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CANADA DAY: Big Savings For Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend...I was outside today and the City is Super Crazy, I think most stores are having huge sales, or at least a sale, like Bacon packages .99 Cents each for Canada Day Weekend.

All the store flyers and advertisements are in the free newspaper THE CITY VOICE, for this week. Read that flyer bundle to $$$$ SAVE BIG ON CANADA DAY WEEK $$$$ , make sure to also check the ads in the actual newspaper because many store are having smaller sales.

If I were you I would try to avoid all that locally and be careful out walking, everyone will be coming into the City to go shopping for the Canada Day Sales Week, right now.

All the flyers for the sales are in the advertisement bundle in the free newspaper THE CITY VOICE.  


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons: How To Play Outside And Inside Maps

Dungeon Masters Guide
I guess this is super popular I'm hearing so I'll give you some more tips on playing Dungeons & Dragons. Remember, The Dungeon Master's guide is NOT the main book in Dungeons & Dragons, the main book is the Players Handbook with all the rules in it.

After this the Dungeon Masters Guide is a SUPPLEMENTAL book for designing adventures and managing the rules of the game play like character rewards etc.

Again, I am basing all this on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons One, if you can understand those rules they can be easily transferred to the other version. Also I think that in the newer versions they have included many of the "character adjustments" in the game automatically to make it easier to understand.

For me I like doing the main character weapons adjustments in the old game because it makes it more fun, the newer games just do that for you to make the game easier to understand.

The point to doing that yourself is that it makes the game more "customizable" by doing the manual character adjustments. For example, if you use an expansion module you can update your characters weapon adjustments with the new features from the module while keeping the same character because the weapon adjustments are not "locked" to the characters.

What that means is they can just add weapons and special items in update modules and then you just get the weapon in the game and "tack on" the +/- adjustment leaving the game open to easily add new features so you can just add a sword or shield without changing the entire character.

I'm not sure how far that goes in the old game but that is the principle. I think in the new one everything is just included in the character, I'm not totally sure of all those specific rules and will have to go and read the book which I will later.

To understand how to play Dungeons & Dragons what you have to learn is some "overall principles" first then after that you can just learn the rules for your specific version.

One of the hardest parts to get people tell me is that they don't understand how to play the outside game maps vs the inside game dungeon maps plus use "distance" in the game.

Now this is SUPER IMPORANT because if you follow these rules the Player can help to determine the direction of the game which will then be moderated by the Dungeon Master for "random scenario" events. I guarantee that this will be the most fun the Dungeon Master ever had and will let them use more features in the Dungeon's Masters guide during game play.

I will just post these tips on here occasionally when it comes up when I am doing stuff and include "game scenarios" that you will have to "translate" to your specific version of Dungeons & Dragons.

This is the MAIN TOPIC in the harder rules of Dungeons & Dragons, if you get these rules first the game will be way easier to learn and play.

You are supposed to play Dungeons & Dragons with and Outdoor and Indoor Game Maps at the same time, although you can just play in a dungeon or just play outdoors in a wilderness adventure.

The point to that is the principle of the game is to walk around in the forest FIRST and then find a castle to enter the dungeon. In the outside game you use the outdoor map and on the inside game you use the indoor map, then you are supposed to go back and forth from inside dungeons to outside in the wilderness.

The inside map is played on SQUARE GRAPH PAPER, that is to represent the directions in the game in the dungeon.

The outside map is played on I think it says on HEXAGON GRAPH PAPER, that is to represent the outside directions.

People don't understand this about Dungeons & Dragons, those maps are played EXACTLY THE SAME.

The Hexagon graph paper is exactly the same as the square graph paper except the blocks have "extra sides" on them to represent the "outside directions" so you can move on angles on the graph paper in the outside map.

The Hexagon graph paper represents North West or South West for example for outdoor wilderness adventures. So you travel North on the outdoor hexagon graph paper by moving "up" on the hexagon graph paper, then you say you want to travel "north west" by using the extra angles on the graph paper to use the extra direction movements in the outside map.

When you get to a castle on the outside map and enter the castle and dungeon they switch to "square graph" paper to represent the "inside game map" of just 4 directions - North, South, East and West.

When you go outside the hexagon graph represents the extra directions of outdoors in the wilderness so you can travel in new "angular" directions like north west on the outside map.

Like this in the game...

You travel North for two turns and the travel North West for three turns and find an abandoned castle, then you decide to enter the castle to see if there is treasure in the dungeon.

Then you enter the castle and switch to the inside map and then use the square graph paper for the inside dungeon dimensions.

That is inside versus outside maps, then you have to add DISTANCE into the game.

If you want to play THE REAL GAME of Dungeons & Dragons with the full rules in it you need to use the outside and inside maps together, PLUS use the "distance" rules, and account for "game turns".

This is not difficult.

Distance and Game Turns are DIRECTLY CONNECTED - on the game dungeon map or outdoor wilderness map playing outside or inside you have to use "distance".

What that means is you "travel" in the game so many "squares" on the graph paper (inside or outside) per turn.

That is extremely important in Dungeons & Dragons.

The scale is shown on the game map - for example out doors it will say 10' Feet Per Square...all that means is one block on the graph represents 10 feet in the game.

That means it take 3 turns to travel 30 feet.

In the game every time you move one square it represents a "game turn" so you move north for three blocks, that represents 30 feet in the game - Then you see a monster.

The Dungeon Master will keep track that this took "three turns" in the game, so you head north for three turns that is three blocks and represents 30 feet for example.

That is super important to learn that in Dungeons & Dragons and it is a main rule.

This is why - Weapon and Magic Spell Distance AND Random Events in the game.

When you look at your weapons or spells in the game it may show you a "distance rating" that means you have to be within a certain distance to hit the monster with a weapon or spell.

That also means that the monster CAN'T HIT YOU unless you get to close. For example you can spend your turn "moving back" on the map to avoid getting hit by the monster by moving backwards out of it's striking distance to save hit points or come up with a new strategy.

For example you may want to approach the monster for three squares into striking distance, then hit the monster with a heavy sword to see the effects of the sword PLUS magic item bonuses if you have a magic sword.

If that doesn't work in the game you move back four squares or forty feet which is out of striking distance from the monster and switch to arrows which may have a 40 foot striking distance, by using distance you can switch to arrows and "stand back" and shoot the monster out of it's striking distance so you can hit it but it can't hit you.

I believe that if you decide to move back away from a monster in the game that wastes your turn and you can't use it to fire a weapon or magic spell.

Also important to remember is a spell for a Wizard is the same as a weapon for a fighter - they are attack weapons. That is the same thing.

The second thing about using distance and turns in the game is "random events" , this is EXTREMEMY IMPORTANT in the outside wilderness maps.

When you are travelling on the outdoor map every so many turns, let's say three for example, the Dungeon Master is supposed to "roll" for a "random event". This is to help gain you rewards, build your character experience points and have fun in the game.

That is represented by squares or hexagons on the graph and every three squares of movement the Dungeon Master is supposed to roll the dice to see if a "random event" takes place.

You move three squares and then the Dungeon Master checks to see if anything random happened by rolling the dice, then three square later he rolls again and it says that "you are being attacked by wolves" - the random event generated was the wolf attack after six turns.

Random events are the entire game of Dungeons & Dragons.

These random events "auto generate" game scenarios during the game play to add adventure to the basic quest you are on.

These random events are listed in the Dungeon Master's guide, then he rolls the dice every so many turns or squares of movement on the graphs to see what the extra things are that appear in the game.

That is a main section of Dungeons & Dragons to build your characters experience points, treasures and levels.

So you make the adventure to include "guaranteed events" in the game on the outside and inside map, then you include distance to measure weapon striking distances for you and monsters inside and outside in the game so you can stand in "safe spots".

As you move back and forth or around on the map those are "game turns".

Then you include a "random events" check every three squares (or hexagons) on the map to see if "extra stuff" happens during the game, that is done by the Dungeon Master - if he rolls for a random event then this is "autogenerated" from a list of scenarios in the Dungeons Masters guide to include in your game.

Sometimes a player can also roll for a random event. Every so many turns a player if they have a special skill can roll for a random event, if successful they may generate something like a Magic Carpet and be whisked away in the game in an autogenerated random scenario from the Dungeon Masters guide.

Using that includes an extra section of game events.

If fact you can do this - ask your Dungeon Master if you can play a game to include "Player Random Events".  Then every so many turns in the game the players take turns rolling the dice to generate a random event.

Doing that in the game will AUTOGENERATE game adventures being launching from random scenarios from the back of the books based on player decisions. This is the most fun a Dungeon Master can ever have and you get to use the whole game book.

Like this...

Create a  custom game adventure using an outside map with hexagon graph paper and put castles on it that have dungeons in them, when you get to the dungeon by travelling on the hexagon graph paper then you switch to the inside graph which is square graph paper.

Then load the outside map and dungeon map full of monsters and specific events.

Then use the "distance rule" to track your movement in squares (or hexagons) across the map in turns - like 1 square (or hexagon) per turn.

Then use the "random events" rule so that ever three squares (or hexagons) of distance on the graph paper that you move get the Dungeon Master to roll for random events - this will add to your custom adventure "autogenerated game events" from the random events table in the Dungeon Master's guide.

Then let the Players also roll for "random events" that they want to happen based on their characters every so many turns in the game to let them autogenerate game events from the Dungeon Masters guide to include even more scenarios in the game.

After that your players can sit in the game autogenerating random events from the game looking for treasures and magic items and be whisked away on secret adventures from the back of the book, doing that pretty much makes the game of Dungeons & Dragons Auto Generate itself - if you use the rules to do that.

For example, first start your map normally by making an outdoor map with inside dungeons in it then custom events that you want to have through out the game, things you put there on purpose.

Then include the distance and turns rule to enable "random events".

Then let the Players and Dungeon Master roll for random events to auto generate game scenarios during game play.

It is important to build a custom adventure first to play your random events in so that if you finish playing your random events scenarios then you can go back to the regular map and continue with the normal game.

It is also important to do all that inside a custom game with outdoor and indoor maps because if your character gets super rich in the game you can build your own castle in the game on the map your are using and then everyone in the game can go to your castle to play the game.

Or you and all your friends can build their own castles inside the game and use random events etc. for game play and play the game with everyone owning their own land and castles, then the game is played on your own property within inside the game.

You can also even "buy" a dungeon you have conquered in the game or claim it and turn it into your own castle and play new games inside it.

That is how you use the "overall rules" to play Dungeons & Dragons in the harder versions, after you know all that you just have to learn the specific rules of the version you are using.


What Year Are You People From Anyway?

I was just thinking about how pathetic it is that some people were looking for an argument with me about my career and my bank account and stuff, like why would you think you could argue about that with someone, plus how out of date are you to do that anyway?

These are things I have talked about earlier on this page, take Dungeons & Dragons which is a good example. Let's say that I was moving away to the city or something to start my own comic book or something and that work on games or something like Hasbro or Dungeons & Dragons or something.

I mean my book Space Command is like comic book stuff so that might be a game someday. Let's say it was Dungeons & Dragons and you moved away to go make Dungeons & Dragons books like you were working at their company or something.

Well, what does that mean anyway?

I mean I'm going to be buying a house or something and getting a swimming pool or something and making something like comics, board games or Dungeons & Dragons or something for an income.

Now, why would anyone think that I wouldn't want to do that and have a swimming pool and stuff. So they come down to my house when I was moving away to do all that years ago and start looking for a fight about my bank account from my old job. Then they wanted me to stay in my home town and support them financially or something.

Then they wanted me to quit going to work in the entertainment business or something like at Mattel or something, not actually Mattel but stuff in that category, then stay home and work a smaller job to help them all with their food money and people around the town that I somewhat knew and also complete strangers.

Then they started this huge fight with me and stuff about it and I got ripped off and lost a bunch of my stuff, then they all started saying they hated me and stuff and wanted all my money. Then they keep saying that after I moved and start making money off my books and stuff that I'm going to go back to my home town and give it to them.

After that huge fight and then they ripped me off, then they said when I was successful after they didn't want me to leave (to stay home and feed them, acquaintances and strangers) that I would return to them and let them hang off me so they can bum money from me and I can feed them.

Why would you think that someone would not want a swimming pool and work at developing toys and games at Mattel to stay home and give their money to strangers and  acquaintances?

No one would ever do any of that. What year are you from anyway to think that someone would want to stay in their hometown and feed people around the town instead of moving away to make games and toys for Mattel or something and have their own house and swimming pool?

Like, what is wrong with you?

Then they tell all these crazy stories about me fantasizing about me not wanting to do any of that so I can stay home and feed strangers in my home town with my money.

Look, that is not a real event you are referencing. To argue with someone to try and get them to do that, something no one ever would, like they are saying to my annoying me makes me vomit.

Following someone around for years begging them to do that for you so they can have your money for free, harassing you to stop working at Mattel or somewhere and having a swimming pool. Then doing it for years thinking that it will come true and then give it to you and they never stop saying it annoying everyone with it.

I hate to break it to you people if you don't know this, and if you can't get that it's not in your head to ever get it. No one would quit a job at a huge company like Mattel making stuff like toys and games like Dungeons & Dragons and having a swimming pool to move to a small remote town stay home to feed and support strangers.

You all make me vomit that you would think anything like that about someone like me. 


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Dungeons & Dragons: Tips For Playing The Game

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Well apparently and I didn't know this but Dungeons & Dragons knowledge is a popular topic, this fits right into my category of Science Fiction with my book series currently in development with comics and stuff like that in the same category.

So I have been asked if I can include these topics on my blog so it can help people to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons and help with them progress in their game skills development. I can add then a section on this blog to cover questions about Dungeons & Dragons.

For one, it's hard to find a good group of people to play Dungeons & Dragons with. Not a lot of people are into Dungeons & Dragons and in a small area you may only be able to find about 5 - 7 people to play with if you are lucky.

Living in a city you may be able to find groups of people to play with at a "game club" but don't count on it, it's usually just a few people playing in a local area that you might know. In school maybe you can start a Dungeons & Dragons club if you want to meet people into the game. When I was I kid I though that I was made of Dungeons & Dragons so I have a lot of information on the game.

So this is like a Wizard Magazine kind of topic and that also goes with my book series Space Command which is why I brought up Dungeons & Dragons, I guarantee my information is top quality information that can compete with any professional Dungeons & Dragons outlet.

If you want to get into Dungeons & Dragons I suggest watching videos about the game on YouTube to help you get started so you can see things like how to create a character sheet and watch examples of game play. I will add D&D, for short they call it, to my page as topics arise in my daily routines.

The current edition of D&D is the 5th addition pictured above and it is a great return to older style game play while keeping the newer easier to follow rule set. On YouTube reviews of the game and others like Pathfinder say that they offer advice for game play on internet forums etc. for rule clarification and there may be errors in interpretations of the rules of Dungeons & Dragons.

So what are the main pitfalls that I encounter when playing Dungeons & Dragons?

Well the game is extremely large and apparently has many inaccuracies or inconsistencies in their rule books OR this also might be bad interpretations.

Like this, when you read the D&D rule books don't confuse a description of a background or other "narrative descriptions" with rules in the game. If they don't specifically say it is a rule in the game it might not actually be a rule.

You could be attempting to put into gameplay things in the books that are actually only meant to be descriptions of what the Dungeons & Dragons universe looks like. Those might not actually be rules and people are saying "how do I use this?" The answer is that you don't.

All my examples are based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons One which is just my personal favorite which is old and people have a hard time following the rule book so they made updated versions which I will explain.

One of the biggest questions in Dungeons & Dragons is how do you keep track of time in the game? Meaning in hours or days.

People try to account for this by making up their up "in house" Dungeons & Dragons rules to track the time in the game for example - to heal their characters.

These are more advanced rules but they are not difficult. I think that the language and dialect in the rule books may be misleading in different languages leading to confusion in the rules about the translations. Even what I am saying is the rule may be misinterpreted but when you play the game with the rules in the book as I say them the game will work better.

Like this, if there is no rule for the description of the event in the game like "time" for example it may be a "physical description" only of an event in the game.

In the game of Dungeons & Dragons the rule is that over several hours or days your characters Hit Points will "heal" so many Hit Points will return to your game character when you use the rest rule to regain your characters Hit Points.

Then in the books they don't list the rule for the healing time.

This is where people get confused, they don't mean "game time" they mean "real time".

What that means is that if you are playing Dungeons & Dragons for the day and then you take a day off when you come back your character had regained several hit points. That is from taking a break in the game time.

For example, you can say four hours real life game time is one half day in Dungeons & Dragons - after this you spent the next four working on your character sheets and building your characters, assigning experience points and buying your new weapons.

The second four hours is considered "the character rest period" as if the characters in the game were sitting in a camp inside the game and having dinner and fixing their equipment.

So if you stop playing after four hours the Dungeon Master declares a rest period, then you work on your character sheets etc. then after four hours of rest your character gains 2 hit points.

I don't think there is an actual rule in Dungeons & Dragons for the amount of Hit Points you gain by taking a rest from game play but it should be limited, I will post more later if I find out.

The point to that is you are supposed to play Dungeons & Dragons on a regular schedule like 3 times per week or something or once or twice a week if you are busy. The rest period rule means days in real life that you spend NOT playing the game so if you play twice a week your days off are your characters "rest period" when you come back to the game your character has regained I would assume 3 or 4 Hit Points for a few days rest from the game. That's just to start fresh and keep the game moving and not wearing down your character too fast.

The whole point to the game of Dungeons & Dragons is that you have to choose from several different character types and then roll dice to determine the strength of your character.

When you pick your character and roll the dice for your strength this "generates" a character, the extra values for your character are then picked based on your character type decision and dice roll numbers.

After that the additional values are added from a list in the Players Handbook to determine your "character adjustments" which make your character a "unique" character. Not totally unique however the rules of the game may generate hundreds of thousands of possible predetermined character combinations that all fit into the game.

What I mean is there are not infinite combinations of characters generated from the dice rolls and adjustments in the game because they are SET VALUES, that creates a large set of possible characters that you build yourself based on your selection of character, dice rolls and character adjustments.

You need to pick a few characters to start and then learn how to "master" them to be good at Dungeons & Dragons because there are too many combinations to choose from.

The character "adjustments" in Dungeons & Dragons based on your dice roll scores is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in the game.

The "adjustment tables" they are called determine your +/- for game events...meaning you will have BONUSES which are positive or Plus values (+) or PENALTIES when are negative or Minus values (-).

What that means is when your are using character adjustments for certain scenarios in the game like if you choose an evil character you will be penalized when certain events happen and your dice scores will have a minus on them.

Like when you attack, you will lose 3 points and protentional miss your target in SPECIFIC SCENARIOS ONLY...meaning that those are listed in the Players Handbook in the Character Type section.

You need to be familiar with that section of the book for your specific character so you will know when you will loose points on attacks or other events or gain them in other situations.

That way in the game you can choose an evil character which has it's drawbacks and benefits, after that you need to find ways to overcome your character's flaws by gaining extra items in the game.

I can not stress HOW IMPORTANT it is to use the character adjustment tables properly, if you don't you are missing out on a HUGE part of the game of Dungeons & Dragons.

This is why.

Let's say you pick a character that uses weapons and also has magic spells.

In the game this limits your "weapons choices", meaning that certain characters can only use certain weapons. You need to know all the character adjustments so that when you choose a limited character that you pick weapons with "attack bonuses" for your character to make up for the lack of weapons choices.

So a character with limited weapons selections can make up for that by choosing weapons that give them bonuses to make them stronger when they use specific weapons for their character.

That is how you build a character in Dungeons & Dragons, if you pick a limited weapon character don't pick the weapons that have no attack bonus, use the ones with the bonus on them to make your character stronger.

This will bring your character adjustments up or positive with a + value.

When you make your character combinations DO NOT use adjustments that lower your attack score unless you have to for another reason, like you choose to be evil to gain magic spells but then you have to be penalized on certain other weapons in some scenarios.

Dungeons & Dragons is supposed to be BALANCED, what that means is that if your character has limited weapons because of magic spells then the MAGIC SPELL section is supposed to make up for those differences.

Like this a Fighter has Heavy Armor with no Magic Spells, then....a Wizard has Magic Spells but no armor.

In Dungeons & Dragons that is the same thing but they are opposite...what that means is the Wizard's Magic Spells are supposed to be so strong that it makes up for their lack of armor.

So you choose a Wizard with no armor - Wizards in Dungeons & Dragons have no armor because you can't cast spells while wearing armor. The Wizards magic spells are supposed to make up for the lack of armor making the character just as strong as a Fighter but the Wizard uses Magic to deflect attacks not armor.    

If you use a Wizard in the game of Dungeons & Dragons and they get killed faster than a Fighter then you are NOT paying the game correctly or have made a weak character.

Using the "character adjustment tables" to pick the weapons and spells for your Wizard will strengthen the Wizard and make them just as strong as a Fighter in the game, when used properly. That is the same for all characters. do you get those special weapons and magic items in the back of the book to strengthen your character and increase your attack bonuses and defenses bonuses?

Well like this, when you pick your character look in the back of the book in the magic items section and see what items you will need to strengthen your character and pick them out.

Then build your character to be ready to find those items in the game, when you find the items you will know that you will receive your attack bonuses for finding the items.

To get the items do this....

Ask your friend who is the Dungeon Master (or make them yourself as the Dungeon Master) to build a specific adventure with rewards hidden in the game that include the magic items from the back of the book that you will need for your character.

Then use these "special quests" with rewards from the back of the book to give you and your friends the secret items you will need from the back of the book.

So make a special game yourself that includes all the items that you want from the back off the book to offer as rewards through out your custom adventure.

These kinds of quests that you build yourself are "character building adventures". Make up several adventures yourself to guarantee that you will receive the magic items as special rewards that you will be promised in advance to playing the quest.

Then play these custom quests for the specific treasures you need from the back of the book by just placing them as rewards through out the adventure to build you characters "inventory" and increase your levels and statistics.

After you do this for a while you will earn the secret items from the back of the book to build a great Dungeons & Dragons character, it's just you and your friends playing the game at home for fun so this is a good way to see and use all the secret and rare game items.

However, make sure that when you make your custom adventure that you follow the experience point rules etc. when you do that on your custom character building adventures.

Then after that you can run your characters through the "Official" game books when you have build a strong character and then this will make the game easier, less frustrating and more fun.

When you play the real game book adventures at home you will have a strong character and then you will get the traditional "random events" rewards that you get with the regular game.

That is an excellent and fun way to play Dungeons & Dragons.

The original version that I like was changed because only Human Characters could play the game at high levels in the game which limited game play with lower characters. 

Also included in the newer versions are "mid level monsters" between the high and low game levels so that there can be "moderate" game play between the high and low levels. 

People wanted the higher level characters and also more monsters with a mid level skill rating making it more levels of play in the game at an intermediate level.  

Also important to remember is that the PLAYERS HANDBOOK is the most important book in the game and contains all the game rules and it is the core book, remember to familiarize yourself with the sections of this book.


Dungeons & Dragons: Things That Frustrate You About The Game

Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
This is two easy to understand topics about things that are annoying in Dungeons & Dragons. Two categories - The Rule Format and the Dice.

Dungeons & Dragons is a "Role Playing Fantasy Game" and the rules are complicated anyway and people play by their own "understanding" of the rule books based on what they can figure out so you play with different people and they have different rules.

I like to play with the hard rules in it but other people maybe can't learn them so they use thier own more simplified version which is also a part of how to play the game, you can include or exclude rules based on how well you can learn the game. 

The Dungeon Master has to decide what rules to follow in the game for their version and countless arguments break out during the game with players quoting the rules in the Players Handbook back to the Dungeon Master arguing about the game results.

What the player means is that in the Players Handbook the rules they understand mean they get a different result from the game on the Dice Rolls  for their character than what the Dungeon Master is telling them. That is because the Dungeon Master has to tell everyone what rules they are using or "excluding" because they may be too difficult for other Players or the Dungeon Master himself.

So they have to agree to drop rules so everyone can play the same format with a "group rules" understanding which may vary form kitchen table to kitchen table depending on the house you go to.

That is not my complaint about the game because you just play what you can, the advanced player may argue that is roll of 6 becomes a roll of 20 by using special features and complicated formulas in the game to achieve special moves.

The player will argue that they are being cheated in the game by using easier rules and will have to accept a 6 on the dice roll to play with the group who have a lesser understanding of the game. 

I'm basing that on the rules in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons One, which I like to play, but it has been simplified in newer more recent versions for easier game play and understanding but it is essentially the same game.

The newer games are a more "relaxed version" of the original difficult games to get the game going faster with easier rules to understand. 

Obviously, the game went in that direction because the older games were too difficult for everyone to fully understand. So I mean the older game versions but I'm sure the issues are in the newer ones which I play less frequently but I like to usually try every version to see what's in them all being a fan of the game.

Here is my issue, Dungeons & Dragons says it's "role playing and fantasy" now, they mean two things when they say that. I didn't get all this but people tell me how they play it and now I do.

Role playing can mean "dice rolling" or "fantasy role playing", when they say "role playing" you don't know if they mean dice rolling or fantasy playing in your imagination.

The game is TWO's a dice rolling game AND a fantasy game that you make up.

That is where I get angry at Dungeons & Dragons when playing the game, "Fantasy Play" in the game has NO NUMERICAL VALUES in the game. That's why people wear costumes and stuff when they play it and go on about their characters.

I don't use that section of the game because it is NOT dice rolling. I only use the dice rolling sections of the game. For me the rest of the game is a waste of time.

I will give you an example, I am only interested in the "hardcore rulebook" of rolling the dice and getting the results in the game play. Other people like to make up detailed descriptions and backgrounds of their characters with biographies and stuff attached to them while they play the game.

That section to me is a waste of time and is not part of the actual dice rolling game play HOWEVER some of it does come into effect in the game.

For example if you pick the character "Human Fighter" in the game (or any character) the character sheet takes like 2 weeks to fill out and asks you to include historical backgrounds, lineages and family events, stuff like that, and has noting to do with the actual "board game play" which is the only part I like to use.

Right away in Dungeons & Dragons I scratch off any boxes or columns on the character sheet that are "fictional information only" for fantasy play. I find that this is a waste of time that could be better spent doing actual game play - rolling the dice.

Here is a game play example, the Fighter has to choose his characters "alignment" good or evil - you need that in the game.

So you pick "evil" - after that any stories you make up are the "fantasy section" of Dungeons & Dragons and are "fiction" in the game that do not affect game play like historical backgrounds and family lineages like saying you are royal blood or something. All that is just made up and stuff players talk about at the table when playing the game.

I always drop all that because it wastes game time. Those items have no effect on dice rolling game play.

However let's say you pick you character's alignment as "good" or "evil" after this the rules effect game play. During a game playing scenario your dice roll will be affected by you characters alignment.

Like if some casts a spell on you your chances of getting affected by the spell will be greater if you are evil and less if you are good.

A roll of 10 becomes a 1 if you are evil and a roll of 5 becomes a 9 if you are good.

After this your historical background of why you chose good or evil is "fantasy only" during the game and does not affect game play. This takes up way too much time in the game so I don't use any of those rules.

Also remember it is up to the Dungeon Master AND the Player to "argue" the result of your dice roll while playing the game. The Dungeon Master has to keep track of your characters "alignment" and adjust your dice rolls based on the effects or "adjustments" in the game based on your character being good or evil.

The player MUST keep track of their characters adjustments for character alignment and tell the Dungeon Master that a 5 becomes a 9 if they are "good" in their alignment in certain situations in the game.

The Dungeon Master may miss this and give you a 5, all Players must keep track of this. That way the Player may know they get extra points in certain fighting situations in the game based on their characters alignment.

That has nothing to do with the fantasy section.

Other people who play the game may "drop" the alignment rule and then not make roll adjustments during game play at all - all players get a 5 if they roll it during fighting because the alignment rule is not used, making it a more simple version to understand for players or to just speed the game up.

The evil aligned character may say that when they are using the alignment rule when he rolls a 9 it becomes a 1 based on his alignment, however he also has a "magic sword" it that situation that makes the 9 a 100. 

Then he just goes around killing everything in the game, because even though he loses from a 9 to a 1 on the roll, other rules may make the 1 a 100 based on magic items like swords and equipment - that is the actual game of Dungeons & Dragons.

For many players that is WAY TOO HARD and they don't follow the magic items rule to get the 100 off a roll of 1 in "rare situations" in the game - based on their "evil alignment".

Many players will stop at the alignment adjustment only or not even use it based on their understanding of the game.

For me I used the advanced rules because it makes the game more fun once you learn them and you can "argue" the Dungeon Master for extra points when rolling the dice based on your character and equipment. Those are the "character adjustments" on the character sheet and it is up to the PLAYER to keep track of that and tell the Dungeon Master what you roll adjustments are if they use those specific rules.

Always keep track of all that on scrap paper because the character sheet is too small.

My point there is that including the more complicated rules makes it a better game, wasting space on your character sheet is a waste of time to me by putting the "fantasy" section in that does not affect game play.

Multi Sided Polygon Dice
The second thing is the Dungeons & Dragons dice. These dice are NOT Copyrightable although they may hold the patent for them.

Anyone can use those 20 sided dice etc. for any purpose in ANY game on the market just like a 6 sided dice set. 

This is because you can't patent a polygon or hexagon. Dungeons & Dragons should have their patent removed for the multi sided dice because they are saying they hold a "copyright on a polygon" that is just like saying you own a "cube on a 6 sided dice".

Also the dictionary needs to drop the term "die" when referring to an "individual dice" because it is too awkward.

The term "dice" should be plural with the term meaning one or many dice. From now one I will be calling them all dice even if there is only one of them present.

You can't copyright a 6 sided dice because it is a cube, therefore you can't copyright a 20 sided dice because it is a form of "polygon" with numbers written on it.

These dice should be made available for ANYONE to manufacture and use in ANY board game on the market because you can't patent polygon shapes, just like the cube on a 6 sided dice.

Removing the patent on the dice from Dungeons & Dragons will allow game developers to use the dice in other games and manufacture their own dice just like regular 6 sided dice to help people develop game systems. 

Although I am a large fan of Dungeons & Dragons I am not of fan of them blocking other people from manufacturing the multi sided dice from the game for use in other materials because they are just forms of polygons.

You can not patent a polygon.

However, Dungeons & Dragons have made their dice the "D20 System" which is an "open copyright" on the dice to use in board game development like the game "Pathfinder".

The rule of the D20 system is that if you use their dice then you have to make the game play in your game "open source" that can be used by people making other board games.

So if you use the D20 dice in your game Dungeons & Dragons are saying they are allowed to "copy your game play" on the dice and they can use that to put back in Dungeons & Dragons without paying you royalties.  

Essentially, making your game a "subset" of Dungeons & Dragons" and backwards compatible with their game.

If you want to make a game like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder and use the multi sided polygon dice then you will "lose" your trademark game play back to Dungeons & Dragons and they will be able to copy your patents by taking your game play for their game through the open licence. 

I think that this is a dirty maneuver by Dungeons & Dragons to steal peoples patented game play from their board games to use back in Dungeons & Dragons if they want to use their dice.

If you want to keep the patents for your game play you CAN NOT use the D20 dice because Dungeons & Dragons will take your game play patents which use their dice system.

The correct path should be that Dungeons & Dragons should lose their patents on the multi sided dice system because no one owns multi sided polygon shapes so that anyone can manufacture and use their multi sided dice in their game just like regular 6 sided square dice.

What I am saying is the dice in Dungeons & Dragons should be turned into regular dice just like the 6 sided dice so anyone can use them for any purpose. 

A square cube is the same as a 20 or multi sided polygon.

Then people can develop board games with the multi sided polygon dice and manufacture their own just like with regular 6 sided dice that anyone can use.

That would make a multi sided 20 sided polygon dice that same as a regular square cube 6 sided dice that anyone can use because that's what they are anyway.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

What Will The Super NFL Look Like?

When Will The Super NFL Launch?
Let's just right to the point...what will the Super NFL look like?

Face it, 17 NFL games plus playoffs and the preseason is not enough NFL Football. Since many people do not understand the game of football the season is short because of the "difficulty" of managing a full contact sport for 80+ games per season. 

Football is just too physically straining to play over 80 games per season like in the NHL Hockey League. 

How can the NFL be expanded into an 80+ game season like NHL Hockey? 

Like this, here are my thoughts on the topic. 

Launching the Super NFL will involve many factors like how many games can an individual player play during an 80+ game season without risking serious injury. After the league is expanded from 17 to 80+ games this will mean everyday players will only play about 20 or so games each per season, which will mean expanding the NFL Franchise rosters by four times.

Like with the new Major League Baseball roster changes which have reduced the MLB Playoff line ups from  40 players to 26 this decrease in MLB playoff lineup rosters will mean the league will be expanding into adding more teams the cut playoff players being the new MLB franchise players, potentially twenty new teams making Major League Baseball a 50 team Baseball League and will decrease the chances of winning the World Series making the game more popular by increasing the competitiveness by decreasing the odds of winning the World Series Championship.

Already announced is the Major League Baseball return to Montreal. 

Similarly, this can be added to the NHL Hockey League to make it a fifty team league making the game more competitive by decreasing the chances of winning the Stanley Cup, which will draw more fans to the game.

Also, this will increase the value of Division and Conference Championships by making the smaller titles more coveted.

The Super NFL could potentially be expanded by potentially four times as many teams and by increasing the NFL Player draft and using more players in the league.

Like in Major League Baseball for example the surplus of NFL Players after the expansion would "sit out" for many games like MLB Pitchers and maybe only play 1 in every 4 to 6 games and all be "speciality" positions.

By expanding the league by potentially four times, increasing player drafts and accounting for injuries from too much game time, this will overcome the boundaries to launching the Super NFL League.

The extra teams will increase team and player values by increasing the odds of winning the championships making the game more competitive which will draw new fans to the sport. 

Division, Conference and playoff wins will be more sought after by teams and will draw new fans from local areas when their team makes the smaller or larger championships making the Super NFL a financial cash cow with a larger league, many people will also be drawn to the Super NFL as a "publicity stunt" event and increase fans, ratings and NFL Sports Merchandise. 

The Super NFL would be a guaranteed ratings draw and "bandwagon" team jumpers will account for many of the merchandise sales from a "publicity stunt" perspective from the NFL.

Although expanding the NFL by four times into 120 teams would be a little large people say like multiple added new leagues within the NFL, the real number may be 50 or 60 teams with 80+ game seasons.

The larger number being the addition of international teams from Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand into the NFL, MLB or NHL. European and Russian Hockey Leagues for example could later be merged into a new NHL expansion to include international teams.


My Summer Vacation Trip: July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic

My July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic 2019
I don't want to say for sure that this is what's happening for my summer vacation trip but it would be something like this. If any of this sounds stuck up we're just doing it for fun to see what it looks like.

This Summer we are having a Super Independence Day Picnic , not only that it may be from July 1st - July 4th on dates I can't list officially at Washington Nationals Ball Park or around there in Washington D.C. 

Now why would I want go there and not New York and see the Yankees, Mets or Red Sox or someone? Well we did that last year, so this year we're going the Washington Nationals for Independence day, but I can't reveal which day it will be. 

Remember, there is a lot happening in that like The Nationals used be the Montreal Expos which were the Montreal Royals minor league team of the Brooklyn Dodgers and home of Jackie Robinson. 

Historical research has shown that the Washington Nationals may actually be the franchise of the Louisville Colonels and Honus Wagner which closed and probably became the Montreal franchise.

Not only that July 2 is Adam Eaton Bobble Head Night and the week of the July 4th Washington is playing the Miami Marlins home of New York Yankee great Derek Jeter who now owns part on the Miami Marlins and is their CEO.

Miami is not doing very well this year, but expect that to change as Derek Jeter their part owner continues to rebuild their team franchise.

Not only that, we are taking a small tour of American Civil War Battlefields during the trip so that should be a fun Summer Vacation all for about $1500 per person. I can't reveal all the dates and locations but that should be a pretty fun trip.

Now, what is a July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic?

Well we're getting a bunch of ingredients and then taking them out to a park area near Washington D.C that I can't reveal. Then we're going to cook all the ingredients and then mix them all together to make a bunch of meals out of them that we will then share at the picnic.

I will reveal the ingredients list that we are using and then later in the Summer or Fall I will reveal the list of recipes we made out of the ingredients at the  July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic.
  • 200 Boiled Eggs
  • A Swordfish cooked on a spit with a butler - don't get excited about this, we're just hiring a butler to cook that for fun just the experience of eating a swordfish with a butler just to see what it's like.
  • 16 jars of various pickles.
  • Ten 15 pound bags of potatoes.
  • 10 boxes of cooked lobster.
  • 15 boxes of streaks
  • 25 boxes of hamburger patties
  • other various breads, buns, salads etc. that will be determined later.
Later in the Summer I will reveal the food we made for our July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic in Washington D.C.

That is what I am doing on my Summer trip this year.

*note - this not a ballpark event, we're just doing that by ourselves for fun.


Friday, June 21, 2019

Beyond Disbelief

Girl Lays Out At Pool In Photo
There are few times in my life that I have been truly dumbfounded and without words to describe how I feel, today it is the feeling of complete disbelief. I have never in my entire life had a feeling of disbelief so bad and perhaps this my be the first time I have ever experienced this feeling.

You look at the issue, and you truly can't believe it. Leaving me sitting here in bewilderment in a state of disbelief. 

In my future biography I am writing a huge section on the poor people from my home town and county and their complete outright bizarre unexplainable behavior leaving me today in a state of disbelief. 

These are the days in the Summer of 2019 that will be referenced in my biographical material for the rest of my life. I am trying to find the words and phrases to describe the feeling of disbelief and I don't think that I can, it's because I truly can't believe it.

Now this goes way beyond playing music, writing or working in business etc. Right now that's just stuff I am working on, making a music promotion and working on books and stuff. That's what is happening this Summer, the large project I have undertaken called "Space Command" is still much larger that I expected and turning out more awesome. 

Space Command is kind of like GI Joe and X-Men and stuff like that and that is what I am developing, everyone knows this but GI Joe first came out in the 1960s but it took twenty years to develop before it launched huge in the 1980's at Mattel or somewhere. 

That is the first thing I saw was I was a kid and I was probably brainwashed permanently by the United States Military through shows like GI Joe in the 1980's, I had so many GI Joe action figures and vehicles back then it wasn't even possible.

Shows like GI Joe, Transformers etc. and games like Dungeons & Dragons were my favorite things as a kid and are part of my main inspiration. Those toys and games are so hard to develop even I am surprised at the length of time it take to make those shows and toys.

It took twenty years to develop GI Joe into the huge phenomenon it was in the 1980's and I think I may have been the first kid in it, all I could think about when I was a kid was blowing everything up in some kind of aircraft etc. 

Getting into the development of Space Command my series and attempted "Mattel Style" book and playset with comics and toys etc. extrapolates into large projects with toy and character developments. I started to think is this going to take twenty years? The books are guaranteed to be awesome with super awesome characters that STILL have yet to be named.

I have been hitting myself in the head for most of the last year trying to develop the character names which already have complete stories and images but why write the final scripts when the names are not finished. If published today the characters would be Tom Clancy not George Lucas, no one wants to play with toys named by Tom Clancy, every one of them has to be called Chewbacca to drive kids truly nuts with them.

I'm already convinced these characters are all Chewbacca and Yoda but the names just aren't there yet, I'm posting the second half of the Space Command reading guide book soon at and you can see for yourself that the books will be awesome. HOPEFULLY I will have some pictures and character names up soon. 

Reading the biography of GI Joe they knew in the 1960's that it would be a super huge phenomenon but that took twenty years and was released when I was a kid, it better not take me that long but that is what the book draft is for. It's a development script for something like GI Joe, that's just way larger than I thought with developing that character names which will later be toys for every kid in America. 

It's during all this work that events have happened around me leading into this Summer that are leaving me in a state of disbelief. I'm just sitting here attached to my laptop and doing music promotion stuff on the internet while working on my book stuff, I have my notebook and pencil right beside me at all times waiting to get that character name or new idea to write down and just watching sports packages and stuff like getting my business stuff setup etc. 

When I was little I lived in a small area only like 50,000 people in the entire County in Northern Nova Scotia on the route to the ferry terminal to Prince Edward Island in a town of 10,000 people which is large for the area.

Now I think to myself, how desolate are these people from that area? 

During all this work I am doing living here in Halifax all these people from my home town and County who are BEYOND super poor are out following me around bumming me. How humiliating is that for them? 

I will never forget this for the rest of my life. I'm not giving them any handouts they make a whole social life off annoying me to death every two minutes. 

We're talking these people are like the worst unintelligent "hicks" from the remote woods in Atlantic Canada if their could ever be any. 

This is what they are like, they are all poor and their kids are outside running around eating baloney and playing in the dirt at the same time. Literally eating filthy baloney covered in dirt and permanently outside trampling down their front lawns and living in the yard.

All they do is drink liquor and smoke cigarettes then go around bumming everyone for money complaining about everything. I don't think any of them have even had one happy day in their life or experienced one regular event. 

Then they work but are also on welfare and waste ALL their money and don't buy groceries. Then they go around town yelling about everything and complaining about all their neighbours having food to eat while they waste all their money, then their kids run around outside eating dirty baloney with their bare hands.

Then it's like they are all running in and out of my yard eating dirty baloney and bumming food off me all the time and they won't leave. They refuse to stop trying to fight with me and complaining about me having food and stuff looking for me to support them.

All while the hate me to death, mouth off about me every 2 seconds complaining about how I have food and looking for a fight about it. I don't even know who they are.

Now they are running around rounding people up who are poor like them and telling them all when I get money off my music and books that I am going to go there are live where they are in Pictou County and then live near them where they are all poor. Then they are saying to all their "friends" that I am going to feed them all and buy them stuff, then they are wasting all their money and trying to get me to bail them all out.

Then they are all saying I am going to go back to where I used to live as a kid and not live in the City or get a beach house in Florida or something so I can support them. Then they keep saying that "that's what I'm like" that when I have money I will "want to support them", poor people from my home County that I don't even know.

I'm never even going to see any of them for the rest of my life or give them anything. They are the worst most ignorant people I have even met in my life.

This all started apparently when I went to St. FX University and started working in a big Company and now it has accelerated because I am doing books and music into "crazy stories" about how I'm the type of person that even though I have this huge education and stuff will not use it to be independent. 

Then they are saying I will  "go back to them" people I never knew who live in garbage, so that I can "support them" by giving them money and food and letting them and all their poor friends hang out in my house so they can eat and get cigarette money. 

Then they are insulting me to death saying that "Jason MacKenzie is the only person in the Wold who has money like that who will do that, anyone else would just leave and not talk to you." 

They are going around saying that I am the only person in the world that would make money like that and then "not want to keep it" because I am the type of person who will go back to my home county if I make a bunch of money so that I can let poor people hang off my house bumming food and money every day and not have my own life.

Then they are following me around with snots of their faces eating dirty baloney trying to attach themselves to my shoe heels when I am out walking trying to scratch me looking for an argument with me complaining that I have money for groceries. 

You are fucking mentally deranged. 

Those people must be the most humiliated people to ever exist in the world, I don't know you and don't want to know you and I don't like you either. 

I would never live around people like you or ever give you anything. You all need to stay out of my business and get back in your yard. You have nothing to do with me and never will.

Just remember heading into Summer 2019 when I am writing and developing Space Command which will be the next GI Joe and Transformers hopefully in less than twenty years that's what all those bums were doing to me outside in Halifax from my hometown.

Please be sure to always include that in my biography and always tell everyone about it because my brain this Summer is in a state of total disbelief that people would be doing that to me or think that they can do that to me from my hometown.


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Today I Feel Sorry For Social Workers

Recent events in my life have left me feeling sorry for many social workers today like at the welfare office and disability offices. Maybe their cases have to into my life and now are annoying me outside and now I sympathize with them for having to deal with many of their clients.

These "baloney people" bothering me make me feel like a town social worker, the first thing I am doing is turning them all in. What I don't like about Community Services is that many people get branded in the category of baloney people who are actually regular people who just need income assistance.

Some people actually need that money like unemployed university graduates and university graduates with a disability, those people are not poor people. They are regular career people on an income assistance check, sometimes they get grouped into the category of baloney people but they are normal people who just need assistance.

These other people are the most ignorant, uncaring, hateful people bumming money from everyone I have ever met in my life. They are all spending their money on smoking, drinking, fast food etc, and not paying bills or buying groceries.

Then they go to the welfare office screaming and yelling about wanting money for regular bills like food when they REFUSE to stop drinking and smoking. 

Then they all start annoying me at my house looking for my money and harassing me all the time from my home town, following me around from the slums wasting their money on smoking and McDonalds every ten minutes. 

Why can't these people control themselves?

I have no money or things to lend out to people like that all telling me to go fuck myself every two minutes because I am in music and stuff all saying crazy stuff like I am going to let them all "hang around my house" and bum my food and money while they waste all theirs.

They want to waste their money on crap and then get me to "bail them out" for bread and stuff all going around saying I'm going to let them all do that LYING about me in my home town, then they go down to the welfare office and tell them all to go fuck themselves every two minutes.

Why are you people so ignorant? 

I mean really, you have a seriously bad issue of some kind.

No one is "hanging off me" bumming food and stuff from my hometown you are all LIARS. 

I am not giving you people anything or any handouts of any kind ever in your life no matter what I have in the future.

You people MUST START avoiding me outside from my hometown, you are making me feel like a Social Worker with my education and I am going to turn you all in for ANYTHING that I can catch you doing.

Now I feel sorry for ANY SOCIAL WOKER that has to deal with you.



Wednesday, June 19, 2019

MLB: 2019 Major League Baseball Huge Announcent

Yankee Great Edwin Encarnacion
I know I promised you all lots of MLB Baseball talk this year, well I wore myself out researching Honus Wagner, but I do have some other new material coming. In the meantime MLB has made major announcements this year with new rule changes, moving my material back until after the rule changes go into effect, just like the pitchers mound...which has been moved back two feet.

These rule changes I believe take effect after the 2019 All Star Game, so if you want to see the old game you only have until the 2019 All Star Game then they are implementing some major changes that will make it a different ball game.

For example the pitchers mound will be moved back two feet, I'm assuming because they are throwing too hard and it gives the batter more time to see the ball.

Before I get into the rest of the rule changes I would like to say that my baseball knowledge goes way beyond the realm of comprehension of any major league official. I have to say that these rule changes only play into my hands as a fan of baseball and I was surprised to see the game develop into a more challenging and exciting game.

Speeding up the game is only one of the reasons behind the rule changes which I am not a fan of but they are speeding up the "dead time" not the playing time. Yankee great David Cone I believe said to me while commentating the game on television that advertisers or sponsors who help fund baseball are trying to speed up the game. 

Why an advertiser would want to speed the game up is not something I can understand because you think they would be trying to extend the game to keep their ads up longer, or it might have been someone else that said that.

I also want to point out that I have been a fan of Major League Baseball since I was a small child and the commentators on the game have taught me the game of baseball and I have learned a massive amount of knowledge of the game of baseball by following the commentators who seem like great people and have an expert knowledge of the game beyond any regular outside mortal. 

You have to appreciate these people and listen to them for your whole life like I have done to properly understand the game of baseball, do not take them lightly they are experts in the game. 

Since they are changing the game drastically this year for the first time in my life I would like to thank them for their years of telling me and teaching me the game of baseball. You are probably my only real friends.

People often ask me two difficult questions about the rules of the game of baseball which I usually reply to them, go ask David Cone. However, he is probably not available so I will tell you the answers in laymen's terms...hopefully you will understand. They are the infield fly rule and the balk.

In layman's terms the "Balk" is an illegal "fake" throw to try and pick off a base runner, but the difficult question is "how do you know it is a balk?"

People don't understand outside baseball that the pitcher has to "commit" to the throw to the hitter, if he throws to a base to pick off a runner after he commits to the hitter that is a balk.

In baseball the pitcher has to stand on the pitchers mound and then his "movement sequence " for throwing a pitch is a rule in the game, if the pitcher goes to far in the sequence it means he has committed to throw to the hitter. 

If he stops after he has committed and throws to a base and breaks the sequence he has committed a balk. A base stealer will run after the pitcher has committed to throw to the hitter, after that it is up to the catcher to try and throw out the base runner attempting a stolen base.  

The infield fly rule is that if a "pop up" on the infield I think with runners on bases is an automatic out, I am only talking about if they are base runners during the popup.

This is because if the bases are loaded and a hitter makes a popup on the infield it is an automatic out even if a player drops the ball...because if the bases are loaded and a popup is hit on the infield then the defending player can "intentionally drop the ball" with the bases loaded which would force the runners to run by making it a live ball.

After that the defending team can easily make a triple or double play by intentionally dropping an infield fly to force the offense to run, this pushes them off they bases where they are easily thrown out.

A defending player dropping the ball intentionally on the infield is banned in baseball because it would illegally force the offense to run where there can easily throw out the runners who are in a defenseless position after that.

To make it fair to the runners an infield fly is an automatic out to prevent the defending team from intentionally dropping the ball with the bases loaded to get a triple play, so the infield popup is declared an automatic out to prevent the defense from intentionally dropping the ball to throw out the base runners on a "forced" live ball.

This year the new rule changes will make this a more competitive game which will add more excitement and fair play to the game of Major League Baseball.

Here are some highlights:

-Pitcher's mound moved back two feet.

-Larger bases

-No defensive shifting - meaning I think that the defense will not be allowed to move the third basemen to the position between first and second and their players will have to stay in their proper outfield positions which will eliminate the dreaded "the shift" I THINK that's what they are saying. 

-"Robot Umpires" to help make proper calls with a radar enabled strike zone.

-No more changing pitchers for every hitter in late innings for individual matchups, pitchers entering the game will have to face a minimum of three hitters.

-No mound visits except for removing pitchers or in cases of injury.

-Trade waiver period eliminated, I didn't bother to look this up.

-New rules for All Star Game Voting, I also didn't bother to look this up.

-Home Run Derby prize money increased from $1 Million to $2.5 Million Dollars.

-Mound visits - the page says the mound visits were reduced from 6 to 5 which differs from what is posted on Yahoo Sports so I don't know which rule it will be.

-Rosters will increase from 25 to 26 players.

-Rosters for Double Headers will increase from 26 to 27.

-40 man roster for the World Series Playoffs will be eliminated.

-Something about a two way player, didn't look it up yet.

-Minimum time on injury list increased from 10 to 15 days.

If you don't follow baseball those are some pretty huge changes which will be guaranteed to make Major League Baseball more competitive and exciting.

The rule changes differ on Yahoo Sports and so I don't know what will make it to the game or what won't. I'll update this blog later when I figure the rest of it out.

This is going to be awesome for baseball, make sure to watch the rest of the first half if you want to see the last part of the old game, the new game starts after the All Star Break I think.

Remember kids, always listen to the advice from the baseball television game commentators if you want to make it in the game of baseball.

I just relooked at this and some changes will not be until next season.