Monday, December 7, 2020

It Must Be Christmas, Now The Mayor's Getting Involved

This is what I keep trying to teach those heavy metal people, like from here from St.FX and stuff, to over there in England those death metal bands writing records about social issues and stuff...see, we're living it right the mayor's involved.

In a case similar to mine which is currently at the courts for resolution because I won, a different tenant was illegally evicted by a building demolition while waiting for a tenancy board hearing.

That's what I mean...I was scheduled a fake hearing...if I had of listened to them instead of suing to immediately resolve the issue my apartment might have been illegally demolished.

Like while waiting for the hearing, instead I stopped the hearing...the other tenant went to the hearing after receiving fake eviction letters and they tore down the building before the hearing date.

Now the legal aid is speaking out and the Mayor Of Halifax is now getting involved because the other tenant lost all their possessions in the demolition during the wait period for the eviction appeal - where they were going to the hearing based on fake letters.

Then they tore the building down with the tenants stuff in it.


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