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NOVA SCOTIA: State Of Emergency Update

Things to know in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) Summer 2020.

WEATHER: Heat Wave In Effect - Heat approaching 50 degrees celius humidity index.

Not much going on right now, here are just some quick blog notes.

It must be pretty bad in British Columbia because they gave out three extra welfare cheques this Summer $900 they said on the news. 

Out here in Nova Scotia it is super dry and we are having a massive heat wave and we got no extra money from the Provincial Government.

Like we're talking it's so hot here in Halifax we have triple laundry bills and have to change your clothes three times a day you're sweating so bad, that's a lot on your power bill if you're using a dryer.

I recommend setting up a clothes line and using the heat wave to dry your clothes or hand washing to avoid your extra washer / dryer power bills, fortunately most of our clothes are expensive so they are hand wash anyway. 

Don't leave those sweaty clothes in your hamper they will decompose in one minute and the bugs coming in from the ground sinking will use that to make a bug nest.

So try to keep the bugs out of your house during the heat and keep your clothes and laundry clean.

I don't know what anyone else would be doing right now but we're all trapped inside sweating to death trying to keep the laundry down and the place clean.

All this heat and covid is creating extra mess, so you'll need lots of soap, shampoo, floor cleaner, bleach etc to keep your place clean from the extra dirt from the heat wave and people tracking filth around. 

Besides the covid rules you could wash three times a day in the shower to stay cool and keep the mess out which means extra soap, that will keep all the filth and viruses out of your house.

Those are huge extra bills like air conditioning which takes up too much power along with the washer / dryer.

There's no luxuries out in Nova Scotia right now people...just dry heat and bugs.

I live right by the Mic Mall Mall in Halifax / Dartmouth and the place is vacant and stores like Winners have almost no inventory and La Senza closed and left.

Don't even bother going I would recommend unless you need something, the place is barely open.

Here is the important thing, Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) our Capital is here in Halifax...we are on a separate independent rules set out here...don't follow BC, Alberta or Ottawa...they are all talking about something different than out here in Nova Scotia and none of that applies...mostly I mean.  

Nova Scotia has no media coverage during the virus and state of emergency.

None of our stuff for our situation is represented on the news.

I know a lot of people in Atlantic Canada live out on the farm areas...I recommend staying there and planting some crops, you're not missing anything here in Halifax because it is all shut down but services are still open. 

So if you don't know what's going on here in Atlantic Canada when you need something just go down to the store and then the people working there will tell you what the rules are today for the State of Emergency by laws, because they are not on the news.

The main thing is the mask and social distancing. 

Nobody I know has any money for luxuries right now like partying and pay per view and stuff, we had to all get cleaning supplies and food and stuff for the Summer.  

Then I am still blogging and doing music stuff when something's going on, expect maybe one or two music updates a month right now for heavy metal. That's all that's happening.

This week was the hottest week I can remember since 1986 around here.

So don't worry about the by law changes because they are not covered properly on the news, when you go to the store they will tell you what the law is for today.

Now it's face masks, you can't go shopping now or to public indoor spaces without a face mask.

I think the health department is enforcing this at the store front level, so when you go there they will tell you what the law is.

Don't worry if you have no money for a mask because they are giving them away at the stores from the health department. 

So if they made a mask mandatory they are giving them out for free from the Hospital.

On the news they are saying schools are reopening in September in one month but I doubt that will happen here in Halifax on time or at all for September. 

I live right by the Nova Scotia Community College on Woodlawn and I can't see them having that ready to go in four weeks because the area is vacant.

As far as transit goes I'm not using anything where a mask is mandatory like the bus unless I have to, I don't even think people are following the bylaw to wear a mask on the bus.

Since they started charging for the transit and made masks mandatory everywhere I would use the bus if I have to, but I would rather just stay in my area and walk and use the mask for shopping.

It's way too hot to be wearing a mask around on the bus all day just for the sake of being out, I'd rather just walk to have fresh air and use local services in my neighborhood, aka City Block Area, and wear a mask if I have to for shopping. 

For me I'm just staying home and making sure all my house stuff is taken care of to keep the extra laundry and power bill stuff down and making sure I have proper food and cleaning supplies for the heat wave and then social distancing.

I'm still on the internet though, so I'll be blogging and stuff if anything is happening that I see outside here in Halifax.


Stage 3 Reopen Plan


Monday, July 27, 2020

TRIPTYKON with the Metropole Orkest - Requiem (Live at Roadburn 2019) (D...



PRIMAL FEAR - Metal Commando: The Recordings (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

IN FLAMES - Pinball Map (Re-Recorded) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

NAPALM DEATH - Backlash Just Because (Lyric Video)




Internet "Domain Broker Service" Scams

Like this, let's say you have a Lamborghini sitting in your yard and it's not for sale. 

Some guy comes down to your property and asks you if the car is for sale and you say no. 

Then they ask how much would it take for you to sell it, so you say $2 Million Dollars.

The guy goes, I'll give you $1.5 million.

So you say ok, I can do that but I didn't want to sell it.

Then they try to hold you hostage in the sale, holding you in your yard sayaing they can give you the money not letting you leave the transaction.

After that they go, since you're trying to sell this car there's probably not much you can get for it.

Then they go, if you want the money list it on this website auction page and accept the bid.

On a cold call to your yard.

Then they go, when the guy gives me the money for the car I want 20% of the sale price...$280 Thousand Dollars for cold calling you in your yard out of your end of the money.

Then they go...the money will be in Escrow for international business transactions, when the buyer writes you transfer the deed to the car to them.

After that I will hold the $1.5 million dollars in my Escrow account for twenty days and then I will transfer you the money for 20%, like $280 thousand dollars.

Hahaha, are you joking.

First, don't you think you're getting up to a little high of a value like $5000 dollars for a high value domain name to be selling on ebay on a cold call.

Like it's not a $20 compact disc here, it's $5000 dollars.

Then they want 20% USD for completing the transaction through Escrow International Transactions for asking if it's for sale.

I mean come off it.

If I have a web site domain name and someone cold calls me with an offer to buy it for over $5000 that's all my money.

If someone offers me money for my page I get the whole amount $5000 dollars.

The "broker" he gets his commission from the bidder not me.

Answering a cold call on a domain you own does not mean you are hiring a domain broker which is what they are saying at .

Whoever hired the broker they have to pay the transaction fees not the seller.

Not only that what are they talking about anyway.

$5000 dollars?

If I own a domain name and sell it for five grand I want a certified cheque or instant bank transfer to my bank account today.

I'm not waiting a month and giving them a thousand dollars US for asking me on a cold call, that is a scam.

Like this, hey I see you got the old Challenger out in the barn there, just throw the car up on ebay and send me the vin numbers for 20% when it's not even for sale for asking.

What are they talking about? Auctions and Escrow for asking if your property for sale...with 20% commissions for asking.

It's not even for sale.

Like you're getting out of your league there aren't you

$5000 for a domain name?

To accept that offer I wanted a certified cheque today or instant bank transfer directly to my bank account today with a lawyer to approve the deal and the whole $5000 dollars.

Then I would transfer the name to them.

I'm not giving the person asking anything, only the buyer.

Like shouldn't that be a direct sale like a car deed or a house deed?

We're talking five thousand dollars US here, they just want it floating around like selling old cds on ebay or something in paypal.

No, no, need to get a certified transaction for an amount that big through a lawyer at the bank to put that through like a car at the DMV, where you get the owner slip or deed as soon as you pay and the seller receives an instant bank transfer.

Then they wanted 20% for asking with no lawyers or DMV service and you have to wait for a month to get the money after you transfer the name / deed for the page.

You're a total scam, they have that right on their page at and on with thir sales marketing videos under domain broker services.

I don't think so.

Don't fall for that one.


SCAM ALERT: Go Daddy Domain Brokers

So there's this new service going around called "domain broker" , you go to the page and the website says it may be for sale if you use their domain broker service.

People make you an offer to buy your domain from then they send you to an auction page, then when you click on the link it doesn't work and they want you to call them.

Then they have all these videos posted on youtube for their broker service and when you try to make someone an offer to buy their domain they start charging you to contact the domain owner.

Then when you are the domain owner they start writing you asking you if you want to sell the page, if you say you are interested in the offer they start trying to tell you the site you're selling isn't worth anything and then get this....

They want 20% of the sale from the seller through Escrow for sales over $5000, then they want you to wait 20 days to get the money.

So they charge the bidder money to make an offer then if you talk to them they want 20% for accepting the bid.

Like they want a thousand dollars from both parties for a $5000 domain sale leaving you with nothing for viewing the bid, scam.


Monday, July 20, 2020

NOVA SCOTIA: Fossil Discoveries In Nova Scotia

Woman encourages others to explore Nova Scotia during the covid bubble for fossils after discovery:

Joggins Nova Scotia is a well known fossil bed in the University Program here, taking her advice on her trip from Alberta I decided to do some of my own researching during the covid bubble here in Nova Scotia.

So I did, this is what I found.

Knowing the region here well I am claiming my discovery for St. Francis Xavier University where I did my work in Earth Sciences at the school in the Joggins Course as part of my Elective Coursebook.

My research area is Cow Bay just outside of the Halifax Metro in the Eastern Passage area which is gaining fast recognition as an expanding city tourist area in Nova Scotia.

Cow Bay to Eastern Passage is known here as the Salt Marsh Trail, out there similar to Joggins is a great marsh research area to discover and explore geographic land formations.

Cow Bay is a great area in Nova Scotia with beaches and beach front houses near Rainbow Haven and Rainbow Haven Beach a popular tourist stop here in Halifax.

Not documented on the internet is Wedge Island in Cow Bay which you can get out to somewhat on foot or by boat, Wedge Island itself is listed as a Historic Lighthouse Island that today is no longer needed because of it's remote location.

What I discovered is a tectonic land formation similar to Newfoundland's Ocean Floor fossil rage in the mountains in their Province.

Although the lighthouse is gone on Wedge Island there appears to be a small building there today that only looks accessible by boat and to me only looks like United States Military periscope sticking out of the ground on the Island and probably not blacked out yet on google.

Wedge Island, Cow Bay Nova Scotia
The area at Wedge Island appears to be tectonic plate ridge similar to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on the Atlantic Ocean floor and could in fact be a part of the ridge but also appears to a Pacific Ocean formation based on its tropical colors.

Recent earthquake's here in Halifax which has sunk a lot of the ground and parking lots like on Main Street at the Westphal Plaza could be connected to this ridge.

The earthquakes could actually be coming from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and vibrating from this area around Wedge Island on this part of the Nova Scotia fault line.

Wedge Island, Nova Scotia

Wedge Island Area

Tectonic Plate Scraping At Wedge Island

More Tectonic Plate Scraping Near Wedge Island
However don't be alarmed, this part of the ridge is no longer the Ocean floor but according to it's appearance could have come up to the continental coastline at the break up of Pangaea in the Atlantic Ocean or also be part of a different land formation on the continental shelf  and be Pacific or Tropical from a different previous land formation.

Scientists would have to determine it's actual origins from rock samples compared to the Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Ocean floor ridges like the Ocean floor formations in Newfoundland.

The Wedge Island is a clear tetonic plate scraping formation in Cow Bay just outside Halifax Metro at the Eastern Passage surfing and beach area.

So that is my discovery that I have claimed for St. Francis Xavier University from my Earth Sciences elective program like in Joggins, this area should be researched for Plate Tectonics, previous land formations and could also be a Pacific or Atlantic Ocean fossil bed.

Most of these areas, which there are plenty of, in Nova Scotia are not easily accessible or safe to visit but is a great research and study area with plenty of land formation areas for photos for University Text book studies for Geology and Earth Science Courses.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

HISTORY: Should Atlantic Canada Residents Have Dual Citizenship With The United States

This is back to the History Of The Country Of Nova Scotia topic with new examples and references.

As a topic refresher of this blog, when Atlantic Canada was it's own Country prior to the 1930's within the Dominion Of Canada this included Northern Maine in the United States.

What that means is North of Bangor used to be in Nova Scotia, this Summer that is the Nova Scotia Bubble under the covid scare, Nova Scotia days which it could be called but is unpromoted by Canada.

The region also includes Northern Maine in the United States which has also been excluded from Nova Scotia Days with the covid bubble.

The region was Sunbury County, established before the American Revolution.

Here is the new research....before that Sunbury County was just Nova Scotia before they established the County Lines and in fact Nova Scotia as a Country may have even been further South and West of Bangor and includes most of the state of Maine.

The establishment of Sunbury County about a decade before the American Revolution was when they drew the County Lines.

Sunbury County was abolished, but still represented in New Brunswick, after the American Revolution.

So that is the question....should Atlantic Canada and New England residents be both granted dual citizenship with Canada and the United States?

This is because the of land overlap between Nova Scotia and New England as their own Countries before and after the American Revolution, which is separate from Canada and the United States.

Now when did the border change?

The change gave the United States land from the Country of Nova Scotia after the American Revolution in a land agreement...however it is not properly documented in Canada or the United States.

So this is the research I am is that the land agreement between Canada and The United States to annex parts of Nova Scotia for Northern Maine in New England is not we should both have dual citizenship.

That research which is much longer is not presented here only the overall information outside the land agreement.

The border change was the establishment of "Lower Canada" which is Quebec.

Lower Canada Skiff

Upper Canada, Ottawa, put a small "skiff" of land from Ottawa through Quebec to Nova Scotia.

This "land skiff" cut through New France and Nova Scotia and severed Maine from the Country Of Nova Scotia.

Again, this is not a Canada issue...the issue is between three Countries France, Nova Scotia and New England.

The "skiff" cut through by Ottawa at the establishment of Lower Canada...which is also Quebec's argument severed sections of Nova Scotia which were then listed as the United States establishing the new United States border...which includes sections of Nova Scotia below the United States border.

This is why you can't travel directly from Fredericton to Quebec City because the border is not correct.

That section is the "skiff" put in place by Ottawa when Upper Canada defeated New France, Quebec, to establish Lower Canada.

What that means is the section that you have to drive through in the United States to travel from Fredericton to Quebec city is actually Nova Scotia on both sides of the border.

There is a border there put in place by Ottawa in Northern Maine which is actually in the middle of parts of Nova Scotia.

This is also represented in the Lower Canada Rebellion, Quebec, protesting this "blockade" the "skiff" of land put in place by Ottawa against Quebec and Nova Scotia that placed parts of Nova Scotia into New England in Northern Maine.

Quebec Lower Canada Rebellion
Meaning the current United States border is blocking three countries from passage in a blockade today...Quebec, Nova Scotia and New England.

That is why we all should have dual citizenship in the region because of the land overlap in the three locations which excludes Ottawa and Canada.

Nova Scotia's Assets In The Bank Of Canada In Ottawa:

Nova Scotia was it's own Country in Canada until the 1930's when we adopted Canada's currency as represented on our currency which was moved to Ottawa to the Bank Of Canada.

Nova Scotia Map 1937
Nova Scotia owns two Banks in Ottawa under the Bank Of Canada....The Bank of Nova Scotia and Royal Bank RBC..."royal" representing the Queen of England.

Before 1910 Nova Scotia's currency was printed by Union Bank on Hollis Street by Province House and Government House, the oldest Parliament buildings in Canada.

Union Bank stopped printing Nova Scotia Currency in 1910 and was renamed Royal Bank.

Halifax Union Bank Note-Hollis Street Building Represented On Bank Note

Union Bank Hollis Street Halifax

Union Bank Buiding Today Hollis Street Halifax

The Bank Of Nova Scotia then printed Nova Scotia's currency until the 1930's when it was merged into the Bank of Canada in Ottawa from Halifax and is on the same corner as Union Bank in Halifax on Hollis Street.

Bank Of Nova Scotia Note After 1910

Bank Of Nova Scotia Building Today Hollis Street Halifax
So Nova Scotia's wealth in Ottawa in the Bank of Canada...Canada's current money printing press includes all of the Bank of Nova Scotia's assets and Royal Bank's probably because they owe us our money back from the Union Bank Merger from 1910 in Halifax.

That means Nova Scotia's wealth from Halifax in Ottawa at the Bank of Canada is obviously large...all the Royal Bank and the Bank Of Nova Scotia's assets which belong to the citizens of Nova Scotia from our printing press on Hollis Street Halifax.

When that wealth is returned from the Bank Of Canada to Halifax Nova Scotia's citizens will be extremely rich when our money printing press is returned to Hollis Street at Union Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Then when we open the border between Nova Scotia and New England we will have dual citizenship in both regions and Nova Scotia as a country will be rich from our bank assets in Ottawa and we will open direct trading between Nova Scotia and New England with New York, Boston and Bangor.


HEALTH: Should Sucide Counselling Include Amnesia Treatment?

Was Rehtaeh Parsons Ill During The Black Gang Hazing?
Here is a good point for several reasons, one is the Rehtaeh Parsons case and the other is Assisted Suicide in Canada, this also includes Suicide Counseling and Prevention treatments. 

Now some of this might be covered in law books, but I didn't check.

Should Assisted Suicide evaluation include per-treatment and analysis for Amnesia?   

I mean these laws get passed pretty fast and they might be missing information for Suicide Treatment.

Like this, someone who is seeking Assisted Suicide in Canada may be suffering form Amnesia and want to kill themselves because they can't recollect their proper memories.

The person is frustrated and may want to die because they can't remember who they are.

For Assisted Suicide to be legal all medical counseling has to be considered before they agree so this has to cover Amnesia, which can take years to recover from...delaying the Assisted Suicide rulings.

So...Assisted Suicide applicants should be treated for Amnesia in case they can't remember who they are, if they retrieve memories they can't be granted Assisted Suicide because they are viewing a false perspective that may correct itself and may be a head injury.

In the case of Rehtaeh Parsons the gang rape in Cole Harbour may have caused her head trauma leading to Amnesia.

If that is the case she may have been suffering from memory loss and was hazed during a state of amnesia with no medical support.

This would lead to her having false feelings and she may have had another illness like schizophrenia which is a pretty common illness.

The suicidal thoughts may have been caused by her memory loss from amnesia which led to her frustration because she couldn't properly cope.

Being hazed in Halifax by black people in a gang during a state of amnesia may have caused more brain trauma or injury and also increased the amnesia...which...and this is super important can be caused by the hazing alone.

That combined with head trauma from a gang rape while she was drunk underage may have caused amnesia which led to her suicide from "false feelings" because she couldn't remember her "proper self" because of her amnesia from the attack.

In the case in the public record the police didn't help her or have her treated for amnesia after the gang rape and she was not in medical treatment for amnesia evaluation as far as I know because she went right back to school.

The amnesia itself may have caused her to go back to school because she couldn't remember what to do because of head trauma and shock from the attack, the hazing after this would have led to a worse mental state and aggravated amnesia.

Meaning her feelings were wrong after the attack and she couldn't properly cope, then when she was hazed they put the wrong feelings in her head during the amnesia which led to her suicide when she couldn't remember what to do.

Her story alone signals amnesia when they state how she acted after the attack...not doing the proper things to get help for her medical treatment because she couldn't remember.

Her body if not cremated needs to be exhumed for evaluation for signs of amnesia as well as medical records and statements to determine if her mental state at the time after the attack was amnesia.

If she was forced to commit suicide by a black gang in a state of amnesia after a gang rape with no medical treatment or police support from the RCMP that would be the death penalty in Halifax for murder is how I would pursue it.

That's why that and cases of Assisted Suicide and suicide counseling should also include amnesia treatment in case the person remembers that they are someone else with regular feelings when they are not sick and don't want to die.


Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Go-Go's - We Got The Beat (Official Music Video)

Belinda Carlisle - Mad About You (Official Video)

The Go-Go's - Vacation

It Is Ever Pathetic In Halifax

Well it's super nice out now where I live by the Mic Mac Mall but downtown is terrible, over here it is super quiet.

Downtown stinks like piss and shit with bums everywhere during the State Of Emergency in Nova Scotia all squadding in the park and riding the transit bus for free taking a shit on it or something.

Like I said, they came right into my house before and looted my stuff from Sobeys now luckily for them they thought I was someone else, they were all those piss and shit welfare kids from Trenton Nova Scotia all fighting in local MMA and working at Sobeys & Convergys together.

That was that fake summons I got too, all from the pissy welfare kids families.

Now here it is, I recommend staying away from downtown in City areas if you have to take the transit, they are making people start wearing masks on the transit just before this cheque day on the 24th, that's for all the hobos on the transit and downtown...they got to give them free masks for taking a shit on the bus.

Handing out masks to bums on the transit system, barf.

I don't know who would be downtown it looks pretty vacant, it's all rancid with bums and stinks like urine and they're all over the transit system.

I stopped taking the bus and going downtown this weekend I am just staying over in my neighborhood to go shopping and I'll make due with whatever they're selling over here.

I'm not going downtown or riding the bus when you are forced to wear a mask to sit next to a hobo that smells like urine and feces trying to come up and talk to you during covid.

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the City towards downtown got abandoned already.



Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: Nothing Else Matters (Live)

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2 Trailer

Metallica: Live in Mountain View, CA - July 22, 1994 (Full Concert)

DARK FUNERAL - The End Of Human Race (Quarantine Video)


Megadeth - Rattlehead (Vic and the Rattleheads - Live at St. Vitus, 2016)

Megadeth - Hangar 18 (Vic and the Rattleheads - Live at St. Vitus, 2016)

Megadeth - "The Conjuring" (Dirk Verbeuren Drum Playthrough)

Anthrax - Persistence Of Time 30th Anniversary Remastered - Episode 2 - ...

Anthrax - Persistence Of Time 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition - Epis...





DESTRUCTION - 'First Time' Questionnaire With Schmier (OFFICIAL INTERVIEW)


Friday, July 17, 2020

UPDATE: Wrong House Wrong File

Hahahaha, listen to this....all the bums down at the welfare office outside squadding at the park think they know me. 

Like ten of them came up to me this month....I found out what happened.

The North End people and Sobeys Office staff in 2008 when I was assaulted thought I was someone else I heard and came into the wrong house apparently...mine.

So this other person apparently was in a similar background as me years ago and they thought it was them doing my stuff at the office and in my band.

Everyone in the local music thing here in heavy metal thought I was a bum from New Glasgow, NS from people in Toronto who was promising to help all these people with their money, in fact they have none.

Now all these bums think their millionaires cause this other guy is giving his money away or something to them, then I had all these homeless people following me thinking I was the other person.

Then they kept calling my doctors office saying I was the other guy and I had money from St.FX and working at Sobeys and they messed up my files at the doctors office, then I had to get them corrected years ago.

The people who had worked at Sobeys with me thought I was the other guy who didn't go to St.FX and had no money, then they walked into my house into my bedroom thinking I was the other person and stole my stuff and sold it on ebay because they thought I was the other person and they took my stuff to sell it, probably because I was getting a job promotion and they wanted the money for cigarettes. 

So they came into the wrong house and looted it, mine thinking I was the other guy and then they messed up my medical files telling my doctor the wrong information.

Then because of my education and stuff all these bums think they are rich off me here in Halifax when really they think I am the other guy, my neighbor who was actually poor and illiterate from twenty five years ago. 

They don't even know anything about my music or book stuff today, they just want my money thinking I am the other person.

Then they keep coming here to my house looking for money from the other guy, I even had them banned from me in court.

Then these bums think their getting all this money from the other guy and he is totally broke, following me around instead waiting for me to take them in the house to give them smokes and soup.

That resolves part of my court case because it was mistaken identity from homeless people who thought they were going to be rich going through my stuff.

Then it was someone else they were looking for not me.

Now just like at the Scotia Square they put new benches in at the park at the Community Services Office and they all went down there and took a shit on them...again!

They left like 800 tonnes of cigarette butts in the park all over the ground as soon as they put in the new benches.

Now every time the city puts in new seats and benches they go down there and take a shit on them because they think it's for them...they even took the leather seats out of the Scotia Square.



Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What Is This City Coming To?

You move here get settled and just start getting comfortable at the doctors office and they write you all these notes and stuff, then they start talking about your rectum and your prostate and they get up and leave.

Come off it, during covid?

The other doctor in the office is moving over to the University or something.

The whole place over there on Young Street looks like a murder scene, fucking ridiculous all the construction and idiots.

Then all over downtown and riding around on the bus free during covid is fucking bums, all over the transit and down town.

I had like ten fucking bums come up to me trying to talk to me in the last month, you have to ignore everyone of them.

In a way I understand the doctors office closing, the construction is going to fall in on it and the place is overrun with bums.

Everywhere you go you see that fake sheriff Five Star Bailiff all over the city skeezing everywhere, now they got this big homemade looking sign up over Access Nova Scotia and they opened in the same building  "Access Credit" what are they loansharking out of the DMV during covid when everyone has no money?

What a piece of crap outside around here right now.


Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls (Day On The Green 1985)

Cliff Burton Guitar Pickup

How old is that guy anyway, his sister says in a documentary when he was playing bass he used to practice with a blanket on his head...that's so he can learn to play without looking at the bass.

Then they said they stopped making his bass head or something for his sound...who was that Les Paul himself on the day the electric guitar came out. 

Then they said he wanted to take an electronics course to make the bass head himself but didn't want to take the elective courses, then he did and was making his own distortion for the bass himself in the bass head.

Then she said in fact Cliff Burton was a lead guitar player, then he played lead guitar on the bass and had an electric guitar pickup in the bass.

The whole thing is lead guitar on the bass that he invented and is the only person that can play like that on the day the bass came out.

Those people are lying like fuck.


Metallica Seek And Destroy Live at The Metro 1983

Suicidal Tendencies - Trip at the Brain

Monday, July 13, 2020

New Atlantic Canada Bubble


HALIFAX: So My Doctor Quit During Covid

Oh yeah awesome Halifax. 

My doctor quit and closed her practice over on Young St by Gladstone during covid. 

Some community you people working here established, none, which is also in the North End where the office is.

Now we have no doctor in our part of the community and no extra welfare or disability money either as covid approaches an all time high which everyone in British Columbia the biggest shit hole on Earth gets $300 extra a month this Summer while here in Halifax we have no funding and they closed our doctors office.

Guess where the doctor went?

To work for hobos at the veterans drop in center for the fake government issuing all that...nothing to us then they took our doctor.

Why my doctor didn't like me for a patient and the other people which also includes the North End to go work for Veterans Affairs at the homeless veteran drop in center or something is the most pathetic thing I ever heard.

Thanks for nothing.

Do you people ever fucking love hobos at the local municipality.

Fucking whatever.

Then people even thanked her in the obituaries on the internet for helping them when their family dying and then she didn't even mean it and got up and fucked off for the hobo affairs office or something and stuck us during covid with no extra money like they get in the shit hole British Columbia.

Go wait on you hobos then if you fucking didn't like us.


Sunday, July 12, 2020

GREYHOUND - Official Trailer (HD) | Apple TV+

Ozzy Osbourne - Moscow Peace Festival 1989 (720p50)

RELATIONSHIPS: Did You Marry A Dud Back In High School?

Is Forty The Right Age For Your Divorce?
Everyone has heard the story, you meet someone right after high school get married settle down in your 20's then buy a house and have kids.

However, by the time you get into your forties that person may not be the one you wanted.

After your youth wear's off by 45 the one you married in high school just sat at home with you and got lazy, fat and just sits around.

What happened?

When you are younger everyone is only in their 20's and full of youthfullness and they all look the same, young.

People often confuse young with attractive, meaning they marry someone young thinking that their look is attractive.

By forty when everyone grows your spouse is no longer young and lost their "youthfulness" which you mistook for attractiveness, when their youth wears off they become fat lazy and just sit around the house.

Then you are left there sitting in the kitchen staring out the window seeing everyone else in their forties out having fun, the ones that looked after themselves.

They know that being in shape and looking after themselves after forty will make them stand out to their peer group after 45 as the younger more attractive outgoing person for the bigger part of your life...after you get older.

After they lose their youth you no longer find them attractive, while other people your age have stayed in shape and remained outgoing and are the most attractive after forty, leaving you trapped in the house with that dud from high school. 

Wouldn't you rather be out having fun with people your age after 40 instead of being stuck in the house with that dud from your youth who didn't do anything? 

Maybe it's time for a divorce.


Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Salvation Kingdom - Connie Burton / Cliff Burton Exclusive

Metallica - Live at Day On The Green, Oakland, CA, USA (1985) [Pro-Shot]

Metallica's Bus Crash

Look at this story, when you watch all the Metallica footage and interviews from their early days this is what it looks like.

They are saying that Lars took over the band after the crash when Cliff Burton died, then look at their pictures.

Who is Cliff Burton anyway, in Trauma for one year and then in Metallica for three or four years or something, and this is just speculation.

Just look at their picture, Cliff Burton looks like a homeless drifter next to Kirk Hammet who looks rich.

Why was Cliff Burton so poor looking and Kirk and them not.

Here is the theory, Cliff Burton was traveling around with this stage set with the band Trauma, then they used all that on Metallica...they even look like they replaced the Trauma members on Cliff's set.

So did Cliff Burton live homeless with a traveling stage show in these old clothes with all his money into the band stage and stuff to stay out on the road, then he was touring Metallica on it.

That's because he looks broke with a band set they mean, and the other guys look rich

Then he took the other guys out with this stage show drifting.

Then he shows up right, at the launch of heavy metal in 1985 in these old clothes and bell bottoms from 1968.

So they come out onto the stage with Cliff running the band living on the road homeless with these old clothes running the band stage on tour with all this old equipment drifting or something.

Like he walks out onto the stage from 1968 or something in old bell bottoms in front of James Hetfield and them at the height of heavy metal in the 1980's, plus he could have been older than they say he is.

Then he crashes the bus at the height of heavy metal to kill Metallica at the height of the Master Of Puppets album, from Woodstock or something living in San Francisco in these old clothes and bell bottoms.

Like, never letting go of the 1960's in San Francisco...then homeless and broke with this traveling stage and old equipment is all he has and Metallica had to move to San Francisco to use it.

Then from his days of drifting on the road with the band stage in these old clothes and stuff he may have knew all the roads and highways, then he may have been leaning out of the bus window with mirror and flashlight to crash the bus on the road he knew.

Like he might have been practicing to do that, then when he knew the turn was coming he flashed the flash light into the mirror and reflected into the drivers eyes to blind him in the middle of the night driving, then from studying the back ice and road patterns that when he did that the driver would go into the turn blind, hit the ice and drive the bus off the road.

The point that he was a great bass player only makes the story worse, he could have been some drifter from the Woodstock Festival living in San Francisco and the great bass playing and traveling stage set to lure people in to be his victims.

Then in some last ditch effort he crashed the bus to kill Metallica in 1986 living in his old bell bottoms from 1968 or something.

Anyway, true or not hearing that if you watch Cliff Burton and follow the story the guy has all these crazy mannerisms like he was planning that or something or maybe planning that the whole time mocking them on the stage and in the videos on some ego trip, then he takes up most of the stage in the band and was was running the shows or something with his gear, while Kirk was better off than him and wearing brand new clothes and an expensive leather jacket.

Hearing all that the whole Cliff Burton thing looks bizzare, with him making all those crazy faces and stuff in these old worn out clothes from some traveling stage show.

I don't know though, after that Metallica cleaned up and got better record deals and stuff.

Like the bass playing was great but was he just doing that to lure people in to make a name for himself or something then to crash the tour bus.

That is just a theory, but when you say that and watch the early Metallica footage it definitely throws up tons of red flags for you with those old bell bottoms from the 1960's and that traveling stage thing, so if that's not it there is definitely something else going on there.

Correction - they are saying two different dates for the Metallica bus crash, Feb and Sept 1986...wikipedia says September 27, I don't know...

Then the Toronto concert with Jason Newstead says September 12, 1986 which is before the accident on wkipedia.

I think the actual date of the accident was February. 



Metallica w/ Mustaine, Grant and McGovney - Hit the Lights (Live in Fris...

Metallica: Am I Evil? (Live w/ The Big 4) [The Big 4: Live in Sofia, Bul...

Newsted - Soldierhead OFFICIAL VIDEO

Jason Newsted Answers Your Questions!

Like In These Clips

In these clips watch...

Metallica live 1983 is some kind audition tape for a record deal, at 25 minutes he says he's not allowed to say fuck for the video like for some kind of audition.

Like it looks like staged set and the crowd noise sounds over dubbed like for an old banzai records cassette tape or something.

Then in the clip back to Metallica Toronto 1986 on an earlier post Jason Newstead plays for whom the bell tolls at 13 minutes...possible standing in human remains from the bus crash of Cliff Burton...not confirmed.

Then James stands next to him and he starts copying Cliff Burtons stage act and runs up the stairs and trips and falls live on the stage possibly from blood and stuff on the stage and lands in it live at the concert in Toronto in 1986.
Guess what? Nobody in my home town or around Halifax that I ever met ever knew about that they said, like they weren't really into metal and never knew about stuff like that that was happening in Toronto.


MUSIC: Metallica The Black Album

Then Metallica kept playing through with Cliff Burton's blood on the set for like two years with a new bass player....then guess what happened?

They got signed to Geffen or someone for the song "One" with their first music video, then they put out the Black Album, that's when the band came out.

That's what people are saying, they got the deal for the Black Album by playing through with blood on the stage, then larger audiences say that's when the band came out.

Like everything before that didn't count because it's a larger audience now.


MUSIC: Metallica Master Of Puppets Tour

This here is just before Cliff Burton's death, what are they doing?

Are they playing on the same stage set from the bus crash on the tour with Cliff Burton's blood on the crosses or what?

Like live on the stage with Jason Newstead in Toronto with blood all over the set from the bus crash still using it after it was in the accident.


MUSIC: Metallica After The Death Of Cliff Burton

Then like in this clip from Toronto 1986, seven months after Cliff's death, they have a big hole in the show.

Like this, maybe when Cliff Burton died no one else knew how to play his bass lines on the Metallica albums, then they said Lars had to take over running the band meaning Cliff used to do it, something like that.

Then James had to teach Jason Newstead the guitar parts for the bass lines and he's just playing along to the rhythm guitar track mostly until they can figure out Cliff's bass parts which took until St. Anger apparenty.

Then their was no bass on And Justice For All for the same reason, but that's a whole new production by then and is their best album to me. 


Cliff Burton with Agents of Misfortune c.1979-81

9 Unforgettable Cliff Burton Moments

MUSIC: Metallica - Three Different Lead Guitarists On One Song

Cliff Burton from Metallica got killed when they crashed the tour bus, before that their bassist was Ron, he was featured on Metallica with Mustaine, Grant and Mcgovney on Metallica XXX.

Then Ron he played before all that with Mustaine before their first album.

Before that it was just Lars and James.

Like this, three different lead guitarists on the song "Hit The Lights".

Metal Massacre Vol 1 - lead guitarist was Grant
No Life Til Leather -  lead guitarist was Mustaine
Kill em All  - lead guitarist was Hammet.

All on the same song, so Hammet is playing Mustaine and Grant's solos on Kill em all, how much of that was him? None of it or what.

Then, Cliff was just in the band just joining it.

He came form the band Trauma.

Then when you look up Trauma with Cliff Burton the promo video looks exactly like the Metallica demo songs.

It even looks like Metallica replaced the members of Trauma for Cliff Burton, so if you watch Trauma it looks just like early Metallica.

Then Cliff took their look and songs to Metallica.

Then Kirk Hammet played the other peoples solos on Kill em All.

So who was Cliff Burton some drifter or something, getting Metallica out on the road and crashing the bus or something, making a name for himself or what.

Like dragging a band around with him planning to crash the bus or something with Trauma for one year and Metallica for several.

Like who was that guy.


Metallica-Hit the lights(1st Metal massacre) w/Lloyd grant

BODY COUNT - Point The Finger feat. Riley Gale (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

MUSIC: Spotify

Like in here where it says Venom 29,000 plays....their not getting anything for that at the label because it just goes back to holding the name on the page.


The ULTIMATE Metallica funny montage!

MUSIC: Did Cliff Burton Crash Metallica's Tour Bus?

Cliff Burton was killed when he fell out of Metallica's tour bus in 1986...was he leaning out the window and distracting the driver?

Maybe he did it on purpose?

Like he could have been leaning out using a mirror to distract the driver, who should be asked if still around if he saw a light or anything in his eyes before he crashed, that could have been Cliff Burton leaning out of the window reflecting light in the drivers eyes to crash the bus.