Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Gary Glitter Convicted (various footage)

NEWS: Megadeth Bassist Caught Luring Ungerage Girl

Megadeth bassist caught child luring on the internet during lockdown....

Isn't that guy a minister?

That explains that, perverts hiding in the church...it's probably a second or more incident, maybe he thinks being a minister will save him.


I'm not supporting Megadeth then anymore, because I was the victim of an attack in a school situation at work where I was supposed to be safe...so I don't believe in what they're doing...having a "church person" luring girls in a metal band.

Thinking you're safe then you get attacked.  


It's just the circumstances, when everyone's locked in...then he comes out child luring from the church in a band...like when the pressure is too much from the lockdown.

I just find it funny that these people lose millions of dollars trying to have sex with a young girl...that just shows you what's more important to them than the money.

That's what I mean, I'm not rich but people throw their lives away trying to get a hot girl or something when other people don't have too like me. 

Like I'm not rich but I had all kinds of girlfriends and stuff and never threw my life away.

Then you see this....with all that money and they must not have been able to buy a single day in their life with the money if that how it ended, compared to someone like me....who doesn't have to get a jail sentence to fuck a girl or something. 

I don't mean underage girls I just mean regular ones.

It just shows you how important that orgasm is to a millionaire or whatever they are, the band is rich, based on how that ended....that they can't get what they want with the money.

Sex with girls.


Monday, May 10, 2021

Mötley Crüe - Too Young To Fall In Love (Official Music Video)

Everthing Is Super Slow Now

Everything got super slow,  I'm not doing anything...like I'm just taking a break for a little bit...there's all this new stuff coming out or something and nobody wants it so I'm just going to wait for that to pass over and try to stay inside and just take it easy for a bit.

I think the government thinks I'm a prostitute, like with the way they ignore everything I'm talking about from the school and stuff.

So I'm doing all this stuff with legal aid and all that which went nowhere and the impression I get is that they're treating me like some slut out on the road, I mean I have a degree now come off it.

I didn't go to school to be a prostitute with a university degree, like they push me back that way like they think I'm in grade seven or something.

All that work I did and they treat me like a slut with a degree from grade seven, I mean...no I'm a regular grad not some slut, then they throw all this stuff in my face from like grade seven about me being some kind of slut or something and that I'm just a prostitute with a degree from grade seven...like with no work and stuff and the government clerks bumming my work off me by getting to file my cases and then not helping me out after I give them my information book about the case.

Like some slut or something, that's the way they treat me like a prostitute with a degree now...I mean fuck that's not me any more why does this stuff come up now.

I mean any girl I go out with is just hanging out with me, like she might not have any money that she can't hide at home so she's come's down here because I'm single and have hamburger and weed money.

Like she just wants to come down because she's looking for a hamburger or something....like because at home she doesn't have twenty dollars for hamburgers or something behind everyone's back so she sneaks down here because I have money for hamburgers and weed.

I mean she can't get that at home...an extra hamburger and a joint behind everyone's back...so she comes down here and I have her extra hamburger money, like for McDonalds or Burger King...and I got weed all the time.

Like that's a big treat for her because she has a car and all that but no extra money for hamburgers and stuff, so she like's to sneak down here for a hamburger and some weed that she doesn't have to hide...that's what I got, then she lets me use her car and stuff.

I'm not some prostitute from grade seven they started calling me with this big degree from St.FX or something that they're all trying to bum off out on Quinpool Road like when I was in grade seven.

Like I'm trying to be professional here and that's what started happening.


Guns N Roses - Nightrain (Appetite For Destruction)

Mötley Crüe - Kickstart my Heart

Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!

Overkill Horrorscope (HQ)

Diamond Head - It's Electric (Official Video)

DIAMOND HEAD - No Remorse (Official Video)


Helter Skelter

Knock 'Em Dead, Kid

Mötley Crüe - Bastard

Sunday, May 9, 2021

NEWS: Canada Revenue Agency Scam Busted

Here it is in the news now...people did this to me to and I turned them in....in my case they sent me a fake letter from the Canada Revenue Agency and when I called they said it was Nova Scotia student loan in Halifax and wanted me to make payments to them in an account without providing me the information that I owe student loan money.

Which I do, they just didn't have the account information that I owed them the money in order for me to make payments....which I don't have to because I'm not working a regular job now and don't have to make loan payments.

When they wrote me and I called them they tried to force me to pay on the loan knowing that and tried to force me to pay them money into their account at home I assume to steal my money with no documents.

Now they are in the news busted:



Thursday, May 6, 2021

Blog Update

Just a few quick fact updates for my blog...

This is stuff people were wondering etc. 

If you're following heavy metal music the main scene we're working at is Montreal, it's a record store and concert promotion page...this is what all the metal people are listening to etc. and playing in...check www.quebecdeathmetal.com ...that is where the concerts and bands are at playing and promoting where we are at.

Check that page for death metal and heavy metal updates.

Covid vaccination in Halifax, the Halifax area is shut down until the end of May, no one is allowed leaving the County.

So they are booking vaccination appointments in my age demographic now but all the appointments were full.

I'm assuming this is because of the terrible vaccine roll out plan where they only issue and book vaccines for like two people at a time, so there is a six month wait list while they get your needle manufactured instead of having it all done and distributed at once normally...like if the government wasn't incompetent. 

The big scam with the bums from years back...right so people want me to say this stuff on my blog so others can know about it to keep them safe.

Here is the example again, about the group assault I had on me from Sobeys Office staff in Canada in 2008.

Like this...today they are hobos, all heading out to die in tents on the side of the road in East Hastings Vancouver.

They always need something from you that is how I met them, I wanted to play in a band and they could play but didn't own any equipment.

That was their in because they knew I was playing in the real metal scene, then I had to do extra work to get the band playing by owning a decent drum kit and van and stuff and I had to buy extra stuff to get the band playing.

Then later when it came time to tour, they quit and just wanted to steal the money from me for the band and stay home...then when I put the run to them then they assaulted me in a home invasion.

Like the local checkout girls from the grocery store by my house in my home town at their head office, people like that.

So people want to know about this or hear about it in this specific way...I was assaulted by a group in a group in a scam that I beat up, this is why there are so many issues because of the number of people involved.

People want to know how I know who it is....

Well they did it to my face in a group.

Years back when I was like 18 or something I used to work at the Country Club and do stuff like floor waxing for fashion shows and stuff and the Country Club, like for girls fashion show...like they had me the boy wax the floor for them.  

That's the work I was doing like on a contract, what happened years ago was when I was working there the contract owner that I worked for wanted me to wax the floors for free saying "he didn't have money to pay me for the work" live on the contract.

And that if "I wanted to have the regular pay, I had to do the rest for free so he could keep the contract"...and the money.

So I told him to fuck himself and quit.

Years later at Sobeys Head Office when they tried to steal my work it was the same guy with them at the office from the old floor waxing job at the Country Club...trying to get me to work for nothing at Sobeys Office so his friends could get my project development work...like the old floor waxing jobs.

Then he was looking for money and stuff from them through me illegal and was out back at my house with them and in my band thing and at my office.

My point is the University Work I was doing in 2008 is kind of like a floor waxing job...as a contract.

Like they had did to me before, not the Country Club...just the contractor...the software contracts and like the floor waxing jobs at the fashion show.

Before they cunt tried to make me wax the floors for nothing while he got the money and then later he was out back with them at my office at their homes and at my house, then they tried to make me do the projects, software designs, for free for their office.

The office wanted the designs for nothing with the other staff taking the promotions...triple job sharing for 1/3 the pay...then my work was for their promotion while they tried to hold me back...the other staff.

That's how I know who you are.

You did it to me on the old job with the floor waxing contract at the County Club fashion show and again in 2008 at Sobeys Head office with the same guy with you coming to my house with you out back and at my office.

Then you tried to make work for nothing while you all got my money.

How many ways do I need to fucking say this?

You bums in your scam keep trying to make me work for free.

Off my projects.

You are trying to steal my work projects and make me keep working on them for nothing....I turned you all in multiple times years ago.

That's what I fucking mean, like with the waxing job....they tried to do that to me twice with the same guy coming to my house...following me around out back at my office and stuff.

Then you tried to cancel my promotion.....then make me keep doing the same job with no pay increase while the office kept the work for free and promoted people around me to do the work  while they held me back.

Then they came in my house and tried to force me to do it, then I beat them all up...ended up in jail plead not guilty and got off and now you're all finished in your lives.

You are all known criminals and live at the soup kitchen now.

Like, what do I need to say....first it was the floor waxing and then the office work and you tried to make me work for nothing twice...the second time I took them to court won and they all got cut out of everything I was doing.

Like it was my ex inlaws and people with them and stuff and they got no settlement from me etc., plus they all owe me damages that never expire.

Right in public, then they followed me around for ten years coming into my yard trying to live in my house...through the crowd while they flamed me but I wasn't allowed talking to them anymore and never seen them again.

People just kept running down here for them and participating after the court case.

Like that, that's how I know who you fucking are and why you know none of you are ever coming back here.



Sunday, May 2, 2021

New York City Walking Tour

I was just watching a replay of a live stream 4k walk in New York City.

Look at the outside, that's the best they got like all that private property and government property...that's the best they can get the subway to look and stuff.


Are you people eating out of the windows down there or what?

Like the culture of New York City, they got all these deli's and little restaurants everywhere and everybody just walks around eating out of the windows, that also must be pretty expensive...you people really need to cut costs down there and just stick with the grocery store.

I realize that deli customers are specific types of people who just eat at the deli, like all specialty shop customers, so they got all these little shops there.

How long is that going to last anyway?

Not to mention it's not a very cleanly environment to be eating...I mean with all the buildings getting old again and it's a run down with restaurants and everyone eating outside and through window sidewalks.

I mean that's all getting run down bad now, and the bums....they're just gonna let them die in the street then in tents now.

That's what happened everyone, the government let the bums die in the streets....they're just down there in tents on the sidewalk now.

I'm saying that was their last stop, like when I was writing about them years ago when all this hobo stuff started...that must have been that last day of their lives or something.

Now when I see them bumming they look like people from my high school still wearing the same clothes from back then bumming now instead.

Did you ever see in LA how they have palm trees in the middle of the road? Well in Halifax they have regular trees planted on Main Street and the bums wore the grass down to the dirt around the trees in the middle of Main Street.

I mean, imagine that in LA?

Anyways that's where they were on their way to years ago...to die in a tent on the side of the road downtown.

I'm just glad to see that the government made a resolution on them all, they just let them die in the street in tents....that was their solution.

Yeah maybe avoid that area, like all the people I've been complaining about...they're just letting them die in tents on the side of the road....that's where they all ended up, like out in skid row LA.

Like someone mentioned to me, imagine if that walking tour was like for a class or work project? 

Like your girlfriend could go cheat on you because she knew you were stuck on live stream...do you worry about that stuff?

Yeah you better run right home and check...idiot.

No way, talking an important university class or something like this way more important than having a girlfriend...no one would ever care about that, like compared to a good school or work project.


Saturday, May 1, 2021


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