Saturday, June 8, 2019

Examples Of Baloney Metal

Just to refresh the topics of this page...Baloney Metal is stuff like PRC Music and bands like Deviant Process on their label crowd funding to get on Banger TV. Then Banger TV says Deviant Process is a Quebec Technical Death Metal band in their Quebec Tech Death segment and it's not true.

They are all Baloney Metal, Banger TV is Baloney Metal. They crowd fund to raise money and need $10,000 a month in donations they said to keep going, as a Corporate Business Professional I'm not seeing those donations in their production out put on their shows.

Then their staff puts out self produced albums while they take crowd donations. That is Baloney Metal and looks like a scam. Then all their opinions are crowd funding based and wrong on their show. Deviant Process is not Technical Death Metal and they can't play. It is Baloney Metal.

Real metal is people like me and Metallica who are worth money, like myself outside of the music industry. As a Corporate Professional I follow all these companies public activity in the business community, that is what they are doing.

They are all Baloney Metal.

Lars Ulrich from Metallica, even if you don't like their music, is not playing Baloney Metal. 


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