Tuesday, December 29, 2020

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends - Classic Cartoon Review 1980s

Spider-Man, Firestar & Iceman: The Story of Spider-Man And His Amazing F...

Spider-Man 3: MJ Is Actually Firestar

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: "Dragon Dice" and Game Books

Dungeons and Dragons now allows you to use their dice gaming system to make your own Dungeons and Dragons Game like the "Pathfinder" game which is based on the Dungeons and Dragons System.

Dungeons and Dragons also now allows you to write their modules yourself and sell them on their page for a share of the revenue of you sell for your game books.

Visit our TSR Advanced Dugeons & Dragons Unofficial Tribute Page for our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game modules and guides at www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com

Not only that Dungeons & Dragons dice is becoming publicly available without their dice gaming system because they don't own the shape of the dice.

Like I could sell my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules on their page and then post my guides at my page www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com , and then use the dice for anything I want because if they tried to say anything about the fan tribute page I would sue them over the dice shapes and they would lose Wizards in my lawsuit when I sued them.

Fortunately, all that legal stuff has already been covered by Wizards and the law anyway so that would never happen, just for you nubes out there.

 'nuff said.




My 80's Saturday Morning - Spiderman & His Amazing Friends

Retro RPG review 10: Part 1 - Basic D&D

INTERNET: My New Dungeons & Dragons and Comic Book Page

Sorry guys....

It's been busy on here over the Holidays, just catching up to Christmas now and playing Real Car Racing 2 on Windows PC Xbox live.

Some chump over at the Dungeons & Dragons game who made all the character guides on Youtube from some comic book or game store or something got kicked off the page and lost all his channels, now there's this big controversy about it on the internet.

Like this took place over the last ten years or something and I'm just catching up now.

So I bought the guys old business name on the internet for my comic stuff:



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****Mary Jane Revealed As FIRESTAR in next Spider-Man Movie!!!!!*****





Like that.....

That's what we got.

We have three pages for our comic book stuff...

Dawn Forged Cast....then TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Unoffical Tribute Page with our game guides on it and probably Dungeons & Dragons blog for game tips.

Then it's the Spider Man & His Amazing Friends Unofficial Tribute Page.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is a 1980's Cartoon Show where Spider-Man, Ice Man and Firestar we in University together in New York City.

Now Mary Jane Watson has been revealed as Firestar for the new Spider-Man Movie.



So the comic shop is www.dawnforgedcast.com and then we have two fan pages that are under construction that will probably have blogs and Comic Store updates on them.

Visit this blog and use the search tool to find my Dungeons and Dragons posts and guides on this page, that material will be copied over to the Comic Book Store and Unofficial Game Guide and Tribute Pages for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

ALL TRIBUTE PAGE AND FAN CONTENT 2020 www.jasonmackenzie.net .

If you want to write the page contact me on www.jasonmackenzie.net .


Saturday, December 19, 2020

MOVIES: Trick Or Treat - The Origins Of Glenn Danzig

In the 1980's movie Trick Or Treat is the character Ragman based on Glenn Danzig?

Like, is that supposed to be Glenn Danzig in the movie?

This movie is also I would assume the bigger debut of Heavy Metal in the 1980's like 1985/ 1986 and it's one of the first, or maybe the first, mainstream appearances of Heavy Metal bands like Anthrax etc. who were featured in the film...like this is where you first got to see all the new Heavy Metal bands coming out like Anthrax in the 1980's.

Gene Simmons from Kiss is also in this movie....what that means for all you dorks out there is that he's probably the main producer of the movie and at the same time also produced Wendy Williams from the Plasmatics solo albums who was also featured in movies in the 1980's....members of Kiss also appeared on her records including Ace Frehley and members of Kiss in the 1980's after the break up of the original Kiss lineup.

So if you see Gene Simmons in the production he's probably the main guy doing it, then he did Wendy Williams and Trick Or Treat and helped to release Thrash Metal.

In the movie Ragman who goes to the High School of rock singer "Sammy Curr" writes him a letter from his old school addressed from  "ragman" after they cancel the High School concert, this is probably which they torn down my High School to to prevent these demonic possessions on the students from this music, then Curr dies right away in a fire, probably caused by Ragman, and comes back and possesses him through an unreleased 180 gram vinyl lp he got from Gene Simmons from Kiss.  

You decide....is Trick Or Treat the real origins of Glenn Danzig the real Ragman?


In my opinion this probably took place in New Jersey after the original Misfits broke up and he returned to High School to get his Grade 12 before becoming a solo artist. 

My opinion is also that they are all picking on him because he quit the Misfits a couple years earlier.

Trick Or Treat Full Movie:



Enforced - At The Walls - 2019 (FULL ALBUM)

Enforced FULL SET at United Blood 2019


CRYPTOSIS - Prospect Of Immortality (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Exodus live (Full Show) | Rockpalast | 2017

Diary Update December 12-2020

I'm not at the old farm or somewhere now, there's no secret old car lot out back down here...I keep saying I can't have people here now for holiday dinner and then go look at old cars and stuff...like girls trying to get up there with you.

I live somewhere else right now and I had to take care of all this court stuff for years after university, fifteen years out of university and I'm stuck living in some closed city during covid...like when I'm trying to start a record store or music magazine or something.

Does this ever take a long time, now I have to get all my government files fixed and stuff with lawyers and stuff and get all my student loan stuff corrected so I have all my proper tax information and stuff, then I have these student loans that are just sitting there that they have to resolve collecting interest and they have to go fix all that because my files are wrong.

This is what people warn you about with careers if you want to have one, everyone else is home for Christmas out skiing or something and I'm stuck here freezing my ass off.

Really though, it's not that cold. 

Now I'm getting my webpage stuff going with my music magazine thing for my web traffic and stuff for my future online store, like fifteen years later and I'm still doing schoolwork and the store's not even open yet.

Now I have this huge file audit happening.

I should be back at the ski lodge or something, this city is pathetic now man plus it's all rental scams.


Johnny Cash - [1985] Christmas TV Special [Complete]

Monday, December 7, 2020

Anvil - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2013

Anvil - Metal On Metal (Live)

John Altyn-Sleepaway

Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

John Altyn - Outta Control

Fastway - Stand Up


Iron Maiden - Bruce unboxes Nights Of The Dead

MOONSPELL - The Greater Good (Official Lyric Video) (Censored Version) ...

Six Feet Under - Nightmares of the Decomposed (FULL ALBUM)

BEHEMOTH - Thelema.6 20th Anniversary Lookback

VOIVOD - Overreaction (Lost Machine - Live / OFFICIAL VIDEO)

HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) - Creatures Of The Monolith (Death ...

Armored Saint - Never You Fret (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Arch Enemy y Behemoth - The European Siege 2021 en España (Trailer)


That Night Your Wife Or Girlfriend Was Distant

Remember that time when you were married or in a serious relationship?

Then your wife was super distant that one night and wouldn't come to bed like on your special occasion...and then she was fighting with you.

Her loyalty was with someone else that night....that's what happened, your stuff was getting in her way of her secret loyalty, maybe later they came back and tried to clean you out in the divorce.

That's what happened that night years ago that you remember later broke up your relationship.


It Must Be Christmas, Now The Mayor's Getting Involved

This is what I keep trying to teach those heavy metal people, like from here from St.FX and stuff, to over there in England those death metal bands writing records about social issues and stuff...see, we're living it right here...now the mayor's involved.

In a case similar to mine which is currently at the courts for resolution because I won, a different tenant was illegally evicted by a building demolition while waiting for a tenancy board hearing.

That's what I mean...I was scheduled a fake hearing...if I had of listened to them instead of suing to immediately resolve the issue my apartment might have been illegally demolished.

Like while waiting for the hearing, instead I stopped the hearing...the other tenant went to the hearing after receiving fake eviction letters and they tore down the building before the hearing date.

Now the legal aid is speaking out and the Mayor Of Halifax is now getting involved because the other tenant lost all their possessions in the demolition during the wait period for the eviction appeal - where they were going to the hearing based on fake letters.

Then they tore the building down with the tenants stuff in it.



Sunday, December 6, 2020

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (Live 1984) (FULL CONCERT)

HALIFAX: Stop Saying Hobos And Landlords

Why does this city make you get out of bed for this, stop saying landlords...like could you tie up the entire court system here with a more trivial issue or what.

Drug dealers coming in to Halifax running illegal businesses like fake cannabis shops and stuff then using that to offer landlords more money for apartments, then they are evicting the other tenants, and they are all in court all the time taking up half of the workload of the legal aid in Halifax.

Then they all get in the building right, like on street corners and then they trash is after they got in by offering more rent money...right in a school zone and they got them full of hobos and garbage.

Will you people stop saying hobos and landlords, then the rest of us have to work around all this somehow and try to get into normal housing with all that fucking garbage going on...nobody cares about the landlord, fuck you.


Friday, December 4, 2020

HALIFAX: Expect Low Government Connectivity

I can't even believe this man, like if  you live out in the county you're going to pass out because they don't have this there because the areas are too small.

You go to the medical clinic and they don't know what the other medical clinics have....like only some can process medical cannabis applications...but they don't know which ones.

Then when you look around there are so many that they might be fake, like the point is the government wants you to do all that by yourself...like run your own office at home to process your medical records and stuff...ok what do you do then?

Like that right, then like you're at work you have to run around trying to find the claim form at home then go out and find an office that will fill out the form then when you get that done you might need to file it with a lawyer.

If I'm doing all that work they can't be doing anything at all, like shouldn't that be your job getting all those applications and stuff for me when I ask.

No they don't have that they said, the government.

Now they expect you to do all that yourself.


Thursday, December 3, 2020

HALIFAX: I Don't Know What I'm Doing Now Then

They said that if you live in the Halifax area it's probably best to keep living here, I mean will you shut up or what...everybody knows half the Province lives here, plus it's fucking Christmas.

Like where are they gonna go? 

It' s half the Province in one area here...where are they going to go...Toronto?

That place is totally locked down again, I'm not staying around some garbage dump full of hobos on Main Street...I want the most for my money.

Anyway, I'm staying on the Halifax bus route but I'm not sure where I'm going to be at because it's hard to move here they are saying so you have to wait a while...like why would you stay in a dump on Main Street that it turned into here in one second when you could be somewhere else in the Metro for cheaper with more space and washer and dryer room.

Like you're paying for nothing with a bunch of bums everywhere, then when you go downtown you have to represent your own files to maintain them yourself with your own lawyer because the government isn't doing all that or doesn't have it and they are losing your medical information for you benefits cheques.

Fuck you then.

If they don't have that man, they got nothing.....that's like the bare basics for a Provincial Government and Nova Scotia doesn't have it...see no government.

Now you have to represent yourselves with lawyers and stuff for your files and benefits, do you know how much work it is the government wants the people to do here themselves man...not even realistic....what are they totally incompetent down there now or what?



Tuesday, December 1, 2020

HALIFAX: Garbage Dumps Appearing On City Block Corners

Yeah like up here in my neighborhood by the Junior High School, people here are renting out duplex's and city apartments on street corners and then dumping garbage on them...bums are even then taking the garbage in the buildings an ruining them.

Right in front you when it was clean ten minutes ago, dumping shit and garbage all over the street corners and then trying to use them for drug dealing in a school zone.

Yeah, then the bums thought the city was going to keep it like that....after they dumped garbage right in front of them...plus that's people they gave housing subsidies to and then they are using them for dumping garbage on the street corners so they can deal drugs in them.

Then the community services was operating with no medical records from the Hospital and didn't verify doctors letters with the patients...then they cut their benefits and didn't give them housing subsidies.

Now other people like me have to go out and use my University Degree to fix my own files and process my own government medical records and benefits claims...ok I'll just go open an office then and start processing the forms through the civil court myself then.


UPDATE: Christmas Season

Some of my pages might be down over Christmas and I probably won't be on the internet much until January.

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