Sunday, December 6, 2020

HALIFAX: Stop Saying Hobos And Landlords

Why does this city make you get out of bed for this, stop saying could you tie up the entire court system here with a more trivial issue or what.

Drug dealers coming in to Halifax running illegal businesses like fake cannabis shops and stuff then using that to offer landlords more money for apartments, then they are evicting the other tenants, and they are all in court all the time taking up half of the workload of the legal aid in Halifax.

Then they all get in the building right, like on street corners and then they trash is after they got in by offering more rent money...right in a school zone and they got them full of hobos and garbage.

Will you people stop saying hobos and landlords, then the rest of us have to work around all this somehow and try to get into normal housing with all that fucking garbage going on...nobody cares about the landlord, fuck you.


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