikipedia and PROVE THEM WRONG then they will delete your changes because you have a different opinion.

So if you go on a public edited page and read the articles and update them and prove their article wrong with your opinion and references then you will be in a fight with the page because you have taken over their discussion.

If you go on their page and take over their discussion you are their competitor. Then they won't allow you to post because it's not coming from their group.

So for the articles to be on a public edited page they have to come from the group that sits on the articles all day because that is their opinion.

If you go on to the page a prove their articles wrong with your update then you have taken over their page and the group that sits on pages all day will kick you off because you took the discussion from them in a public debate, so it's user content but not a public debate.

If you go on any page probably on the internet with under generated content and prove their page wrong they will kick you off the page because you changed the discussion to an outside one and you are bigger than them so they kick you off and go back to their groups discussion.

That's because if you do that then you are a bigger group than the user generated page and are competing with them so they kick you off. 

That's why user content pages sucks and are worthless on the internet.

It can only be their opinion on the content not a competitor or they kick you off and undo your content. Those pages all fucking suck.

The example is that stupid music page metal archives on the internet which sucks and they don't know anything about music and it's all fan submissions.

Now they are saying they are the largest page on the internet or something for metal, yeah but the page sucks. It's all fan submissions with no real references and anyone can post there.

So before wikipedia didn't allow the other user generated page metal archives (yeah, this is an immature discussion I am aware of that) as a reference for a band article because it is public generate content and anyone can post there.

Now they have their own wikipedia page:

Now wikipedia is saying they are a real page but they aren't. They are just a fan page that I think sucks because their not my band Collapse which is awesome and I'm in it.

Plus all those user generated content pages can never be me on the internet or my band Collapse that's why I don't like them.

I don't like fan generated pages because they can never be me or my band.

They all suck because their not Collapse my band that I made. That's because I made a band instead of a user generated web site and mine is better so they don't like my content because it's bigger than their whole pages on the internet.

That's why I just have private pages, because user content pages are stupid and I don't like them, that's because their stupid, their stupid and I don't like them, user pages are stupid and I don't like them, I said they suck and I don't like them.

Anyway, now wikipedia just references itself anyway and some group moderates it. So on the metal archives fan generated page the articles just references itself from their page with one externel reference or something.

They reference  on the metal archives page, then they allow the article on wikipedia.

That just means the is on the allow list on wikipedia and it's just some music blog or something that no one ever heard of.

They are just on the list of businesses or something that use wikipedia, so they say is something that one of their people own or something then they allow metal archives on the page because it's coming from

Every knows that's how they make those pages.

So if you say your page and ad a site to wikipedia they delete it....that's because it didn't come from something like , so if their group like nocleansinging .com is the reference then they keep the page up on wikpedia because they own the reference in their business group.

Then they sit on the pages and watch them all day to make sure an outside reference doesn't post on their article.

Anyway I don't care if it or not anyway it's just and example....but a page like that would be in their business group with wikipedia and google and then their pages are at the top of the search engine on google.

Then wikipedia and metal archives and nocleansinging are all at the top search on google everytime and all suck then those music pages all advertise on google and always get top search results.

These are all just private expressed opinions on one page I am saying about garbage on the doesn't come from google and wikipedia, user discretion advised on this is just the opinion of one site, not wikipedia and google.

Yeah, so you go.....they are all the top music advertisers on google and then that's what they allow on wikipedia. So if you are a top music advertiser on google then they allow your content on wikipedia. Now they are allowing metal archives on wikipedia which is a fan page because it comes from their music group like those music blog pages on the internet.


Then people sit on the public content pages all day editing submissions that don't come from the advertising group on google because they are trying to own the public pages on wikipedia.

So music blog people sit on wikipedia all day owning the pages by undoing other peoples submissions because it came from an outside competitor not in their advertising group.

Wikepedia is practically gone now anyway because all the pages they reference are no longer on the internet.

If you look in the references on the wikipedia articles a lot of the reference pages are dead links now because the page is old, then the rest of the references are from internet archive of the old site.

Then they just reference the internet archive of old deleted pages now for their articles, and now they are mainly just reference the website on the entry.

That's because the page is old and they have no content and the approved content has to come from their advertising group on the internet or they undo your changes for competing with them.

They all suck dick anyway those user content pages because anyone can make one, plus they suck because they are not me or my band Collapse and my content is better then theirs and they can't compete with me because they are old and out of date lame and I am awesome and everything is always brand new and original and they all have old outdated content and reference closed pages and the internet archive now.

Suck it internet, you are a piece of shit and my content is better than you.

You are stupid, I am awesome.


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