Saturday, June 8, 2019

Look I Will Show You About This Baloney Metal Stuff On YouTube

It's website like with their Top 10 lists and stuff, that's Baloney Metal. Those are all Baloney Metal pages, everyone knows that. Those people are the ones all working together getting music permission "out back" from each other and YouTube

Those are all Baloney Pages etc. like that's just a personal website with 1.1 Million Subscribers who watch all their videos apparently, that's probably just their staff playing the songs over and over like they paid people to play the videos on those YouTube Videos.

That's not the official opinions of Heavy Metal, those are Baloney Sites like and them, I don't care if they cover me or not they are just personal websites with no corporate structure which I have in my business. Their just making those lists to promote Baloney Music they are making. Then they all disappear next year. They just dump tons of money into that and all work together with YouTube outback to take other peoples videos down and then promote their own.

Then they are just trying to get their bands known off it and sell cd's and stuff, then they are just cheating with YouTube and taking down competing pages on their personal website in a fake policy.

That's why they can't compete and no one likes their music, they are all Baloney Music. 

They don't know what Heavy Metal is.


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