Monday, December 28, 2020

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: "Dragon Dice" and Game Books

Dungeons and Dragons now allows you to use their dice gaming system to make your own Dungeons and Dragons Game like the "Pathfinder" game which is based on the Dungeons and Dragons System.

Dungeons and Dragons also now allows you to write their modules yourself and sell them on their page for a share of the revenue of you sell for your game books.

Visit our TSR Advanced Dugeons & Dragons Unofficial Tribute Page for our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game modules and guides at

Not only that Dungeons & Dragons dice is becoming publicly available without their dice gaming system because they don't own the shape of the dice.

Like I could sell my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules on their page and then post my guides at my page , and then use the dice for anything I want because if they tried to say anything about the fan tribute page I would sue them over the dice shapes and they would lose Wizards in my lawsuit when I sued them.

Fortunately, all that legal stuff has already been covered by Wizards and the law anyway so that would never happen, just for you nubes out there.

 'nuff said.



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