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WORLD WAR TWO: Notes From New Research

Frederick The 2nd:The Roots Of Nazi Germany
Lately I have been spending more and more time digging into the large volume of material that was left behind by the Second World War, in fact I found some shocking new revelations in the research.

Here are some more notes from my desk:

Germany was  originally called "Prussia" and was located next to Russia, in Europe at the time in the 1800's it was a series of smaller regions with no constitutions along with Prussia. 

The German's in Prussia said they wanted their own United States like Country in Europe which they formed as a Dictatorship to overthrow Europe in the 1800's during the time of the American Civil War, the Prussians wanting to be like the United States unified into the German Empire through a Dictatorship that conquered parts of Europe under the name Prussia, then they became Germany.

In fact the Prussians and the United States are even the same people, the Prussian's stayed in Europe and formed a Dictatorship while in the United States the settlers formed their own Republic. 

In Europe the Prussians set up their own version of the United States and called it Germany by the 1900's and made it a Dictatorship that looks like the United States, this Dictatorship later became Nazi Germany and was a model similar to the United States.

The German Dictatorship's quest was to be like the United States which led to World War One and World War Two in Europe, also having direct ties and allegiances with the people of the United States. 

The new Prussian Dictatorship was established for the first time in Germany and was defeated in World War One. 

During the 1920's it is also said that the Nazi Party also got their money from the roaring twenties which they used to build up Nazi Germany, along with resources from Russia. 

I am trying to show the common similarities between the United States and Germany so you can see they are the same people, the German Country remained a dictatorship to establish it's version of the United States that is still in Germany today, while the United States remained a free country while still being the same "ethnic group" with similar goals.

They are also saying in the material that Germany was never truly forced to obey the Treaty Of Versailles and re-weaponized partially with money from the roaring twenties. 

Also to note famous Nazi, Herman Goring was the last President of Germany during the 1930's before they handed the Country over to Adolf Hitler to make Nazi Germany. 

Originally Russia sided with Germany and used resources from Stalin's home region in Western Russia, later Hitler invaded Russia...after this Russia was forced to side with the United States and then Stalin "mysteriously died suddenly" from a brain hemorrhage or something, potentially coming from execution from the United States for originally siding with Hitler when the may have shot him...TBD.

After World War Two Germany was divided up the original Prussia, the former Prussia region known as East Germany was handed to the Soviet Union, so not only was East Germany connected with the home of Stalin, Prussia was given to Russia to manage and called East Germany. 

Another striking coincidence in the text book.

In 1945 they said they dropped an equal amount of weapons on Berlin as they did on Hiroshima, in Germany they did it manual by airplanes and leveled the City of Berlin in the same way they did to Hiroshima except with traditional bombs.

What they mean is they leveled Berlin and Hiroshima with the same amount of "megatonnes of weapons" then they compared them...traditional in Berlin versus the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima. 

Their conclusion was that the radiation bomb worked better because the people in Japan surrendered because of the radiation, unlike in Germany where the people didn't surrender under traditional bombing.

The Allied conclusion was that the Atomic Bomb worked better even with the same megatonnage of weapons because the people in Berlin didn't "break" or "give up" because the the traditional bombs, however this worked in Japan because the radiation made the people quit fighting.


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