Sunday, June 9, 2019

Why The Compilation Got Banned On YouTube

I'm telling you all the Compilation  - Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1 got banned on YouTube because it is too heavy for YouTube and for Record Labels like Relapse Records.

This is the batch of albums that came out when my albums came out around ten years ago, now labels like Relapse Records and Metal Pages like and them are trying to block our music scene.

That is the real music scene in the compilation and the good bands in it, I'm sick of labels like Relapse Records trying to boss around larger artists than them like myself and Deicide by pulling tricks with the people at YouTube and to block our page while they use the same material to make their videos.

All their videos have no fans in Death Metal.

Why your businesses think you can compete with a large artist like me is because you are hopeless. There is not an out back trick you can pull on my promotions with labels like Relapse and Season of Mist Records without you losing your companies in lawsuits.

None of you are even recognizable outside at your music pages and bands outside in real life. I have more fans than you just going for a walk in the town, everyone knows my me and my band.

You are no one, your pages are unknown. You will all find out then you do not own Death Metal  by playing tricks on us outback with your fake businesses like Relapse Records and Season Of Mist Records, then you will be closed for fraud.

Right, it's because you can't compete with me in Death Metal or any music. Your businesses will close for fraud and you will leave music. 

Yeah you got our Video Banned On YouTube, but you had to commit fraud to do it all working out back with no regulations and trying to claim my music on the video with your pages, just like the band Terrorizer did with Season Of Mist Records when they plagiarized me, got it fucking scam?


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