Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Diary Update December 12-2020

I'm not at the old farm or somewhere now, there's no secret old car lot out back down here...I keep saying I can't have people here now for holiday dinner and then go look at old cars and stuff...like girls trying to get up there with you.

I live somewhere else right now and I had to take care of all this court stuff for years after university, fifteen years out of university and I'm stuck living in some closed city during covid...like when I'm trying to start a record store or music magazine or something.

Does this ever take a long time, now I have to get all my government files fixed and stuff with lawyers and stuff and get all my student loan stuff corrected so I have all my proper tax information and stuff, then I have these student loans that are just sitting there that they have to resolve collecting interest and they have to go fix all that because my files are wrong.

This is what people warn you about with careers if you want to have one, everyone else is home for Christmas out skiing or something and I'm stuck here freezing my ass off.

Really though, it's not that cold. 

Now I'm getting my webpage stuff going with my music magazine thing for my web traffic and stuff for my future online store, like fifteen years later and I'm still doing schoolwork and the store's not even open yet.

Now I have this huge file audit happening.

I should be back at the ski lodge or something, this city is pathetic now man plus it's all rental scams.


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