Wednesday, November 6, 2019

New Years Eve 2019: The Ultimate Party In Montreal

Girls Just Wear That Shirt To Get Back To My Bed Faster
I finally caved everyone, I'm having a big party up in Montreal this New Years Eve on my Birthday, sorry but it's private only. 

I don't usually go partying that much but this is for New Years 2019, the last of the decade before the big bench mark year 2020.

This party is gonna be so awesome, with tons of bands playing up in Montreal by invite only with all these rave girls there and chicks from strip clubs.

So it's like a big heavy metal concert only it's a private party with sluts and stuff there hopefully from the XXX Club's. Someone told me I'll be "cracking it" with some stripper by midnight they said, I told them that would be ok to be polite. I'll have to find out what cracking it with a stripper is when I get there.

All those girls with breast implants talk like that to you, "oh Jason this party is so awesome with all these metal bands playing, you'll be cracking with a stripper on your birthday"...yeah well we'll see about that later...anyway...maybe Collapse will be playing but it's a private party.

Again, you're not invited and can't but a ticket but I'll be there with all these big tits bouncing on me going on talking about make up and shit then it's all heavy metal guys and smoking weed and getting drunk. 

This will be the best New Years party ever and it's my birthday, plus it's for band stuff like on my webpage . Anyway, if some of them XXX Movie Girls show up I'm gonna get them to suck my dick on my birthday at the concert, you know the ones with the oversized breast implants and big puffy lips from collagen injections, fuck that's gonna be hot.


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