Thursday, December 3, 2020

HALIFAX: I Don't Know What I'm Doing Now Then

They said that if you live in the Halifax area it's probably best to keep living here, I mean will you shut up or what...everybody knows half the Province lives here, plus it's fucking Christmas.

Like where are they gonna go? 

It' s half the Province in one area here...where are they going to go...Toronto?

That place is totally locked down again, I'm not staying around some garbage dump full of hobos on Main Street...I want the most for my money.

Anyway, I'm staying on the Halifax bus route but I'm not sure where I'm going to be at because it's hard to move here they are saying so you have to wait a why would you stay in a dump on Main Street that it turned into here in one second when you could be somewhere else in the Metro for cheaper with more space and washer and dryer room.

Like you're paying for nothing with a bunch of bums everywhere, then when you go downtown you have to represent your own files to maintain them yourself with your own lawyer because the government isn't doing all that or doesn't have it and they are losing your medical information for you benefits cheques.

Fuck you then.

If they don't have that man, they got nothing.....that's like the bare basics for a Provincial Government and Nova Scotia doesn't have it...see no government.

Now you have to represent yourselves with lawyers and stuff for your files and benefits, do you know how much work it is the government wants the people to do here themselves man...not even realistic....what are they totally incompetent down there now or what?


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