Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Nature Or Nuisance

Why does this stuff happen?

Let's say a boy who is well of somewhat liked a girl who is poor, however she was way more poor than he anticipated.

When he went to talk to her  he thought she was normal, when he did she shit herself and rubbed snots all over her face, metaphorically and possible literally. Then she thought the boy would follow her around begging her to go out with him.

Making him realize she was way too poor for him.

Why she did that was a guy gave her that advice to do that to the boy who was more well off to get him to chase her around, giving her stuff because she was poor. That's what they thought would happen.

First why a girl would ask a guy who was poor for dating advice is because she must be handicapped and the guy is getting beat from the boy for saying that to her for when he asked her out.

Nature or nuisance?



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