Friday, November 22, 2019

NEWS ALERT: Chemical Substances & Scorpion Attack At Sobeys Stores

Halifax Police Injured In Chemical Exposure At Sobeys
When I first read this story I didn't know where the store was at but it turned out to be at Sobeys on Portland Street in Dartmouth (Halifax) I think at the location of their new Sobeys Office Building at Penhorn near my neighbourhood, around Woodlawn at the Woodlawn Plaza down the hill from my apartment building.

I first read the story this morning and then I took a walk down there and it later turned out to be at the Sobeys store and new office building I think.

A woman and three Police Officers were taken to the Hospital to treat their injuries from the chemical substances, when I first read that I thought it was an anthrax terrorist attack but they said there was no threat.

I ran down there right away to Portland Street to take a look because I thought there was an anthrax attack, it turned out to be at the Sobeys store and their new office building I think.

At the same time there was scorpion attack at a Sobeys store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan...someone put a scorpion inside a package of blueberries at the Sobeys store which turned out to be dead in the package, where they got the scorpion I have no idea.

No Way!


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