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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Product Review: Organic Peanut Butter

I've tried several of these brands and it's the worst product I've ever had, usually organic / vegan food is great but the peanut butter is disgusting and unusable.

When you open the jar you can't tell if it's bad (expired) or fresh or not, the oil doesn't mix and it's way too runny.


My number one complaint is that you can't cook with it, I tried to mix it with chocolate to make home made peanut butter cups or use to dip in chocolate like for you chocolate Easter bunny and it ruins the taste of the chocolate and you can't taste the chocolate.

Can't cook with this stuff or mix with chocolate, peanut butter's main purpose next to sandwiches.

Just terrible, not recomended.


Saturday, February 20, 2021

NOVA SCOTIA: First Of It's Kind Tea Wins Silver Medal

My first question was who won the gold medal? The answer was there was a bunch of medals awarded in each category. 

Tea North from Nova Scotia, the first of it's kind organic iced tea in Canada wins silver medal in the World Tea Championships. 

Apparently this not new in other countries that already have the tea.

I tried the tea and like most vegan and organic products it's extremely addictive.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

EYEHATEGOD - Built Beneath The Lies (LYRIC VIDEO)

NEWS: Trump Plaza Atlantic City Demolished






DISTANT - Cryogenesis feat. Lochie Keogh (Official Lyric Video)


Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (Official Music Video)

Sunday, February 14, 2021

CORRECTION: Walt Disney Already Public Domain Outside The United States

Here is the correction and the big deal happening, the Walt Disney Company is facing copyright expungement in the United States for copyright abuse / misuse.

In most countries outside the United States specifically in Asia where they have no American entertainment Walt Disney himself his main creations have entered the public domain.

The United States has different laws than other countries.

It will be another fifteen years before Walt Disney main characters (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie The Pooh etc.) enter the public domain - his main list with the Walt Disney name one.


Other creations at Disney Company by different creators are still under copyright, the new ones like Toy Story but they have already lost the original characters outside the United States.

On the internet this remains mostly unpublished because they running the American model, other countries already know you can print the main Disney characters and stories freely.

So they are just not telling anyone.

The United States differentiates itself internally from other countries by having different copyright laws, meaning the works enter the public domain twenty years later after the author / creator's death.

That means in the United States they can still own the copyright for another fifteen years but in places like Asia and other countries they will NO LONGER carry the Disney characters because they can just print their own now leaving Walt Disney company worthless outside the United States because they are free material there and have lost the entire Asia market.

Now they can only make money on the character inside the United States only for fifteen more years.

Why would overseas markets specifically Asia buy from Disney when they can make their own leaving them broke internationallly.

Disney Company in an attempt to lengthen their copyrights invaded England and Australlia's laws by backing political candidates to pass new copyright laws in those two countries to line up with the United States model.

This as far as I know has been unchallenged.

Disney attempting to enforce United States copyright laws on England and Australia to protect their markets there is illegal, to try and make an outside country comply with United States internal copyright law and they have been expunged in the United States for international copyright misuse.

However, as far as I know this has not gone to the courts yet.

When  challenged in England and Australia they will lose and their copyrights will be expunged in the United States courts for international misuse.

Meaning that all Disney creations are now public domain but this has not cleared the courts yet but you can now print Walt Disney main creations from himself is most places outside the United States.

The confusion is that some later creations may have been by second or other authors but this does not apply to the original Disney creations.

Update: Copyright law change under this "Mickey Mouse Protection Act" which was copyright right misuse did not include Disney in Australia as it was not retroactive, only works after 2004.

However the European Union had retroactive dated works and pulled them from public domain, the UK has since announced they are pulling out of the European Union to be more in line with other countries in the British Commonwealth, under legal challenge if someone wants to print the material in England the copyright changes will not hold up because of the misuse of the applications by the purposed lawmakers.  


Saturday, February 13, 2021

DISNEY REVEALED: Works Enter Public Domain

I found out what is happening with Walt Disney...Mickey Mouse himself enters the public domain in 2024.

Get your Mickey Mouse material ready three years anyone can print and sell Mickey Mouse, that's what's going on with all the characters.

Do your books and shows now for release in 2024 when Mickey Mouse, the basis of Disney, enters the public domain in three years.

At the same time Disney is also losing other copyrights due to the same issues, shows like Star Wars and The Simpsons have been copied from other material and they are losing their copyrights at the same time from misuse and plagarism.

Games like Yachzee and Dungeons & Dragons, dice games, are becoming regular games now like playing cards.

For example Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Walt Disney, are mostly made of public domain fables and characters anyway.

Dungeons & Dragons can be used now because so much of their material has fallen into the public domain that their copyrights are only on like 1/1000 of the actual the phrase Dungeons & Dragons and specific game play.

Abundence of use of the monsters in the game that were created by Dungeons & Dragons has left them now all being just "dragons" from over usage and too many characters.

As well as the dice, no one owns them.

For example, they don't even own the Dragon Characters in the game anyway because you can't copyright the term Blue Dragon...which is most of the characters.

That leaves only a small amount of characters in the game that they actually made up themselves which are now public domain.

Also, the game play itself is so overdone that they just use things that everyone does anyway and the "house rules" of the game mean the game is now only a guide like a card game guide for poker or black jack.

The Dungeons & Dragons books are just their version of the rules of the card game now, and the actual name "Dungeons & Dragons" is probably not copyrightable now and is more of a slang term for their printed version of "cards" like regular play card games like poker for example.

Visit my game page at , I'm running the old rules on my game form the 1970s books for my D&D playing card and polygon dice game.

I'm not printing any of that, it's online only when I get my game guides up.

I'm also sure that the rest of you will figure the rest out and tell me back though Youtube videos how I'm allowed printing that by helping us make it a regular card game like poker.

In the meantime mine is a fan page with nothing for sale based on the old photo copy sheets from the original books...

What about all the artwork?

I have no idea that's why I'm not printing it and it's a fan page, of course it would be easy for anyone to rewrite the books with their own monster pictures and sell it as a new game.

In fact however, it's probably all just scrap paper and garbage now anyway and once the public cuts it up - the actual game Dungeons & Dragons they will probably be just free pictures.

Also do this to Star Wars and as many old series as possible like Marvel and DC to make them all public domain from Disney misuse of  copyrights and whoever owns DC as Mickey Mouse expires.

Then we can start our fan fiction category for comic books and then cut up all the pictures for public use - then the best fan ones they will have the comic sales.

Please just pass this into law today so I can get started writing my own Marvel Series' of books and stuff.





Friday, February 12, 2021

Six Feet Under - The Rotting (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The Crown - We Drift On (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

NEPHILIM GRINDER - Total Destruction Wave

Humanity's Last Breath - Välde (Official Album Stream)

Bound in Fear - "Left to Drown" (Official Video)

Korpse - "Molestation Condonation" (Official Music Video)

Signs of the Swarm - "The Collection" feat. Nick Arthur & Matt Honeycutt...

Bonecarver - "Evil" (Official Music Video - Uncensored Version)

DISTANT - "The Eternal Lament" (Official Music Video)

Disentomb - "Broken Under Your Symbol of Atonement" (Official Track Prem...

Bound in Fear - "Cardinal Sin" (Official Lyric Video)

INGESTED - Stinking Cesspool of Liquefied Human Remnants (Official Album...

Bonecarver - "Revolver" (Official Music Video)

Humanity's Last Breath - "GLUTTON" (Official Music Video)

Korpse - Genocidal Bloodbath (Official Audio Stream)


HELSTAR - Dark Incarnation (Mother Of The Night) (Lyric Video)





THE SCALAR PROCESS (France) - Cosmic Flow (Technical Death Metal) #techn...


Anvil - Metal On Metal (Live)

John Altyn-Sleepaway




good girls dont trailer.mp4

Trick-or-treat 1986

Morning Rant Update February 2021

Just read below for the reference to this post...

Here's some fact's an some loose based ideas and talking out of my ass.

For one I wouldn't be too concerned about age in heavy metal music, like if you think you're getting old or something...Lemmy for example from Motorhead he was just getting going at my age when he was 45 in 1990 when metal got going and just releasing the album 1916.

I talk to girls today in their 20's and 30's and they were never around for the old heavy metal stuff, they mean the look of it is "old guys" anyway like Overkill, Anthrax and them...that's the real metal to them.

Girls don't even look at them when their a bunch of in regular metal, they all say it's older guys like drinking at the bar and stuff, that's the look of metal.

Not kids just starting out that quit in two minutes, they mean Anthrax, Motorhead etc. when they are older, according to Lemmy I'm just starting out in music at 45...and 2021 is my official 10th year anniversary of Collapse since I went out on my own and became a solo artist / business setup.

Like I can't release my albums normal like other artists because I am setting up a business, my money is into I've been around here for a long time and everyone knows it from when I was younger..metal and business is my University work, now I'm trying to catch up in my releases and release my new stuff and back material.

I mean it's kind of hard to release an actual Compact Disc at a record store when I can't even get the band out of the living room before all the copies are that's great and all that everyone has my albums and all that but it'd be nice if I could get them to the record store before I run out of copies for people out back.

Anyway, the new format it digital now....that's where you need to be at and my business promotion Banzai Records , which is owned by me Forward Regression is like a bunch of metal stuff mixed all together on the magazine for a retail store promotion like the old Banzai Records on it's carries everything for the store level...I have my records released for the smart phone on the url on the main page...that's the regular format today...I mean whats a small cd release to that...nothing, mine is on Banzai Records (Forward Regression) with the other bands on the music news page and .

Anyway, I have limited versions of all my cds coming out soon plus new stuff and new releases plus back releases still in the works because I'm tied up with my promotion.

Like this...the actual company is Forward Regression Records....that's me I own it....I'm releasing my albums on Banzai Records that carries all the other heavy metal labels at the retail the original Banzai Records...I'm probably going to put a tribute page up to those albums on the page soon anyway to help promote Venom and them.

This is what I am working on...You can listen to the albums Free on Spotify with ads like on the radio if you have no need to be logged into Spotify when you use the internet and then you can hear the records on the Smartphone on the url when you use the internet you need to be logged into Google, Facebook and Spotify and that to use everything.

The Banzai Records original tribute page runs on Spotify....most of the albums are on BMG now and released through old distributor  The End Records is also owned by BMG now or something...except I bought my old label Great White North Records and also old Banzai Records.

So I'm going to share all the old Banzai Albums on the new page and when you listen the money goes to BMG for their ad revenue...or you can buy a subscription for all the music for like $8 a month.

I mean come off it, you have all music on your smartphone which is like walkman for $8 a month...get with the times people.

When you go to the Banzai Records page soon, it will take me a while to post all this but you can follow along as I'm going on the page..., you will be able to go to the url for the original release of albums like Venom - Black Metal from the original label Banzai Records and hear the album like   ....then you can hear the album on it's original label / url from when they were released on that  ...that's how they originally came out.

That's not up at the time of this posting.

Then you listen to the album on the url from Spotify...THEY get the money for the album not me...I'm just making the links at the retail page Banzai Records and that's where I'm releasing my albums.

On your smart phone bookmark the url for the album like Venom - Black Metal or Destruction - Sentence Of Death to hear the records on it's original label name...that's owned by me now....I don't own the music!

I'm just releasing the url albums on the original label name that I own now...I don't get paid for that Spotify does...I'm just sharing the links on the url I own to help promote metal.

If you want to support me, go to the store page on the blog and but some Death Metal hats and hoodies, that's what I'm selling....I'm just sharing the Spotify album links on the url of the original label name...Spotify and BMG get that money.

If you want to hear the albums off the url release on my page I recommend YouTube Music...they have awesome high def album versions on there...I did subscribe to both services and it's easily worth the money...then I missed all the ads, if you're like me you like listening to the ads to find out about new products...either way BMG and Spotify gets paid for you listening.

I'm doing that just to have the album listed there on it's original label name for the Spotify url albums that you share to pages off Spotify like Youtube videos except it's the original albums.

I know that fans what to hear the albums directly on the original label name url Banzai Records that I own now that used to be polygram...those are just shared links from Spotify people, they get the money, metal fans want to hear them on Banzai Records retail store and magazine page. 

That's what's awesome about can listen to the album on the url of the original label and just bookmark them on your smartphone to listen to them and scroll through your bookmarks to change records.

Anyway, the internet is too big and there are over 200 streaming services so we went with Spotify for our url links because that works best for me. 

I don't know what other people do or if they even have it.

About below...I've been around this business a long time, almost like I live at polygram. 

Movies in the future are going to go from the production company directly to url release with no distributor or big movie they are all going bankrupt and losing the rights to their shows.

In the near future anyone can write and release to sell stuff like Star Wars, The Simpsons and Dungeons & Dragons as fan fiction because they lost the rights to their material from plagarism and breaching peoples contracts like actors, story and character developers.

Like this...

Let's say in the future I decided to go back and work on a movie production like before I was a big University star today and in metal, if the production company made an Evil Dead relaunch with Bruce Campbell...they no longer have to answer to the studio or distributor like Paramount.

The production company...which is the producer and their make up crew etc., writers and character developers who put the budget together can just make the movie and not have to answer to Paramount who went bankrupt and offer no services.

The production company can just release the movie to a streaming service like Spotify and then the production crew can distribute the movie directly to the url.

Like their street team.

So if I carried the movie it would be on that is shared from a streaming service to release the film, this cuts out all people above the production crew who then retains the rights to the movie without the movie studio.

People are asking me if I'm going to do all this and I said yes, when I get the money for it or if someone starts up a new production that I am in contact with, like to help distribute movies and stuff with the production crew for url release from a movie streaming service like Spotify for audio.

Remember, any album can be shared on any url and their's 200 streaming services...I chose spotify for audio and Youtube for video.

For example, in the future the production company can make Evil Dead alone and the producer maintains the rights to the show for the actors, then they release on Youtube Movies....but they need a movie subscription like Netflix mixed with Youtube for new releases..or just to youtube with ads.

That's so they can share the movie to url...

If you could buy a new release streaming package from Youtube....that's off pay per view...or maybe you can already do that....share the the pay per view link from Youtube to your url and charge $4 to view...I have no idea and didn't check.

So if my store for Forward Regression choose to distribute the Evil Dead reboot with Bruce Campbell....if would be on and then you could watch on your phone for $4 on my store url or be logged into Youtube with a streaming subscription to see the video like on Spotify if they offered that.

For example I'm trying to watch "Good Girls Don't" with Renee Estevez and it's not on Youtube or available in Canada and only on Amazon in the United States...why can't I get these movies????

Like that, I need those on the url people to promote your shows.

If you want me to do that from my page I need the movies on the streaming platform for url release to share the video.

That's off the movie company like Paramount for the production company directly to url from the producer.

Get with the times people, the new format is movie and audio streaming across the internet on the url for the smartphone bookmark from the streaming platform...there's no "big movie company now".

For heavy metal...the official heavy metal releases are from the Movie "Trick Or Treat" and KISS.

That's polygram....aka the old Banzai Records.

The original Banzai Records released the albums from Polygram including Kiss.....those were featured in the movie Trick Or Treat with Gene Simmons.

The albums released on Banzai Records that's Polygram were promoted in the movie Trick Or Treat with Kiss.

Kiss was also on Polygram at the time and was in the movie, the heavy metal albums featured in the movie were released on the Polygram sub label Banzai Records which is also retail promotion....that's what I am working on.

So if you promote on Banzai Records my music / news / retail page....that's the advertiser for the albums originally released in the Movie Trick Or Treat from polygram.

The smaller heavy metal albums like Anthrax, Possessed etc. from the movie were released on the Polygram sub label Banzai Records - that's what I own now and where I am working.

The larger band was Kiss and was directly on Polygram and Gene Simmons was in the movie.

So Banzai Records is the official heavy metal album releases from the movie Trick Or Treat....that's what I am promoting.

Remember, I don't own the albums that's BMG, Spotify and the bands.....I'm just sharing the album links for the Spotify Digital Releases to the Banzai url for my promotional page / retail store to promote the records featured in Trick Or Treat and Sleepaway Camp 2 on my retail store and music news page .

If you send your band demo's to Banzai Records that's the promotion for the bands in Trick Or Treat and Sleepaway Camp 2 , if I put it on the page or release your album that's for the movie promotion from the old Polygram promotion that I own now which I bought - for my retail store promotion.

Remember, listen to Venom, Destruction, Exodus and them on my page Banzai Records the money goes to BMG, Spotify and them....this only helps the bands by me listing them on my page to promote the movies and stuff they were in - they get all the money not me...I am only sharing the links to help promote the bands and the movies.

My money comes from my catalog, not the Spotify album links on the url - that's Destruction's money.

If you want to support me, buy Death Metal hats and hoodies from the catalog tab on the blog - that's my money and is seperate from all that.

Like at my old record store you are all familiar with from years ago...the Spotify links on the page are just the listening station for the bands featured on the magazine page .

If you want your movie promoted you need it released on a digital streaming platform like Spotify.

Then I can do this...

Then you can watch the movie on the url with the albums.

I need that released in a url sharable format like Spotify for an audio album to do that, that's not out yet...when that is done you can watch the movie like Trick Or Treat or Sleepaway Camp 2 on the same page that promotes the actual albums featured in the movies.

It would be nice if someone could actually get some of this work done on the internet so we can get on the new format.


MOVIES: Star Wars Plagarism Revealed

As I continue my journey through cult film analysis here is another plagiarism story, just like the Simpsons is Silver Spoons and Bart Simpson is Ricky her is yet another reveal leaving Star War and Lucasfilm / Disney bankrupt again.

How much money does Star Wars owe David Carridine's estate and Sylvester Stallone?

That's right....Darth Vader is Frankenstein from Death Race 2000 (1975) a couple years before the release of Star Wars 1977...according to them and games like Dungeons & Dragons they are all free and anyone can print and write them.

I just get sick of this, other people who worked in the film industry have been left unemployed and bankrupt, I'm telling you all anything I would own I own it and I'm using it are all plagiarism.

Cancelling all the actors and not employing anyone today, while you all promote off plagiarism and copying other shows for your material from the 1970's and 1980's to make Disney, Star Wars, The Simpsons etc. 

Anyway, you won't be cancelling my material and then running without me while you run off plagiarism and ripoff's and not hiring anyone while you use and sell other people's material...all while firing all the actors to make the Simpsons and Star Wars who actually made the characters, anything I would be on I own it. 

Like this, I know that on Sleep Away Camp 2 that Molly was supposed to come back and be the second killer with Pamela Springsteen but they didn't make it because of budget cuts, and that on Intruder that they said the food boxes were expired products but in reality they were just empty boxes and they just said that for the hype or something, die.

That's right...Darth Vader is Frankenstein from Death Race are all bankrupt.

Frankenstein - Death Race 2000:

Darth Vader -  Plagarism:


Thursday, February 11, 2021

MUSIC: Slam Playlist

Gore Metal / Death Metal / Slam Metal Playlist from Slam Worldwide - View List For Current Slam Metal and Death & Gore Metal Scene.




Marasmus (US) - Insurrection (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity #death...




SODOM "Friendly Fire" (Official Video)

Win a Grindstein guitar pedal (Endseeker giveaway)!





DØDSFERD (Greece) - Cursed to Die at First Light (Black Metal) Transcend...










Plasmodium (Australia) - Pseudocidal (Cosmic Black/Death Metal) Transcen...









Metal Blade Live Series w/ Matt McGachy of Cryptopsy



STÄLKER - Sentenced To Death (Official Video) | Napalm Records

THE SCALAR PROCESS (France) - Poisoned Fruit (Technical Death Metal) #te...



Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Razor - shotgun justice

Razor - Cross Me Fool

MUSIC: Razor (Dave Carlo) New Album Out Soon!!!

RAZOR  (Dave Carlo - CANADA) new album out soon!!!! 













RAZOR - Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪最高 (Reissue) [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

RAZOR - Armed and Dangerous (Reissue) [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

Monday, February 8, 2021

COVAX: Is Canada's Government Already Facing Lawsuits Over Covax Vaccination

With Canada's government being at an all time high of no operating services and a back log in the courts against Provincial and Federal Governments will Covax already be sued in public lawsuits.

Canada with no real Covax roll out plan again only caters first to "frontline workers" Canada's already enraged public wants their vaccinations first, after being put last in civil rights in Canada's court system.

Canada says NO...we want our vaccination first this time, takes Covax from smaller countries to immunize Canada first, the public agrees...we want our vaccinations first this time in Canada ahead of all other Countries.


Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

MOVIES: Sleepaway Camp 2 , Intruder versus Evil Dead and Pulp Fiction

Movie Production Company Phantom Productions, aka Lawrence Bender  producer of the 1989 film Intruder makes the movie "Intruder" Pulp Fiction.

A production company is a business the actually MAKES the movie which is later distributed by places like "Full Moon Productions" , "Paramount" and "Universal" etc.

My point here is "Intruder" on Phantom Productions is Lawrence Bender starring Renee Estevez and Sam Raimi aka Evil Dead meets Pulp Fiction.

Renee Estevez - Sleepaway Camp 2  - 1988


Why Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead is billed above Renee Estevez on the "Intruder" directors cut when he only has an Evil Dead cameo from Sam Rami is outright lies.

Writer / Director Quentin Tarantino obviously takes influence for Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs from "Intruder" from Lawrence Bender based on it's isolated set and dialogue mock ups.

Renee Estevez - Intruder - 1989


Sleepaway Camp 2 also starring Renee Estevez is from a different production although worked on both productions putting Renee Estevez and Sam Raimi in the in the Tarantino category with Lawrence Bender.


Quentin Tarantino


Not Bruce Campbell.

Evil Dead is Bruce Campbell with Sam Raimi.


Sam Raimi


Please correct yourself and fix your movie box, Renee Estevez is above Bruce Campbell with Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction), this also places Sam Raimi as an actor in the category.

Stop saying Intruder is Bruce Campbell when it's Pulp Fiction.

Remember these production companies like Phantom Productions (Lawrence Bender - "Intruder" 1989)  THEY make the entire movie which is then later sold up to Paramount...that exists without Paramount.

I'm so sick of this, put Bruce Campbell below Renee Estevez from now on.


Friday, February 5, 2021

Slayer - Stain of Mind (War at the Warfield)

Kerry King's Signature Marshall 2203KK Amp


Cannibal Corpse - Live 1994 The Unreleased Deathboard Recording [FULL RE...

Cannibal Corpse - Centuries of Torment - DVD 2 - Performances (OFFICIAL)

Cannibal Corpse - Centuries of Torment - DVD 1 - History (OFFICIAL)

Sound Legacy - Paul Mazurkiewicz

Cannibal Corpse debut new song Inhumane Harvest off Violence Unimagined ...

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest drum cover (New album 2021 Violence U...

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest (bass cover)

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest (Bass)

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest (VOCAL COVER) #metal

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest (REACTION)

Reacting to Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest

Cannibal Corpse -Inhumane Harvest [REACTION]

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Inhumane Harvest - Reaction

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest - Reaction

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest [Reaction/Review]

Angelus Apatrida - Live at Quarantine Sessions 2020 for Resurrection Fes...

ANGELUS APATRIDA - The Age Of Disinformation (LYRIC VIDEO)


BEWITCHER - Mystifier (White Night City) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

ASPHYX – Necroceros Online Release Show (RECAP VIDEO)




Thursday, February 4, 2021




Slaughter / Death Rehearsals

Was this record only any good because Chuck Schouldiner was on it or what?



DEATH at Morrisound Recording in 1991 during HUMAN recording sessions.

Trick-or-treat 1986

Ace Frehley - Rocket Ride (2017 ) *Full album*

Ace Frehley - Space Truckin' The Director’s Cut (Official Music Video)

Meanwhile Back At Rock Steady....









Best Of Pat O’Brien Solo Compilation

The real reason Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien was arrested

Slayer (with Pat O'Brien) 2011 Budapest, Hungary [Full Rec] [HD]

Slayer - War Ensemble - Live - Still Reigning - HD

CANNIBAL CORPSE Announce New Guitarist and Album | Breaking News | Meta...

Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest (NEW)

Now Is A Good Time To Abandon Your Credit

If you're planning on abandoning your debts now is a good time to max out your credit and stiff collectors.

Credit recovery only takes a few years, by the time covid is over you're have your credit back in a few years when we recover.

In the meantime if you're planning on stiffing your bill collectors now is a good time to rack up your debts and credit cards and take off without paying.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Halifax Flaming Exposed

Wow, I can't really believe how far back I have to go to explain what happened with my band and in heavy metal like with the flaming and stuff and the death of Rehtaeh Parsons and Stacy Adams.

For me it all started back in 1985, I forgot totally about this...after the movie "Trick or Treat" came out that was also the launch of Heavy Metal along with Sleepaway Camp 2, which featured Anvil and a Floatsam and Jetsam lp in a murder from the old 1980s slasher film days.

Like from back in drama class days.

A couple years later in around 1989 a bunch of dorks came down to my house copying Skippy from Family Ties who played an unofficial Glenn Danzig in the movie Trick Or Treat with all these Heavy Metal cassette tapes.

Before that I was also involved in stuff like Anvil and Slayer and stuff from the Movie Trick Or Treat.

Anyway, those were the people who later broke into my house and flamed me when I turned them in from the scam at the Halifax Parliament and local businesses like "MMA clubs" they are saying. 

How I met them originally was from the movie Trick Or Treat because they all came down copying Skippy with all these Heavy Metal cassettes wanting to know if I wanted copies , I remember before that saying that dorks would probably do that when they saw the move - then they came right to my house.

This is what I didn't have an explanation for until now...they all ruined their lives first and then came down and assaulted me at my house.

At the time I was just finishing up my University Degree and heading back home and releasing my first record.

What I found out is that while I was away at school all these people I used to know got caught up in this pyramid scam from the local government here in Halifax and all ruined their lives, when I got back we no longer had anything in common, the dorks copying Skippy I mean with the Heavy Metal cassette tapes.

They had all ruined their lives by then.

Then I went to work doing my University Certification Hours and the scam was running there when they illegally changed the Sunday Shopping Referendum and all them dorks and people took all these crooked jobs for them while running a scam in the government to steal work contracts and stuff.

Then they tried to steal my work and I turned them in the the Federal Governments in Canada and The United States.

Then they filed a fake restraining order and robbed my house in a home invasion to get revenge on me from the scam, which now seems to be starting to cool down because of the new information and cases like mine, then they followed me around for two years flaming me and trying to ruin my band in the North End of Halifax - like in one neighborhood in all of Canada. 

Now they just got caught as being from the Halifax MLA Office, whatever that does - I never went there yet and I am not going without a lawyer.

Anyway, that's how they ruined their lives when I was away at University - now that is explained.

Now in true Trick or Treat the movie album release fashion here is the NEW Official album format.

At that time 1989 is when Slayer came out is our Slayer Tribute Page , like I can throw you an Official Album from my page with a url link:

Just bookmark the page for your copy of the official album, just login to Spotify to connect and it's also connected to Facebook to login to hear official albums on the new digital format.

Remember, that is not mp3's or anything...those are the official wave files for the old compact disc format.

Or you can present them like this



Like that.


MOONSPELL - All Or Nothing | Making Of | Napalm Records


HALIFAX: Provincal Government Fraud Exposed

To be honest I'm a bit suprised at how low and pathetic the Nova Scotia Provincial Government is to think that the public here is so stupid. 


Again, like with my case in 2008 that I won...part of my lawsuit is unlawful arrest by the New Glasgow Police who issued me a fake restraining order and when I was not allowed to return to my home illegally it was robbed in a home invasion.

Now later, I am not even to the lawsuit yet and another case came up.

The defendant in the first case is the Nova Scotia Provincial Government and now they are doing it to me again by trying to block my court case for my medical files and benefits by issuing me and the Legal Aid wrong information, to try and kill my court case against them from the first one in 2008.  

Now they are trying to put my case above the heads of the Legal Aid to force me to drop the lawsuit and now I have to get private lawyers.

Everytime it was the same people....the people the New Glasgow Police report to, Legal Aid Oversight, Community Services oversight, Hospital oversight and government contractor  oversight.

Obviously, the defendant in my cases is the Nova Scotia Provincial Government staff at their houses and the business they run to back local candidates like "land lords".


Here is the case...

The Provincial Government lost my student loan records, damaged my medical file information and refuse to correct my benefits and issue me my proper rent amounts, forced me to use a lawyer to file initial claim forms that which is illegal and they did it to me three times in front of my lawyer.

Then they "called off" the legal aid by not taking my case and putting the government response from the MLA's Office over their heads to force me to sue them directly with private lawyers which I am.

Like this...just now on top the illegal arrest from 2008 by the New Glasgow Police.

They ruined my Hospital records to make my benefits the wrong amount and now they owe me back money, have issued me a fake eviction hearing summons because I am suing them, lost my student loan they are posing as Revenue Canada from The Federal Government and telling legal aid they can't represent the case because it's above their heads....all in an effort to stop my Civil Court lawsuits in another scam like with the wrongful arrest by the same people at the government offices. 

Now this..

Their backers are local business people like landlords who run political candidates.

The lawyers said they are not allowed putting up rent during covid which they are give their business partners (landlords) free money off welfare and disability claims and they are telling the workers in a scam they can't fix files and at the same time are blocking clients from Legal Aid services to fix their rent amounts, then they are issuing fake eviction summons all from the same offices.

This is what they said to me in the same scam...

That if the Federal Government says their is no rent increases during covid, that they do NOT have to enforce it.

Then they said that, Legal Aid and your worker can't help, and that you have to "ask the landlord" their partners not to charge you.

Now they want me to get a private lawyer to enforce the Federal Law on rent control during covid saying "they don't do that"...enforce Federal Laws here in Nova Scotia from the Parliament on Hollis Street in Halifax.

All lies and fraud from the Nova Scotia Government.

So when I started suing about me current issue they tried to block me from the Civil Courts by telling all the workers and legal staff that the issue was over their heads and tried to crush my case from the Provincial Government...telling me to go to the landlord and ask them not to "charge me extra money" in the same scam form 2008 when I was wrongfully arrested which then led to a home invasion from the same people.

This time they are saying they are blocking Federal Laws to give the landlord extra money during covid and they don't have to enforce it.

To their political backers like local landlords, then they put the rent up illegally and used a fake sheriff..."Five Star Bailiff" in Halifax from the local MMA club the "Titans" to issue fake eviction summons from the Tenancy Board to throw people out of their homes after illegally increasing rent...remember while blocking Federal Laws and illegally pulling Legal Aid and illegally pulling Community Services support for clients on welfare and disability with cheque and rental issues...that they are causing at the Provincial Legislature on Hollis Street in Halifax in an open scam in public.

Remember the MMA team includes a convicted murder from a Drug Cartel operating here from South America in the "MMA league" whatever that was, and other people on the team are the ones who assaulted me and stole stuff from my house in 2008.

All the same people, my advice is to sit tight because all downtown Halifax at the Parliament is shut down are are offering no services while trying to block citizens here from the Federal Government in Ottawa to get their issues resolved in a scam, all on their way to prison together.

If you have these issues you need to get a Private Lawyer to represent you to the Federal Government in Ottawa to sue to get your Provincial rights restored, then after that you can get your court case through.

So just sit tight because it's getting brutal out there against the Nova Scotia Provincal Government right now in the courts from the citizens they are assaulting from their offices in an open scam together.


Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest (NEW)

Inhumane Harvest - Cannibal Corpse - Exclusive Preview

ROB ZOMBIE - The Eternal Struggles of The Howling Man (OFFICIAL MUSIC VI...

Sunday, January 31, 2021

HALIFAX: Information From My Courtcase

People wanted to know what happened with this about my court case that I won.

The Provincial Government here in Halifax is in a breach of pending default settlements...I already filed my case and now expect them to get flooded with lawsuits against their offices. 

Like I said, I won my case but they won't file anything because they are the defendant against me in they will be sued at their homes, the staff, for not filing government paperwork or doing their jobs.

So I get 2% rent reduction...the Government along with legal aid in Halifax knows this but they are saying it is beyond their capabilities to enforce the rent decrease so I will have to deal with it directly with the landlord by to people on disability cheques...forcing them to get private lawyers to enforce the government rent reduction.

They are saying "I have to represent myself with Private Lawyers to the landlord to get my reduction" because the government REFUSED to give me the rent rebate they wrote into law but won't enforce against landlords.

So I am.


The" Community Services places" for disability and medical benefits refused to file the government paper work and AGAIN refused to correct the medical forms for the disability rate for the THIRD TIME in front of lawyers now.

Now they are saying they refuse to help me or file my forms and I have to have paid private lawyers to force them to correct my medical file for my benefits and federal tax audit and the legal aid can't help because it is "beyond their capabilities".

So I'm suing them all at home then with a private lawyer, the government staff, for not filling my paperwork for my medical files and benefits, now they owe me back money and stuff.

Then they also said it's up to the citizen on disability to enforce the government rent reduction with private lawyers and to get their medical benefits corrected because the government staff "won't do it" and they are saying it's "beyond the capabilities" of legal aid.

So how the fuck are you going to say in court when I sue you for it at home at the local government that that's real to the judge?

That a disabled person living on a cheque in Halifax has no legal representation to get their rent rate and cheque rate fixed from the Nova Scotia government to their staff at the front desk and the landlord jacking the rent up.

Then I'm pressing charges against you, because you're all fucking lying in a scam together.

Remember, I already fucking won...what are you going to defend my case with at your house?

Your government wages off our tax money at home, you're going be bankrupt as soon as I file.

Then trying to say you won't help me and I have to defend myself with private lawyers against Nova Scotia Student Loan posing as Revenue Canada Staff and coming to my house trying to steal my money and none of you will help me.

Working with them right to my face at your government offices.

That because you're the one I'm suing.

Good enough then, remember I already fucking won and I told when I get my new lawyer to go get my money back I'm pressing charges against you at home and suing you for assaulting me at your office over my rent and benefits and stuff.



Thursday, January 28, 2021

Paul Stanley - Spotify Release - "Keep Me Waiting"


I might have made a keystroke error during the test

Anyway, I went back and checked my code and the link didn't paste in from my keystroke.

The formatting pasted so I might have just made a key stroke error.

That's what I mean, it's full of stuff like what they ask you to do is beyond the abilities of their software.

Just to do a quick copy and paste they don't have it because all the steps are manual like I just showed you on this page.

Like when you post to blogger and paste in the code in a text document it comes in all jambled.

Then when it's pasted it's just a mess in a block of data and you have to edit it yourself...that's too long and expensive to put it on the page the way they are asking, like for a big company.

So it's ok for releasing blog albums it you want to correct the code while you blog and paste in records, but it's slow and you have to do them one at a time.

That's takes all day to do all that, so I'm just going to pick and promote albums on my releases on this blog as I'm listening to music and using the internet. 

Just at whatever to see it as I'm listening to music, while I'm making my list for my blogs and stuff for the records I am promoting with my release.

Then I'm gonna post songs and album releases on this blog, like whatever I can do with it to start my own Spotify Blog Promotion by using their service on my page.

Just whatever way I can post them right quick and then listen to them on my blog like they are asking, because fans are supposed to stream them off your blogs on that particular service....Spotify.

That's what you'll be following along with now as you listen to music with me on the page.


That's My Example

Like for the industry have the requirements to use the service you have to they want you do build software requirements that are beyond their services, that's why it's not worth any money.

That's what I mean the artist is huge to that.

That's the stuff they are asking you to make in the industry now.

So I'm running Spotify to see what it looks like for my pages.


See it failed my test...

So what they are asking you to do is beyond the services they offer to use their stuff.

Like this...

When I put all that together and press click, the song didn't how they are asking you to paste in the html code.

Now I have to make a new post and put the song on it to see what it looks like for the code.



Spotify Web Promotion To Artists...what do YOU get?

Man, you're right everyone...there's no money on Spotify....not to a huge artist I mean.

Look at these albums man, this is how you're supposed to release the albums now, by sharing them to blogs and posting for your friends to find out about about new records.

That to a band like Kiss is just a Spotify sticker on their arm band.

Watch I'll release a huge Spotify song for Kiss on my blog.

Kiss - Spotify Release - Wicked Lester - "Keep Me Waiting":




Like that, then all they pay you on your blog is in whatever web traffic for your file on your blog playlist.

Then the listener gets to listen free is they want to hear advertisements like on the radio.

Then like this...Then you release your band on it.

Then I make my band and promotional pages, like blogs and stuff for my release.

Collapse - Spotify Playlist - "Mechanisms Of Oppression":

-Then you embed your file here like in the example above.-

Then you release your album on Worldwide Digital on the same service and then when you promote your band, they ask you to make playlists of their songs to release with your record for their ad revenue, then attach them to your files to promote ANY of their songs at ANY level of music even if it has no fans.

Like that, there you go...Paul Stanley - Keep Me Waiting On Spotify Digital.

Then I get a few clicks off the link for being paid in web traffic and choose what bands that I want to promote by including them on my page.

So I have to pick bands to promote with mine, and then just distribute it at any level.

So this is my blogs list of bands that I'm making for my Spotify links.

Like to sell with my band, because it's such a small promotion to the large artists like Kiss.

Brand new release of Paul Stanley - "Keep Me Waiting" on this blog's playlist, for their small Spotify Promotion.

That's what you get working there.


Court Case Update

I won my court case, they owe my 2% back on my rent per month....but I will have to file the form myself when I find out what it is.

Now I just have to go down and get the form and drop it off to get my 2% rent rebate here in Halifax.


Ace Frehley - Spotify Playlist - "The Atlantic Years"

Ace Frehley - Spotify Links - " Space Invader (Deluxe Edition) "

Peter Criss - Spotify Link - "Out Of Control"

Moonshine At Lake Banook

If you see me outside give me that legal moonshine, the one you're allowed making.

Like you're allowed having it anyway, and no one can say anything because I already sued and beat the Nova Scotia Provincial Government in Court with my lawyer.

They got me wrapped up in this huge court case like with all government letters they send me like cheque stubs and stuff...I don't know where they are coming form so I have to verify every letter they send me with my lawyer because of the lawsuit.

Now they're moonshineing again.

So no one's allowed asking about that moonshine we're allowed having, plus all the houses fell down here in the we got legal moonshine already.

If you see me give me some, legal only.


Lawsuit Update January 2021

This thing is over...anyway, right now "I'm back to work" at home when I can on my own time doing stuff in the music and shipping business, man it sucks out there.

I mean, them companies man...they must be nearly flat broke or something...I mean considering how terrible the industry conditions are coming from music and shipping.

Right now I'm just doing my band to set up my business, and internet promoting working on music and video blogs etc.

I just started promoting on Spotify, so I'm trying to work that into my business to post albums and links directly on the pages and stuff for internet the old listening station at my old record store.

Anyway, now the Heavy Metal section is on my webpages on the internet and I have switched for now from cds to digital distribution and now the albums are directly on the page through Spotify...not sure yet if that integrates into your google login or to play Spotify through your google page

Now at my promotion I am just putting the albums we are promoting directly on the webpage from Spotify which is free to use if you listen to ads...these are the new official versions of the records from the actual record companies, not bootlegs! 

So I'm testing to see how that integrates into my pages, so you go to the page then you can listen to the records right on the death metal page for example.

Like on here: 

You can listen to them free remember, however you're not allowed skipping with around unlimited usage if you don't pay..then they play ads like on the radio but it's not inconvenient to listen to...and they are the official versions.

So we'll see how that goes.

That's what I'm blogging about now, like working in the store and stuff I just started my shopping cart and that's more work and harder than people say...then I got all these catalogs from all these wholesalers and that's about two years work just to go through all that to build the shopping carts layout for your webpage and then to also list on amazon, ebay etc. 

That's a lot of work doing that, I'm just doing that when I can to try and earn extra money later.

Now in the meantime this is what happened.

After my court case years ago that I won now The Provincial Government here in Halifax is refusing to correct my benefits claim requests and refused me access to my medical forms and information for my Canadian Medical Records to fix the file corrections that I need for my health claims and taxes and also refusing to give them to my lawyer.

The Local Government is not allowed to refuse you access to your forms or to force you to use a lawyer to file your claims.

My benefits and student loan forms at the local government here are not correct and they are refusing to give me my form for my medical record and tax audit and refusing to take my claim submissions.

Then they made me use a lawyer and they refused the lawyer, so that is over...I won my case.

Now I have to send the lawyer back again and force them to give me the forms and correct my tax and medical files.

In the meantime during the case Nova Scotia Student Loan here in Halifax a private collection agency here in Halifax has sent me a letter posing as Revenue Canada for my Income Tax file.

When I called to them to ask about the status of my account it was NOT Revenue Canada but private student loan debt collectors posing as Revenue Canada people and then they tried to force my to pay on my debts out of my Canada Benefits and make me put the money into an account with no file information to prove it was my debts.

Then I had to get the lawyer to file against them again to ban them from contacting me....all private debt collectors working for the Halifax MLA Office on their collection contracts.

Now student is not allowed talking to me anymore and I am placing a restraining order against them from my lawyer and suing to have my student loan debts absolved because of the scam on me from student loan debt collectors.

So while I am suing them to get my medical files corrected for my tax audit from Revenue Canada that I am filing....the Provincial Government won't give me the forms or correct my file, the student loan harassed me to death in a scam in front of my lawyer and tried to make me pay illegally during the the lawsuit and I turned them in.

So now I am getting a restraining order against them, suing to have me student debts cancelled and and they can't win because they just harassed me to death in a scam right in front of my lawyer during the court case.

All while I am suing the other office to get my files corrected for my medical claims and tax information for the actual Revenue Canada for my Income Tax Returns.

So now I have to sue the Provincial Government, and I already won, because they are blocking my Federal Income Tax Audit that I am filing because they won't give me my medical information or correct my files.

That's my Provincial Files for my Federal Audit that I am filing for my Income Tax Returns and Canada Benefits Claims.

So it looks to me like they are finally starting to get the hint that I sued them because the harassment back to me from the private debt collectors on the government contracts from downtown Halifax like on Barrington Street at the Nova Scotia Student Loan Office is so bad right to my face now.

Anyway, then when it was happening I had to stop and get a restraining order process filed against them now student loan is not allowed to try and collect against me anymore because they will be in a second breach against me if they come back and now I won't have to pay the debts.

The point here is the Provincial Government here in Halifax is saying to me in a scam that they won't give me my files or correct them and that Canada has no unbiased third party advocate for Federal Medical Claim Benefits Forms to resolve the issue, and they have also refused my lawyer access.

All of which is not true. 


Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)


Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts [HQ - FULL - Remastered]

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - Breed (Live At The Paramount/1991)

Andrew W.K. - Party Hard (Official Video)

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

EINHERJER - The Blood And The Iron (Official Video) | Napalm Records

WARBRINGER - Power Unsurpassed (Album Version) | Napalm Records







Marasmus (US) - Ectoplasmic Violation (Death Metal) Transcending Obscuri...

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