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Lords Of Chaos The Movie
This movie the "Lords Of Chaos" is super taking off right now, I am telling you this is one of my favorite movies. It makes you feel like you are right there in the record store with them in the Death Metal scene, like it's like walking right into a record store and seeing all this Heavy Metal stuff up on the wall.

The Director Jonas Akerlund  says he was in the Black Metal band Bathory and was their original drummer. What they mean is Jonas Akerlund played "additional drums" on the first Barhory demo from 1983.

Obviously, as everyone knows the original Bathory albums were a one man solo get started they did the band as a solo artist who performed all instruments. Then apparently, they used Jonas Akerlund with his "hollywood connections" of today along with an additional bass player to add "extra drums and bass" tracks to the Bathory 1983 demo.

What they are saying is that they hired a producer to help finish the demo from the music business and the guy they used was Jonas Akerlund who put additional drum tracks on top of the actual Bathory drums to give it a more commercial sound.

After this, Bathory was signed to Polygram in Canada and released on the original Banzai Records from Montreal.

Of course, in other countries the Bathory albums were released under smaller record labels but in Canada all the small labels were released directly through Polygram a way larger record deal than in other countries and where the music hit the "MTV category" playing videos like Celtic Frost and Venom on Much Music and in the United States on MTV. 

Now this is super important information about Mayhem from "Lords Of Chaos" the Movie.

Mayhem from "Lords Of Chaos" is the 1980's band Mayhem that came out with Bathory.

Like this...Mayhem came out in 1987 with the band Bathory, their style is like Bathory but faster drums and they added the blast beat.

That is a different band than Mayhem today, except some members of their lineup played on some of the releases at different times in the past...that line up is after 1995.

That is like saying Bathory in 1995....the band had broken up from the 1980's, that is the same thing as Mayhem from the movie only after 1995 Mayhem was a different band now.

Mayhem played from 1984 - 1994 and their last and biggest album was  "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", however...the band had an extensive catalog before that record came out of smaller releases...that band never got signed to Polygram like Bathory did...that is the "invention" of Norway Black Metal.

What they mean is it's like Jonas Ackerlund who played additional drums on the first Bathory demo kept using the name Bathory later when Quarthon died who owned Bathory, like Jonas Ackerlund could have kept going and keeping the name, that is what Mayhem playing today is.

Here is a sample of Bathory - "Demos 1983-84" which is the recording with Jonas Ackerlund on it...what they are meaning about this is Bathory hired a producer to finish the record and get on Polygram. That is where Jonas Ackerlund takes credit for being in Bathory, like from thier "studio produced" demos to first get started - like they went out and spent money on it.

BATHORY - DEMOS 83-84 featuring Jonas Ackerlund director of "Lords Of Chaos":

Mayhem - "Deathcrush" was released in 1987 at the same time as Bathory's "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark".

So Mayhem from the movie "Lords Of Chaos" is the 1980's Black Metal band......that band is like Bathory from Sweden and Mayhem which was from Norway.

Euronymous like Quarthon from Bathory ran the band himself and was their record label and released his own albums. That is the "invention" of the Norway Black Metal sound from Euronymous band promotion that he ran releasing his own albums directly from the band Bathory.

On top of that, Necrobutcher from Mayhem has come out and said that he was also going to the apartment to kill Euronymous and take his band promotion with Varg Virkenes and them.

This opens the question...what else is the "Black Metal Inner Circle" hiding and are they responsible for the murder of Dead or was it really suicide?

That group of people burned down like fifty churches in Norway and are responsible for like ten murders or something. Then they said that that was all run by Euronymous out of his record label with a bunch of band members. 

They said that Euronymous set up the "Norway Black Metal Scene"...and then they ran the inner circle out of his record store, burned down fifty churches and murdered ten people. 

Now in question is did they lure Dead out into the woods and hold him hostage and force him to kill himself with the Black Metal Inner Circle so they could become famous of his death and then using a photo of the suicide as an album cover that was distributed on a Bootleg Mayhem Live Album starting in 1995.

The Black Metal Inner Circle is in an oath of secrecy about their activities and they may have set Dead up to kill him also using Euronymous and then also kill Euroynmous who ran the operation out of his record label and take his record label stuff, after this they launched Black Metal off it from Norway with bands like Emperor, Darkthrone and Thorns.

Not only that TWO PEOPLE not one by himself Varg were convicted of killing Euronymous.

Snorre W. Ruch known as Blackthorn was also convicted of killing Euronymous along with Varg Virkenes and served eight years in prison.

Necrobutcher has also just come out and said he was also going to kill him along with Varg and Blackthorn.

Is that what they did to Dead and make it look like a suicide?

Mayhem - "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" was the last album of the 1980's band Mayhem that came out with Bathory.

Mayhem's 1987 album "Deathcrush" you can tell is running a huge music production or label on the record which Euronymous ran himself, that was why they killed Euronymous - to take his heavy metal label.


Not only that Euronymous says in a radio interview something like Varg said it was worth it to do the jail time to get the band out for committing a crime to get in the news, then he was murdered by Varg and they tried to take his record label material.

Now listen to the time of the murder of Euronymous Blackthorn was the Guitar Player in Mayhem along with Varg on bass.

So by the time Euronymous was murdered Blackthorn was their new guitar player...then Blackthorn and Varg murdered him to take the band.


Like this...Euronymous ran a huge metal promotion and knew Bathory and them in Sweden at the same time and then they may have lured Dead out into the woods to be killed by the Black Metal Inner Circle to make it look like he killed himself.

Then after this Varg and Blackthorn took over on bass and guitar in Mayhem and then they murdered Euronymous to shut him up about setting up the record business for the inner circle, which they stole from him to launch the other bands, and stole his music and band stuff...which is the invention of Norway Black Metal with Quarthon from Bathory in Sweden.

That means that Quarthon invented Black Metal in Sweden then Euronymous working in the music business invented Norway Black Metal, where they were real satanists burning down churches and killing people.

After this the Black Metal Inner Circle owned the invention and the business that invented "True Norwegian Black Metal" which was created by Dead and Euronymous.

Mayhem's original material is pretty extensive about six releases between 1986 and 1995.

The best recording of the original band Mayhem with Euronymous and Dead on the album is supposed to be the two song single Mayhem - "Freezing Moon / Carnage" recorded in 1990.



Friday, November 29, 2019

Why Plate Tectonics Shows Carbon Dating Is Wrong

Plate Tectonics Proves Carbon Dating Wrong
This is an explanation on why carbon dating may not be correct in science, the answer is because of plate tectonics.

Plate Tectonics or Continental Drift is the planets process of moving the land around, sometimes entire continents are on the ocean floor and then resurface later.

This is a fact that there have been past formations of the planets continents like on Pangaea when the world was one continent. 

In fact this has happened an infinite amount of times to humans, this is a short example of how Plate Tectonics proves Carbon dating wrong. 

The reason...the ground uncovered in the continents has been smashed and mixed by the planet an uncountable amount of times...meaning the rock formations that are hard today have been "sifted" by the planet and contain rocks from all previous land formations.

When they date a core sample, that is "linear test" of the samples in the dirt to determine age...however the land has been sifted, meaning that the samples contain dirt from other past land formations that are unaccounted for by carbon dating.

Carbon dating pinpoints a fossil in the land record with a match on the plate tectonics data sheet to compare the age of the fossil with a specific known land formation in the fossil record.

However, the land has been sifted or smashed from plate tectonics making the fossil record unreadable, when they find a land sample to compare to the fossil the land sample is a "block" with a similar matching pattern.

They are saying that this is a "fixed block" of the planets continent with a date on it by it's compounds. 

However, the fossil match is only one sample in the "block" found of the planets crust. This block also contains many other samples of older rock because the ground has been sifted by the planet.

I mean they are only matching the fossil to 1 in 100 million other samples found in the same chuck of rock, these other samples are not part of the fossil in the record and may be way older that the matching fossil sample.

Like you are getting dirt in a bucket of samples from all past land formations that is sifted by the Earth meaning that the rock is not dateable anyway, there are too many past rock formations that have been sifted to determine an actual date making the Earth way older to even be able to count it.

When they find a fossil sample they only match it to 1 of the dirt particles in the bucket of 100 million, then they throw the rest of the data out.

The rest of the data is the mixed rock of the Earth from all past land formations making the dirt unreadable.

They are only matching a trace element in the rock sample to match the fossil to a specific known land formation from the "bucket samples". 

The other dirt in the bucket is made up of too much sifted dirt from the planet to be able to actually date the record because it is not "one core sample" that they have discovered.

The core sample has been sifted, which is unaccounted for in Plate Tectonics / Carbon Dating.


Saturday, November 23, 2019

What The Crap Is Going On In Good Will Hunting?

Come On Will Hunting, Get Your Shit Together
Everyone knows the argument but who really won the bar debate in Good Will Hunting?

Well according to the Ponytail Guy did. 

I mean this must be a big issue in bars and stuff especially around Harvard University or something and places like that at the University bar scene. I mean come on, if you're at the bar near the University like in the movie you need to know this material before you get dumbassed by some fist year grad student like this "ponytail guy". 

Come off it man, that guy would have humiliated Ben Affleck if Matt Damon wasn't there with that grad school act. thinks that the Polytail guy won, but why? 

What you have to understand is they are arguing that Matt Damon is resorting to violence to win an intellectual debate, not cool at the grad school at all plus not only that he make a hypocrite of himself by doing the same thing as the Ponytail Guy to win the argument.

Well it's like this...Matt Damon won the argument if he wanted the girls phone number which he got but he made an ass out of himself by resorting to violence to do it.  

Not only that Matt Damon knew the larger volume of material to lay the smack down on him which the Ponytail Guy didn't know yet as he was a new Grad Student. 

In the bar argument Matt Damon actually doesn't prove anything, he actually just discredits the Ponytail Guy and threatens to beat him up at the point being a student he backs out not wanting any physical harm.

According to Matt Damon wins by showing that the Ponytail Guy is only quoting from a book which Damon calls "plagiarism" because he tries to win the argument by not offering his own opinion on the topic and is only quoting from the class material.

The argument is that Matt Damon lost the argument because he did the same thing quoting from a text from a higher class and also did not offer his own opinion...and winning the argument.

Obviously Matt Damon is a prick because maybe he may have just did that on purpose because he won without telling the guy his own theoretical opinion keeping it a secret from him which the Ponytail Guy didn't know.

Not only that, The Ponytail Guy also may have won on other levels I mean he got Matt Damon to reveal the material in the next book in the course which he can now use at the Grad School to make himself look even smarter, not a smart move Hunting telling him what the next section of the material is.

However, he may have just did that to gain acceptance with the grad students to show them he knew his books too when they went later and looked up the text to see Damon's answer. 

The important thing here is Matt Damon didn't reveal his own conclusions on the topic to the Ponytail Guy which he could have stolen from Matt Damon for his Grad Thesis or something.

I can understand why is making a big deal about this, this is a pretty close debate. I mean who is going to win the rich grad student with everything going for him or the smarter guy who can't afford to go to school or something.

All right fine then, the article cites that Damon lost the argument because the rich guy didn't have to resort to violence to get a girls phone number plus he has a better life anyway and is already at the grad school so he just backs out. Again his better upbringing taught him that it's not worth it to fight that bad to get a girls phone number so he just backs out...ouch Matt Damon, you definitely lost that part.  

From the Ponytail Guy's perspective come off it Will Hunting get it together, if you're that smart why don't you come down to the Grad School and argue about it in the class with the rest of us, plus don't be arguing to get a girls phone number man...that's not Grad School material, so are you coming to class or what Will Hunting?

Obviously, that is the whole source of Will Huntings frustrations...he has a bad upbringing and no money but is super gifted...that is probably the source of his "lashing out" on people and arguing at the University Bar. 

Plus, the Ponytail Guy probably knows who he is and is "trying to see what he's about" hanging around at the Grad School , not only that I mean the guy is a new grad student at Harvard University man, nobody else made it...I'd be full of myself too. 

The point here is the Ponytail Guy is going around at the University Bar scene quoting text's from Grad Class to meet girls, totally lame so he lost that part of the argument but you gotta start somewhere if you wanna meet girls I guess. 

So who won the argument? Well I say that the Ponytail Guy probably did because he's doing Will Hunting a favor to "set him off" so he can make the right decision to leave and go get his life together and be more like the him, the Ponytail Guy, which is what Will Hunting want's anyway and he runs away at the end of the movie.

Come on Will Hunting, get it together...if you want a rematch get your shit together and meet me down at the Grad School next year and debate me in the classroom if you want to win the real argument and then hang out with all the Grad Students at Harvard. 

If he's that smart he should be in the Ponytail Guys class next semester if he can get his shit together. 

The point here is what is the argument anyway...well it's something I'm also familiar with...The Economy Of The Southern Colonies Before And After The American Revolution.

Let's take a look...and yes Will Hunting I like them apples very much, see you next semester dumbass.   

Ponytail Guy stats that the Market Economy of the Southern Colonies before the American Revolution was Pre-Capitalist Agrarian meaning....Farming run by slavery for cotton picking etc. and not a capitalist economy with financial markets which is correct. 

So the answer is farming driven by slavery.

Then Will Hunting interrupts and then says he be studying the "entrepreneurial and capitalist" economies of some colonies in the 1740's later next month.  

Obviously, from the look on his face Ponytail Guy is impressed with this debate and the knowledge of Will Hunting who just totally burned him in the debate and stands there looking for more.

Will Hunting then says next year in Grad School he'll be learning about "Pre-revolutionary Utopia" they envisioned before the Revolution...thanks Will Hunting, I'm gonna go read that for this blog and fill you all in later because just like Ponytail Guy I'm not familiar with all the either.

Will Hunting burns him again and me as well because I needed to go look it up, we're probably both thinking the same thing..."What is this man, some kind of street smart grad program? I gotta get in on this right away". 

Then they discuss the effects of the Military Mobilization on Capitalism in the United States meaning how the Military effected the Capital Economy to launch in the United States, which is one of my main topics on this blog.

Ponytail Guy chimes in saying he knows the material, but he didn't and gets burned again by Will Hunting on the effects of inherited wealth in the British Colonies, like the land owners family money from England and the Colonies European settlers.

Then Will Hunting totally lays the smack down by accusing him of Plagiarism to win an argument, when he did the same thing from a higher level university textbook to discredit him and he didn't know because he never read the material yet...ouch, that is the worst burn I even seen in a University bar scene argument.

Will Hunting then burns him bad because he says he wasted $150 Thousand Dollars to learn all that for stuff you can learn at the Library for free.

Unfortunately for Will Hunting he is then burned bad even worse by the Ponytail Guy...which is Will's whole problem...Ponytail Guy will have a degree and a good job later, no one is hiring from a free education at the public need the degree to go with it, meaning get it together Will man, if you wanna come down here to hang out with us at the Grad School.

Ponytail Guy then backs out of the fight taking the higher ground because he knows Will Hunting has had a hard life and is smart and wants to come to class but has no money and gives him some space because he comes from a good background.

Obviously, Ponytail Guy was impressed with the whole encounter and knows Will is going through a hard time and says everything is cool and probably loves them apples because he's motivating Will to get a good job to pay his tutition and will be down there next year to debate them in class at the Grad School.


Friday, November 22, 2019

NEWS ALERT: Chemical Substances & Scorpion Attack At Sobeys Stores

Halifax Police Injured In Chemical Exposure At Sobeys
When I first read this story I didn't know where the store was at but it turned out to be at Sobeys on Portland Street in Dartmouth (Halifax) I think at the location of their new Sobeys Office Building at Penhorn near my neighbourhood, around Woodlawn at the Woodlawn Plaza down the hill from my apartment building.

I first read the story this morning and then I took a walk down there and it later turned out to be at the Sobeys store and new office building I think.

A woman and three Police Officers were taken to the Hospital to treat their injuries from the chemical substances, when I first read that I thought it was an anthrax terrorist attack but they said there was no threat.

I ran down there right away to Portland Street to take a look because I thought there was an anthrax attack, it turned out to be at the Sobeys store and their new office building I think.

At the same time there was scorpion attack at a Sobeys store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan...someone put a scorpion inside a package of blueberries at the Sobeys store which turned out to be dead in the package, where they got the scorpion I have no idea.

No Way!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

FICTION: The Catalyst


Fictional Short Story by Jason MacKenzie

The Catalyst was a local man in every way, if fact he thrived in the environment of a small he could make big changes.

"This town's not ready for me." he said to himself.

The Catalyst browsed through the local news papers looking for stories that similared his opinion, searching for that matching article of his local endeavors.

"It has to be here somewhere" he marooned.

 He was searching for stories of his impact in the local community, a news paper story, snippit or anything to grasp on to.

The Catalyst brought change and he knew it, he was secretly bettering the community through violent intervention.

His goal was bring positive change into the community by committing local crimes.

He searched the newspaper..."There must be something in here." he muttered. "But where?".

No one was writing about his crimes in the local paper.

"I have to get myself in the local news." he stamped.

The Catalyst was on a crime spree, changing the local community he envisioned by committing crimes.

"After the town fixes all the terrible things I have done it will be a better place here, then I will be responsible for bettering the community." he said pounding what was left of the desk he sanded by accident in the workshop.

"Something has to give here." he said.

The Catalyst brought change is what he told himself, he wanted credit for making the town a better he did this, his means...were violent.

His goal was to force the town to put in new changes...better hospitals, schools and churches that he would get credit for after he ruined the old ones.

"When the town fixes my damages to the Hospital I will get credit for making this a better community."

The Catalyst felt it was his job to commit crimes, thus making it a better community when the local government fixed what he had broken.

That is what he had longed for being an upstanding citizen who helped the local community, then people would finally respect him.

"When everyone see this I will be super popular" he said, "although I can never take credit. Instead I will hint around at it to everyone I know looking for them to acknowledge my awardness over them." he chanted.

He searched every local story but to no avail.

"There is nothing in these papers about anything being broken" he confounded.

Then finally he saw something....the headline read "Local Boy Summons Great Expectations".

"This has got to be about me." he went on about.

For days he repeated himself to everyone hinting at taking credit for the article content, but no one seemed to care.

"No one will credit me for my doingness in the paper." he muffed. "Something has got to change, after all I am the Catalyst." he briefly concluded.

He searched the town looking for crimes to commit watching windows, doors, public buildings and wooden boxes.

"None of these stories are big enough to make the paper." he complained.

Alas, he had to be careful not to get caught yet be wound up with local criminals. Jail is something he most wanted to avert.

"There has to be one big score." he said "For my crimes to make the news then I will get credit for helping everyone." he dumbfounded.

He searched and searched but nothing would give...broken windows, ruined mailboxes, punchered packages at the local supermarket...nothing that would be covered in the news.

He questioned himself  "The more things change the more I stay the same."

This is what The Catalyst sought the change himself to be a bigger deal to the public, but he was having no luck.

Everything changed around The Catalyst yet he still managed to stay the same.

"All these articles and nothing about me." said The Catalyst.

"Everything is changing but I am not getting my attention to better myself...morons they must be printing all these articles in the news everyday but not acknowledging my effects on the local community."  he articulated.

The Catalyst complained that they did not reference him in the paper, "Local boy summons great expectations." he complained sarcastically "Yeah, but they did not mention me."

He was not a patient man The Catalyst, he needed acknowledgement right away for bettering the community through violence, but the credit was not coming.

He returned to his workshop unacknowledged by those around him.

"I will have to keep trying and committing crimes." he said.

"Someday everyone will know that I am the real catalyst in this community." he continued.


Monday, November 18, 2019

Only One Month Until Christmas Week

It is officially everyone's favorite time of year now, one month until Christmas week. 

This year everyone is having Christmas in the big City with lots of presents from Santa Claus, Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog. 

Plus ice skating downtown and a sleigh ride in the park for a few minutes, make sure to tell everyone you know to go downtown and have some!

Christmas At Rockefeller Center

Monday, November 11, 2019

MUSIC COMMENTARY: Venom Guitarist Thinks His Album Sucks

Mantas from Venom
Here is a recent interview with Mantas from Venom and Venom Inc. where he says that his album "Possessed" sucks.

I'll tell you right now that this is bullshit, Mantas says his favorite albums by his band Venom are Welcome To Hell, Black Metal, Prime Evil and I think a Venom Inc album. 

In all fairness I didn't listen to all the Venom Inc. stuff in that much detail yet so I can't comment on it much.

So Venom Inc. was Mpire Of Evil, then the original drummer from Venom "Abaddon" came back and they changed their name to Venom Inc, the same lineup that was on Venom - "Prime Evil". Then Abaddon leaves the band or something again, well I think that Abaddon must have issues with touring or something and can't stay full time in music. 

I think that Abaddon came back to the band so that they could use the word "Venom" in the band name instead of Mpire Of Evil since he is an original Venom member, this gives them the name Venom Inc. and the same lineup up as Venom - "Prime Evil" basically, then he does the record, goes on tour and then leaves to give them the "Venom" name back with two original members.

If you listen to Thrash Metal like Venom what you would know about Abaddon is that people criticize his playing for being somewhat "sloppy" sometimes but all of Venom has also received that  criticism. 

What you have to understand is that Abaddon is a huge drummer in metal, in the early days of Thrash Metal he is the guy that gave metal that "huge" drum sound, he's like the guy "defining" the sound of Thrash Metal drumming, like it's his sound and he knows how to put the original drum beats down to the music, everyone else is just copying his huge sound. 

He is an originator of Thrash Metal and metal drumming, anyway it doesn't always have to be perfect to sound awesome. Abaddon is the guy who "created" the Black / Thrash Metal huge drum sound like by hammering of the drums and showing everyone else how to play drums to the Thrash Metal Guitar, that is why he is awesome. 

Mantas says in a new interview that he doesn't like the Venom albums "Possessed" and "At War With Satan" and he likes the later album which today is Venom Inc. "Prime Evil". Venom - "Prime Evil" is one of my all time favorite records and the first without Cronos on Vocals and features Atomkraft member Tony Dolan on vocals who was also in the movie "Master And Commander" with actor Russell Crowe.

Anyway, for Venom fans this is what you have to understand so don't be too upset when Mantas says he doesn't like "At War With Satan" and "Possessed". He has all his basics covered though...he always likes the first album of each new era of the band, he also said he had suffered a heart attack which I just found out about and also had worked in a hospital in England, and Tony Dolan also had hip surgery, personally I'm glad their playing at all considering all that.

Here is the point...when Mantas says he hates the albums "Possessed" and "At War With Satan" he's just saying that, I'll telling you he's waiting for you to tell him back how awesome he is on them and how great they are.

Like this...Mantas says "yeah, these albums I made suck", you're supposed to stop him man and say "No way man! These records are awesome man and you're god on them". 

They just do that to see if you agree with them or not to test you as a metal fan, then you are supposed to tell them how awesome they are. He's saying that looking for compliments or something you know. 

Never agree with the band Venom if they say their record sucks man, you're going to look like an idiot later. They are just testing you, always tell them how awesome they are...just jump in there in the conversation and say "No Way!" them make sure before you leave the presence of Venom that they know you love those records, those are all my favorite records. "At War With Satan" and "Possessed" do not suck man, Mantas knows that. They are also two other of my favorite albums.

They're just going to go around saying that you think their record sucks, your supposed to correct them man and tell them how awesome they are.

To be fair I understand what he means though, the original Venom only played from 1981 - 1986 as far as album releases go. 

Recording four of the best ever metal album in like four or five years is super hard man, you would not even imagine. 

After recording "Welcome To Hell" and "Black Metal" you would probably be totally worn out, sitting in the studio trying to write and record two full albums after that would be super tiring and frustrating and maybe you just can't do it anymore. 

At the end of all that some things on the records might be lacking like sound production or something from overworking yourself, plus that was the start of Thrash Metal and Black Metal. After that the albums aren't as extreme anymore for many reasons. 

After all that extreme metal and success you might get the feeling of "we already did all that" and then you might be tired and want to play something more laid back or take a break and try something new, like this...they did the extreme metal albums then they might not have the drive anymore since they already achieved it.

That might have been their maximum anger level and drive to succeed level then having achieved all they they don't feel like making the same record again because they already had that achievement, they might have been tired and wanting to get out of there or something then take a break and do something different. 

Now I know a lot of Death Metal or Thrash Metal bands release tons of albums like Napalm Death, Overkill or Anthrax but not every one is Venom - "Welcome To Hell" or "Black Metal". 

Like they are "lighter content" albums and not the classic first records, like Overkill can't release "The Years Of Decay" every time even though their other albums are still good.

What you also have to understand is when a band takes a different direction you might not know what is influencing them personally during their song writing. Like, when you hear their new records you might not have the music background of the band that they are listening to.

I mean, you don't know what music bands are listening to that inspires them to write their new records, you might think they suck but in reality you are just not familiar with the other artists that inspire them, if you heard the other music they were listening to you might "get their new album better". 

At first you might think the record sucks but a few years later when you catch up to the artists tastes of when they wrote the album it might become you favorite record when you start listening to the music later that inspired the record you didn't like at first.

The point here is if someone from Venom says their record sucks, never agree with them!


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Gastornis Update

Here is an update to the Gastronis post:

This is another example of Phylogenetics, the process used to identify animals that exist in the same family, usually they have similar colors and other common factors and used this map the extinct "dinosaur" Gastronis into the modern bird family making it actually not a dinosaur but extinct modern bird.


Using  phylogenetics you can see this in another example in Dogs.

The Dachshund, Doberman and Rottweiler would all be in the same same philogenetic family tree all with the same colors but are different dogs. 



In birds the Gastronis would be like the "missing rottweiler" in the dog family like if they had shot all the rottweilers years ago, in the future people may think that was a dinosaur after they forgot people killed them all.

That would "probably" make the gastronis a modern bird in the magpie family that all went extinct like in the dog family with the similar colored dogs Dachshund, Doberman and Rottweiler that are not extinct.



Wednesday, November 6, 2019

New Years Eve 2019: The Ultimate Party In Montreal

Girls Just Wear That Shirt To Get Back To My Bed Faster
I finally caved everyone, I'm having a big party up in Montreal this New Years Eve on my Birthday, sorry but it's private only. 

I don't usually go partying that much but this is for New Years 2019, the last of the decade before the big bench mark year 2020.

This party is gonna be so awesome, with tons of bands playing up in Montreal by invite only with all these rave girls there and chicks from strip clubs.

So it's like a big heavy metal concert only it's a private party with sluts and stuff there hopefully from the XXX Club's. Someone told me I'll be "cracking it" with some stripper by midnight they said, I told them that would be ok to be polite. I'll have to find out what cracking it with a stripper is when I get there.

All those girls with breast implants talk like that to you, "oh Jason this party is so awesome with all these metal bands playing, you'll be cracking with a stripper on your birthday"...yeah well we'll see about that later...anyway...maybe Collapse will be playing but it's a private party.

Again, you're not invited and can't but a ticket but I'll be there with all these big tits bouncing on me going on talking about make up and shit then it's all heavy metal guys and smoking weed and getting drunk. 

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

WORLD WAR TWO: Notes From New Research

Frederick The 2nd:The Roots Of Nazi Germany
Lately I have been spending more and more time digging into the large volume of material that was left behind by the Second World War, in fact I found some shocking new revelations in the research.

Here are some more notes from my desk:

Germany was  originally called "Prussia" and was located next to Russia, in Europe at the time in the 1800's it was a series of smaller regions with no constitutions along with Prussia. 

The German's in Prussia said they wanted their own United States like Country in Europe which they formed as a Dictatorship to overthrow Europe in the 1800's during the time of the American Civil War, the Prussians wanting to be like the United States unified into the German Empire through a Dictatorship that conquered parts of Europe under the name Prussia, then they became Germany.

In fact the Prussians and the United States are even the same people, the Prussian's stayed in Europe and formed a Dictatorship while in the United States the settlers formed their own Republic. 

In Europe the Prussians set up their own version of the United States and called it Germany by the 1900's and made it a Dictatorship that looks like the United States, this Dictatorship later became Nazi Germany and was a model similar to the United States.

The German Dictatorship's quest was to be like the United States which led to World War One and World War Two in Europe, also having direct ties and allegiances with the people of the United States. 

The new Prussian Dictatorship was established for the first time in Germany and was defeated in World War One. 

During the 1920's it is also said that the Nazi Party also got their money from the roaring twenties which they used to build up Nazi Germany, along with resources from Russia. 

I am trying to show the common similarities between the United States and Germany so you can see they are the same people, the German Country remained a dictatorship to establish it's version of the United States that is still in Germany today, while the United States remained a free country while still being the same "ethnic group" with similar goals.

They are also saying in the material that Germany was never truly forced to obey the Treaty Of Versailles and re-weaponized partially with money from the roaring twenties. 

Also to note famous Nazi, Herman Goring was the last President of Germany during the 1930's before they handed the Country over to Adolf Hitler to make Nazi Germany. 

Originally Russia sided with Germany and used resources from Stalin's home region in Western Russia, later Hitler invaded Russia...after this Russia was forced to side with the United States and then Stalin "mysteriously died suddenly" from a brain hemorrhage or something, potentially coming from execution from the United States for originally siding with Hitler when the may have shot him...TBD.

After World War Two Germany was divided up the original Prussia, the former Prussia region known as East Germany was handed to the Soviet Union, so not only was East Germany connected with the home of Stalin, Prussia was given to Russia to manage and called East Germany. 

Another striking coincidence in the text book.

In 1945 they said they dropped an equal amount of weapons on Berlin as they did on Hiroshima, in Germany they did it manual by airplanes and leveled the City of Berlin in the same way they did to Hiroshima except with traditional bombs.

What they mean is they leveled Berlin and Hiroshima with the same amount of "megatonnes of weapons" then they compared them...traditional in Berlin versus the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima. 

Their conclusion was that the radiation bomb worked better because the people in Japan surrendered because of the radiation, unlike in Germany where the people didn't surrender under traditional bombing.

The Allied conclusion was that the Atomic Bomb worked better even with the same megatonnage of weapons because the people in Berlin didn't "break" or "give up" because the the traditional bombs, however this worked in Japan because the radiation made the people quit fighting.