Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What Year Are You People From Anyway?

I was just thinking about how pathetic it is that some people were looking for an argument with me about my career and my bank account and stuff, like why would you think you could argue about that with someone, plus how out of date are you to do that anyway?

These are things I have talked about earlier on this page, take Dungeons & Dragons which is a good example. Let's say that I was moving away to the city or something to start my own comic book or something and that work on games or something like Hasbro or Dungeons & Dragons or something.

I mean my book Space Command is like comic book stuff so that might be a game someday. Let's say it was Dungeons & Dragons and you moved away to go make Dungeons & Dragons books like you were working at their company or something.

Well, what does that mean anyway?

I mean I'm going to be buying a house or something and getting a swimming pool or something and making something like comics, board games or Dungeons & Dragons or something for an income.

Now, why would anyone think that I wouldn't want to do that and have a swimming pool and stuff. So they come down to my house when I was moving away to do all that years ago and start looking for a fight about my bank account from my old job. Then they wanted me to stay in my home town and support them financially or something.

Then they wanted me to quit going to work in the entertainment business or something like at Mattel or something, not actually Mattel but stuff in that category, then stay home and work a smaller job to help them all with their food money and stuff...like people around the town that I somewhat knew and also complete strangers.

Then they started this huge fight with me and stuff about it and I got ripped off and lost a bunch of my stuff, then they all started saying they hated me and stuff and wanted all my money. Then they keep saying that after I moved and start making money off my books and stuff that I'm going to go back to my home town and give it to them.

After that huge fight and then they ripped me off, then they said when I was successful after they didn't want me to leave (to stay home and feed them, acquaintances and strangers) that I would return to them and let them hang off me so they can bum money from me and I can feed them.

Why would you think that someone would not want a swimming pool and work at developing toys and games at Mattel to stay home and give their money to strangers and  acquaintances?

No one would ever do any of that. What year are you from anyway to think that someone would want to stay in their hometown and feed people around the town instead of moving away to make games and toys for Mattel or something and have their own house and swimming pool?

Like, what is wrong with you?

Then they tell all these crazy stories about me fantasizing about me not wanting to do any of that so I can stay home and feed strangers in my home town with my money.

Look, that is not a real event you are referencing. To argue with someone to try and get them to do that, something no one ever would, like they are saying to my annoying me makes me vomit.

Following someone around for years begging them to do that for you so they can have your money for free, harassing you to stop working at Mattel or somewhere and having a swimming pool. Then doing it for years thinking that it will come true and then give it to you and they never stop saying it annoying everyone with it.

I hate to break it to you people if you don't know this, and if you can't get that it's not in your head to ever get it. No one would quit a job at a huge company like Mattel making stuff like toys and games like Dungeons & Dragons and having a swimming pool to move to a small remote town stay home to feed and support strangers.

You all make me vomit that you would think anything like that about someone like me. 


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